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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews for Phineas and Ferb - The Fast and the Phineas
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-04-02 09:14:55`  

There's not many mums of school aged kids who won't know who Phineas and Ferb are. This Disney Channel original series has become a smash-hit, due mainly to its fun storylines but also because of the show's fabulous sense of humour – which even parents can appreciate.

Nothing is impossible for Phineas and Ferb! When school's out for the summer, the stepbrothers plan all kinds of exciting and fantastic adventures for each day of vacation. Soup up Mom's car and enter the Swampoil 500 Race? No problem! Form a rockin' band and become a one-hit wonder? Sure! Rebuild a time machine and bring back a T-Rex? Excellent! Meanwhile, their big sister Candace is going nuts trying to bust them to Mom and Dad, and their pet platypus is leading a double life as Agent P, who is secretly saving the world from Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil plots. If they can imagine it, they can do it - and Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all!

Phineas and Ferb – The Fast and the Phineas features five hilarious episodes filled with awesome adventures! Plus, get the inside scoop on how Phineas and Ferb was first created and chill out at the amazing Homemade Tree Shade Arcade for some supercool games that will keep you coming back for more fun and laughs!

Phineas and Ferb – The Fast and the Phineas is available to own on DVD from 25th April 2012.

Click here to visit the Phineas & Ferb website



Kidspot have chosen four members to review Phineas and Ferb – The Fast and the Phineas - read their reviews below. To register their interest in reviewing this movie, our members told us what their favourite cartoon was when they were a kid.

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the DVD to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. You will be required to post your reviews in the Movies at Home Club if you are selected.

Comments (101)
lynne - 6:38 PM Sat-12-May-2012
My husband and kids love Phineas and ferb and I feel that because the distributers were kind enough to give us a copy to review I should only write positive things. However, if I am being honest I would say. Kids were really excited to get what they thought was new Phineas and ferb to watch but when they were watching it, it dvd was made up of episodes which they have seen on tv so were very disappointed. I wouldnt personally recommend to buy this dvd as you would only be paying to watch repeats. Saying this however, the kids do always love to watch Phineas and Ferb and I thank you for giving us the opportunity to review this.
trinity4mum - 5:34 PM Sat-5-May-2012
My favourite cartoon was The Smurfs - the new movie sucks. During the school holidays we will go the the local library a get out old kids movies that I enjoyed and want to relive and share with them. I really enjoy watching the latest blockbusters with them as well.
nikh74 - 10:01 PM Tue-1-May-2012
love phineas and ferb! its about the only cartoon i'd happily watch with the kids and can't help but sing the songs :).love perry the platypus and doofenschmirtz
Dizzles - 2:55 PM Tue-1-May-2012
I totally agree with 'suzb2012''!  I put the movie on & the kids just sat and watched it over and over and gave me some peace & quiet!  Since we got it, they have watched the 5 episodes again and again, so mums if you want to beat the wet-day-boredom-blues, this dvd is perfect!  Even adults have to love the shinanniggans that go on in each and every episode, but my fav would have to be the Arch Nemisis one!  The song really sticks in your head & you will find yourself humming along, long after the movie is finished!  Once you have seen it, you will absolutley know exactly which episode I am talking about and I am positive you will be singing it by the 3rd time you watch it.  It sounds like I have nothing better to do with my time than watch kids dvds, and I can assure you I do, but even when I'm doing the housework and the kids are watching it, you can't help but stop and watch what mischief Phineas & Ferb  are getting up to, & humming along...  Just fantastic!
keznz - 3:42 PM Mon-30-Apr-2012
Hi! Firstly thanks for choosing us to be one of your movie reviewers for Phineas & Ferb - the Fast & the Phineas!! My kids were SO excited when I told them we were chosen! We all sat down as a family to watch it - I have 3 girls aged 9, 7 & 4 and they all get something out of Phineas & Ferb! even my 2 year old son will sit still & watch it - he doesn't sit still for many movies :) So it's got my vote right there! ;)Okay - so this is not actually a movie it is about 5 episodes one after another, some of them my kids had already seen, but they didn't mind as they LOVE Phineas & Ferb so much!The basic outline is repeated in a different way/story in each episode. It's Summer Vacation, the boys Phineas & Ferb come up with some far out & awesome 'activity' to do each day - the mom often has somewhere to be & the big Sister Candace tries to catch out her brothers & get her mum to see all the crazy things that they've been up to or have created. But inevitably she fails each & every time. The side plot involves Perry the platypus & Dr. Doofenshmirtz & his Evil plots - the boys have no idea that their pet platypus is actually 'Agent P'. Even tho it is the same storyline each episode - it actually doesn't get boring! The writers are so creative you're always left wondering how is it that the Mom is going to not see what they've made this time!! There are loads of funny moments that get you laughing out loud - my 9 year olds favourite was in the fast & the phineas when they were testing out the Moms car that they had altered and whenever the car went passed them their hair changed style :) My 7 year loved in the 'mummy' one when Candace tripped over and when she tripped she fell into toilet paper & it made her look like a 'mummy'. She also loved in the beach episode when all the garden gnomes came out of the Volcano. In the haunted house one she liked when Candace went into the haunted house & got really freaked out (all her words not mine) ;) I personally love all the music that they have in each episode. They often have songs that they've made up that are actually pretty great! I enjoyed the episode when they went back in time at the museum & there was a fossil that kept changing with things they were doing back in time. Also enjoyed the episode with the 'one hit wonder'. My kids fully endorse watching Phineas & Ferb and so do my Husband & I! the amount of times my husband has walked into the lounge on his way to do something & get's sucked into standing there watching it! It's an easy & enjoyable watch! You won't regret it :) Just looking at the picture of the DVD and noticed the PG 'contains low level violence' I think that is mostly between Agent P & Dr. Doofenshmirtz - much like what most of us would've watched growing up with Road Runner. There was one episode when it looked like Phineas & a 'bully' type character were going to have a 'fight' as a mum I started thinking hmmm.... I don't think I want them to watch this - then it turned out to be a thumb fight (penuckle) it was pretty funny & I was relieved that the writers were thinking about the kids ;)Again - thanks so much for picking us! We are totally a Phineas & Ferb family x
suzb2012 - 6:41 PM Tue-24-Apr-2012
Our DVD arrived this morning without getting the email first! I was confused then sooooo excited when I realised where it was from. It's hard to say a story line because it is a DVD with 5 episodes of Phineas and Ferb. My 3 boys (3,6,8) put it on and I haven't heard a noise from them since! Phineas and Ferb is one of those cool kids cartoons you just get hooked into. And that is not just kids who get hooked but us adults as well! As a kid I used to watch the good cartoons on in the mornings and now I have my own kids have found it hard finding decent cartoons for them because it's all Ben 10 and the like. We have really enjoyed watching the episodes and I am 100% sure it will be a favourite for many weeks, if not months so it will be watched over and over again. And no doubt it will play through 3 or 4 times on Anzac day while the boys are off school. lol Thank you so much for picking us!!! Update - We have had it a week now and they have watched it at least once a day and I was previously right about ANZAC Day!! It played throughout the day (about 5 times)and they watched it off and on. Of our collection of favourite DVDs this is one now!
lynne - 1:04 PM Tue-24-Apr-2012
My husband is very excited we have been picked for this. He is a phineas and ferb fan. Cant wait for the kids to get home so i can tell them about the review
tara - 9:47 PM Fri-20-Apr-2012
my step sons have loved this show for years. We quite often sit down and watch it during the school holidays or wet weekends. We would love to Trial this DVD for you.
NanaAndrews - 11:42 AM Thu-19-Apr-2012
WOW!!!! AT last another DVD suitable for both parents and children to watch together. How few are suitable for children to watch without parental supervision. Please - I would love my grandchildren to beable to view this
ankmika - 11:23 AM Thu-19-Apr-2012
I loved tweety bird and the flintstones as a kid.
My Son as his wee friend would love to trial this movie with me..
chopper59 - 8:34 PM Tue-17-Apr-2012
i loved scooby doo and also the flintstones when i was growing up. bambam was my favourite!
sebadilaimi - 9:14 AM Tue-17-Apr-2012
My 3 monkeys would love to review the DVD of "Phineas & Ferb - The Fast & the Phineas" please.  My favourite cartoon growing up was definately the Smurfs, Flintstones and best of all the Jetsons!!! Oh Oh and Inspector Gadget.
radioguru - 8:25 AM Tue-17-Apr-2012
Oh my gosh!! I had forgotten about the cartoons mentioned below! Hehehe!
I loved Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, Snorks and Smurfs. Also, the Jetsons. :o)
WH17 - 8:06 PM Sat-14-Apr-2012
Scooby Doo was my favourite, and also Hong Kong Phooey - does anyone else remember him, I haven't seen him for years!
RubyRocker - 11:54 PM Thu-12-Apr-2012

Gem and Carebears :)

Karis - 3:46 PM Wed-11-Apr-2012

My boys would love to help review Phineas & Ferb!! My favourite cartoon as a kid was Scooby Doo!! The original not the one with Scooby and Scrapy! Oh and The Munch Bunch (not sure if that counts as cartoon tho cause it was puppets!)


Birdie - 9:25 AM Wed-11-Apr-2012
My family would love to review one of the DVDs of "Phineas & Ferb - The Fast & the Phineas" please.  My favourite cartoons were The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Wombles, Hong Kong Phooey and Scooby Doo - ah good memories.
Tonez - 8:09 AM Wed-11-Apr-2012

fraggle rock and snorks

Armywife - 1:49 PM Tue-10-Apr-2012

Hands down it was the Smurfs, with Bugs Bunny a close 2nd!


gemstone - 1:06 PM Tue-10-Apr-2012
When i was a kid i loved the Snorks, Animaniacs, Bugs Bunny, and (because of my name) Jem and the holograms!
suzb2012 - 5:11 PM Mon-9-Apr-2012
My favourite cartoons as a kid was The Smurfs, Snorks, Carebears.We would LOVE to review this, we are huge Phineas and Ferb fans!! We end up starting our housework later if it's on on a Saturday morning. lol
MAMANANNA - 2:47 PM Mon-9-Apr-2012
Tom and jerry loved them and how puss was always getting defeated .Still get a kick out of them today Miss 8 and friends would love to have the chance to watch Phineas and Ferb.
DragonLady - 8:20 AM Mon-9-Apr-2012

Oh heavens - my family would love to review this movie.

This cartoon is enjoyed by all in this family - from Mr 22 (when he comes to visit) all the way down to Miss 10. It's about the only cartoon that Ms 18 will still watch! Master 12 thinks it's great and it always gets a giggle from me LOL



carla24 - 4:39 PM Sat-7-Apr-2012
Would love to review, as would Miss 6 and Mr 35 years~!
lynne - 2:13 PM Sat-7-Apr-2012
I have a couple of fans here that would love to review phineas and ferb 10,7,4 years, oh yes, and their dad too
mumtotwo - 12:22 PM Sat-7-Apr-2012
We love Phineas and Ferb , me , the 16 year old and my just turned 6 year old . It's funny and encourages kids to use their wonderful imaginations , we'd love to review this DVD for you :)As a kids , my favourite cartoons ......would have to be the classic Loony tunes ones , my kids watch them as well - they never get old :)
keznz - 1:50 PM Fri-6-Apr-2012
Growing up I loved the snorks! those underwater dudes were funny as!! My kids LOVE Phineas & Ferb - So do my husband & I!! :) kez* x
goddess588 - 9:00 AM Fri-6-Apr-2012
My fave was the Smurfs!  I used to rush home from school everyday to watch them.
maxsmum - 3:36 PM Thu-5-Apr-2012
would of been Strawberry shortcake or the carebears. I would love to give this to my son he has just started really getting into cartoons so Im sure he would enjoy it
Coring - 1:14 PM Thu-5-Apr-2012
My favourite cartoon character when I was a kid was Superman and Wonder Woman.
marikekaitlyn - 12:44 PM Thu-5-Apr-2012
I always loved Tom and Jerry!
margaretlor - 11:44 AM Thu-5-Apr-2012
My kids would love to review this DVD as they love Phineas and Ferb
mummytoone - 10:31 AM Thu-5-Apr-2012
Would love to review this, favourite cartoon ever would have to have been the Jetsons!!! Oh the memories!!
sharkane - 6:34 PM Wed-4-Apr-2012
I would love to review this movie as our son who is five loves Phineas and Ferb! My favourite cartoon as a child was Batman.
Dizzles - 3:22 PM Wed-4-Apr-2012
Hmm, that's going back a few years!  My favourite movie was Chitti Chitti Bang Bang, but my favourite cartoon would probably be Danger Mouse or Atom Ant - really showing my age now!  My kids (and myself!) LOVE Phineas & Ferb, so really hope we get to review it!!
Leightk3 - 10:34 AM Wed-4-Apr-2012
Growing up I loved Disney cartoons, they were MAGIC!! Cinderella & Sorcerers Apprentice were 2 of my favorites. Phineas & Ferb are quite popular with my 5 & 9 year olds so being able to review it would be MAGIC too!
malandrob - 10:05 AM Wed-4-Apr-2012
We would love to review this DVD for Kidspot. Our 2 eldest boys love Phineas & Ferb. My favourite cartoon when i was small was Bugs Bunny.
karinlee - 9:34 AM Wed-4-Apr-2012

We would love to review this my eldest is a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb and she would really love to watch this, I think her and her cousins would end up having a slumber party at my house...

My favourite cartoon was Tom and Jerry and my daughter laughs when I sit down to watch the reruns with her :)


adele - 10:00 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
I have two boys aged 5 & 10 and this movie sounds like something they would love to watch - especially as the holidays are nearly upon us and  they often become bored. They are also at a good age to give reliable feedback on what they think of it!
One of my favourite cartoons was the Flintstones when I was a kid.
Maree - 8:02 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
My little girl likes watching Phineas and Ferb as it's fun, interesting and always something different, i also like watching it with her somedays!
mummy22 - 7:41 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
denver the last dinosaur. i still remember the song to it. loved it.
bassplayer - 7:17 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
My kids love this cartoon and would be very interested in reviewing this dvd. My favorite cartoon as a kid was fraggle Rock and the disney cartoons.
leelee1994 - 6:53 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
I was a big (actually a huge) Smurfs fan. I also had all (about 100) original figurines as well. And yes, I am majorly kicking myself that I didn't keep hold of them because they would be worth a small fortune now. The Muppets come an incredibly second. I managed to buy a reduced to clear boxed set recently and I got my son hooked. I caught him singing Elton John's Crocodile Rock in the shower last night. I also liked watching Dungeons and Dragons when it was on What Now. I always imagined myself as the red-headed girl who had the invisibility cape. In fact, when my students ask what super power I would have, I always say "Invisibility". In our house, we are also Phineas and Ferb fans and are very disappointed that they are no longer on in the morning.
Fjsandemma - 6:52 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
I loved watching the simpsons when it was on but i wasn't allowed to til i was much older.  Mum would send me to bed as soon as it started.
wendylouise - 3:58 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
my favourite cartoon when i was a kid was tweety and sylvester, i absolutely loved it, collected all the toys etc and am pleased to say my kids love watching the shows on my old videos (except the fact you have to rewind the tapes lol)
lynleyg - 3:15 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
Forgot to say that my kids would love to help review this. They love watching it on TV.
lynleyg - 3:14 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012

I loved watching cartoons when I was a kid - especially The Flintstones and the Smurfs. I even had the Smurfs tape and used to drive Mum and Dad mad when I listened to it in the car. How did they put up with that???

travelbugnz - 2:38 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012

Road Runner ... I loved to see all the ways coyote tried to catch the road runner... and he always failed. Used to make me laugh... think it was the anticipation




silasandroman - 1:50 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
My fav cartoon as a kid was fragil rock and snorks, they would be on one after each other so gave mum nice break for half n hr or so. just loved their adventures and funny antics.
mjchase - 1:39 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
I loved anything Disney as a kid!
padna791 - 1:29 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
my favourite cartoon was scooby doo :)
ECAW - 1:07 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
My favourite cartoon as a child was Roadrunner:-)
shorrty4life - 12:59 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
My favourite cartoon as a kid was Bananas and Pajamas! My uncle brought us kids the video with heaps of series on it before he died and i could not stop watching it. I watched it so many times that it actually stopped work. =(  
madisonsmummyz - 12:01 PM Tue-3-Apr-2012
I remember Saturday mornings, waking up early and waiting for Fraggle Rock. A bit different from a normal cartoon as it was muppet like and they were so cute!
becs12345 - 11:34 AM Tue-3-Apr-2012
My DS4 has become a huge fan of these guys! Thanks to his big sister 12, they watch it together a few times a week!!! They would both love to review a DVD:)
mcn2011 - 9:54 AM Tue-3-Apr-2012
I am such a fan of Phineas and Ferb, when I was younger however i was into captin planet and scooby doo. Now subjected to SPONGEBOB everyday, a DVD change would be lovely haha.
KrystieKhloe - 9:13 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I used to LOVE watching scooby doo! (and still watch it now and again if I admit to it) As for Phineas and Ferb, I'm not sure who enjoys it more.. Me or miss 2.5! Sometimes I sit down and watch it in peace while she has her afternoon nap!
Vegasmum - 7:59 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
It is a Saturday morning ritual in our house to watch Phineas and Ferb! Love it!! Anyhoo, the Snorks was a favourite as a kid! Used to love The Munch Bunch too!!
erenakelly - 7:28 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
This looks like a cool movie! We live by the beach and I'm hoping one day my boy will be keen on learning to surf - he's into everything else! We'd love to review a movie for you...oh and my favourite cartoon was The Flintstones. Hard case family!
dayauon - 7:10 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012

Tom and Jerry.  It amused me and my sister for hours.  It was never-ending chase accompanied with good music.  Would love to review Phineas and Ferb because they mirror my kids in some way.  Fingers-crossed.

teen29 - 7:03 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Choose just one favourite cartoon? When I was younger I loved The Snorks, Lucky Luke and Mighty Mouse, to name a few! Oh, and the Flinstones! Still love watching them now. Oh the joys of having the internet, where you can watch old cartoons at your hearts desire :)
ruthb - 6:37 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012

I was a HUGE Garfield fan when little but it wasnt on telly... I loved the Smurfs and my brothers and I collected loads of the little figurines!

My whole family LOVE Phineas and Ferb and would love the chance to review this

CrazyMumma - 6:36 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I love Phineas and Ferb! Perry is a dag and I love the mad professor.My favourite as a kid was Beany and Cecil. The Snorks was another favourite. Jeepers thats a while ago now!
Kim1 - 5:56 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Scooby Doo - the old version.  Loved it!
McKennaMum - 5:38 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Haha my husband seen this and was like me me me he loves this and has introduced it to our kids. They are huge fans of Perry the platypus. As for fav cartoon I loved the Snorks
becksmum - 5:12 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
YABBA DABBA DO!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED FRED FLINSTONE!!!!!!! ............ and still do :))
dlscott - 5:04 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I loved Fraggle Rock! I now own it on DVD.
saranorman88 - 4:59 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012

My girl would love this and review the movie - the way she says FERB is hilarious!!!!


nikkim - 4:58 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
We would all love to trial this DVD - including me! My favourite cartoon when I was a young was the Lucky Luke ("bang bang, Lucky Luke")
AnnaES - 4:57 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012

Our girls said "COOL!" when they heard there was a chance to review this DVD.  My favourite cartoon "The Jetsons".  I thought those spaceships they flew around in were pretty cool and I thought we'd all be using them by now!!

EvC - 4:54 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
My son LOVES Phineas & Ferb and would love to review the movie. I love the way it makes him laugh but I feel so frustrated for the teenage daughter who's plans to reveal her brother's (mis)adventures are always thwarted at the last second. I grew up without TV so I only occasionally got to watch stuff at friends' houses. Tom & Gerry was always a hit, but I really can't remember what else I watched back then (in the dark ages).
kay8805 - 4:46 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
oh id love to review this!! my girl always watches the cartoons when they are on =)
tallsonn - 4:45 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
My 2 children both love Phineas and Ferb, I think it's funny too!! You gotta love a show that features a Platypus and a neurotic sister. My favourite cartoon was....(showing my age here)....The Flintstones. Yabba dabba doooo.
missmoo - 4:44 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
my fav cartoon when i was a kids was strawberry shortcake and is now one of my 15mth old daughters favs along with phineas and ferb she sits and watchs it with her 3 brothers whenever its on. they would love to review this for all
veronicad - 4:43 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
The best cartoon was the SNORKS! I used to love it! Even more than the smurfs. I think Spongebob and Nemo might have been inspired by the snorks a little. Underwater community and all that. 
piglet - 4:43 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012

My two love watching these guys so would love to get picked. My fav cartoon as a kid was the Smurfs..quickly followed by Jem and the Holigrams.

Pingu08 - 4:41 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to review this!!! Not sure who would enjoy it more, Hubby & I or the kids?! Maybe we'll save it for us, rather than them :) My favourite cartoon as a kid was Trap Door, I say was, stil is and now my son watches it with me :) For those who have no idea what I am talking about, youtube it, it's lifechanging & probably is one of the reasons i am the person I am with the sense of humour i have, lol
leighbert - 4:40 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
My guys love this. There are not many of the older cartoons that i let them see, but this one I don't mind. Yes please for us ... My fave cartoon as a kid was the Smurfs. Fraggle Rock was also very cool!!!
amandalyrik - 4:37 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Phineas and ferb is a mega fav at our house, and not just with the kids!  My fav cartoon when i was young ( and it wasnt so long ago hehe) was the SNORKS!   I vote re-make the snorks :)
livandjimi - 2:36 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
My sons would LOVE to review this for you :) My all time favourite cartoon when I was a kid was RAINBOW BRIGHT! Along with Jem and the holigrams and the fraggles! Gosh, cartoons definately arent what they used to be :)
GoMummyJo - 2:24 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Unga Bunga, I loved Captain Caaaaaaaaaaave Man.
lorrainehogan - 12:52 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Hey ya. Would simply love to review this DVD. The writeup blurb looks sensational. The cover for the DVD is attractive and my son loves it!!! Hes already asked for it. Just looks like sooo much fun.My favorite cartoon as a kid was definately "The JETSONS". This was such a great cartoon, keeping me fascinated throughout the shows, and even to this day, I still have the videos. The animation for the DVD Phineas and Ferb, is very similar to that of the JETSONS, therefore would love to review and provide feedback.
lotsakids - 12:28 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
my all time fav was garfield loved it so much (still do)
aucklandjules - 12:16 PM Mon-2-Apr-2012
My favourite cartoon as a kid was The Smurfs.  We would love to review this movie for you.
JacqIAm - 11:46 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
My faves were The Smurfs ThundercatsDungeons & DragonsThe Snorks
looies1 - 11:02 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Mine had to be the road runner.  Probably not a P.C cartoon now with all the violence, but I never saw it that way when I was younger.  We would love to review give us something to look forward to on a wet day over the school holidays which Im sure there will be plenty of. 
harksgal - 10:59 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I would love for my son and i to review this movie, he love's Phineas and Ferb. My favorite cartoon as a kid was the smurfs :)
eingedc - 10:03 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
oh sorry, my daughter clicked the mouse several times....
fishface - 10:01 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I loved cartoons as a kid, a couple I can dreg up from the recesses of this old age brain are the smurfs (the original of course) and The Flinstones :0)
eingedc - 9:59 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I loved Thundercats! I recently saw the new version of Thundercats and it's not just the same -- probably made to cater for kids of today.
hillys - 9:58 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012

WOW! never heard of phineas and Ferb?on dvd !  yes my girls would love to trial!

Im  very old school do anyone remember RAINBOW BRITE!  that was my FAVE! when I was little kid! wish they bring it back for my girls to watch.

SarahK - 9:50 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012

Tweety and Sylvester here too!!! Loved it!!!

And my girls would love the chance to review this!!!!!!!!!!!!! As we have no TV they don't get to see Phineas and Ferb. They have seen a few episodes at friends places and have raved about it. Im just as excited to see it actually :P

mary110370 - 9:44 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Tweety and Sylvester - I bugged my mum forever until she finally bought me a yellow canary that I called tweety pie :)
stacleaning - 9:39 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
As a child I loved the looney tunes. I also loved rug rats and HEY ARNOLD heheh Ahh the good old cartoons. We get our daughters to watch them all too DUCK TALES oh the list goes on lol
Glenfelik - 9:35 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Hong Kong Phooey - such a shame he isn't on anymore.
cherrytf - 9:35 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
Loved watching Scooby Doo as a kid!
gonzze - 9:30 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I loved road runner and i still do
stokers - 9:30 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I used to love watching Tom and Gerry and Roadrunner, now these programs are back and my boys love them to!
kandis - 9:25 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
i LOVED the gummi bears- and the smurfs- was so excited when the smurfs was made into  a movie- am now hoping that the gummi bears might follow suit
jdsmum - 9:16 AM Mon-2-Apr-2012
I loved the looney tunes when I was a kid!

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