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Created By: JulieKidspotter
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Topic : Checking or changing your Mums Say address
JulieKidspotter - `10` `2011-07-16 17:32:28`  
To enable us to send Mums Say products to you for review, you will need to ensure that your address details are up to date in your Mums Say profile.

To check your address:
  • Hover your mouse over Home at the top of the page

  • Click Profile (edit)

  • Click the Mums Say tab

  • Scroll to the bottom and ensure your address is complete

  • Click Save Changes if you have made any amendments

  • Sorry but we are unable to send products to a PO Box address

  • IMPORTANT: If you are checking your address because you have received an email advising that you have been selected for a trial and you find that your address needs updating, please also email




Comments (19)
campleader - 6:24 PM Wed-15-Apr-2015
I meant organic,which would be alcohol free ,I'm guessing.
campleader - 6:08 PM Wed-15-Apr-2015
Would love to try these Huggies and the wipes sound awesome,got to take such good care of their delicate skin and to be alcohol free is great.Our daughter is 6mths old and weighs 7kg.We usually buy whats on special that week but way prefer Huggies and will go out of our way if there on special at another super market.
Guest Member - 9:20 PM Sun-12-Apr-2015
I have 2 boys. 3 and nearly 2. 3 year old just wears nappies to bed and find huggies nappy pants great. My other boy currently in toddler. I've mainly always used Huggies for both have found great especially night time. Have another child on the way and have started buying Huggies Infant.
Guest Member - 9:12 AM Sun-12-Apr-2015
my son is 2 days old and we are using huggies nappies but organic wipes would love to try huggies wipes and review
Guest Member - 5:48 PM Sat-11-Apr-2015
My beautiful baby girl is 6 weeks and currently wearing Huggies infant, she is 4.3kg 😊 please please select us
TPNMoala - 5:07 PM Thu-9-Apr-2015
I have a Beautiful son who is nearly 5 months old, He is nearly 9 Kgs. I have only use Huggies Nappies and Wipes on him. I would defiantly love to try out the new nappies and wipes
Guest Member - 4:57 PM Thu-9-Apr-2015
I have a 5 month old son, he is 8.5 kgs. iv only used Huggies nappies and wipes my son Noah.
swimmergirl - 9:02 AM Thu-9-Apr-2015
I have a 12 month old, 10kg, girl currently using Treasures nappies.
Guest Member - 3:22 PM Wed-8-Apr-2015
We would love to try these out on our son jack :)
Lahmoe - 4:09 PM Mon-30-Mar-2015
Would love to trial for my son manaia
MSLAPA - 3:49 PM Mon-30-Mar-2015
I'd Love to trail these for my Son Max
Guest Member - 3:48 PM Mon-30-Mar-2015
I'd Love to trail these for Mr Max
Guest Member - 12:58 PM Mon-30-Mar-2015
Joseph would like to trial these products :)
Guest Member - 4:53 PM Mon-2-Feb-2015
Yes please my son would love it I could make wall mounted memory cards for him and a game of abc's and 123's once found put them in the right order good for him to learn the order in which they go :)
JMRoberts - 10:26 AM Fri-23-Jan-2015
We would love to trial these products 😄
Guest Member - 9:34 AM Fri-23-Jan-2015
Enzo would love to try these products. Thanks.
Guest Member - 9:55 AM Fri-16-Jan-2015
Paige would love to try them out
Cass71 - 9:09 PM Wed-14-Jan-2015
Faeryn would love to try your products please. Thank you.

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