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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Week 2 - What makes a good friend? Winner announced
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-05-25 12:52:37`  

What makes a good friend? What are the virtues, characteristics or actions that you believe make someone a good friend to have around?

Tell us and be in to win a Disney Junior Prize Pack. The prize pack contains:

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o Jake and the Never Land Pirates sling bag

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o Doc McStuffin's band-aids

To enter:

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Comments (42)
JulieKidspot - 4:14 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Congratulations to Mumof2Girls - you have won a Disney Junior prize pack!

Thank you for all your entries. Remember to enter the final week of our competition click here
lmiln003 - 2:47 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Someone who is there for you to laugh with, cry with, play with, talk with, or just sit with. Someone who comes to visit just because, not just when you need them and not just when they need you
tessa771 - 1:58 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
To know what makes a good friend is pretty simple. They have seen you at your worst and best and they still love you. Heard you moan about lifes dramas, seen you achieve high, fail a few times and are there to help you through all your adventures. They know that you would do it right back for them as well :)
ECAW - 1:39 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Someone you can trust with your lifeSomeone to cry onSomeone who is loyal and doesn't leave you behindSomeone who laughs with you.Someone who can be honest with you and you take it the right way."A ring is round and has no end, that's how long I'll be your friend"
Shelz69 - 3:01 PM Thu-31-May-2012

My husband is my best friend, he is my best friend because

- he always makes me laugh and is fun

- he believes in me and when I doubt myself he is always there to remind me that I can do it and encourages me

- I can tell him anything and I know he will never think differently of me and he will never tell anyone else

- When I am wrong he will tell me, but if anyone else tries to they better watch out as he always has my back and he will defend me always. 

-If I'm sad, he hold me and let me be sad and then he help remind me of the good things

- He only ever seems to see the good things in me and not the bad ( I always seem to see more of the bad things than the good at times)

- He always shares his dessert with me, without me even asking

-He helps and encourages me, he makes me feel like we are part of a very strong team, especially when it comes to the kids

- He has the most amazing smile that melts all my problems away

-He appreicates the friendship and all that I give to him and is loyal, kind and most of all we always hang out and have a great time.  It is never a dull night without him in my life.   We laugh together every day!



Silverbabe - 12:35 PM Wed-30-May-2012
Someone who is there for you when you need them. Who listens when you need someone to listen. Who you have fun with. When you see them its just like you saw them yesterday even though it was years.
Kiwitruckerchick - 11:08 AM Wed-30-May-2012

It takes a good friend to know one. You are what you surround yourself with and it makes good people, Better People. You can never have too many friends.

travelbugnz - 1:01 PM Tue-29-May-2012
A good friend is there when you need them, no matter how far away they are nor however long you haven't been in contact. It's someone you can truely be yourself with and who makes you feel good!!!
Leightk3 - 1:54 PM Mon-28-May-2012
A good friend is always happy to see you, accepts you the way you are and is not afraid to tell you when something is wrong. They will hold your hand when you are afraid, and hug you when you are low, they will laugh at your jokes and help dust you off if you fall. Real friends are unconditional!
rachaelsfun - 11:53 AM Mon-28-May-2012
a good friend is one that makes you laugh , helps you when you cry , is always there for you through thick and thin and stands up for you ..... and is always there ...
MumBum - 6:42 PM Sat-26-May-2012
In my opinion a good friend is someone who is there to give you what you need, sometimes it maybe to cry with someone, laugh with someone, moan about the kids or other half with and most of all, loves you enough to tell you the truth.

A good friend will point out when you are over reacting to something or when you aren't seeing something clearly, but is secure enough to know that you might get mad or may not want to hear the truth but will still be honest with you anyway.

A true friend looks out for you and even if you may not want their help, they'll give it to you anyway because a true friends KNOWS what you truly need and they never give up on you during tough times... even if those tough times are self inflicted. I personally am lucky to have a small group of great friends, they number 6 in total. xxx
malandrob - 5:09 AM Sat-26-May-2012
a good friend is someone who is always there when you need them, they know when you are in need, and know when to help out. distance and time may separate you, but in the end, whn needed your friend is there....
chelseafan - 10:51 PM Fri-25-May-2012
Someone who picks you up when you're down, skips along and laughs with you when you're happy and shares so many good memories with you. A best friend is always there, even when they're not.
MaryMc - 8:48 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A good friend is someone who, even though you may not see them for ages, you can still carry on where you left off, just as if you only saw them yesterday!
kozmo - 8:02 PM Fri-25-May-2012
My little 6 year old has some wonderful friends, they are very accepting of her being a bit different and love her the way she is. I think understanding is a big part of friendship. they love to laugh , have fun and generally make your day brighter
Coring - 6:44 PM Fri-25-May-2012
somebody that genuinely cares and not a hypocrite.
julianne - 6:21 PM Fri-25-May-2012
Good friends are special - they know who you are with out saying. there can be silence and thats ok, be on the end of the phone for chats, whines, or just to say hello. They are someone who when you say help (or not) they are there. Good friends are just cool, you dont have to put on lippy, or get out of the track pants, they just love you cause you are you. Always there for a laugh.  I love that and hope I am that person for others.
piglet - 6:08 PM Fri-25-May-2012

I have a really good friend and this what makes her so special to me:

- We can sit in silence or be talking till the cows come home.

- She puts her 'fat pants' (ie elastic waisted trackies) on when I am having a bad day and eats chocolate with me.

- She drops everything to be there when I need her and I do the same for her

- We can disagree at times but we never fight or do 'no talkies'. Respect!

- She listens to my secrets and I know its 'locked in the vault' and will never go past her.

- She is the first person I call when I need advice....from a child with a bead up her nose, to what to cook for dinner!

- She has sat through Titanic with me at least 10 times and she still loves it as much as I do.

Okay she's my mum...but she is still my best friend!!


DaniTaylor - 4:29 PM Fri-25-May-2012
Someone who you can count one no matter what and vise viersa.
goddess588 - 4:10 PM Fri-25-May-2012

Accepting you for who you are, not judging you, supporting you no matter what - that is the most important thing my friends provide me with.  And it's mutual.

I really like what Mumof2Girls wrote - it's perfect.

Glenfelik - 4:09 PM Fri-25-May-2012
Someone who is always there for you no matter what time of the day and night.  They are there to laugh and cry with you - share the good times and the bad.  But most of all they are just there to let you know that you are supported!
IceKiwi - 3:55 PM Fri-25-May-2012
Friends don't let friends do silly things alone.
Mumof2Girls - 3:53 PM Fri-25-May-2012

A good friend is someone who is there when you need them.  Someone you can share a laugh with, a cry with or a moan.  Someone who you can not see for a long period of time and start where you left off when you see them again.  Someone who likes you for you, and doesn't expect you to change, but challenges you (and allows you to challenge them) to make the most of who you are.  Someone who is honest with you no matter what, and allows the same in return.

But most importantly a true friend is someone that makes you feel good - someone that doesn't drain you but lifts you up.

jopukeko - 3:23 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A true friend is loyal. They are honest but don't hurt your feelings. They stick with you through the good times and the bad. A friend shares your tears and your laughs. A friend doesn't judge or expect anything out of the friendship.
blynda - 3:17 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A good friend is a listener and also a great critique even when you know it will upset you she must tell the truth
thecoffeelady - 3:03 PM Fri-25-May-2012

So true - Kandis!!!!!


I think a good friend is always honest yet never hurtful and can understand what you think even if you don't say a word. Good friends never leave when the going gets tough.

CaseysMum - 2:07 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A good friend is someone who is always there for you no matter what. In the good times and the badA few years ago (before I had kids) I think I learnt a lot about friendship and who were my truly best friends. I had a B12 deficiency and had very little energy. Because it took a while to diagnose and it wasn't something people couldn't see some people just thought I was putting it on. Some people grew distant and some I actually never heard from again but my true friends were right there with me the whole way, especially my husband who was my rock.Yes there may be times you disagree on something but a real good friend will still respect you and if it turns out you were wrong instead of rubbing it in your face they will help you get back on track.I think all these things apply to friends both young and old - mutual respect and admiration goes a long wayOh and of course a good friend is someone you can have FUN with and most of all someone you don't have to pretend around - you can just be yourself and they will love you flaws and all.
lotsakids - 2:04 PM Fri-25-May-2012
a good friend is always there no matter what never judges and always knows the right things to say or when to say nothing
CamosMum - 2:04 PM Fri-25-May-2012

A great friend is a rare gift. I have plenty of good friends, but only a couple of great friends. The difference is my great friends bring out the best in me. They inspire me and I respect them (and am often in awe of them) for our differences in the end compliment each other. No matter the time or the distance catching up with a great friend feels like coming home, its a comforting, loving relationship you make an extra effort to take care of.

stacleaning - 2:04 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A good friend, is always there for you. Someone who loves you for who you are and always knows when something is up,  when you need a hug or a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. Some one who respects and encourages you and your beliefs desicions but who knows you well enough to voice their opinions and concerns as well. Someone who looks out for you and helps pick up the pieces after you hit rock bottom, who laughs at the mistakes with you and someone who has number of memories built with you that they can always bring something up to make light of any situation. A good friend is someone who even if you do not see each other or speak in a long time you know will always be there and the bond will always be the same. Good friends listen as well understand, a good friend is some you can be as crazy as you want with and not feel silly hahahah A good friend to me is my best friend who I call my Sister from another Mother, I love her too bits and we have been through good and bad with and our friendship has only grown through everything we have been through that is true friendship, when no matter the distance the trials you go through you always know the truth and know you can trust that person... Ahhhhh I am blessed to know I have at least 3-4 GOOD friends and many friends :D
Chaucey - 1:39 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A good friend is someone who respects you and knows you well enough to see when you need a hug or a kind word.They are someone who you like to spend time with, but if you are apart from them you don't forget them and when you re-meet you can pick up your friendship again from where you left off.
mary110370 - 1:31 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A good friend will come bail you out of jail but a great friend will be sitting in the cells beside you saying "Geez mate, what a night"!  Seriously though, a good friend is someone who is always there for you, any time day or night, they will listen attentively withou talking or judging and usually will know there is a problem before you even tell them.  I have lots of good friends but I have one great friend - she has really been there for us over the past 2 years when we have gone through rough times with a separation, my daughter being unwell and having several stints in hospital and many other things.  She has offered to help before I even had a chance to ask - with anything from child minding, grocery shopping, cooking to just being an ear to listen and I know the jug is on for a cuppa and the couch is free for a chat or shoulder cry any time I may need it and I just hope that she knows I am there for her as well.
veronicad - 1:25 PM Fri-25-May-2012
I think someone who can see things from another point of view is invaluable in a friend. They don't have to always agree with everything but just have an understanding of what and why the other person might be acting or reacting that way. I want my children to be good friends.  I try and explain to them, when they are having disagreements, to think about the problem from the other siblings point of view and it seems to really help keep the peace. My daughter is getting really good at it, bless her. I saw a quote the other day that said 'if your friend is offering you drugs, then that person is not your friend."  I'm saving that one to use when they are teenagers, but it could easily adapt to many situations. I think real friendship is love and if you love someone you want them to be happy, which means you are always thinking about how they are feeling.
teen29 - 1:18 PM Fri-25-May-2012
I think a true friend loves you for who you are. Does not judge you. Is always there for you when you need them, whether it be a phone call, a text or a facebook message, a visit. They encourage you, they tell you the truth about your hideous outfit. You can laugh and cry with them. Someone you can totally be yourself around :)
ChristineC - 1:15 PM Fri-25-May-2012

unconditional friendship - ie not expecting anything from you - being there for you when you are happy or sad, being there to talk at anytime of the day or night, someone who will run to your side when something bad happens.  Someone who you haven't seen for months then when you do catch up again it is like you were never apart.

nikkim - 1:13 PM Fri-25-May-2012
I believe a true friend is someone who likes you for who you are NOT what you have! I always tell my kids to be the best person that they can be, to always be genuine, caring and honest, and to remember how it feels when someone is mean to them. The old saying "treat others as you would like to be treated" gets said a lot in our house!
kennyjo - 1:04 PM Fri-25-May-2012
I believe a friend should be kind,honest,and will be there for you in thick and thin and i also feel if you yourself act this way you will be treated the same i love my bestie we have been together since we met at 12 :)
destinygal80 - 1:03 PM Fri-25-May-2012
I believe the characteristics to a good and genuine friend is someone who you can call or "Text" when ever you nee. someone that you know will have your back in good times and bad and knows how to put a smile on your dial.Someone who goes the extra mile when you are down and someone who knows what you like/dislike.

Like my fiancee and Best friend :)
christineDixon - 1:03 PM Fri-25-May-2012
One that reaches out for your hand but touches your heart.
Some one you can talk to about any subject .
you are there for each other when needed
marikekaitlyn - 1:02 PM Fri-25-May-2012
A best friend is someone who never judge you, accept you for who you are :)

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