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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Winner announced! Day 4: The Trouble With Fire by Fiona Kidman
JulieKidspot - `10` `2011-12-04 10:42:08`  
Win a copy of The Trouble With Fire by leading NZ writer, Fiona Kidman.

Fiona Kidman has a genius for peeling back the lives of ordinary people to reveal their hidden passions and complexities. In this brilliant new collection, she explores - with her customary subtlety and insight - how we are all touched and sometimes scarred by the flames of emotion - whether it be the impossible love of a pregnant woman for a married man, grief for a dead baby or loss of a young woman in mysterious circumstances. Ranging in time from the colonial period to the present day, these stories by one of New Zealand's foremost writers are beautifully crafted, intriguing and evocative. "[Her] stories remind me of those of Alice Munro. Though they are very much of a time and place they have a universal dimension." - Booksellers News

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Comments (146)
cherrytf - 10:48 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
Congratulations Mondo!
JulieKidspot - 10:47 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
Congratulations Mondo! You are our winner chosen at random for the book The Trouble With Fire. We will be in contact shortly.
Shelz69 - 10:23 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
The Power of One is my all time favourite book.  I love reading it at Christmas time for some reason and will read it every summer holidays
Tashakobe - 9:36 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
My favourite is Jody Picoult.  They are so meaningful and really get to me.
ralf - 8:39 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
I really enjoy Jeffery Deaver got to meet him a few years ago awesome guy, really down to earth
kelly82 - 12:11 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
I adore Cathy Kelly novels
Shane64 - 12:01 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011
I really enjoy Sidney Sheldon books
sugapop69 - 12:00 AM Mon-5-Dec-2011

Stephanie Meyer - Twilight series

gysmo - 11:58 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jane Green - Luv her books!
goddess588 - 11:52 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My current favourite author is Joanna Trollope.
stepanka - 11:03 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Zane Grey, Nora Roberts
karinlee - 10:09 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Cathrine Cookson is my favourite author, when i get a chance to sit and read.  Lesile Peirce is also up there.
Janelle26 - 9:56 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite is jodi picouolt
Emiloly - 9:29 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite all time authors are Raymond Fiest and Robin Hobb!
erenakelly - 9:27 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My all time favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Timeless classic.
ruthb - 8:58 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite series is the Cross stitch series base on the lives of Claire and Jamie Fraser..
Lisas30 - 8:49 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Sydney Sheldon
juliebeaulieu - 8:41 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite book is The Talisman by Stephen King, not the horror kind but about a boy journeying accross a parallel America trying to save his mother.  Intense and gripping, LOVE IT!
SuzyF - 8:32 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi picoults - nice and easy to read.
shellcruise - 8:15 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Louise Bagshawe is definitly my favourite - Career Girls or the Movie would be her best work
hillys - 7:50 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011

OMG! Fiona Kidman The trouble with Fire! sound really interesting! I havent brought any books for 5 years as I havent found anything that interested me so far!

Back then the best book I ever got from second hand shop is WITHOUT MERCY the author is MIRIAM ALI with Jana Wain This is True story  about Miriman Ali's nightmare began on day in 1980 when she learnt that her two teenage daughters had been sold to husbands in Yemen by their father, and would not be coming home to Birmingham. But it was also the turning point. after too many years of submission, when she had been used as little more than a baby-machine and had suffered two nervous breakdowns, Miriam finally mustered the courage to begin a campaign to rescue Zane and Nadia from the misery and squalor in which they were forced to live.

True story of struggle beauty and ferocity of mothers instinct in a searing and anguished battle against an abusive man an outmoded tradition and an ineffective indifferent bureaucracy.  extremely moving story. 

starakamala - 7:47 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Dan Brown
blacknaf - 7:45 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I am reading Cross Stitch at the moment and loving it!  So I guess for now my favourite author is Diana Gabaldon.
marikaleigh - 7:44 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My fav author is Paullina Simons, fav book is The bronze Horesman! Love love love it!
storm213 - 7:39 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
hmmm i cant really answar this im not a big reader with 5 young children :)
cherrytf - 7:32 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I read on average 5 books a week, but would have to say Ayn Rand is still at the top of my list of authors with "Atlas Shrugged" as my favourite of all.
ajpickering - 7:21 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011

I love all of Jodi Picoults books but my most favourite "go and read many times" book is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

mumof6 - 7:14 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I loved Kerre Woodhams books Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner and Short Fat Chick in Paris a great laugh and very inspirational.
2boys1girl - 7:11 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love love love Jody Picouolt and Marian Keyes.
esilby - 6:51 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My fav author at the moment is Adele Parks - but am running out of her books :(
bondi76 - 6:33 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.  A fantastic and compelling read!  One you can't put down......
SandraA - 6:30 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Wow - there are so many, I am an avid reader. I think though if I had to pick a favourite book that I read time and again it is, My Fathers Glory and My Mothers Castle by French author Marcel Pagnol. The original book was written in French, but the translation is so lyrical and beautiful to read. It is a childhood memoir and conjurs up idyllic scenes.
MAMANANNA - 6:18 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite author is Whiti Ihimaera. I cant put down any of his books once I start thme .I have just finished The Rope of Man and again he didnt fail .
Nita - 6:10 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I really enjoy Jodi Picoult, when i do get a chance to read.
lmwnz - 6:08 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I loveTess Gerritson
eingedc - 5:56 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favorite is Sidney Sheldon...
jopukeko - 5:31 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
For me it is Sophie Kinsella. For the kids it is Julia Donaldson.
Tayloryates - 5:26 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
At the moment I love Phillppa Greggory
ssi8 - 5:22 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite author is Janet Evanovich for her funny Stephanie Plum series ...
CatMumof2girls - 5:15 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I have lots of faves but I'm re-reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan at the moment and love it as much as I did first time round many years ago. It was a very sad day when he passed away.
Matty1 - 4:59 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My faourite book is the horse whisperer
kdc - 4:54 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
One of my favourite authors is Sarah-Kate Lynch.
scottishlass - 4:53 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
my favourite author would have to be stieg larsson, loved all the trilogy, and the movies was awesome
stisnz - 4:47 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Haven't read much since having kids, but loved the Harry Potter series.  Loved Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett.
ayngela - 4:43 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My fav author is Marian Keyes - I love a good chick lit!
Hil - 4:42 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love the Jodi Picoult books - can't pick one though, but definitely hers.
SarahK - 4:41 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. and in fact she is also my fav author. Very difficult to pick just one!!
IceKiwi - 4:23 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Witi Ihimaera  and one of my all time fav books of his is: Sky Dancer
ekubo - 4:07 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I don't think I could pick just one. My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice, I love the little window Jane Austen makes into the everyday domestic world of the time. I love Neville Shute as well despite his condescending portrayals of women. Science fiction is always fun and escapist, I like Greg Bear and (secret shame exposed) Anne McCaffrey. And for a laugh you can't beat Louis deBernieres.
dlscott - 3:57 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.
kiwigas - 3:47 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011

Any of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child is guaranteed entertainment for me.

gemsmum - 3:47 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love reading,I go through phases of reading certain the moment I'm loving Nora Roberts :-)
emjay - 3:44 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Love Patricia Cornwall, forensic thrillers are my cup of tea.
berry - 3:32 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
love reading all sorts at the moment I'm reading The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart
lightgray - 3:31 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
P C Cast - Goddess Summoning Series
Mardi - 3:30 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Mine would have to be Martina Cole
berry - 3:26 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
love reading all sorts at the moment I'm reading The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart
dragonwolfnz - 3:24 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Can't pick any particular author as my fav - too eclectic a range to narrow it down!  I've been enjoying Sci Fantasy for years and have recently read Karen Moning, Laurell K Hamilton, and JR Ward.  I'm looking forward to diving into the Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin over the Christmas season.
Sparky - 3:23 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love reading almost anything.  Just finished reading Cathy Kelly - Just Between Us which was a great read.
amandalyrik - 3:14 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
nicholas a sucker for all that romance.
Silverbabe - 3:11 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Lesley Pearse cant put down her books when I start
mcn2011 - 3:09 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult
lotsakids - 2:54 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
fav book for me is anything written by Bryce Courtney but most of all his book Jessica
rubytuesdaynz - 2:52 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Barbara Erskine is my favourite author - I love how her stories seem to meld different times together to produce something amazingly readable.
heitiki - 2:45 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods makes me laugh out loud each time I read it.  I even read it whilst in early labour for the endorphins!  Highly recommended, especially to any mad trampers out there!
ECAW - 2:39 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite author is Matthew Reilly!!
tamstar22 - 2:29 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
am reading Lara Morgan at the mo
missmaddysmum - 2:21 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Hmm, Marion Keyes (I think thats how to spell it). Terry Pratchet and Dr Seuss is still my all time favourite
kosigus - 2:19 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011

ps i love you

red it way before the movie was made. and managed to do so in one day! fantastic :)

katienz - 2:14 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
The bible :)
twilightgal - 2:13 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult here too!! :)
jbutterfly - 2:09 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love the Famous 5!!
mary110370 - 2:05 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011

Jodi Picoult - I am currently reading My sisters Keeper

lisap - 2:02 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Been enjoying carrole matthews 4 an easy read
nikkim - 1:59 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I'm a James Patterson fan, but happy to read any good mystery/thriller!
Jessi - 1:54 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Maraget Mahy is great
Dashes - 1:54 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love Sophie Kinsella books!
squ1rts - 1:47 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Oh I am a Fantasy lover LOL... Love the Wheel of TIme by Robert Jordan...
Jackieb - 1:45 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I like Danielle Steele, I only get to read when we are away at xmas time and usually it is one I've read before but it takes me 1/2 way to remember what the story was, nice and light reading.
kyleeandluke - 1:43 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love 'The Kite Runner' and 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini.  Both very emotional reads for me.  Difficult at times even, but it reminds me of just how lucky we are to live here in NZ, and to show compassion to those who have grown up in countries such as Afganistan.
annette - 1:41 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
For the kids or family it has to be Ronald Dahl
veronicad - 1:38 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love Wilbur Smith.  He is very old school, but I have read all of them at least 7 times! 
malandrob - 1:35 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Roald Dahl because of his vibrant language used. James and the GiantPeach is a fav, but love lots of his work.
Lozzykiwi - 1:25 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Embarrassingly, my favourite books still have to be the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling is an inspiration!
Mutt - 1:22 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I really enjoy trashy novels so have many different favourite authors.  My most recently finished one was by Virginia Andrews
fifilemon - 1:22 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love Kylie Chan books
rjtaylor - 1:19 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love patricia cornwell
k1nz - 1:15 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011

I enjoy Freya North's books.

leighbert - 1:14 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
as trashy as they are I have always enjoyed Virginia Andrews.
Bekkaz - 1:14 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I really like Virginia Andrews as an author. I have the complete Flowers in the Attic Series and am working towards getting 2 other of her series completed (even though it's a different person completing her work due to her having died).
Vegasmum - 1:03 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Francine Rivers is my favourite author.
lottie - 12:59 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love reading, I just finished What was I thinking? By Paul Henry which I really enjoyed.I also like Paullina Simons her best book I think was the girl in times square.
Alyayde - 12:58 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love reading thrillers or horror so Dean Koontz or Stephen King.  I also like patricia cornwell and Jodi Picoult.  But in saying that i have been given the odd chick lit to read and found them very hard to put down.  Must say the books i have been most engrossed in is the twilight series
GoMummyJo - 12:52 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I'm a bit slack at reading, but I do love a good kiwi author. A fav recently was called 'Two Little Boys' quite hilarious can't think of the authors name off the top of my head and being Sunday I'm too lazy to google it! (at least I'm honest - right?_)
katesmr - 12:51 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My fav author is Anne Rice
mamanfrnz - 12:50 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
at the moment I love Camilla Lackberg's thrillers
craftymum - 12:50 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Martina Cole - Love her books - can't wait for her new book to come out she always brings one out for Christmas.....I love opening it on Christmas morning
shopping - 12:47 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Lee Child
ClaireElizabeth - 12:45 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Wuthering Heights
Charli - 12:38 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Diana Gabaldon, Crosstitch series
mummy22 - 12:38 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
stephen king - love his books especially the older ones. per cemetary definitly one of my favs.
miasmummy - 12:31 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
At the moment my favourite author is Debbie Macomber I am reading her Ceder Cove series - which I love!  My other favourite books are the Twilight series
Tamzen - 12:26 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
To Kill a Mockingbird :)
rosieo - 12:22 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Katie Fford - flora's lot
ThreeRs - 12:21 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love The Help by Katherine Stockett!  Brilliant book!
Mondo - 12:19 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
How to narrow down to one book! My most favourite recent read was Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. Great social commentary and story telling
BJW - 12:19 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love reading Clive Cussler books - so exciting and my two older sons also enjoy this book as well as hubby. 
annalise - 12:18 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
at the moment I am reading George RR Martin's Song of Fire series - very addictive and a great time sink!
Mumof2Girls - 12:06 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Shari Low is my favourite author.  My favourite book of hers has got to be My Best Friends Life.
livandjimi - 12:06 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Margaret Mahey :)
Karis - 12:05 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I really enjoy Sinead Moriarty her books are touching and funny :) My fav kids author is Roald Dahl my son has loved having us read his books to him :)
Zaylah - 12:04 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult :)
novel - 12:03 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love books and have so many favourites lol :) I am reading a novel 'The Road Home' by Rose Tremain, she is my favourite author of late
olga - 12:01 PM Sun-4-Dec-2011
my favorite writer is Russian Chekhov, he describes everyday life and love of simple people and simple matters so profoundly, simple genius!
christineDixon - 11:58 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Donovan Bixley
Ronald Dahl
Lara Morgan
Marcus Sedgewick
Jk Rowling
Are are few Ive read recently or still  reading

Love reading
silasandroman - 11:56 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
James patterson and love dr seuss books as well
Glenys - 11:56 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite author is stephen King
Jubie - 11:54 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
ive just finished reading The Passage by Justin Cronin.its an amazing book and im hanging out for his next book :)
christineDixon - 11:48 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Fovorite authors oh wow i have quite a few i have been reading lately.

kids book authors ;

Ronald dahl

Donovan Bixley

Danielle Steel

George RR Martin

Marcus Sedgewick

Fiona Kidman

Lara Morgan

Haylee9 - 11:39 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Douglas Adams - The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy! So long and thanks for all the fish!
Canne - 11:32 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I am really enjoying Nora Roberts at the moment
flower35 - 11:29 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I luv the harry potter books to, now my son wants to read them, they are great.
Tavia - 11:29 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I have fallen in love with Diana Gabaldon, her Outlander series and the way it is woven into real history is nothing short of incredible :)
milliestar - 11:27 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite author is Elizabeth Berg - she writes in such an honest and compelling manner. Her books are the perfect holiday read - not too heavy not too light.
Malonina - 11:26 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy and any books by him, sometimes he goes on a tangent for a bit too long but his stories are just great and inspirational.
sarahkellylai - 11:25 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011

Jilly Cooper - The man who made husbands jealous. My most favourite book of all time, i have read it so many times i have had to buy a new copy 5 times! Such a book worm i love happy endings.

rachaelsfun - 11:24 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love terry spears (does heart of the wolf series) and kate hill (who does fantasy romance novels)
ajj - 11:23 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Dan Brown
katherinew - 11:20 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Really enjoying books by Fern Michaels at the moment
turtle - 11:17 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
my fav book was the halfmen of o when i was a kid by Maurice Gee.
Angiebabe - 11:16 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favourite author is Rosina Lippi (though in NZ all her books are published under her pen-name Sara Donati)
Lexidore - 11:15 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I am a huge Jodi Picoult Fan, but would love to branch out into some others now too!
ticklebear - 11:15 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love Piers Anthony, Janet Evanovich and Mary-Janice Davidson ohh Charlaine Harris, Jeffrey Deaver, Dean Koontz cant  just name one and thats just the tip of my reading list.
michelled - 11:10 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
fav author is tricky as it it depends on what mood you are in. Fav book is usually the last one you enjoyed which was 'open' an autobiography by andre agassi. Fav kids book tricky as well - I love roald dahl for story lines, colin thompson for illustrations, morris gletszman for humour oh that is a hard question. books are a joy and should be enjoyed all the time and it is too hard to have a favourite.
Gizmo - 11:09 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I would have to say my favourite author is one from my childhood - Enid Blyton.  Love Love Love the Secret Seven and Wishing Chair series.
angelplus3 - 11:09 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult is a great author, and I love the 'Tomorrow When the War Began' series.
2mums - 11:07 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love the Harry Potter books!
oommii - 11:07 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
George RR Martin is my favourite author (Game of Thrones) but I do enjoy reading a wide genre of books
Joanne - 11:06 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult is my absolute fave! 
Nessa - 11:03 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult, Cathy Kelly, Danielle Steel, plus more
kennyjo - 10:56 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I love books by James Patterson im yet to read one by him i havent enjoyed
legna - 10:51 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
Jodi Picoult is my favourite at the moment! And my favourite book by her is probably one called Plain Truth.
MaryMc - 10:51 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My fave author is Aleksandar Solzhenitsyn, I read his book 'One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich' when I was a teenager. Very powerful book, I've never forgotten it.

harksgal - 10:49 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
My favorite author is Stephine Mayer
Azi - 10:48 AM Sun-4-Dec-2011
I hate admitting this, But my favourite book is a trashy girly novel by Belva Plain.. Evergreen. :)

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