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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Reviews to come - Leader Products
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-05-22 13:27:38`  

Leader Products manufacture quality, frozen, convenience foods including burgers, schnitzels, medleys and nuggets - not to mention old favourites such as Crumbed Lasagne and BBQ Pork Riblets!

The focus is on products that taste fantastic, but remain cost effective for the family.

Butter Chicken Toppas

A full flavoured butter chicken style sauce enriched with chunks of tender chicken breast meat, topped with rice and encased in a golden crumb.

Homestyle Beef Rissoles

Homemade sytle beef and vegetable rissoles, gently coated in a light golden crumb.

Southern Style Chicken Dippers

 Quality Chicken Strips, made with real breast meat, covered in a southern style coating (packaged with their own dipping sauce).

Who is this trial for?

Anyone who cooks for a family on a budget. You must be able to take delivery of the product at your home (ie, it can not be left on the doorstep). We would advise you of the approximate delivery day.

What's included in this trial?

Reviewers will receive a pack of Butter Chicken Toppa, a pack of Homestyle Beef Rissoles and a pack of Southern Style Chicken Dippers. There will be 10 reviewers chosen.

To participate in this trial, send the following information to :

  • Your name

  • The amount of people in your family that you cook for

  • Residential address

  • Kidspot Social Username

We will drop you a line if you are one of 10 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Leader Products NZ. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

PLEASE NOTE: The supplier will also provide the selected reviewers with a questionnaire and a self-addressed return envelope for completion and return.


*** Reviewers have now been chosen - watch this space for their reviews ***

Return to Leader Products NZ on the Kidspot Directory

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Comments (41)
annette - 9:15 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
We were also lucky enough to get a chance to trial these products. We have two active little boys and a daddy who works shift-work so having a product that is easy to prepare in the freezer comes in handy when we are strapped for time.Our favourite out of the three were the Southern style chicken dippers, very tasty and a value for money as they come in a large pack. We actually had friends over for the evening and the kids polished them off very quickly! Would purchase these again.I found the butter Chicken Toppas a little unusual at first but enjoyed them, our 5 year old loved them but I think they were a little on the spicy side for our 2.5 year old. I am unsure if we would purchase these.Homestyle beef rissoles - we served these with mashed potatoes and carrots. Cooked them in the oven for approx 20-25mins. We all really enjoyed these and i loved the fact that they were full of veggies and not too fatty. They were a great size for all the family.
julianne - 1:29 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012
We were fortunate enough to be part of this trial. We have been big fans of the Lasagna toppers from way back so were really looking forward to the Butter chicken ones. I really liked them, but the man of the house found them too spicey as did my 3 year old. In saying that he is a really big scaredy pants when it comes to curries. So I think more than the average person would really like them. Nice touch with a layer of rice in them too. The Southern style chicken dippers were a huge hit. We had them in hot inside pita pockets with salad and made a really nice lunch. We would buy these again and have as snacks or bite size dinner for the kids. We have yet to try the beef rissoles, but if the other products are anything to go by they will be yum and a great standby for dinners. Thanks kidspot and leader for the trial. will post survey off soon.
JulieKidspot - 12:46 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012
We didn't take part in the trial, but just had to say we've bought the Southern Style Chicken Dippers previously and they are REALLY tasty - the whole family loved them and there's a generous amount in the pack.
motheroffour - 10:56 AM Tue-17-Jul-2012
Sooooo jealous of the people who got to try these!
JulieKidspot - 10:49 AM Tue-17-Jul-2012
Review below (Guest Member) is from Nardia
Guest Member - 7:58 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Wow a crazy school holidays with not a lot of time for cooking so these products came in handy. I loved the taste of the Bitter Chicken Toppas but was a bit dissappointed they had rice inside rather than just chicken and sauce. Too spicy for the young ones but a nice hot lunch item for the adults!

The Southern style Chicken dippers were very tasty and there was enough for a couple of meals, we had them with chips and salad and a few nights later  in wrap breads. I will definitely be seeking these out when I do my next shop.

Whilst the Rissoles were pleasantly tasty a lot of fat came out during cooking and are something that we make at home fairly easily from scratch.

For those who are challenged in the cooking department or pressed for prep time all of these products would be value for money.
2mums - 2:56 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012

Yum! Yum! Yum!
These are great!
the chicken dippers were great for a last minute meeting that i had at my place - just stuck them on the table and let people snack!
They were'nt to spicy, not too oily - perfect taste & texture. People raved about them!
We had the butter chicken toppers for dinner one night, Miss 15 took one for lunch the next day, DS2years even ate them and liked them - Ds10 months had a go too.
They were full of flavour and really nice - very filling!
The rissoles were definitely the favourite here! We poured a pasta sauce across them and served them with rice - yum! Everyone was so full after.
I really like these products, all three had a great flavour, all the family enjoyed them - i'll be keeping an eye out at the supermarket because i've thought of some great ways to use them!
kandis - 4:46 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012

Been a bit of a crzy few weeks- so sorry for the late post

Made the Butter Chicken Toppas this evening- stuck it in the oven and was much happier to see that there was hardly any oil that came out of it

All in all i was very impressed, my husband loved them and the kids didnt go mad but didnt complain and ate almost a whole one but not quiete

found them nice and filling and i only managed one- but almost broke my tooth on something hard in them- not once but twice bit down on something very hard and small

loved the flavour though and would more than likely buy them again- and hopefully wont find hard bits in the next lot

kathryn57 - 7:41 PM Thu-28-Jun-2012
Have just seen my first review came up twice - sorry about that! We had the homestyle beef rissoles for dinner tonight, with mashed potato, broccoli and carrot. I cooked them using the grill function in our bench top oven. We all loved the flavour of the rissoles, but felt there were too many vegetables in them. My fussy daughter picked the vegies out of hers, and it was quite surprising to see the size of the vegie pile on her plate! My only other criticism (a small one) is that quite a lot of fat came out of the rissoles while they were cooking. For this reason I would definitely cook them on a tray with draining holes. However, I've seen worse in other products (different brand). So overall, a great tasting product, and the overload of vegies wasn't enough to stop us enjoying them!
kathryn57 - 7:33 PM Thu-28-Jun-2012
Southern Style Chicken Dippers - these were very popular with the whole family. The children commented that they were spicy, but it didn't stop them enjoying the dippers! Those of us who used the dipping sauce thought it was very nice. We would buy these again if the price was right :)
kathryn57 - 7:24 PM Thu-28-Jun-2012
As other people have said, our products didn't come with cooking instructions. The products arrived right on lunch time, so I decided to cook myself a butter chicken toppa right then! Because I was trying to be quick, I microwaved it for a couple of minutes, and then put it in our bench top oven to crisp it up. I thought the spice was just the right level - wouldn't have wanted it any hotter. Our family has homemade 'takeaways' each Sunday night, so my husband and son tried their toppas then (cooked at 200 for 20 minutes). They both really enjoyed them too. So a great quick lunch, and a popular addition to our 'makeaways' menu. Glad to see that the packaging tray is recyclable.
Guest Member - 2:15 PM Tue-26-Jun-2012


Hi Kidspotter Reviewers,

We enclosed an envelope taped to the "underside of the inside" of the carton - this had the product descriptions / nutritionals and cooking instructions and a review sheet with a stamped addressed return envelope - if you did not locate the envelope or your cooking instructions were missing please let kidspot know and will will urgently send them out. 

Thank-you for all the reviews so far !!!


TarrynK - 9:30 AM Tue-26-Jun-2012
Butter Chicken Toppas: Absolutely loved these. Oven baked these and the coating came out cripsy and golden brown, not to mention the delicious smell coming from the oven. Inside was rice and the butter chicken on top (and you could seen the chicken), then crumbed. I was pleasantly surprised with the mild curry flavour. Husband even had 2! Even the kiddies ate these, which was surprising as they usually turn their noses up at anything curried. I did put these on some absorbent paper before serving as it did seem a bit oily in the oven dish. Will be buying these in the future!
TarrynK - 6:18 PM Sun-24-Jun-2012
We had the Rissoles for supper tonight, like Kandis below my package also didn't come with cooking instructions. So I put them in a 200deg oven for about 20/25mins. I knew from seeing the veggies inside that my girls probably wouldn't eat them. They are pretty fussy with the ways they are cooked. My eldest did eat them but took the mixed veggies out and the little one just took one bite and no more.In saying that my husband loved them and went back for seconds. Im still not too sure on my feelings about them. I don't really like the taste of sausage meat and I found these quite similar in taste. I also found there to be quite a bit of oil left in the baking pan. We also found quite a big piece of bone in one of them. Each to their own taste but I probably wont buy these if my husband is the only one who liked them. Will stick to our home made ones.
kandis - 7:41 AM Sat-23-Jun-2012

Rissoles last night- wasnt too sure how to cook them as my package had no instructions on it- so just  chucked them in the oven

Came out well, loads of oil in the pan afterwards

Hubby and kids loved them- i wasnt too much of a fan- found a heavy garlic aftertaste in my mouth

would probably buy these for the kids again- served them with mash and gravy and broccoli

TarrynK - 7:06 PM Fri-22-Jun-2012
Southern Style Chicken Dippers: YUM YUM YUM!!! This was a big thumbs up from all in the family. Youngest wasn't too keen on the honey/mustard sauce but was quite happy to eat them on their own. The rest of us found it quite good. Think they would taste great with sweet/sour sauce as well. We oven baked them (even from frozen) and it took about 15mins to cook. I was expecting a bit more crisp coating but think that could be achieved with frying instead or defrosting first. We loved the flavour of the coating and reminded us a little of KFC. We will definitely be buying these again. With 24 in the box, there was plenty to go around.
nummabear - 5:14 PM Fri-22-Jun-2012
rissoles:these were great, love the size of them, cooked in 20 minutes, i served them with mash and veg with cheese sauce, my son thought they were so good he asked for more,which is unsual for him, so these will definately be on my shopping list when theyre on the market, i liked how i didnt have to add any like the other 2 products in the trial. the size pack i found quite convenant as i had an extra mouth to feel,which told me "aunty your such a good cook" was said lol so that alone says how enjoyable these were for my family, definately give this product an A++...thanks heaps to kidspot for letting me and my family have 3 awesome meals to trial :)
nummabear - 1:24 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
i placed a review up yesterday for chicken dippers,but seems to have dispeard so heres another one lolthought they were great, so quick and simple, my son didnt like the honey mustard dipping sauce..but i sure did! they filled my house with such a heavenly smell too, i will be definately buying these next week to have at my sons birthday party, as theyre also so yummy when cold! they remind me of KFC chicken, so i give these a big ups A++...totally a new favourite for my family!!
nummabear - 12:21 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
butter chicken toppers...these were so good i had two! they were fast and easy to cook, my son loved them,i had mine on its own and i was suprised on how fulling they were, i really liked the crunchy outside, i didnt like how i came across abit of chicken bone/gristle but other than that i will definately be buying a pack this week in my shopping.
kandis - 4:37 PM Mon-18-Jun-2012
We had the chicken dippers last night and they were SO divine- a bit spicy but that didnt stop anyone in the family from eating them all- they were very much enjoyed and so easy to cook
mellymum - 3:44 PM Mon-18-Jun-2012

NIGHT THREE- Beef Rissoles

LOVED LOVED LOVED these. Unlike last nights meal these went down a real treat. A FAntastic family meal fulled with veges. Enjoyed by the whole family seemed fresh and tasted way better then our homemade ones. Perfect sized proportions for the family and were not fatty like when you make your own. Another just throw in the oven meal and these could be used as a main or alongside something else. When these come on the market they will be a MUST buy. Thanks Leader

mellymum - 3:39 PM Mon-18-Jun-2012

NIGHT TWO- Butter Chicken Toppas.

Another quick easy meal took 20 mins in the oven. Loved the fact that it wasnt oiley. Quite tasty and loved that you could see the REAL chicken in it.  It was a bit strange though, Butter Chicken as a topper, kids found it spicey and didnt eat them and hubby and I thought they were ok but wouldnt buy them again. We thought is was more Potato then anything and the taste was ok and it was a butter chicken taste but that mixed with potato and crumbed tasted weird. Not a fan

mellymum - 4:06 PM Sat-16-Jun-2012
Night One CHICKEN  DIPPERS....Easy peasy to cook we cooked from frozen which took about 10 mins. They were enjoyed by the whole family, the boys did say they were a little spicy, did have a little tang to it but still ate it all. The kids were not a fan of the dipping sauce so just gave them tomato sauce but we loved the honey mustard provided in the packet. It contained 24 pieces which were more than enough for a family of four. Would be a great 'treat' dinner.
nessee - 7:54 AM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Sounds yumm specially when you don't have a lot of time or are too tired to cook a full on meal when Mummy is tired from grumpy whingy toddlers. What a FAB idea, love to try some of these, didn't knw they existed ;-)
goddess588 - 4:07 PM Fri-25-May-2012
The butter chicken toppas sound very interesting.
looies1 - 7:53 AM Thu-24-May-2012

Email sent, we are forever looking for tasty, budget saving ideas for dinner, and food that doesnt take time to prepare.  So would love to give these a go.  I think I would buy on a regular basis more foods like this if a sample was provided to try before buying.


SarahK - 7:33 AM Thu-24-May-2012
ooo yummy, email sent!
karinlee - 3:22 PM Wed-23-May-2012
Email sent, we would love to try these they sound lovely
eddie - 2:26 PM Wed-23-May-2012
Would love to try these as I have never heard of them before.
motheroffour - 12:34 PM Wed-23-May-2012
Sounds so fantastic! Would love to try these LEADER BRAND products. So hard finding new things for the kids when on a budget.
kosigus - 8:10 AM Wed-23-May-2012

We'd love to try these convinient Leader products! Especially the southern style chicken dippers. We are on a tight budget ever since last year as jobs got lost and our new baby entered our family. slowly getting back on our feet. Thanks for the opportunity

dayauon - 9:38 PM Tue-22-May-2012
it'll be lovely to try the product.  my kids and my hubby will definitely want to give their opinions on this.  hope we'll be chosen.
BJW - 8:01 PM Tue-22-May-2012
Our family of 5 would love to give these 'Leader' products a good review with all of us voicing our opinion.
Mizim - 6:18 PM Tue-22-May-2012
Would love this to try, have seen this in the shop, but haven't been able to buy yet, so would be a fantastic treat. :)
raglanmum - 5:30 PM Tue-22-May-2012
Would love to trial and report back on these!  We're on a strict budget this year, but would still like to get quick and easy yummy treats for the kids and hubby, to whip up in a flash!  Thanks, have sent my info email.
Twinsforus - 4:08 PM Tue-22-May-2012
Fabulous Trial! Would love to try the Chicken dippers....can be hard to get my kids to eat meat.
tessa771 - 2:07 PM Tue-22-May-2012
Amazing Trial!
kandis - 1:50 PM Tue-22-May-2012

sounds fantastic- have sent mAIL through


taylerr - 1:50 PM Tue-22-May-2012
Awesome! Would love to trial these products so have emailed.
Rysmum - 1:47 PM Tue-22-May-2012
this sounds like something my family would be interested in doing. have sent and email to register my interest :)

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