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stacleaning is happy to have welcomed her beautiful angel Colbie into the world on April 21st
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How I work: I am currently: Work at home parent
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Alessandra Gloria Leaning
1. Date of Birth: Wed-3-Sep-2008 (6 years old)
2. Name: Colbie Ani Leaning
2. Date of Birth: Thu-21-Apr-2011 (3 years old)
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Last Update:1 years ago
Signup Date:Mon-14-Jun-2010
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My Groups: Anchor Milk, AVEENO Mum and Baby Packs, Bakeworks Minis Gluten Free Cookies
First Name: Stacey
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Lynfield
Relationship Status: Married
About me: I am a stay at home Mother of two little princesses. I love being a Wife and Mother and I do my best to raise my daughters with good standards.
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19 hours ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the topic: Dental Nurses
19 hours ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the group Garnier Ambre Solaire:
Oh I would love to trial this. My 3yr old has got sensitive skin so I have to be careful what creams I use on her little body. This sounds perfect. My 6yr old is the opposite she does not have sensitive skin. Both girls love being outdoors ...
19 hours ago
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2 days ago
stacleaning posted a new topic: Dental Nurses under group: Topic of the day
2 days ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the topic: Sending it back
13 days ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the topic: How are your school holidays going?
3 weeks ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the topic: Movies?
4 weeks ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the topic: Last week of Term
4 weeks ago
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1 months ago
stacleaning posted a comment on the group LEGO DUPLO:
I think these would be great as I have a 3 yr old and a 6yr old that love building and creating things so this would be perfect for my little building girls. Not to mention they love animals so even better imaginative play 😊
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Lisahk - 9:47 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011  reply | message
Hey stacey! Can't wait to start trialling new stuff. Lisa
stacleaning - 11:48 AM on Mon-25-Apr-2011  reply | message
is recovering from having my beautiful angel Colbie Ani Leaning. Born April 21st weighing in at 9lbs 8oz