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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Comments: 133
Topic : Winner announced! Day 9 Beethoven's Christmas Adventure DVD
JulieKidspot - `10` `2011-12-09 10:44:31`  
When Santa hands down the year’s Christmas assignments to his elves, Henry (Kyle Massey) is disappointed to find himself working in the stable, not the toy workshop.

Feeling unappreciated, he flees the North Pole with Santa’s sleigh and magical bag of toys, only to crash land in a tree, stranding himself – and Santa’s bag – in a suburban American neighbourhood.

When the bag ends up in the hands of an unscrupulous toy store owner, it looks like Christmas won’t be coming this year. That is, until the plucky and adorable Beethoven and his human pal Mason (Munro Chambers) join forces with Henry to save the holiday. Out on DVD from December 1st.

To enter:

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  • Comment below and tell us what your favourite Christmas food is
  • Entry into this competition is deemed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
  • Entries for this prize close at 11.59pm on 9th December 2011
Comments (133)
JulieKidspot - 10:31 AM Mon-12-Dec-2011
Congratulations to Sparky, our winner drawn at random. An email will be on its way to you shortly.
sophieh - 7:23 AM Sun-11-Dec-2011
My favourite Christmas food is trifle
angelnshan - 7:33 PM Sat-10-Dec-2011
my favourite food is xmas pudding the once a year treat with custard on top yum!
elliott - 7:18 PM Sat-10-Dec-2011
my favorite christmas food would be turkery yum yum
lmiln003 - 10:45 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My Grandmas triffle
Fjsandemma - 10:30 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
i love brandy snaps
becs11 - 10:07 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Blueberries and Strawberries - loving these right now, glad they are around before and after Christmas :-)
ssi8 - 10:06 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I absolutely adore pavlova with berries on top and I only have it at christmas so it has wonderful connections for me.
tamstar22 - 9:46 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
fav xmas food is all of it, love eating allday   having massive breakfast lunch and tea
grizztodd - 9:45 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pav by a mile.  YUM!!!
druryl - 9:34 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

Meranges & Brandy snaps - yummmmmm

Shane64 - 9:27 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Trifle and lots of it, lol
kelly82 - 9:23 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Xmas turkey, lots of cranberry sauce, mmmmmmm
gysmo - 9:21 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas Ham - Yum Yum
chelseafan - 9:16 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Has to be the turkey for sure... with cranberry and gravy....
nurseruthie - 9:14 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Brandy Snaps alllllll the way!
anthzzz - 9:09 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Bread sauce
Mikesgirl - 9:03 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Steamed pudding
barnie99 - 8:58 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Yummy yummy ham off the bone :)
malandrob - 8:34 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Apricot balls yum yum - not good for the waist line but it is Christmas!
miasmummy - 8:17 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Brandy snapps yum yum
jsmum - 8:14 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
stacleaning - 7:59 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
my fav is Steamed Pudding!!! My Dad makes it every Christmas from my Nanny's recipe.
Mamabear - 7:52 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas sweets that have been a tradition since I was a kid, especially a very yummy milk toffee :)
rubytuesdaynz - 7:00 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My favourite Christmas food is turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches!
ajpickering - 6:49 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

It's a draw for me......... trifle and chocolate fudge which I make myself :-)

starakamala - 6:44 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas Pavlova
squ1rts - 6:06 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Nans Christmas Puddings!!!!
Shelz69 - 6:04 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas Ham
SarahK - 5:53 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas cake!
Matty1 - 5:34 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Chocolate christmas pudding  :)
Nita - 5:25 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My Grandmother's trifle, sadly she passed away two months ago so i shall have to honour her recipe myself.
eddie - 5:12 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Home-made Christmas sweets
kiwigas - 4:53 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

Fresh sprouts cooked with diced ham and cream!

goddess588 - 4:41 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
The ham!  We glaze ours with a mixture of pureed tinned apricots, brown sugar and crushed ginger.
CaseysMum - 4:40 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Has to be triffle for me ... With leftovers for boxing day breakfast
Silverbabe - 4:39 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
cherrytf - 4:37 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Good ol' Christmas ham for me!
smackie - 4:21 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
christmas pudding, brandy sauce and cream ... yum!!
ayngela - 4:05 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Trifle with lots of booze hehe :-D
sarahrv - 4:03 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Chocolate anything :-)
amyg - 3:53 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Mum's Rum Truffles! We only have them at Xmas and they are so yummy!
veronicad - 3:33 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova!  Its a tradition in our house that we only have Pavlova on Christmas day, so I look forward to it all year!
BJW - 3:25 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Keryn247 - 3:20 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

Ham....You cant beat a warm ham on the bone, mmmmmmm

amandalyrik - 3:12 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
trifle...good old fashioned rum soaked trifle :)
jopukeko - 3:06 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavolova with strawberries
mary110370 - 2:56 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Chrstmas pudding and custard - I had some for lunch today at my Dad's resthome Xmas lunch - yum!!!
wazmel - 2:53 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova for sure :-)
eingedc - 2:47 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas ham!
twokidstoomany - 2:45 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas case I guess :)
AnnaES - 2:42 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Kerri - 2:25 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

Christmas Mince Tarts

lynne - 2:23 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I like the almond icing on the christmas cake
classypets - 2:22 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Mine would have to be pav an it's even better for boxing day breakfast with the left overs if any  yum yum
jbutterfly - 2:13 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas Cake!! I cant get enough of the stuff!!!
jacquipeck - 2:06 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas pudding (and everything else).
colliegirlme - 2:04 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova! Yummy!!
katherinew - 2:01 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Ham, ham and more ham
mdavies - 2:00 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Didn't even have to think about an answer to that - definitely pavlova and strawberries!
SandraA - 1:48 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
mmmm - so many to choose from, I do love sage and bacon stuffing, and usually eat more of that with gravy than the turkey!
Tinks - 1:48 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
brandy snaps, mmmmm
maricris - 1:43 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Glazed Ham
annette - 1:43 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Trifle, thats an easy one! So temped to make on this weekend too, but i will try to hold off!
JoCee - 1:38 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Mums triffle with heaps of whipped cream.
kazza - 1:37 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I love my mums trifle & rum balls immmmmmmm.  I also love ham on the bone glazed with Watties bit on the side apricot sauce, cooked on te BBQ
thornberry - 1:32 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
tip top bring out a brandy flavoured ice cream & hopefully they do it this year also otherwise its the chocolate dipped strawberies with icecream & cream.
smbaxter08 - 1:30 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I love Turkey with gravy I can eat that all day
Sparky - 1:29 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Chocolate mint match sticks - yummee..
Hil - 1:28 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Raspberries raspberries raspberries, and more raspberries
shellcruise - 1:17 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Chocolate Chippie Sherry Log - delicious!!!!!  Oh and Pickle Onions with pineapple and cheese really know its christmas then
ankmika - 1:06 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
NEW POTATOES AND ALL THE YUMMY SUMMER FRUITS (Strawberries/cherries/apricots eg...)
Bekkaz - 1:04 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Every Christmas morning we have bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon sliced for breakfast so while it's not 'traditionally Christmas food' it's my fave :)
MarinaAbernethy - 1:00 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas ham sliced really thickly in between two pieces of buttered bread.mmmm
Rose3 - 12:59 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My favourite is christmas pudding, when i used to make it with mum we always had to wish when it was our turn with the spoon. Love the stuff!
olga - 12:59 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
oysters and sauvi
kleene20 - 12:58 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
duck breast (or even better goose)  with potato dumplings and red cabbage - yum - unfortunately not the lightest meal for summer :-)
ClaireElizabeth - 12:52 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
shelleymef - 12:50 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Scallops rapped in bacon c/w choc dipped strawberries :-)
nikkim - 12:48 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

It's got t be pavalova with kiwi fruit on top!

michelled - 12:47 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
scallops - it is my summer treat. the other one is apricots fresh and juicy.....yum
fairytopia - 12:46 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Traditional Xmas Ham *YUMMY*
twoshoes - 12:44 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
KLM77 - 12:42 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I love pigs in blankets and having a Xmas Ham is always nice. Coming from Scotland we are used to massive hot meals so it's nice to have a Kiwi change.
milliestar - 12:35 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I adore Pavlova with fresh strawberries!!
angelplus3 - 12:34 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Mmmmm roast! Chicken or pork with LOTS of gravy!
silasandroman - 12:30 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
i just looovvveee PAVALOVA im also quite fond of yorkshire puddings too.
jojomojo6 - 12:23 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
For me it has to be Pavlova, I could skip everything else!!
gemsmum - 12:23 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Ham off the bone....i look forward to it every year!!
MAMANANNA - 12:14 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

Steamed pudding with real custard and whipped cream .

ECAW - 12:13 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Hot Ham off the bone with warm roast vegetable salad, and pavelova with lots of cream and strawberries....mmmmm...
kandis - 12:12 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
def some eggnog- does that count as food??? or else some yummy yummy trifle
dlscott - 12:11 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas pudding
Jackieb - 12:08 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
warm mince pies with cream
Sunflower80 - 12:05 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Cookies and milk left out for Santa ;)
craftymum - 12:02 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas Ham!!!!!
tille - 12:01 PM Fri-9-Dec-2011

ham 4 lunch and trifle 4 dinner

leighbert - 11:55 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Plum pudding and custard. YUM!!
JacqEmma - 11:54 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Chocolate (for breakfast!!) :)
dragonwolfnz - 11:54 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My mother-in-law often makes Crumplebits, a highly scrumptious blend of Christmas mince and other fruits with a crumble topping ... fabulous with cream and/or ice cream ... mmmmmmm! 
Edna - 11:50 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Mince pie!
Glenys - 11:43 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Roast Lamb - yummy
Jubie - 11:42 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
its gotta be the ham!!!
turtle - 11:41 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
aimzicol - 11:40 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova - yummy yummy I love the whole feast of Christmas and it last for days
karinlee - 11:38 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011

Trifle and Ham straight off the bone :)

and does Wine count as a food....

lightgray - 11:36 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
ham, ham and Pavlova
mummy22 - 11:30 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
mmmmmm ham and mayonnaise sammies yummy!
jjsmum - 11:26 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My favourite Christmas Food would have to be Trifle!! I could eat it all day :)
emily1 - 11:24 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
my favourite is the spicy biscuits i used to make with my mum and siblings. the lovely smell is the best part!
george8 - 11:22 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My favourite Christmas food is brandy snaps!  I know that they can be eaten any time of the year but they just taste better at Christmas time :)
emjay - 11:20 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova and candy canes :)
amanda81 - 11:16 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011

fruit mince tarts and xmas pudding

dayauon - 11:15 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
christmas ham!  for me, its what makes christmas meal christmas.   when i was little, my father would get free ham from work and my mum will only serve it on christmas eve.  so it has become a special part of the meal.  now, my hubby gets one from work as well and the kids look forward to having it on christmas eve.   
nikkitb - 11:13 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My mum's cheesecake with boysenberry topping. Hands down the best cheesecake in the world.
Tashakobe - 11:09 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova is my favourite.  We only buy it at Xmas but this year I am planning on making one myself.
BronD - 11:07 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Nana Managh's trifle
rachaelsfun - 11:07 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
would have to be xmas ham .. trifle and just a xmas party (but not a fan of xmas cake myself)
Courtney36 - 11:07 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova!!!! Yummy, nothing beats it on Christmas day!
gonzze - 11:06 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Christmas pudding and whipped cream
quackers - 11:04 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Would have to be my mother in laws Trifle,Unfortunely she passed away this year so I shall be continuing her tradition and making it for the family : )
Glenfelik - 11:04 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
candy cane white chocolate fudge!!
scottishlass - 11:01 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I am a sweet tooth ,so it has to be pavlova
christineDixon - 11:00 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Deliciously tender and succulently mouthwatering Carved Honey & Orange
Glazed Roasted Champagne Ham, with New Seasons Baby Potato's drizzled
lightly in Parsley Butter,with Coleslaw, and a Lettuce & Tomato Salad.

Dessert will be a Freshly Whipped Cream Pavlova Topped generously with
mouth watering Juicy whole fresh Strawberry's from my garden

I love the whole Dinner
Deb87 - 10:57 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My favourite is trifle.:-)
margaretlor - 10:56 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
 Home made friut cake made by my mum
MaryMc - 10:55 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My fave is the fresh strawberries from the garden!
Rysmum - 10:54 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
triffle!!!! love it
josephine - 10:51 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
love the ham!!
DaniTaylor - 10:50 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
I do like the ham! :)
tallsonn - 10:49 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
Pavlova, pavlova and PAVLOVA!!!!!
sugapop69 - 10:46 AM Fri-9-Dec-2011
My favourite christmas food is Ham of course :)

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