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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Week 1: How did you know your child was ready to start night training and how old were they?
JulieKidspot - `10` `2011-09-10 15:14:40`  

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Week 1: How did you know your child was ready to start night training and how old were they?

Comments (42)
JulieKidspot - 11:17 AM Thu-17-Nov-2011
Thank you to everyone for your comments. Apologies for the delay in announcing the winners. Congratulations to anner, the winner for week 1. We will be in touch very soon.
eddie - 5:24 PM Mon-3-Oct-2011
When my kids staring telling me when they wanted to go the toilet, I knew I could get them to do night training.
natsmum - 9:49 PM Sun-18-Sep-2011
We went nappy free at 3 1/2.  Prior to this as we have used cloth nappies we had cloth pull up pants that did not draw away the moisture so - when wet they felt wet and this helped MIss now 4 to recognise when she was wet.  So thanks to drylife bed pads we took the next step of going nappy free - I have to say they are brilliant and as a result of using the bed pads transitioning to being nappy free was fairly easy - a quick change of pads in the middle of the night sure beats changing a whole bed - especially with a second younger child in the same bedroom.  They have worked so well that we have taken them off the bed now - however they are also brilliant if you have an unwell child, and have saved the mattress well from vomit as well.  I will be keeping the bed pads handy for when Mr 2 is ready for night time training - we have to get through the day time training first!
nzchick - 1:12 PM Fri-16-Sep-2011
debbuckley - your little one sounds like he's pretty aware of when he needs to go which is a great sign!!  My nearly 4 year old is still wetting completely through the night.. but we'll get there.  I would say he's ready to start training overnight, but best to do this without the use of nappies - just pop him in some undies and lay him on the bed pad so that he is "aware" otherwise it's hard for them to realise they're going if they're in a nappy overnight.  Good luck!!
emmalee - 12:15 PM Fri-16-Sep-2011

Thanks nzchick and DRYLIFE i have just ordered a lime green one with tuck in flaps, looking forward to it arriving

DRYLIFE - 11:22 AM Fri-16-Sep-2011

Hi Kidspot Parents!! To Edrendle - DryLife® Bedpads are 1m x 1m and are also available with a 50cm Flap for your convenience. This makes them suitable for beds of All Sizes.

nzchick - 11:08 AM Fri-16-Sep-2011
edrendle... I only use the Drylife bed pads now for that reason.  The is no waterproof lining that comes away - they are soft to touch and incredibly absorbent.  I have lots of overnight trouble with my son as well and these are the best purchase I ever made.  They're on special at the moment too - $35 each including delivery so I just grabbed myself another one :)  I'll have a look at the specs on the packet for you once it arrives, but I've never had a problem with the size - covers atleast half the bed. 
emmalee - 9:14 PM Thu-15-Sep-2011
My soon to be 5 year old had daytime training mastered at 2, however nights have been inconsistant going for weeks being dry and then weeks being wet, there doesnt seem to be any consistancy at all! I have previously purchased two different types of bed pad products but they were no good. The waterproof lining deteriorates rapidly with frequent washing and no matter where i place the darn thing he manages to wet at the wrong place,  leaking through making it pointlesss anyway! Dont mean to sound like a negative nancy, i've obviously been purchasing cheap inferior products and would Love the opportunity to try  the Drylife absorbent pads. It sounds like exactly what we need to try. Out of curiosity does any one know what is the size of the bed pads? Have been on the website and cannot find any specific  dimensions.
debbuckley - 4:02 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
My son was toilet trained during the day a few months ago and has been waking up a few times a night to go.. I think he is almost ready?
nzchick - 1:56 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
My son wasn't showing much sign of overnight readiness, so we just decided to bite the bullet and tackle it.  It didn't take long before we gave up using drynites and overnight nappies due to the cost and my son found them really uncomfortable and started ripping them off in his bed.  I bought two of the Drylife Bed Pads after being recommended them by another mother at daycare.  I just popped my son on the top of them in his undies overnight and it worked a treat.  When he had an accident the bed pad drew the moisture away from his body so he could sleep comfortably but also meant that he started to be aware of 'going" because he didn't have the nappy against his skin which means they often don't realise they are going wees in the night.  We saved a fortune in nappies and never had a wet bed.  It only took him a couple of months and he was dry overnight.   We were just about to stop using the bedpad as he'd conquered the overnight wetting and he got Rotavirus and thank heavens it was still on the bed!  I can't recommend Drylife Bedliners enough having used them with my own children.  The $70 you pay for TWO of them saves you a fortune on overnight nappies and washing alone.  Thanks Drylife for introducing me to these - you really did make my life so much easier during toilet training time. :-)
chloesmummy - 1:10 PM Wed-14-Sep-2011
My daughter of 16 1/2 months is in the stage now, i know this because there are less wet nappies, as she is learning to be able to hold it in longer.
ekubo - 8:43 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011

my eldest son was quick and easy to toilet train for days at a smidge over 2 yrs. A few months later I decided to have a go at nights, sort of because I thought I should really. What a resounding failure. 2 weeks of sodden beds and a chilled little boy every morning and we went back to nappies. About a year later I tried again after he'd woken with a dry nappy (ONCE!!). Another disaster, and I told myself that it was because there was a new baby in the house. Another year passed and I thought I should try again as he was getting close to school age and wearing drynites by this time which just ARE NOT CHEAP. We lifted him and took him to the loo, woke and walked him to the loo, put a potty in his room, set his alarm half an hour earlier, restricted drinks... Every technique ever suggested, we tried it. No good, back to the drynites. School came and went, he was learning to be embarrassed about it. His younger brother was dry every night but we kept putting him in nappies to avoid humiliating the eldest.

Then one night, a couple of months after he turned 6, he was dry. The next night he wet again but then he was dry for about 4 nights in a row. One or two more wet nights and he's been dry ever since. Sometimes things just have to happen in their own time.

naenae82 - 6:44 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
my son was really quick just about 2yrs an i didnt do anything he learnt to take his nappy off an say wee wee an it was dry so that was really good my daughter was 2 when she started having dry nappies an then started wetting the bed after kidny transition then again when she went from afternoon to morning sessions which these sheet would of been so helpfull with an now my three year old was trained day an night at 2 an now she has started wearing nappies again grrrrrrrrrrr as i got sick an tired of washing all her blankets i dont know why she has started wetting again a few changers in life so i guess i just have to be paicent? would be so nice to win one of these to help out my already busy days
nikkih - 4:40 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son was just 3 when he was fully toilet trained but his night time is still not mastered and he is 4 now. WE have nights were he is fully dry and some nights we find him wet. So we decided to go back on the drynites pants only for sleeping, and still not sure if we made the right call. As again we have sme nights dry and some wet.  Not sure how long it will be before he will be fully dry
BubbeezMum - 4:18 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
I have not personally experienced this phase yet but I think when the child is comfotable and secure in toileting during the day they will be ready for night time training, or when they are constantly dry at night time.
sarahm0695 - 4:04 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My daughter has just turned 3 1/2 years old, I put nappies on her until she stopped wetting at night for a week, she has gone 2 weeks dry. My youngest is 2 and he is almost ready to give up night nappies. so this would help loads right now.
Sparky - 2:59 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son started wearing undies during the day when he was 2 years old.  This was his decision - took me a while to figure it out but he would not get dressed and having major temper tantrums.  He had just started nursery and his new friend was much older and did not wear nappies so he didn't want too.  When I finally figured this out (he couldn't speak so as usual we have to be mind readers) then he was much happier.  It took a while longer for the night time but we used pull up nappies with his undies over the top.
He would have a few nights with a dry nappy but as soon as I'd just put his undies on for nightime he'd wet the bed.  Not great when he wakes up in the middle of the night and you've got a new born as well.  So, kept the nappies on for a bit longer. 
When he was 2 1/2 after using the pull up nappy for so long that it nearly disintegrated I decided to put him in undies.  Young man has a dim night light (plug in) and a potty.  I don't want to keep the lights on in the hallway and toilet all night so this is the best solution for all. This helped a lot.
We had to put our plans on hold and resort back to pull up nappies when he got ill.  He has been ill for months with a terrible cough and vomiting.  I was changing the bed almost every night from the vomiting and he was drinking lots of water to help ease his throat so his bladder was a lot fuller.  To add to this, the earthquakes and all the aftershocks didn't help.  So, four months later, now he is on antibiotics for 2 months as prescribed by the hospital he is much better and now back to wearing undies again.
We don't give him a drink before bed, and we make sure he uses the toilet before going to bed.
His night light is on and potty is in the middle of the room in case he would like to use the facilities during the night.  Many a morning I've been greeted with a potty of poo in the morning.... gosh, can't wait for breakfast in bed rather than the smelly potty !
aucklandjules - 2:39 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son is 8 and still wets the bed at night.
ajpickering - 2:25 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011

My daughter never showed any interst in initiating potty training at all but would go all day at pre-school with a dry nappy then use it in the car on the way home - too much to do at pre-school. I just told her she was a big girl and put her into underpants and she only had 2 accidents after that. She was 3 3/4 when I started night training her as she was dry in the mornings when she woke up - I left the plastic sheet on her bed until she started school though as I was too scared to remove it :-)
My son turned 2 on the 10th Sept and he is just possibly started to show some signs that he wants to start potty training but I may leave this until summer. He unbelievably has had the odd dry nappy in the morning since he was 9 months so I'm hoping he will be night trained quickly (fingers crossed). His language skills are slightly delayed but he can still signal when he wants something so summer is a great time to start especially if washing increases.

It is all down to the individual child when the right time to night train is and sometimes I feel that it is better to leave it until they are slightly older.

lynne - 1:55 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My other children at 2 1/2 and 3 were just dry at nighttime as soon as they were toilet trained. my youngest however is 50/50 wet and dry
Bubbaboo - 1:50 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
When Master 3.5 years was still having afternoon naps (before he turned 3), we had a few weeks in a row where he would wake up with a dry nappy in the morning.  But since he dropped his nap we have only had a dry nappy a few times.  He only does one wee overnight in his nappy, but I'm not sure when, and he wakes with a full bladder and goes in the toilet in the morning.  I'm wondering if I should be starting to do something to help him with overnight training now, or still wait?  In the morning he will tell me "I didn't do wees in my nappy" as he obviously has no recollection/awareness of his night time wee.  I think he is motivated/keen to get out of his night nappy as he often asks to wear undies to bed.  Will read others comments with interest to get some insight into how to go about this. 
mummaduck - 1:28 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011

My first child TT'd daytime very easily, but night time was another issue... she never seemed ready... in fact at age 5 she was still a heavy night time wetter... In the end I just took the nappy off at night, but it was another 2yrs before she was fully night trained...

My 2nd child again TT'd daytime very easily, but 9mths later, is still a heavy night time wetter... I actually don't know what to do this time...

tallsonn - 1:27 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son is nearly 4 and I don't think he is ready yet for night time toilet training as his nappy is still soaked in the morning. I would like to put this off until summer when it's easier to do the washing! The DryLife Absorbant Bed Pads sound great, wish they had been around years ago when we toilet trained our daughter. Unlike these bed pads, we had a NON breathable waterproof mattress protector on her bed (that's all that was available at that time) and although it worked it made all of her sheets mouldy in the summer months when she would sweat a lot. I would love to win one of these Bed Pads to try.
anner - 1:24 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My two kids have been completely different at toilet training.  My daughter was trained within a few months during the day at 2 1/4, and then following about a year later completely dry at night time and hasn't had any accidents since, shes now nine.  My son on the other hand has had several attempts  for day time training from 3 with each attempt ending, having a break then trying again, it was always a hit a miss.  Then finally by around 4 years old he got it.  So I awaited the night training any time after that, but most nights he was completely soaking his nighttime nappy.  We had an attempt last summer just before he turned 5, as he wasn't soaking the nappies as much and had some dry nights.  But there was no logic to th when the wet nights happened or what triggered them.  So we stopped for a while, then started again in about May.  We have had more dry nights, up to a week then 2 or 3 wet in a row.  I think he is improving, but only slightly each month.  Excess washing in the winter not so great.  He is due to turn 6 in Dec so the best birthday present would be for him to be completely dry every night.
ingie83 - 1:19 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
I am waiting to find the right time to start my 28 month old son has mastered the daytime, but doesn't have a dry nappy when he wakes, & doesn't wake to go to the toilet. He doesn't want to wear a nappy at night time & when i check on him, i regularly find he has stripped everything off & its in a pile on the floor with him sleeping contentedly. I think he would like to attempt night time training but i am hesitant he is quite young to be ready for this step. I would love hearing other peoples suggestions on this topic, I don't want to dishearten him by him having accidents. I'm think we will start a star chart for the daytime to keep him on track & maybe try waking him when my new born feeds to use the toilet.
mary110370 - 1:18 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
Night time training has beena constant battle in my house.  My daughter is 9 and as yet we are still to have a dry night - admittedly she does have a medical condition with her bladder and kidneys which doesn't help but the cost of drynites and washing powder sure does add up and sleepovers at friends houses become a real mission with lots of forward planning!!!  We had started to make some progress with medication earlier this year but then in June ended up in hospital having an emergency appendectomy which has once again weakened all the stomach and surrounding muscles so at present we are even struggling to get through the day dry.  We have passed the stage now where she is embarressed by it and now that she is old enough to understand why she has the problem she is happy to talk about it with her closest friends and we have found the majority of them to be very understanding which is fabulous.
mummaS - 1:13 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son now 2.5 is definitely ready to start TT. Im now 28 weeks pregnant and still suffer from morning sickness so i have been putting it off until im better but I think i really need to start as he is very keen. He will tell us he's about to go and sometimes ask to sit on the potty.. Its hard when it's your first. I have no clue where to begin!
Toristar - 1:10 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
I was a bedwetter till very late - like 8 or 9 and couldn't control it and am hoping my son isn't going to be the same as me. Having one of these bed pads will be so much easier to keep things dry and he hopefully worry too much if he does have an accident. I used to have to sleep on a plastic sheet thing, horrible.
DaniTaylor - 1:09 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
I dont know yet, but i think we're nearly there! :) but not really in a rush, it'll happen in own time .
kiwitrout - 12:17 PM Mon-12-Sep-2011
Everything I read says wait till they're dry at night and then put them in knickers but that hasn't happened for our two older girls.  My oldest (7) has just come off a programme with the nurse at the medical centre which has worked.  Yay!  My second daughter has just turned six and still wears pullups to bed because she is so wet.  My third is 9 months and am wondering if there was some cue I missed with the others that will work with her.
MummySpice - 10:03 AM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My two sons have been complete opposites to toilet train.  My oldest son had it all sorted by 2 1/2 including being dry at night.  After his 3rd night of a dry nappy we let him sleep in undies and just had a bed pad underneath him and it was perfect.  I think he only had a few accidents and it was all very easy.  My second son is a total nightmare to train.  He's 4 in January and is showing no signs of being night time ready as he still hasn't conquered the "toilet" thing yet.  He's fine for number ones, but number two's is hopeless.  He says he's "scared" of going, but will happily stand at the toilet to do wees.  It's incredibly frustrating.  If anyone has any tips on how to conquer the fear of the toilet, or how to encourage them to "hold on" over night it would be greatly appreciated!!
SarahK - 9:51 AM Mon-12-Sep-2011

I waited until my children were waking most mornings dry. Once this was happening then we started with a mattress protector and nickers.

My kids where all varying ages. one was about 20 months, one was 4 and the other was 3, and still training.

caseyraskew - 9:36 AM Mon-12-Sep-2011
My son had problems pooing once i stopped breastfeeding at 3 months and so until we were able to get him sorted with medication at 4 years of age he was past the training part! we just took his nappies off at night and had no problems at all.  My next son is 2 in in a few weeks and is still in nappies day and night.  Thankfully he doesn't have a poo problem.
kymmage - 9:36 AM Sun-11-Sep-2011
My girl had a huge back slide on being dry during the day just before she turned 4. She is finally back on track and doing really well at being dry during the day. And she has started to ask about no nappy at night. I think we will wait til summer is here, just so the weather is warmer for washing etc. Her nappies are sometimes dry and sometimes soaked through. We may transition to pull ups soon though and see if we can get her to stay dry in them first.
keznz - 9:30 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
It was different with each of my older girls - we made sure first that the daytime dryness was sorted before even thinking about night time! With my eldest, we had her in pull ups at night & she was to try to keep the flowers on the pull ups from fading - by not doing wees in them. If she got up in the morning & the pull ups were dry she got a star on her chart. When she was dry for 3 weeks she got a big reward at the end! We did little rewards at the end of each week - but hearing that 21 days is how long it takes to form a new habit, she had to get 21 stars on her chart before her big reward! I believe she was nearly 4. With the next two, we started earlier - once again we waited for the daytime to be sorted. Then we tried the pull ups & star chart again, with the second girl she was 3 & had a lot of accidents, but got there in the end. We waited until she had a few dry pull ups in a row before going to nickers at night. My 3rd daughter was also 3 when she got her nights sorted - she was more like her biggest sister, the star chart really worked for her & the pull ups too. So maybe they weren't as different as I thought! Just one struggled a bit more than the others and actually we used the same system with each of them, pull ups, start chart - reward! My youngest - a boy! has just turned 2 and we are just starting to think about potty training! eeek! I have NO idea what to do with a BOY! :} kez
ticklebear - 9:27 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
With my girls it was when they had a week of dry nappies at night one was 2 and one was 3.5 but our ds is showing no signs at all .... *sigh* he's 6 next month.
rosiesmum2011 - 9:18 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
My girl has been out of a day nappy since about just over 2 years, I had lots of pressure from people not that present in her life about how others were toilet trained & she should be. The same has been the case for her night nappy training, we have been trying on and off for about 10 months but I have been pretty relaxed about it. We recently had the b 4 school check & told not to stress about it & that its not a worry at this age and plenty of kids are wetting the bed, I was a bed wetter myself until quite late so I can fully relate. I have always had the gut feeling that she will do it when she is ready, that is what happened with daytime, she decided & said out loud I am not going to wet anymore mummy and don't need nappys and she didn't. With her night nappys I have been using a plastic sheet lately on her bed but it keeps moving around and we have had several accidents, on my own and changing sheets regularly as well as working and everything else life brings I admit I have just been lazy about it, and she keeps telling me she will wet the bed if she is in a nappy! My determined child! I do know how powerful the mind can be!
gr8mum - 7:34 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
My eldest is 5 (6 in January) and we have just embarked on night time training - tried it once in the last year and when he wet the bed I'd put him in a nappy - thinking back, that was probably a mistake.  Decided to just go with it this time as he's one of those kids who if he's got a nappy or pull up on then he'll use it!  First night he flooded everywhere but only once (we are lifting him if he co-operates at about 10.30pm when we go to bed) then he was dry for 3 nights in a row (incentive being pancakes for brekkie) then a few accidents, then this last week I think he's only had one wet night.  I was seriously amazed as his nappy would be sodden every morning.  My biggest problem was that not only did the bottom sheet or protector need changing, he also managed to wet 'up' and soak the duvet (both cover and inner) and I just found washing a whole duvet by hand and drip drying on the line a little bit much to bear.  A friend of mine suggested using a waterproof mattress protector attached to the duvet to protect the duvet.  That was wonderful, it gave me the strength to perservere as they could be chucked in the wash easily.  My 2nd boy is nearly 4 and once I'm confident no 1 has got it, we'll be trying him too.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and stick with it - a bit like daytime training.
Mamabear - 5:47 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
My daughter will be 3 in November. She uses the toilet during the day, and can tell us when she has to go. When she was a little over 2.5 years, she started waking in the nights to go to the toilet, or she would wake up crying because she had to go. Most days she stays dry till the morning, or wakes up to let us know, but I still have her in pull ups in the nights to avoid accidents. My son too started night time toilet training around 2.5 years and he was fully toilet trained by age 3.
bonnie - 4:56 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
this topic is a reminder its time for us to being tackling the nightimes, kindy sorted no nappies there! we still pop nappies on when going out in the fear of a puddle in public, has anyone noticed the serious lack of public facilities, tory street warehouse in wellington no toilets, farmers cuba mall closed theres and they pulled down the supervised family rooms from pigeon park and put up those nasty unisex cubical type toilets that i dont want to go into let alone take miss 3 into! ops sidetracked... now that the triplets are 5 months there is no longer any excuses and with summer coming it is time to bite the bullet and just do it!!!!  in the past we had problems with her wetting through any type of nappy so we are already used to wet bedding! we found apart from 'drylife sheets' great investment! that a bassinet sized matteress protector and an old fashion nappy onto was the best and easies thing to use as they wash real easy and can change the bed without the need to wake her! So i m really interested to see how other people handled their toilet training and pick up any tips :)
lotsakids - 4:47 PM Sat-10-Sep-2011
i have four kids all in pull ups at night 3 of which are boys (oldest is 9 but he has medical problems) the other boys are 7 and 5 and showing no signs of wanting too - the youngest is a girl and she is 3, she is showing lots of signs - with being dry in the morning so now the weather is better i am looking to take the pull up away and get her dry!

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