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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Silly Adventures
JulieKidspot - `10` `2011-09-05 14:22:52`  

Laugh yourself silly with Mickey and all the gang from the Clubhouse in this new DVD release from Disney Junior.

Join Mickey and his pals on their most hilarious adventure ever!


The excitement starts when Pluto’s bouncy ball accidentally hits the Silly Switch – and it gets stuck! Suddenly, Mickey can only talk in rhyme; Pluto moos like a cow; rubber duckies float through the air, and the Handy Helpers boot everyone out of the Clubhouse! Can our friends find their way back and turn off the Silly Switch? With your help and the right Mousketools, no problem is too silly to solve. You’ll even help Goofy become a superhero. There’s a wacky world of fun-filled surprises waiting for you in Mickey’s Super Silly Adventures!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Super Silly Adventures is available on home DVD from 14th September 2011.


Kidspot are excited to announce that we have chosen four reviewers who will each receive a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Super Silly Adventures DVDs. The reviewers are ruthb, nikinoodle, Gill and emma30. Watch this space for their reviews!

To register their interest in being a reviewer, members told us about their favourite Disney characters.


If you have been selected to trial, we will send the DVD to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information, read here.) You will be required to post your reviews in the Movies at Home Club if you are selected.

Comments (138)
emma30 - 1:08 PM Tue-1-Nov-2011

My daughter was so excited when the 2nd  Mickey mouse club house Super silly adventures arrived in the mail I don't think she could believe her luck.  My daughter is such a huge fan after watching both of these DVD's so much so that I now have to make a Minnie mouse birthday cake for her 3rd birthday party which is only days away.

This one comes with three different episodes plus a bonus short of Handy Manny.  Once again the episodes are at a great length for young children so that you can watch one at a time if you want.  The episodes are full of lots of fun with the same great catchy tunes that you just can't help but groove to.  This one had my daughter  (nearly 3) laughing out loud as Mickey and his pals try to solve the silly problems that they are faced with along the way using the mousketools.  My daughter loved the first episode Goofy baby best of all as she is obessed with babies at the moment.  Once again through these episodes children are encouraged to use their problem solving skills.  Concepts such as counting and even counting in 5's as  well as rhyming are just some of the learning that is covered in these DVD's.  As usual these learning concepts are present in a way that is both FUN and age appropriate for young children.  My daughter and I really enjoyed watching this DVD thank- you.

Gill - 11:18 AM Wed-19-Oct-2011

Well we received out Mickey's Great Outdoors DVD via courier and my girls insisted that it be put on immediately while enjoying a bowl of popcorn!!!

There are 4 episodes that all tie intogether with an outdoor theme. There was Daisy's Grasshopper, Mickey's Campout, Daisy in the Sky and Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari.  Plus the Handy Manny Bonus episode. 

As always there are educational aspects to each episode which is a bonus as a parent you know that even though they are watching a movie they are also learning things at the same time.   Sizes of things biggest to smallest, numbers and counting, even in 10's sharing and team work, following directions, recalling information and so on.

My daughters have seen these episodes on disney channel and were a little disappointed that it wasn't actually a movie but once they started watching them they forgot all there disappointment and joined in with everything mickey and the gang were upto.

My eldest girls favourite was Daisy's Grasshopper and my youngest was Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari.

I would suggest that as they are individual episodes that you tell your children that once one finishes there will be another on, as my girls did get up after the first episode finished thinking that was the end of the dvd.

Overall it was 93 mins of education, music and most of all FUN!  I would definately recommend this dvd to other parents.

ruthb - 3:07 PM Sat-15-Oct-2011

Another DVD arrived in the mail and once again my son was racing to the DVD to watch Mickey and his friends. This time was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Silly Adventures

This DVD has 3 episodes with a bonus Handy Manny. It features Goofy this time which was great as he is my sons 2nd fav character (And mine too!)

Silly is the right word to describe this as it is filled with wacky stories and silly problems! Of course, silly is a good thing when it comes to kids so it is a fun DVD to watch and slightly crazy ideas are very appealing to little minds.

My 6yr old daughter prefers super silly adventures, maybe due to the silliness involved!

Once again the mouseketools are a firm favourite and his mind is quick to solve the silly problems that occur. I like the way the episodes give the kids a chance to problem solve and the answers arent always straight forward. Kids can be great thinkers and often think more creatively than we do so this is a great feature of the DVD.

The hotdog dance at the end is always fun and I have been given the Donald dance to do many times! I have to do it right too or there is trouble.. of course my son is Mickey!

Again I would recommend this DVD to other Mums ... I like how involved he gets in it and how he jumps up to dance and sing throughout, I dont feel so guilty about him watching TV if he is active and thinking during it!

Thanks again for the opportunity to watch and review this DVD. It has been lots of fun for us all!


ruthb - 2:51 PM Sat-15-Oct-2011

It was with great enthusiasm that we received our Mickey mouse DVD ... first to arrive was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Great Outdoors. (This was delivered as the one advertised was unavailable)

My 3 yr old son is a HUGE fan so as soon as it was out of the packet he was running to the DVD player for his first viewing! He has since watched it many times along with his 6 yr old sister.

The format, 4 episodes with a bonus Handy Manny, was easy for him to navigate and the length was ideal to hold his attention without losing interest.

Mickey and his friends explore the Great Outdoors with camping, safaris and bug hunting. Daisy features in this DVD and despite Mickey being the fav he was still keen to watch and enjoy. My 6 yr old daughter enjoys watching this DVD too. It doesnt talk down to the kids so she doesnt feel it is too babyish at all.

As with all clubhouse adventures the mouseketools are lots of fun, trying to work out which tool they will need to solve the problem. The repetition of all the songs and sayings are great as he knows what to say and when! And of course the Hotdog dance at the end of each episode is a great time to jump up and join in.

As a Mum you have to sit through many childrens shows, some of which are rather annoying. I am happy to watch these episodes as there is interation with the kids ... you can help them figure out the mouseketool to pick and it is enjoyable watching them solve the problems and join in the dancing and singing along the way. The characters are as I remember from being a kid, their personalities are very similar though Donald may be a little less grumpy!

I would recommend this DVD to other Mums. It is fun, happy and gets them thinking as well as dancing around!

Thanks very much for the opportunity to review.

emma30 - 1:11 PM Tue-11-Oct-2011

Thanks so much for the giving us the opportunity to watch and review this movie.  My daughter was soooo excitied when the DVD arrived, as she loves watching the Mickey mouse clubhouse when it's TV.  The DVD that we were sent to review is not the one listed above it is for Mickey Mouse clubhouse great outdoors. 

My daughter and I watched this together throughout the weekend and yesterday aswell.  There are 4 different espidoes plus a bonus short for Handy Manny.  I found that the episodes went for a good length of time aprrox 20-25mins for each one so we were able to watch each one at different times.

Throughout the espiodes Mickey and his friends are exploring the great outdoors along the way they need your help to solve problem such as finding Daisy's grasshooper Wilbur who runs away, helping to pitch a tent and helping to catch Daisy, Minnie and Pluto as the float up into the sky after holding on to too many balloons.  Children are encouraged to use their problem solving skills as they help Mickey and his friends choose the right mouseketool along the way as they are faced different obstacles.

My daughter loved the fun catchy repetitive tunes and singing along the way throughout the DVD she had a bit of a boogie, actually even I did too.  Also it was really cool to see her answering the questions that Mickey and his friends asked along the way. Daisy duck seems to be a clear character favourite with my daughter. She really loved the DVD and has been asking to watch it again today.

I thought it was a fun and educational DVD for preschool aged children to be watching as it encouraged children to actively participate both creativitly (through music) and through using there problem solving skills.  Throughout the DVD they touch on concepts such as sorting out biggest to smallest, this was done in a fun way and my daughter loved trying to figure  these concepts out.

Thanks again we really enjoyed this DVD.  I am quite selective with what I will let my daughter watch but I would happily reccomend this DVD to other parents with children.

BubbeezMum - 5:34 PM Mon-19-Sep-2011
Congrats ruthb, nikinoodle, Gill and emma30 looking forward to the review.
JulieKidspot - 3:58 PM Mon-19-Sep-2011
The reviewers for this movie have been chosen and they will receive their DVDs shortly.
missmaddysmum - 2:47 PM Thu-15-Sep-2011
Would love to share this with miss 2, she is just getting into DVD's and can be quite picky, I'm sure this will be a winner especially on a wet afternoon!
issa - 11:10 AM Thu-15-Sep-2011
love to review this with my 8 & 1 yr old boys :)
hillys - 11:01 AM Thu-15-Sep-2011
Have not Seen this before Yes please we would like to review it. epsecially with our crazy weather with rain and wind. Cant go anywhere at moment! We will getting our popcorn ready! Fairy Godmother give us GOODLUCK! Please!
mounty - 10:43 AM Thu-15-Sep-2011
We would love to review Mickey Mouse Club House,my kids are great fans of Mickey And Minnie Mouse.It would be an enjoyable job to review it.
lee001 - 10:37 AM Thu-15-Sep-2011
We would love to review Mickey Mouse - my son is a huge fan and he seems to learn heaps with the club house - we had one with colours and he watched it so many times!  With a new baby arriving soon - in the next week or so - it would be great for him to watch this while I have some down time on the couch with him!
BrittanyJWilson - 10:33 AM Thu-15-Sep-2011
We would love to review this DVD. Our favourite would have to be Minnie Mouse. My daughter has three which she carries everywhere! Including one that's taller than her!
ruthb - 8:24 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
We would love to be reviewers ... my fav is goofy, my daughter love minnie and my son is a big mickey fan ... mickey mouse clubhouse is a popular show in our house!
jsmum - 7:42 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
Mickey Mouse for sure. My dad was a huge disney fan, and now my kids are too. ! 3 generations of Disney fans!
sweetybear - 6:34 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
Well personally, Ive got quite a crush on Captain jack Sparrow!!  My daughter Loves Buzz Lightyear and My Son says Disneys Zak and Cody are his Favs. :-)
Zaylah - 6:11 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
With triplet girls, I'd have to say that Minnie Mouse is the favourite in this house!
Ali - 5:56 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
We would love to review this Mickey Mouse DVD, our two older children still enjoy Mickey and friends and our two year daughter has just discovered him! She is in love! Thanks for the opportunity!
christine - 12:26 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
mickey mouse of course we would love to reveiw these a neat way to treat the grandchildren on a afternoon with nana and granddad watching a dvd we wouldnt be so boring with this
skirts - 11:54 AM Wed-14-Sep-2011
My favourite is definately Ariel, hubby's is Aladdin, eldest daughter is Cinderella and and lil ones favourite is def Mickey or Minnie, whenever we are at my parents and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on she gets sooooo excited :)
POTTY - 11:52 AM Wed-14-Sep-2011
i love micky mouse! we had to get rid of our sky so dont have much choice in kids programs
imamum - 11:47 AM Wed-14-Sep-2011

Mickey Mouse of course!

My kids and I would love to see this one. Master 5 & 2 sit glued to anything Mickey Mouse, so we would all enjoy watching this dvd.

mumjess - 11:40 AM Wed-14-Sep-2011
We'd love to trail! with no TV in our house Dvd's are what keeps little miss 1 quiet while I cook dinner! My favourite disney character would have to be Minnie Mouse, i'm a girly girl!! but i'd love to introduce my daughter to the whole gang! :)
Kylie77 - 10:11 PM Tue-13-Sep-2011
We love Mickey Mouse of course! Our family would love to review this dvd for the Kidspot Community especially Mr Nearly 2 :-)
motheroffour - 2:49 PM Tue-13-Sep-2011
Would love to review this movie as don't have sky or anything so my 2 yr old loves watching movies.Would love to introduce him to micky mouse etc!!!!
bridget1 - 7:04 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011

My 5yr old loves Goofy.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was the first cartoon he started to watch and enjoy regularly so I would love to give him the chance to review this for you.

Mutt - 1:26 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My daughters both love to sit and watch Mikey Mouse clubhouse on playhouse disney channel.  My 18 month old son is just starting to get interested in watching Goofy.
nikinoodle - 12:13 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son absolutely adores Mickey Mouse (one of his first words was to do with Mickey Mouse clubhouse - mousekatool!) and is constantly looking up episodes etc on youtube (he's 4!), it would be nice to be able to review this and not use up quite so much of our gb allowance!
atasfairys - 11:56 AM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My boy watches this on sky and loves it cant take his eyes away from the tv, lovely bright colors. we would love to have a movie night watching this while we cuddle on the sofa
maializ - 8:34 AM Sun-11-Sep-2011
My daughter just loves Bambi and we have a 10 month old who is a great fan of Mickey Mouse!
kiwinutter - 12:27 AM Sat-10-Sep-2011

I think I love Tweetie bird the best but it's hard to choose!  Always like seeing the classic cartoons :)


ClaireG - 8:44 PM Fri-9-Sep-2011
I LOVE Pluto and have done since I was a kid. It must be about time to introduce miss 2 1/2 to the wonders of Mickey Mouse and the Gang.
Seratone - 10:02 PM Thu-8-Sep-2011
Minnie Mouse is our favourite, Miss 2 3/4 has the ears and loves the mousekatools too.  The hotdog dance is a regular thing and my 16 months gets right in there too .  WE would love to review this movie,  we haven't watched alot and most have some scary elements, so think this would be a great intro into watching something thats a bit longer.
higginsons - 8:04 PM Thu-8-Sep-2011
My son(4) is a mad movie watcher and my daughter (2) is loving mickey mouse and strawberry shortcake at the moment so I think shes heading the same way. We'd love to be added to get the chance to review some movies. thanks
CherylFindlay - 6:57 PM Thu-8-Sep-2011
I've always been a sucker for Mickey Mouse and his lovely other half, Minnie. We would love to review these as it would be great to show my little man the joys of some good old cartoons.
ingie83 - 2:32 PM Thu-8-Sep-2011
My favorite character is Pete the Cat, I like that he has changed from such a villainous character to a more loved member of the Disney cast. My son likes Donald Duck he is two I'm not entirely sure why but likes when he speaks, i guess it sounds funny to him...
Nita - 11:33 AM Thu-8-Sep-2011
I grew up with Mickey Mouse and would love my  children to be able to enjoy the hilarity too - my favourite character was always bad tempered Donald Duck.
Gill - 4:15 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011

Mine are huey, dewey and louie  ( i used to love watching duck tales!) Minnie and Daisy (and the princesses) are my girls favourites (4 1/2 and 2). They both LOVE watching it, my eldest knew how to sing the hot dog song when she was one and had a mickey mouse clubhouse 2nd birthday party. We would love to review the movie and my eldest daughter would definately give an honest opinion on what she thought about it!

kiwitrout - 4:14 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My older girls (6 and 7)�love Mickey Mouse and always get excited when we go to Nana and Grandad's house if it's on on Sky (we don't have Sky).� They would love to review a movie with him in.  Being true girly girls their favourite disney characters are the princesses (Snow White, Ariel etc)
Sparky - 2:10 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
Thomas saw the Mickey Mouse clubhouse on the television for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it.  Unfortunately they've stopped it now which is a bit of a shame as he'd just learnt how to spell Mickey as he sang the song and he danced the silly dance at the end - so funny to watch! He has not really watched too many Disney movies as they are a bit too old for him (he's 3.5 years) but he loved Mickey Mouse. 
manddsteven - 2:04 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
Ours is Mickey Mouse.  Reece (5) and Bailee (nearly 3) get super excited when he is on TV in the weekends!!  Some good clean television for the kiddies :)
kaigey - 2:01 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My all time favourite is Donald Duck, but my kids Love Mickey Mouse.We would love to review the movie for you aas they are avid Mickey MOuse fans & mum is a disney fan...
emma30 - 1:41 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
We would love to have the opportunity to review this movie.  My daughter (nearly 3) has enjoyed watching the Mickey Mouse clubhouse before on TV.  My favourite Disney character would ahve to be Donald Duck, he is a classic character who i enjoyed watching as a child. 
spot - 1:39 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
This would be so much fun for my boy and I to review. He just loves curling up to watch a film in the afternoons before his Daddy gets home and when he is feeling sad when suffering one of many ear infections - this would really brighten up his day!. He loves Mickey Mouse and it always brings a smile to his face. We would dearly like to review it.
erenakelly - 1:37 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My son loves Cinderella. He will watch it over and over again and I think is really hooked on the beautiful-poor-girl-makes-good story. It's all our dream after all, isn't it?
kayjam - 1:26 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
my children would love this i have two young children age 4 and 19 months that just love to sit there and watch cartoons when they have a chance to i would most like to trail this for my four year old he just love this thanl you
docko - 1:16 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
I have 3 amazing children (age 5, 3.5, and 2) and we would love to review these movies! We have a family movie night (sleepover in the lounge) once a fortnight with the kids and they love it. What i love about the Disney movies is that they are enjoyable and educational for all 3 of my children. My favourite Disney character is Handy Manny but we also have a Lightning McQueen fan, a Mickey Mouse fan and a Rapunzel (Tangled) fan, in our house.
docko - 1:14 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
I have 3 amazing children (age 5, 3.5, and 2) and we would love to review these movies! What i love about the Disney movies is that they are enjoyable and educational for all 3 of my children. My favourite Disney character is Handy Manny but we also have a Lightning McQueen fan, a Mickey Mouse fan and a Rapunzel (Tangled) fan, in our house.
twinsandmore - 12:51 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My twins love Goofy, I guess cause he's just as silly as they are :)
Our family would love to review this movie!
hellyp - 12:48 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
this would be so much fun for me and my daughter to review!! my fave was always donald duck :)
Coring - 12:44 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My favorite disney character is Mickey Mouse.  My entire family especially my daughter would be trilled to review this movie.  thanks.
mom2daven - 12:41 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
This DVD will be perfect for my little boy as he is the biggest fan of MIckey Mouse! He loves to watch all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows! We would love to review this movie!
margaretlor - 12:24 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
I would love to review this DVD have allways loved micky mouce the kids like to watch the dvd that we have got of micky mouse
aucklandjules - 12:23 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My daughters' favourite character is Minnie Mouse.  She loves Mickey Mouse Club house with all the gang.  We would to review this movie for you as it would give us time to sit down together as a family whle enjoying a family movie.
kipper - 12:14 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
Micky Mouse is our favourite.  My kids pestered me to buy a micky mouse soft toy from the car boot sale and they love it to bits.  We'd also love to review the movie. 
aaron11 - 12:07 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011
Donald duck is our favourite... that voice lol we woud love to review this thanks
sarah66 - 12:01 PM Wed-7-Sep-2011

My daughter is a hugew fan of Disney Junior on Sky!  She quite often doe4s the hotdog dance in the lounge.  It gets to the point where if it is on I am not allowed to watch my programme until the end.  She would love to watch this DVD and give her opinion as she usually does.


janette - 11:51 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011
OMG my 21 month old absolutely loves minnie and mickey mouse!  she watched the mickey mouse clubhouse and has a toy minnie and mickey that go everywhere with her.  She says mouse mouse mouse all day!   we had a fancy dress party last weekend and my mum made her a minnie mouse outfit - it was sooo cute.  we would love to review this!!!
bombshell - 11:49 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011
would love to trial this - my 4 year old adores the clubhouse!  I made the mistake of showing her my official disneyclub mickey mouse watch from the 70s - and had to fight to get it back  - guess we share the love of Mickey! My fave and hers....
dlscott - 11:43 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My fav character is Donald Duck! I'd love to review this movie! Thanks!
MomOf1 - 11:42 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011
My family especially my 20-month old baby LOVE to watch mickey mouse clubhouse. She can even identify daisy, duck (for donald) goofy, minnie & mickey....but her favourite is minnie :-D We would love to review this movie.
amanda22 - 11:40 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011

I would love to review this! fav character has got to be Goofy!


DaniTaylor - 11:34 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011
We would love to review this. My daughter loves the mickey mouse gang! and my son loves watching the 'dog!' haha. goofy! :)
KellyR - 11:31 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011
Yay, who would not love to watch a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse move.....we would love to review this.  Thankyou for the opportunity

ValerieL - 1:01 AM Wed-7-Sep-2011

I'm sure my family would love to cuddle up and enjoy this movie together. We haven't had the chance to watch a children's movie for sometime and I'm sure my 2 elder sons aged 2 & 6 would enjoy a good movie & great laugh! Since I was a little girl, I liked Mickey Mouse coz he's so cute and fun! 

keznz - 9:51 PM Tue-6-Sep-2011
Hi, we would love to review this movie!! My favourite Disney character has to be Pluto!! I don't know why but ever since I was a kid watching Mickey etc Pluto was always my favourite!!! :)
raffsgirl1488 - 2:19 PM Tue-6-Sep-2011
Hi guys  our family would love to review all the movies you guys get! our favorite Disney character id pluto as we love animals in our house! Would be great to see more family movies come out it brings us all together!!!
maximoo - 12:28 PM Tue-6-Sep-2011

Would love to review Super Silly adventures.  Mstr 3 just loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse however never gets to watch unless he heads to Granny's house (3 hours away) as we don't have sky.  It was great having it first thing on TV 2 but that was short lived.  I love Donald and my wee guy just loves Mickey.

Tashakobe - 9:14 AM Tue-6-Sep-2011
Wow my daughter would love to review this, and quietly so would I.  She loves Micky Mouse ClubHouse and her favourite is Micky Mouse.  I love Minnie Mouse myself she is so cute.  Micky Mouse is the first programme she wants to watch when she gets home from preschool.  :-)
tessa771 - 8:33 AM Tue-6-Sep-2011
We would love to review this movie, the whole family loves Mickey Mouse as we remember he gang from our childhood! My favourite is Goofy but my sons is Mickey Mouse
ajpickering - 11:18 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Master Joshua loooooves Mickey Mouse. My favourite character is silly old Goofy. His big sister will love watching it too especially if i bring out the popcorn. LOL
Shell - 9:48 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I always thought Minnie Mouse was cool and she knew how to keep Micky in line.
raglanmum - 9:28 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Good old Mickey Mouse cartoons!  I would love to see if Little Miss 22 mths likes to watch this and am sure Mr 7 will love to help me review it!  My all time favourite character would have to be Pluto! 
annette - 8:51 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
We would love to review this, both my boys love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Their favourites are Hoofy and Mickey.
gonzze - 8:39 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
 i have 5 children and there favourite Disney character is pluto. but  they like all of them so we would love to review this DVD
WhitiMum23 - 8:36 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
All 3 of our kids LOVE Mickey mouse Clubhouse, and they all have a different fav character. Miss 6's fave is Goofy, Mr 4's is Mickey and Miss 3's is Minnie Mouse. My fav is Donald coz he's always getting into scrapes and who doesn't love his wacky voice?!
stacleaning - 8:26 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
my fav from mickey mouse clubhouse is goofy, he is such a crack up hahhaha
But I really love Aladdin.
dayauon - 8:16 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Of course, Mickey Mouse!  We think he is timeless and cute, even if he's a mouse.  He doesn't really look like one haaha!  Would love to review Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super SIlly Adventures with my 6 and 11 yrs old kids and let's see if my 10 month old will in anyway react.  thanks!   
CarrieB - 8:09 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
We are big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans here & would love the chance to review their Super Silly Adventures!  My favourite character is Minnie Mouse - she's just so level headed!
ticklebear - 8:03 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My children all love mickey mouse and co so we would like to be in with the chance to review this.  My favourite character would be Peter Pan.
nummabear - 7:58 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
my son doesnt really watch tv but he loves  mickey mouse playhoues, he thinks goofy is pretty great, i like mini mouse! would love to snuggle up with my son and watch this,im sure he would love it too!!
LIVINGLIFE - 7:53 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Would love to review this, my favourite disney character is belle:)
shellcruise - 7:41 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My daughter LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Her favourite character is Goofy.  Personally I like Donald Duck he is sooooooooooo funny.
druryl - 6:54 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

We would love to review this DVD.  My fav character is Minnie and Miss 2's favourite is Pluto :-)

Taz - 6:54 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
kymmage - 6:39 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
We have a big Minnie fan here. Would love to review this
SarahK - 6:37 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

Oh pick us! we havn't seen anything good in ages! Having no tv means we don't see much. However thankfully our trusty computer plays DVD's! :)

I think my most fav character would have to be the Genie off Aladdin! oh so funny!!

IceKiwi - 6:15 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Ah Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a huge hit in our household! One of the few programmes I can get all four to sit down and watch together. They love calling out "Oh toodles" all together its so funny. Favourite disney character hmm i have too many but one i really like is Tinkerbell... hot headed, fun, adventurous, mischieveous, talented, hard working.
vickster444 - 5:53 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Wow this would be awesome, my son loves Mickey Mouse the most and watches Clubhouse whenever he gets the chance. I have to say my fav has always been DonaId Duck, cause he is sucha  clown! I love watching my son at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when he gets up and starts doing the 'Hotdog dance' with them! :)
staceyj - 5:15 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My 3 year old daughter (Georgia) and I would absolutely love to reveiw this dvd. My favourite character would have to be Minnie Mouse, and Georgia just loves Mickey Mouse, and Tinkerbell. She just loves watching movies... over and over and over, and just loves Mickey and the crew!
simplesoul - 5:11 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
oh definitely scrooge mcduck, girl adores tinkerbell and all the mickey mouse club hosue husband gets iritated at mickey moouse clubhouse because it is not old school, hehehe but that does not faze our girl, would def love to review.
rjsmummy - 5:07 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My favourite Disney Character would have to be Pluto, i do love dogs and a yellow one? i mean come on how cool is that.
GoMummyJo - 5:02 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
We love Chip & Dale. When I say we - we've thrust them upon the kids too, got some lovely old classic of them with Donald Duck. Cracks me up just thinking about Donald & the Chipmonks qwaaaaaaawawawak
oommii - 4:49 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
As an adult, my favourite Disney character is Captain Jack Sparrow (yum) but as a child I loved reading the adventures of Huey, Duey and Louie as well as all of the other characters. 
My duaghter (19months) loves Micky Mouse, if she is watching another program on Sky and the little coming next is Micky, I know in advance that he will be on soon as she yells out Micky and gets all excited
CamosMum - 4:42 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My favourite disney character is Mickey Mouse and he is currently my 2yr olds favourite too. My 2yr old was devastated recently when tv2 stopped playing Mickey Mouse in the mornings I went out and got him Mickey's Storybook Surprises - it has since been thrashed so would love the same old characters with a new story to tell because as much as you try you get sucked into watching it too!
2boys1girl - 4:41 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Minnie Mouse is my fav, she's so sweet. We'd love to review this movie.
Mihiterena - 4:37 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
mickey mouse was my favourite when i was a little girl and best of all i get to shear him with my girls
vivd - 4:35 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My favourite character is Donald duck! But all of the characters are classics! Miss nearly 2 would love a new dvd and it would give us a much needed break from the wiggle!
KGolds - 4:34 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My favourite is Donald Duck! Love the voice & love the attitude :) My son who is 3 1/2 adores Mickey though, he loves to sing the theme song for Mickey Mouse Club House when he gets to see it. We'd love to review this DVD!!!
mumof6 - 4:31 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Our favourite Disney character is Goofy... We love his hard case laugh. My 2yr old also loves anything with Mickey and Minnie in it. We would love to trial this DVD.
KimH - 4:26 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

My favorite disney character would have to be goofy. He's just so sweet and funny!

 But my nearly 4 yr old daughter loves Mickey Mouse - probably since they have the same name but hers is Micki!!

We'd love to review this movie, and I'm pretty sure my 6 yr old daughter would help too!

Godzgirl - 4:26 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
We really like Minnie Mouse - she's so cute and always puts up with Mickey.
nikkim - 4:14 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My kids love Mickey Mouse - and I must admit - he's a favourite of mine too!  We would love to take part in this trial ;o)
nikkih - 4:11 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

my 3 kids, age 4 and 2 and half yr old twins are crazy about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I used to record programmes for them but just last week decide to get sky to keep them entertained as I forget to record when these are no these days or if they on.� I am sure my little once we go crazy with this DVD and I will be happy to give a review of what they thought about it. BTW my kids are crazy over Mickey, Goofy and Pluto

fishnchips - 4:10 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I love GOOFY!! Would love to review this movie - beats any of the childrens programs on tv hands down! Most of the kids shows on now are rubbish - cant beat the good old programs from when we were kids!
atmum - 4:07 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

Definately Minnie Mouse.  She's adorable, cute and has a great fashion sense :P  My children love singing the theme song so they would love to be able to have the opportunity to review this.  Many thanks :)

mgslegaspi - 3:55 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My favourite is Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, I still watch their cartoon series and other movies, it's nice to have a good laugh especially watching Donald Duck being grumpy all the time. Would love to be the reviewer of Mickey Mouse Club House Super Silly Adventures.. thanks.
becs11 - 3:53 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I have a wee 2 & 1/2 year old that looooves Mickey Mouse Club House.  The one programme he will sit and watch without going off on tangents doing other things is Mickey Mouse - so I'm sure he'd love you watch and review this.  His fav is Mickey Mouse of course!
motheroffour - 3:49 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Would love to review this movie my 2 yr old loves Mickey and goofy!!
olga - 3:38 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
my baby daughter is almost 1 year - the best time to introduce her to Mickey Mouse and his friends! would be great to do it together with the Kidspot!
lynxgal - 3:38 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
So hard to pick a favourite Disney character, all of them are so funny and unique! I guess my all time favourite would have to be Donald Duck, he has always made me laugh with his antics and as a child I really enjoyed my grandfathers impersonations of him. My son loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we would really like the opportunity to review this DVD. Thanks.
lotsakids - 3:37 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
All my kids from aged 9 down to 3 love Mickey Mouse and his crew - so if you picked us they would have a blast writing reveiws and i am sure they would love watching it as well! Over and over again!
melzisthebest13 - 3:31 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I love Eeyore. My daughter loves "Mickeys House' As she calls it. Loves the Mousecatools (?)
mollypop - 3:31 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My favourite is Goofy.... What is he, plently to imagine!! And the treasures he keeps under his hat where can i get one!! My kids love The little mermaid ans Oso as well.
BubbeezMum - 3:29 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Oh this is an easy question to answer my all time faviourite disney character is TIGGER and now I have passed that love onto my daughter (not on purpose). I became a total Tigger nut in 1997 when my parents took us to Disneyland. I dont know what it was but ever since I have been hooked, tigger soft toys, pjs, slippers if I could get it I would. I have not at all forced him onto little Miss not like I did with my nephew which I brought all sorts of Tigger things (especially when we lived in London - it was dangerous, the Disney shop a shop full of Tigger things - I miss that shop!) Anyway I think because little miss sees mummy in tigger pjs etc thats what she wants and likes so guess what pjs are her fav, yep tigger and she even tried wearing them once when they were just out of the washing machine. So hands down Tigger is our character. We would love to trail the Mickey Mouse Dvds because little miss is just getting into dvds in a big way (and tv) and we have managed to catch a few Mickey Mouse eposodes on tv (dont think its on now) and Caitlyn absoultely loved watching this programme. I like it because it is educational too.
cristy - 3:28 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
my son loves handy manny and donald duck we have ducks that come to our door and has named them donald and lulu haha would love to review this
amyr - 3:22 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My children 3 and 4, love Micky Mouse Club house, and it is something that they will watch together and not fight about .. which is hard to find these days!  Would love to review this!  Thanks kidspot!
lynleyg - 3:22 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

We would love to review this. Miss 4 would especially love it and I think Mr 6 would still  enjoy it too.

Hayden's favourite Disney character would be Lightning McQueen but from Mickey Mouse Goofy is his fave. Jemma prefers Minnie Mouse - I'm guessing because of the pink pretty clothes :) We haven't had Mickey Mouse on our TV for a while so I think this would be something different that would keep their interest.

jopukeko - 3:20 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My girls' favourite Disney character would be Tigger. I'm sure they would love to review it as Miss 3 loves TV and cartoons
hellome - 3:20 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I would love for my family to review this DVD. Yeah a dvd that ALL three children ( 2 , 5 and yes 8)  will enjoy, with no fighting!  My 8 year old loves goofy (and will admit to it!) and my 2 year old daughter screams when she sees Mickey on the TV (I think that is a good thing!)  I also as a parent am saddened and annoyed that even some childrens TV these days has to be previewed by a parent before it is deemed suitable for the children to watch, at least with Disney there  is no problems with this ,and mum and dad don't mind watching it as well!!!!!!!
Mumof2Girls - 3:19 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Hi I'd love to review this movie - my favourite character has got to be "Goofy". 
Both of my daughters love Mickey and his friends :)  My eldest daughters really likes "Minnie Mouse" and my youngest daugthers adores "Pluto"
chopper59 - 3:17 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
would love to review this. my kids both love mickey mouse - and my daughter loves tinkerbell :)
ErinLars - 3:17 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

Would love to review this, as a child I always loved Mickey Mouse, and my daughter Katie (2yrs) is a HUGE fan of Minnie Mouse and had a Minnie cake for her 2nd cake. She just loves Minnie so would be a wonderful movie to review


l1zzybeans - 3:17 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My daughter loves "professor" duck from mickey mouse Clubhouse.I love all of the pooh characters too.
michbrooke - 3:16 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

My 19 month old hears mickey mouse starting and runs to the lounge all excited to watch it, her favourite would have to be minnie

I would love to review this DVD. Thanks

gboo - 3:16 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
Goofy is definitely my favourite although we have the Mickey Mouse soft toy.
piglet - 3:14 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I love Pluto, maybe its because I always wanted a puppy when I was growing up. Miss 7 loves Minnie Mouse for her 'heel shoes' and mister 3 thinks Donald is funny cause he has 'no pants'. 
mamaov3 - 3:12 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My eldest son thinks goofy is funny, thts his favourite and my second son loves Pluto kids miss the Playhouse Disney Channel this would make their week! =)
twilightgal - 3:11 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My fav is Donald Duck but Mr5 and Mr10 months both love Mickey Mouse :-) They would really love too watch these dvds! :-)
LindaK - 3:09 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
I would love to share this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD with my two boys (5 years old and almost 2 years old), and then share my review (plus their opinions of course!)

My own favourite character, would have to be Goofy. My eldest son though is more keen on the classic Mickey :)
Joanne - 3:09 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

This would be fantastic DVD that my 4 1/2 year old would love to watch.  My son has watched Mickey Mouse before and enjoyed it.

My son especially loves the Disney Characters of Eeyore and Mickey Mouse.


Would love to review the DVD. Thank You.


wyldange - 3:08 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My fave is goofy, whenever we see him on tv my 20 month old yells Theres Daddy, so now I can't see goofy without Laughing, (when I was younger it was eeyore)- DD6 likes Aurora mr 20 months hasn't given me a fave yet.
mumtotwo - 2:49 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
My 5 year son would just love to review this dvd , he loves Mickey Mouse ! It's hard to tell which is his favourite character , Mickey mouse or Pooh bear ! He loves all the disney characters and I love the fact that they are nice stories , keep the kids interested and they learn heaps too ! We all love the disney characters and would all enjoy sitting down together to watch this
Nessa - 2:47 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011

We would love to review this, my girls love love love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My 4 year olds loves Minnie Mouse cause she picks flowers apparently and Donald Duck cause he laughs. My 2 year old likes Minnie Mouse and Toodles (ha ha ha, off Mickey mouse clubhouse). I like Goofy and Pluto :)

cherrytf - 2:36 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
This is the kind of video my 7-year-old daughter (who is very picky about the videos she watches) would like. She and her two girl cousins would certainly get a kick watching this when they come over to visit. Hope we get chosen to review it. =)
tallsonn - 2:29 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
We would love to review this DVD as my son's fave show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is almost 4 and I just asked him who his favourite Disney character is and he said "Pete because he always steals everything", so there you have it!
CaseysMum - 2:26 PM Mon-5-Sep-2011
oh wow, my kids love Mickey Mouse Club house (in fact Miss 3 just looked up at my screen and said "I want to watch Mickey Club house")I've always been a pluto fan myself but I think the Miss 3 tell me she prefers Mickey

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