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smileybabe is Glad its the start of a new year soon....
MumBum is so happy that we are now out ofStarship!!!!...YAY!!!
BubbeezMum is the luckiest Mum in the world, i have two gorgeous children, who brighten my day everyday.
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1. Name: Jay
1. Date of Birth: Wed-14-Dec-2005 (11 years old)
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First Name: Sheree
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Green Bay
Relationship Status: Single parent
About me: I am a single parent to my GORGEOUS five year old son. We have been through a lot together, but then again what parent can't say that about their children??
My favourite quote:: "Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but my the number of moments that take our breath away"
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5 months ago
smileybabe posted a comment on the group Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie:
YES PLEASE!!! I would love to sample this - I have one very active master 11 that likes to compete in all things sport -- he swims (both pool and open water), does athletics/cross country, football and any other sport he can possibly fit in...
5 months ago
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1 years ago
smileybabe posted a comment on the group Disney’s The BFG Advanced Screening:
Firstly before I get on with the review I would like to say a huge thanks to both Kidspot and also event cinemas for giving us the chance to review this amazing film and to get a sneak peek at this film before the 7th July New Zealand relea...
1 years ago
smileybabe logged in.
1 years ago
smileybabe posted a comment on the group Disney’s The BFG Advanced Screening:
I love Roald Dahl I remember all his books with find memories from my childhood and was excited to share with my master ten the amazing books from his collection. When I saw that BFG was becoming a movie I have being waiting with bated brea...
1 years ago
smileybabe logged in.
1 years ago
smileybabe posted a comment on the group DeLonghi Multifry:
I would really really really love to try this machine. I am a keen foodie and I love celebrating my son's sporting activities and achievements by having a celebratory meal. I love the idea that this is a health way to cook as I am tryi...
1 years ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
smileybabe posted a comment on the group The Laughing Cow:
Would love to trial this product - My master eight is cheese mad but trying to get it in to the lunchbox is sometimes hard... Most often I buy the "square" cheese and he gets a slice of this and also has the Le Snack crackers and ...
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Mothers with children starting school in February....

Allergies anyone?

Barker's Patisserie Fillings

Birds Eye Snacks

Brolly Sheets
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BubbeezMum - 10:29 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011  reply | message
Check out the latest trail Kidspot has Leapster Explorer. I have nominated you or Mr but you should add your registration he would be PERFECT!!!!! :)
jojolaw - 12:16 PM on Mon-23-May-2011  reply | message
Hello stranger, how are you... how are things going.... Text you the other day and you did not reply to me... Hope all is ok.... Will have to catch up soon....
MumBum - 2:17 PM on Fri-18-Mar-2011  reply | message
Thanks for yor comment Sheree. :-)

Tomorrow will be test day... so we shall just see. :-)

Oh and please be my friend!
Hugs MumBum. :-)
jojolaw - 4:59 PM on Thu-17-Mar-2011  reply | message
Hello stranger, how are things with you.... I am good and girls are driving me nuts.... nothing new... I am finding out on the 6th april what we are having.... I am getting a bit bigger but not much.... Going to be all baby again and that is what i am liking..... Thinking about having a water birth this time maybe.... I have lost lots of weight.... last time i cheeked i was down to 107.2kgs from 118.4.... Starting to get over the morning sickness fingers crossed.... still feel a bit sick.... Will have to try and catch up at some stage i am not busy and we are up.... miss ya heaps.....
BubbeezMum - 1:14 PM on Mon-24-Jan-2011  reply | message
Meant every word of it lovely. You are a FANTASTIC MUM. It is scary and although I may not know exactly how you feel I can sympathize with you, and be there for you. xoxo
jojolaw - 11:11 AM on Wed-12-Jan-2011  reply | message
Hello how are you going.... I am going good..... Girls are loving it down here...
BubbeezMum - 9:43 PM on Wed-29-Dec-2010  reply | message
Hehe part of it is I found out how and I like this one of us. Plus its summery. I like your profile pic too its cute. xoxo
lilmum23 - 8:58 PM on Fri-24-Dec-2010  reply | message
Hay many thanks on your comment on my blog, i found out im having a lil girl, im so stoked, its nce to know theres many grate mums out there to talk to :)
smileybabe - 8:38 AM on Mon-13-Dec-2010  reply | message
Is so happy and scared and full of excitment for her babys FIFTH birthday tomorrow!!!!