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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Week 3 - What is your child's favourite stuffed toy? Winner announced
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-06-01 14:24:58`  

Does your child have a favourite stuffed toy? One that they involve in their games and activities, one that they talk to and that has a special place in their heart?

Tell us and be in to win a Disney Junior Prize Pack. The prize pack contains:

o Disney Junior water bottle

o Mickey Mouse art supply

o Mickey Mouse plush toy

o Jake and the Never Land Pirates sling bag

o Jake and the Never Land Pirates tattoo sheet

o Doc McStuffin's band-aids

To enter:

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  • The member who posts the best comment, as chosen by Kidspot, will win a Disney Junior Prize Pack.

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Comments (107)
obsidianwings - 8:16 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
My 6 year old has a pink teddy bear, my 2 year old has a monkey.
MumBum - 1:29 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
Awww Sinead's story is too cute! A tuatara opps sorry "dinosaur" who goes potty even!lol

Congratulations Sinead! Enjoy your prize!
my4kids - 9:23 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012


 my 4year old Dawson has a girrafe called gee gee.gee gee has no stuffing in him he has been sewn up so much. dawson must always know were gee gee is and so do we.once gee gee was in the bathroom while dawson was in he bathafterward i picked up the washing and put it in the machine gee gee was missing.we looked everywhere.then i looked at the washing machine which is a front loader and there was gee gees wee face looking out the was very funny but dawson didnt think so .


JulieKidspot - 10:02 AM Fri-8-Jun-2012
Oh my! it was REALLY hard to choose a winner as there were so many cute stories about your kids and their cuddly friends.

Congratulations to Sinead, our winner of a Disney prize pack.

Thank you to everyone for taking part. And don't forget to tune in to Doc McStuffins every day on Disney Junior at 9.15am and 3.15pm.
5tephz - 7:09 AM Fri-8-Jun-2012
franklin the turtle our 2 and half year old son cant go without him he just adores franklin to pieces
dollface - 8:52 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Mummy can you cuddle my doggy as he's scared, mummy I'm taking my doggy for a walk, mummy doggy is tired & needs a nap. Doggy is called "Hamish" and he is a cuddly white scottie dog toy and he follows my 3.5 year old everywhere & she treats him like he's her best friend
olga - 3:34 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
my Anastasiya, 19 months old, cutest toddler girl in the world, loves her stuffed kiwi bird. it is a small kiwi bird - a souvenir type - but lovely and soft with a New Zealand scarf - being patriotic from such a small age - this is awesome ))) she feeds it and puts on a dolly's potty and takes it for walks - very touching and great to see my baby to be so caring!
tarns677 - 1:37 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
My son who is 4 has a teddy that he loves so much and plays with that it has been baked in the oven, lost it's eye. He could not operate with out it .
Renza - 1:27 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
My 2 1/2 year old daughter has many toys that she loves, but the world would end if she lost her favourite - Rory the lion. He has slept in her bed since the day she got him, he plays with her all day and travels in the car with her. He is very well cared-for: he is fed, cuddled and has his nappy changed several timesa day.
EmmaR - 12:15 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
My boy just loves 'doggy' a stuffed collie dog that looks like our real dog. Doggy has to go everywhere, has medicine or bonjela that he has and if he's under the weather and isn't happy then doggy 'shares' dinner as well, so very cute! Especially funny when doggy gets sung and read to...poor dog has to put up with everybody's off-key singing!
sylvia - 12:10 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
One of my sons absolutely HAS to sleep with his 'pengy' (penguin)...the house would be turned upside down if he doesn't have it before bedtime....pengy is also a super hero who flies around the world saving all of Ben 10 cast...nuff said!
ursula238 - 10:57 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012

Well my girls favourite toy at the moment is her very old and tattered little pink cow!! This cow goes everywhere with her...has his own wee seat in the car lol....He is looking a bit past it now though as he has been through some very rough treatment as im sure you could imagine!!! My daughter would love to win this prize, she loves watchin the mickey mouse club house on tv!!!  Please please please give my only child a wonderful present...she would be so surprised and grateful!!!!

Thank you    :)

SarahK - 10:36 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012

My youngests favourite toy is her grey elephant, known as Ella. She come everywhere with us, and is especially loved by my daughter when she is sleepy or sick.

We discovered a few months back what she loves so much about her Ella. She loves to squeeze his nose. It came about when I got really sick and had, at this point, spent a few days stuck on the couch. She snuggled up to me, handed me her Ella, and said "mummy you can cuddle my Ella and squeeze his nose if you want. That will make you better". It was so sweet that she was willing to share, but it also helped me to understand what it is about her Ella the comforts her.

CaseysMum - 12:43 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
My two girls have so many soft toys it's ridiculous, though I must admit most of them actually use to be mine when I was younger. The ones that always win out our the dogs though. There are a few of them and they would probably tell you a different one each day if you asked which was their favourite. We have 6 real dogs as part of our family so I think they gravitate to those because of that. When they play with them they often have colars and leads made up for them and sometimes they even do sleddog racing with them. But most of all they love to cuddle them and of course take them to bed at night
amyr - 10:02 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012

A teddy bear her uncle got her when she was born, she has heaps of newer toys now (shes 5) but this has always been the one to go to bed with her every night!

Shirley - 11:49 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Piglet, I think it's because Piglet is always so timid, Jordan loves to protect her. She is her best friend and loves her to bits....
chelseafan - 9:56 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Mine have a Zebra (Ziggy Zebby), a tiger (Tiggy) and a lion (fluffy) who go everywhere with them. We freak out if we've gone somewhere on holiday and have forgotten one!
FullHouse - 7:28 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My 3yr old has a teddy that the chemist gave him, a lion bought back from Germany by my brother which is called Monkey (yes the lion is called Monkey!!), Mickey Mouse and a tiny zebra called Zebba.My 5yr old has a monkey bought back from Germany by my brother, a giant teddy he was given when he was born and a teddy that has a t-shirt with photos of all the kids from our coffee group that was done when they all turned 1
Armywife - 3:20 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My oldest son has a blue bear that he guessed it.....Blue Bear! He never goes anywhere without it. We brought another one exactly the same so that we could wash one etc, but no...he knew exactly which one was his original!
mumof2boys - 3:17 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Oh boys does my wee man have one (actually two) of these, they are called Henri bears and were cream coloured when received when he was first born.  They are now a grubbier shade of cream and have been loved to bits.  They go everywhere, do everything and join in all the family activities, we dare not leave them out.  They are definitely part of our family, bears and all!  Thanks
NZMumLivingInSA - 2:41 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My son has a bear that he sleeps with every night, he's called him Sailor Bear.
nette21 - 1:49 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My daughter lovers her doll that her great grandmother sent her from Switzerland. It is a very special doll that has to stay in its box so she can decide what she would like to do with it when she is old enough to understand what this doll means. My daughter has the doll sitting on a shelf overlooking where she sleeps so that a part of her great grandmother is always around looking out for her.
gysmo - 10:19 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My daughter 6 years old adores her Newborn baby doll she has had for the past few years. She treats it like her own baby, she is sucha mother hubbard with it, it gets feed, changed, bathed, sleeps with her. She chats away about her school day to it, even overheard her telling her baby that she stole some lollies outta the pantry the other day! Lol
Leightk3 - 10:03 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My 16month old loves her pink dog, it is sooooo soft she loves to feel its silky smoothness on her face as she sleeps, my 9 year old has an adopted Elaroo that she still hides her treasures in the pocket and it perches at the end of her bed.
lynleyg - 9:54 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My 6 year old son's bed hardly has room in it when he sleeps as he hates for any of his toys to miss out! His absolute favourite though is a monster that I knitted for him a year or so ago. It has long arms and legs and whenever I check on him before I go to bed, it is tightly held in his hand. My 4.5 year old daughter seems to love all her toys fairly equally and likes to set up tea parties for them all. Her current favourite for sleep time is a little sock monkey I made for her. I actually really like that their faves are things I have made for them and haven't cost much money!
samstills5 - 9:11 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Miss 6 has a "Lumpy" (From Winnie the Pooh) soft toy that she has had since she was a baby :) She can't sleep without Lumpster! Mr 2 has a dinosaur pillowpet - he is pretty attached!! :)
GT - 8:26 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My 5 and half year old has had the same stuffed toy. It's a small dog-toy that has a unichem label on it. It original one was called Joey and she played with it everywhere and took it shopping and i've had to ring up a few stores to get it back when lost. She would always sleep best with it too. We won a trip to Hawaii and she lost it there, but after getting back a work mate here had the same looking dog-toy and gave it to her. She called this look-a-like one Missy. she still dresses it up and sticks stickers on it and it's slowly getting more greyer.
kylee125 - 7:36 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My 4 year old daughter has had Mickey Mouse since she was 18 months old.He has become a loved member of our family.He comes everywhere with Peyton and us.He has in fact just returned from Rarotonga where he especially loved the beach.He even had his own NZ passport which was stamped in Rarotonga.He talks and some of the things he says are quite funny.Things that perhaps Peyton wants to say.He has had some minor surgery .Mickey travels in his own car seat to kindy where he waits in the car until Peyton finishes kindy.We have photos of Mickey everywhere NZ Warriors games,the park,the beach and cuddle on the couch.My 6 year old son has an old school Mickey Mouse that was mine and my 8 year old son has a bear called Ted Ted who has helped us through another visit to the hospital with a broken arm.
Joanne - 7:17 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Master Five has an Eeyore Stuffed Toy.   My son loves this toy and will take it with him when he stays away at his grandparents and sleeps with him each night.  It's really cute, he always makes sure Eeyore is covered properly in bed!
julianne - 7:06 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Mister 3 has a few soft toys and hasnt really attached himself to any one of them. Seems each night he will choose a different one, and generally the ones he sleeps with feature in the days play. Then it will some different ones the next night. We range from teddies, tigers, penguins to puppies and chicks.
oommii - 2:49 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Miss 2 1/2 has Nicci's Blue Leopard, Monkey and Giraffe.  Her favourite usually switches between these 3 but at the moment she is obsessed with a soft doll called Sally and a bright Green bear who has the name Sarah (which is not my daughters name) written across her belly that she got when we visited her great grandmother at Hospice last week - they go everywhere with her
lotsakids - 12:49 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Master 16 still has his stuffed Gorilla
Master 9 is a Owl
Master 8 is a wee white teddy
Master 6 is Pimp the monkey
Miss 4 is her old fashined style Teddy
raglanmum - 11:23 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Little Miss 2.5 has twin "pink teddies".  When she was a baby, we nearly lost pink teddy, so I bought another as a spare, and for washing day.  The spare one was always put away, so she just had one.  When she was about 2, one day she discovered there were actually TWO pink teddies!  The look on her face was incredulous!  "Found another pink teddie Mummy!"  And she walked around the whole day with a pink teddy under each arm!  So cute x
SarahBlair - 11:17 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My little girl has a pink bunny that she adores. Its goes everywhere with us!!
kennyjo - 10:55 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Miss 4 Loves her old bear which used to be her daddy's huggy bear she has given him a dress to her fathers dismay hehe he goes everywhere and she knows she has to be real careful of what they do together cause of his age sometimes she will say old bear needs to rest so i will take someone else!! so cute :)
jdsmum - 10:38 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
my 3 year old son has a brown teddy bear that he calls Ted that use to be my Teddy Bear, he takes Ted everywhere and literally can't go or do anything with out Ted, He even shares his drinks and food with it but unfortunately Ted it very old and will need to be replaced with a new one soon !
SuzyF - 7:46 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My 3 year old son has a little yellow rabbit. I was given it before he was born and one day he just decided it was the one! I searched high and low for another one and did mange to find one which I got sent from Australia by the company that makes them, only to be told they no longer make them. (we were lucky) He rubs it the rabbits ears against his nose when he is tired. When my son was younger we rarely got photos of him without his darling Bubs, and on many occasions with Bubs in front of his face.His darling Bubs (Bugsy) was a beautiful plush, soft yellow rabbit once, now a very grey yellow and very floppy from being so loved and many many washes. (always done very quickly) He goes every where with him, he jumps into the ball pit and plays all his games, he gets to look out the window to see things when we are driving and he can talk when my son wants him to although if I pretend he is talking my son will say "he's not real Mummy"!!Bubs has been - misplaced a few times and we have found him in some very interesting places (sitting in a tree - which he could not reach, thrown?) - thankfully number two Bubs is never far away. He definitely has a tender spot for him and will give him a big cuddle when he is reunited with him if he has been misplaced.Bugsy really means so much to my son and is always available for that much needed comfort.
Gemmma - 7:46 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My 3year old daughter's Fav is a Koala Bear it is quite random really. Its only about 10cm. My mum came back from Australia and gave all the grandchild one each and since had day it has to go to bed at nap times and bedtime. Its not even that cuddly. She wraps him up and uses the toy box as a cot and we all have to be quite because her baby is sleeping lol she will check on him about 5x's during his sleep to make sure he's ok.
travelbugnz - 9:43 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
Our 18 months was given a Harrods Teddy from my cousin when we visited the UK. I haven't seen him for years and it was the first time I met his wife who insisted all children should have a Harrods teddy... and this was the start of love at first cuddle. Although she has other teddies for some reason she loves this one. 'Harry' is the first word she says in the morning, he has to have a kiss from us all, he has food with us and goes to bed with her. I try not to let her take hime out as for some reason all the other children like him too and they want to say hello which upsets her. He's sadly white so ceoming very dirty and she really is the only 1 in our coffee group who has a true best friend!!!
heitiki - 7:57 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My 2yo Rori has a howler monkey which we bought at Twycross Zoo when we were visiting relies in the UK last year.   It has hands/paws that velcro together so it can hang around her neck and is incredibly soft.  It also has a belly 'button' that emits a bloody horrible howler monkey cry but she doesn't seem to mind it (it's not what you'd sound off just as she's going to sleep, put it that way!).

We didn't realise how popular it was going to be when we bought it, otherwise we'd've bought a second as back up.  This monkey, named Boots, only gets to travel between home and her childcare centre as I'm worried that if we let her drag it around everywhere, she will eventually drop it and we'll never find it or a replacement.

It's very cute to see Rori arrange a tea between her and Boots and mimic giving Boots a drink (not to mention breastfeeding it)!!!
cathw - 7:04 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My 7 year old Rebecca has a Horace Bear which she received from her (now departed) granddad when she was 2. Horace is rather ragged and he wears a Santa outfit but that has never bothered her year round. More Horace lookalikes appeared at Whitcoulls each year for the next three or four years following her 2nd birthday but she was happy to keep hers as she said it smelt like Grumpy (her granddad). We considered getting an additional Horace in case this one ever got lost but we knew she wouldn't be fooled! Being 7, Horace does not go to school but he stays in the carseat or if she feels particularly grownup he gets to stay looking out the lounge window on a school day. Toys are just so important aren't they?!
cathw - 7:01 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012

My 3 year old Charlotte has what may seem a strange cuddly toy but her pink and green cuddly is it. She used to have a cuddly elephant as her favourite toy but her former new born size Poncho is her 'cuddly' and she is inseparable from it. When she could still fit it she only wanted to wear it and nothing else and when she eventually was convinced that her head would no longer fit through it she just hung on to it. She says it is her snuggly cuggly and that it smells like flowers and chocolate (believe me it doesn't...) and she says it is soft like clouds. How could we possibly take it away from her! So ... not a toy as such but still a precious cuddly.

Starlet - 6:18 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My daughter's favourite is "Happy Feet" - the one in my profile photo. We tried a few toys hoping she would get attached but no luck. Then I bought that one in a $ shop for next to nothing and she hasn't had a night without him since. He has been carried in home-made baby carriers, travelled overseas and nationally, even been through the washing machine and I hope we never lose him before she outgrows him!!!! (She hadn't seen the movie when we bought him and we didn't even know it was Happy Feet until we read the tag.)
bexwood - 5:37 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My Mr4 has a polar bear soft toy from Seaworld Australia that he cannot live without. It comes everywhere with us and needs to be in bed every night. At least that one is replaceable if the need ever arose. His absolute favourite that he must snuggle up with every night is "Burnie" named after the suburb of Kilburn in London. Burnie was handmade out of Mr4's old baby clothes by a good friend as a 1st birthday/leaving London present when we finally had to come home.
Mumofone - 5:14 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
Also... last week master 3 1/2 was sick with a bug he had high temperatures and was vomiting and that night when he came into our room for a snuggle he brought big ted, robot drink bottle and his spew bowl!
Mumofone - 5:07 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
Our son master 3 1/2 has a favourite teddy bear, he calls him simply 'big ted' as he is his biggest teddy bear there is also 'ho, ho bear' that he got when he was visiting santa and 'small buba bear' he keeps nicking out of his little brother's room.  It is a Pumpkin Patch teddy his aunty gave him when he was born.  He goes everywhere with him, he never leaves the house or goes to sleep without him.  It is pretty cute but I certainly hope we never lose him as the bears are different instore now.  When he started pre-school he used to play with him in the playground but now he sleeps in his backpack while he plays but he is still at pre-school with him.  At christmas I brought the 2 boys and teddy a matching outfit each, he thought it was pretty cool but when it came to dress teddy we had to put the new shirt under big ted's original outfit we were not allowed to change his look but he was ok with the new outfit under the original!  One night after I put him to bed I heard him reading to big ted and then he sang him a song and tucked him in, it was pretty cute.  Now when master 1 1/2 is upset he runs and gives buba his little teddy 'small buba bear'.  But every now and then when his brother is no where to be seen I have also seen master 1 1/2 walk around the house giving big ted hugs.  He also takes him to the doctor and one time managed to get an extra lollipop for big ted too.  Big ted has grown to be a big part of our family and is definately a treasured little stuffed family member!
Haylee9 - 4:06 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
Two (of four) of my children have sock monkeys, one called Ollie and one called Jackson. Another has a lion called Lion and the other has a dolly called Gracie. Daddy and Mummy still have their childhood bears, Mine is called Ninny and Daddy's is called Bear. Mummy's is now 40 years old and Daddy's is over 50! We can't bear (giggle) to let them go!
Fidgy - 4:02 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
SPOT ( the dog) is joint at the hip with my child! She loves him so much that he has been stictched and restitched !  He gets dressed in dolls clothes, is very obliging on the swing and slide ( weeeeeeee SPOT!)  He has even be known to stop all this play for a tasty morsel or two!!
Spot sometimes needs his own space, having a go on the in house whirlpool, then hanging out at the clothes line with his other friends.
Spot has even been stowed away on a trip to Australia - not sure how he cleared customs with all the stuffing and beads in his tummy though!

ECAW - 3:51 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My daughter aged 2 1/2 doesn't have ONE special favorite. She has a wee precious bag that she carries all her treasures around in. They include 2x pink play cell phones, a spot dog, a stuffed kitty cat, and lots of other knick knacks!!Its really cute to see, off she wanders waving me goodbye and telling me she will see me later....!!!
natsmum - 1:19 PM Sun-3-Jun-2012
Mr 2 has a stingray - he goes everywhere with him, the tail was just right for chewing/sucking on when he was younger, so it has had a slight amputation to remove the rotten bit - yummy. Stingray is a must for bed and if he can't find him in the middle of the night he starts crying - you hear this stingray is lost cry coming out!!!. We are just trying to decide if we need to find a second replacement although it wont quite be the same - and we need to get to Auckland to find one!Miss 5 has 2 Frankie bears, she is not as attached anymore, but they used to go everywhere with her and had to be present to go to bed!
TanesMummy - 11:59 AM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My 2 year old son loves his elmo. Elmo is the same size as him and if we don't put it into bed with him he'll hop out to get him. Then over the baby monitor in the middle of the night you'll hear "elmo loves you" "you're elmo's best friend" because my sons either squeezed him too hard or rolled onto him. But elmo does everything with elmo. He has to sit at the table with my son for breakfast, sits and watches disney with him, gets put in the swing, he's put him in his carseat. he tries extremely hard to push the pram with elmo in it too. It's really adorable to watch.
kymie83 - 11:43 AM Sun-3-Jun-2012
sorry my computer said it didn't post it obviously lied lol
kymie83 - 11:41 AM Sun-3-Jun-2012
My 3 year old has a butterfly that looks like a Caterpillar with tiny wings we named it Bug and he has had it from 1 week one and sleeps with it every night and he makes me say goodnight to bug and give him kisses too, i don't allow bug out the house though as my daughter once lost her favorite ted when she was about a year old when out shopping i must say i had a little cry too as she loved that ted. She now has three dolls she doesn't sleep without and she is 6 one is called Candy and is bright pink the other is Mimi who is yellow and then there is Rapunzel and they are organised fairly for cuddles lol. on a side note i have my small toy monkey that i had when i was a baby and he is called chickaboo and he is 29 years old and sits next to the tele in our room, my husband didnt want to share the bed haaha.
Guest Member - 10:24 AM Sun-3-Jun-2012

all my four kids have a special toy,my oldest has a teddy from when he was born called murdoch hes 8 and it still has to be in bed with him my other boy who is 6 has a soft mosse that he plays games with and is a bit worse for where,my oldest girl who is 5 has a teddy named lilly from her cousin lilly she takes it every where with her,and my youngest girl  who is 2 has a baby that laughs which she carrys every were and takes real special care of,and i will never hear the end of it if i dont give all there toys a kiss and cuddle to when i put them all to bed

my3sons - 9:09 AM Sun-3-Jun-2012

My youngest son, absolutely adores 'Urbie' - Urbie is a preloved pink Furby toy that he claimed from the garage at my sister in laws - Urbie narrowly missed going out in the skip, and has definately seen better days, he/she is missing the soft bit that covers her beak, & has a wonky eye - so she is more Terminator looking than cuddly! 

Ive tried hiding it under the bed and under all the other toys - even the rubbish! But she always lets out little 'churp' noises so she can be found. 

My son likes to take her everywhere - she's been smuggled into preschool at the bottom of his bag a couple of times, she's been to Grandmas too often to count (Grandma even offered to find and buy him a new one, but he absolutely refused!)

She chews through AA batteries so we had to invest rechargable ones. She's not washable either - but Ive tried!

She's definately the uglyist toy in our house, but the most loved!

lilblondee6 - 11:52 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My 1 year old adores mickey mouse clubhouse. and my 5 year old daughter loves the new Dr McStuffins. My sons is his tiny mickey mouse toy that was given to him, He snuggles it and we make him dance and sing the mickey mouse theme song "hot dog" and he giggles so much. My daughter loves to play Dr so the new Dr McStuffins is right up her alley, She loves to wrap up her teddies in spare bandages and plasters we give her. Her favourite soft toy is her Big pink lion named 'Roarrick', who gets dragged all around the house so he gets alot of knocks and bumps that she fixes up.
SusanDax - 9:19 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My daughter Anna, age 4, LOVES her pink teddy bear that was given to her when she was born.  It has "It's a Girl" written on it, so the teddy's name is Girl.  Anna loves playing with Girl, especially pushing her around in the dolls pushchair.  Each night after I give Anna her goodnight kisses I also have to say goodnight to Girl and give her a kiss!
Rysmum - 8:29 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My daughter (2 1/2) loves this little round  sandy coloured donkey soft toy she has called "konky" he is her favorite toy and she afew she likes, but she takes it in the car with us, to bed, outside to play, puts him on the table while she eats and its always near her when she's playing with her other toys. I have tried to find other "konky's" so we'd have backup's if he goes and "hides" from us. but have not seen another one around.
marikekaitlyn - 7:58 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012

My toddler's favourite one is cuddly stuffed baby doll, which was given to her by her nana when her little sister was born.  Her baby spent all day with her and sleep with her too... it has survived a few times going in the bath, outside in the sand pit, that is one very tough baby!  The cutest thing is when she tries to get the baby to give her little baby sister a kiss :)

jadecooke - 7:19 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My Three year old LOVES her Pinky Pie baby cuddly from The My Little Pony series! So cute!! she feeds her, cuddles her and helps her learn to walk, now she will not go to bed without Pinky Pie snuggled up next to her :)
Sparky - 6:45 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My 2 year old loves his dotty wot and spotty wot.  My eldest had several teddies but youngest won't budge!
He sleeps with them, plays with them, takes them out on journeys. 
kbyr001 - 5:18 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
Our nearly 5 year old loves a Sock Monkey that we bought before she was born. She has slept with it every night since she was 2
Jeanine - 3:17 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My 2 year old daughter loves her toy cat and Cat takes part in all her games, is fed in Dolly's highchair and even gets its nappy changed!  At bedtime Cat shares her bedtime bottle too. I think we will be in trouble in a few years time when she wants a real pet cat.
ajpickering - 2:38 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012

Master 2 has an elite club of favourite toys. He has them all on his bed at night-time but chooses who is going to be his "cuddle" each night. His club consist of a Tigger (slightly grubby but much loved), Ellie the Elephant (toy blankie that Mummy brought when he was born), Snoopy (the famous dog from Daddies collection), Cooks (Daddies old Mascot bear from the 1980 Russian Olympics) and the soft toy plane (comes in and out of favour dependent on Master 2's mood). The toys that don't get picked for a cuddle end up lying next to him to guard the 2 books he is allowed to keep in the bed with him at night.

P.S. If anyone knows my Husband, don't let on I told you all that he keeps soft toys....... shhh.

Hil - 1:51 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012

My boys' Gran gave them both a 'ted' when they were born.  There 'ted's' are so important to them.  My boys are now 3 & 4, and the 'ted's' have been included in many adventures.  The best thing about them is that they are machine washable, which has been fantastic for me, as one small boy has thrown up on his ted many many times!  Last winter when it snowed I had to make PJ's for the 'ted's' so that they would be snug & warm, cos a cold 'ted' would not be good!  The 'ted's' are still in those PJ's, and are now waiting for the snow again . . . with their boys.


vicasarus - 12:58 PM Sat-2-Jun-2012
My 5 yr old boy has a favourite stuffed bunny that has been everywhere with him since he was a 10 mnths old.  A friend used to work in a hotel and some unfortunate child had left it behind in a room,  so she gave it to my little one.  He has loved that rabbit like it was his best friend,  he cuddles it when he is in bed and sings it songs, or tells it what he has done that day when he can't get to sleep.  Bunny has travelled overseas and all around NZ with him, bunny gets washed in the washing machine when a little grubby!  My son smells him when he is washed and says "Oh bunny you smell so good".  Just precious.  I don't know what would happen if we ever misplaced BUNNY!
goddess588 - 9:15 AM Sat-2-Jun-2012

Miss 10's favourite is a stuffed cow called 'MooMoo' (what a surprise).  MooMoo was an op shop 5 years ago - brand new and only $1 - the perfect gift for a newborn cousin.  Miss 5-at-the-time said 'Can I just hold it, oh it's so cute, oh it's so soft, can I just sleep with it one night?'  Of course it never got to the baby cousin it was intended for.


Mr 12's favourite is a stuffed Walrus called Wally, another op shop find.  On occasion it's been referred to as 'my only friend'.


Both kids have other stuffed toys, all with names and mostly married to each other's stuffed toys.  They are like an extended family and they all have their likes and dislikes which are very apparent during play.  Unfortunately they all have voices that make them sound very young and not very bright, drives DH mad.

barnie99 - 10:05 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My little poppet has many many many soft toys - well penguins. Her favourite and first penguin is a little black and white one called 'Pierre'. He is a hand me down from my 25 year old cousin. Little Pierre has started my daughters love affair with penguins and all things Antarctic. She knows everything about all the different varieties of penguins, and spends many hours watching them being fed and swimming around at the Antarctic Centre.
dayauon - 8:09 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
my missy loves her Teddy Bear, it was a christmas gift from a friend. she always has it by her side whenever she reads her books at night and is also tuck in bed with her. When i make her bed, she wants the bear to be sitting on top of her pillows, clearly to be seen when she comes home from school.  its a tv companion as well and brings it along when we have road trips.  I think its a girl thing to have something to hug, sweet!
Mardi - 7:08 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My wee man Sterling has a yellow Huggies Teddy,that he goes for as soon as he gets home from preschool. He won't go to sleep till he has him in bed all tucked up under his arm.He has it since we won it at our local supermarket when he was about 3 months.His little face is darkened from all the rubbing Sterling does as he falls asleep,lol.Sterling's named him his bumble bee Teddy and he's been washed every week since he got him,due to being fed,rubbed silly,and all sorts of other thing's.
thornberry - 7:06 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
my sons favourite stuffed toy is actually not a toy pursay but a cuddle buddy. he took it everywhere with him like a security blanket & still now can't go to sleep without it. I did a terrible thing & washed it which you're supposed to be able to do but it 'leaked' so is a sad version of a cuddle buddy & is not allowed to be washed again. everytime we went to a mall I gave in & we got another cuddle buddy so he has quite a collection & when they heard what happened they even gave him a free one as the mall people recognise us from our visits but he still can't do without the good old original.
mary110370 - 6:08 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My daughters favourite soft toy is a wee little dog that is a miniature version of our Bonnie dog that we lost a few years back.  Of course our toy also has the name Bonnie and sure did help to ease the pain of losing a much loved member of the family.
LIVINGLIFE - 6:08 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My 15 month old has a breast cancer teddy bear he got from his nana on the first day he was born.  He carries it everywhere and cant sleep without it, he ended up in hospital with rotavirus and I couldn't take teddy as just before we left he vomitted all over it, the porr little man was miserable enough but cried and cried for his teddy which he calls it, it was very sad.  He has chewn the nose off teddy as he gives teddy kisses with his teeth and carries teddy by his nose in his mouth like a cat. 
Sinead - 4:31 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012

My son got hold of a stuffed toy - a Tuatara while we were touring Rotorua and calls it Dinosaur :) From the second he got it, it has been his best friend and companion who now not only has to go shopping with us, go with him to daycare but now goes to potty too! Dinosaur goes first, then my son, Cuan. Cuan has also taken to the show 'Wipe Out' where we places the foot rest between our two couches and places dinosaur on the ground, or 'in the water' as he says, and then proceeds to jump from couch to couch and laughs a huge belly laugh when his foot touches the 'water' cause dinosaur is coming! Its amazing to watch his imagination run away with him when he plays with dinosaur and how secure he feels when dinosaur is around. As Cuan grows he involves dinosaur with him and thats just fantastic to watch....its his first real friend :)

Angel1983 - 4:10 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My daughter has a giant santa bear that she drags along everywhere she goes.she hugs it and makes growning noises when she's snuggling in its so the moment santa bear has jam all over its cheeks as aria intends to hold bear while she's other bear will do ,she can be upset but the minute she sees bear she smiles and couldn't care less what she was upset about.!he was a gift for her while i was pregnant and now he's her best friend duck is his name.
twishi2012 - 4:09 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012

my lil boy was about 2 weeks old when my dad bosses wife gave his his bunny toy. it goes everywhere with him. its already been thru the wash about 10 times and hes only 6 n a half months lol. im wondering how much punishment it can take
SandraA - 4:07 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My son, who is now 6, has a teddy who has been with him since birth. Teddy-Teddles, as he is affectionately known, goes everywhere with us. He has visited 3 continents, been on a lot of aeroplanes, even got lost, (and, phew, found again), in a very large and busy airport! Teddy comes with us to school in the mornings, and is kissed and hugged goodbye to return home with Mum, then is the first things that is sought out as soon as we burst in after school. And of course, no bedtime would be achieved without first having Teddy in bed to snuggle with. Now I would love a real-live Doc McStuffins to carry out necessary healing on Teddy - he has been patched, stitched, prodded and poked in unmentionable places, to keep him healthy. He is currently sporting a rather large hole on his derriere, better get the needles out and let surgery commence! Love ya Teddy-Teddles x
ChristineC - 4:04 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012

Annabel’s favourite toy is her ‘baby’ which is a soft toy baby that has a dummy attached with ribbon, I am actually not sure if she would love it quite as much if it didn’t have the dummy lol.  When she gets tired she tries to suck on the baby’s dummy (which of course is far too small), sooo cute.  Anyway we have to remember to take her when going away or there is trouble with a capital T.

She is forever taking her on adventures with her – climbing the boxes we have stacked in he living room, or playing at her table, and she always comes on walks with us.  She also seems to be the only one that understands Annabel’s baby babble.

nana65 - 3:57 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
ameilia,s toy is 2 rabbits she takes them everywhere and plays and sleeps with them and if she has,n got them she wont sleep
elysia - 3:57 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My miss 3's special friend is "Teddy", she has been completely and utterly attached to him since she was about 8 months old.  Teddy goes everywhere she does and is given cuddles all night long.  We would all be lost if we lost Teddy.  I even have to sneak him out of her room to wash him.
GoMummyJo - 3:53 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Pocket's favourite toy has been her little yellow skinny bunny named 'Bob' since she was old enough to hold him

Bob looks quite (no, I lie, VERY) tattered now, but tattered with love.

He's been spewed on, pooed on, wee'd on, sucked on, slept with, bathed with, danced with, trampolined with, eaten popcorn with, covered in medicine, covered in food, hung on the line, belted in the car, stored in the fridge, dropped in the loo, lost, found, had his teeth cleaned, had nappy cream applied, flown to 3 countries, been to a theme park, played at the beach - and that's just a snapshot.

Bob isn't just a favourite cuddly, he's a part of the family!
nikkim - 3:51 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My daughter has a pink (although not very pink now) teddy that she was given when she was born, his name is "Teddy".  She is now 8-1/2 and cannot sleep without out it - it's her most treasured possesion!  My son (7) was given a teddy named "Super Ted" by his dad who used to have it as his teddy when he was little.  He gave it to him when he was having bad dreams and told him that if he cuddled him tight then he would protect him!
Shelz69 - 3:50 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Yes, my boy has Raffy, who is a blue giraffee with a giraffe head and a some flat, soft material for a body.  He loves it, he comes everywhere and especially to bed at night.  I find it comes in handy durinlg the winter as it gets used as a hanky lol.  I of course have three of them.  One for the bed, one for the wash and one for in the linen cupboard for emergencies. 
scottishlass - 3:42 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
well it is a long time ago, my son used to love his papa smurf soft toy,it had a drawstring you pulled and it was musical, has been great to see the smurfs back again, and i would love to give this prize to my great nephew's Brody and Carlos,and brody will be celebrating a birthday in July, so would be awesome, fingers crossed.
saranorman88 - 3:41 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My daughter's favourite toy is a little stuffed teddy bear - his name is bear!.  He has lovely soft fur and is great to cuddle with.  Its really special that she has connected to this bear as it was the first toy that was given to me whilst i was pregnant with her.
IceKiwi - 3:31 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My eldest two had blankets my daughter blankie a polarfleece type green blanket not what you'd expect for a girl and it became her everything it still is and it was involved in everthing. Such a special spot in her heart and games. My son had an old sheet that was made into pillowslips with a cookie monster strip of material made by his aunty they were his favourite unfortunately we lost it in the shopping mall and it was picked up but never handed in by someone luckily his aunty still had some of the sheet material and made a small sheet for him he loved it so much -it is the softest feeling material.
Miss 4 just now Miss 5 has her paddington that is her everything and has travelled across the world he is part of many games and is a must at bedtime and trips away and Mr 3 now just turned Mr 4 has a little teddy gifted by my aunty a few years ago that is everything to him he recently showed me it has a secret pocket which I never knew about this teddy is well loved and spends many nights getting thrown between the two boys before being tucked in beside my sons head to sleep.
blest - 3:28 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My oldest daughter has 2 special toys. The first, and most infamous, is "Teddy the 3rd". The 1st one of this bear was given to her when she was 6mths old. This one lasted until her father and I tried to dry him in front of the fire when she was 1, and it's feet started to melt. After debating whether I could bring myself to chop the legs off it, we decided it just wouldn't work and were going to try to find a replacement special friend. The next day my mum opened the boot of her car and a bear almost exactly the same was sitting there (she still doesn't know where it came from!). Teddy the 2nd was carried everywhere until he was tragically misplaced on the way home when DD was 3 1/2. We tried for ages to find another like it, and eventually worked in a Cat In the Hat teddy (named Cat in the Hat of course) to replace it, but then a month before her 6th birthday I got a call from her father saying he'd found another one of the original teddy at a market! The look on her face when we gave it to her was absolutely priceless :)
katienz - 3:23 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My 23month old DD loves her yellow lion and her blue silky:) She has had them both since she was born and takes them everywhere with her, or i do in-case of emergencies!She thinks her lion is RaRa the noisy lion and sings songs to him and her blue silky is a old silky blue pillowcase which has gotten a tad holey and smells like a mix of wee,spew and baby:o! even tho i do try and sneakily wash it, don't know where i would be with out these two, they are my darlings little cuddly's which she loves :)
tessa771 - 3:20 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My now 5yr old used to looove Special Agent Oso. He would sleep with him, take him for car rides and keep him close at all times. Now Oso has a special place next to his pillow. He may be to old to take him everywhere but he still sleeps with him, cute!
livandjimi - 3:18 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My 2 sons both have cuddlys that they cant sleep without! Mr 3.5 has a bear blanky and Mr 13 months has a bunny one! I have 2 for each of them so I can rotate their washing :) Gosh they get pretty gross after being sucked and chewed!
jopukeko - 3:17 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My three year old has her Flower Bear. He is looking very loved and is missing eye. Flower Bear likes to hide especially at bed time. Last year I found another Flower Bear but when my she saw it it became Flower Bear's Mummy. Most of the brown Teddy's in our house are related to Flower Bear.
blynda - 3:12 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My sons favourite soft toy is a purple "My first Teddy Bear" that has been sewn up sooooo many times that even the stitching cant hold it anymore.  The arms have teethered, the eyes are hanging out and he has lost his ear but it is still his favourite soft toy and will not part with it.  And guess what he has named it ...... (Teddy) orignal aye
Jojo17 - 3:07 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My almost 4 year old son has a giant Papa Smurf soft toy, he loves him to bits, he has to go everywhere (except outside of our home unless we're going on holiday etc!) I never really understood the whole imaginary friend thing, but I guess his Papa Smurf is real in the physical sense but responding to him??? hahaha I do love hearing his conversations he has with Papa Smurf, especially when they're lying in bed together I will hear my son say things like "Oh, I know that one" it's almost like he's answering his toy it's cute!
Judz - 3:07 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My little miss 22mths has her "dog dog" she got him when she was 5mths old and just loves him to bits!! When it started looking a bit ratty I brought another couple of identical soft dogs but she knows which is the original and wont sleep without him! Even i cant tell the difference between them sometimes but she sure can!!
tonims - 3:07 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
my 18 month old has Monkey. he picked it out when he was about 6 months old. hasnt left his side since! sleeps with it every night!!
piglet - 2:59 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My seven year old has 'Snuggles' her stuffed dog, he is quite big and she has had him since she was about 2. He goes everywhere with her!  My son who is four has 'Pooky',  a funny looking monster thing. Pooky sleeps in his bed every night to chase away those nightmares, and he also goes everywhere with us too!
AmberL - 2:56 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My 14 month olds favorite toy is her lamby and her doggy they are both small sized plush toys. One stays at home and one stays at daycare, they get switched weekly. She now knows to get them before we leave the house and also knows to grab them before naps and bedtime. Recently she has started holding them up for kisses as well. She loves the feel of fabrics and textiles and enjoys the textures under her nose as she drifts off to sleep.
Salby - 2:52 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My Mr 3 has my old Tickle me Elmo which I've had half my life (15 years) and only had to change the battery once. He is a big Elmo fan & walks around singing "Da da da, da da da, Elmo's World" and he has to be placed on his shelf in the same spot every night before bed so he can watch him sleep.
stacleaning - 2:52 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Oh my daughter has her little "pinky" a pink and white guinea pig. She loves her pinky, she has to go everywhere and always goes to bed with my daughter. If we forget her when we go out for the day it is all over heheehe One day we had to turn around she was so upset. She plays all sorts of games and talks n sings with pinky. Once we couldn't find her and Aly was so upset, we (Daddy, mummy and Alessandra) were all searching the house when Aly said a prayer to help her find pinky so she(pinky) will be happy and not scared. We thought at one stage we should buy a back up one just in case hahaha

Just so adorable how attached they can become to one toy, when she was 1 it was her brobee toy she loved. Our one year old now has a cute giraffe that she got when she was born that she loves and always gives cuddles when she is playing :)
Keryn247 - 2:52 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
my Daughters not particularly fussy, anything with a tag is good.  If you give her a soft toy she ends up sucking on its bum....because thats where the tag is!!
shellcruise - 2:51 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Kaylee's favourite toy is Sleeping scout she is only 8mths however her big sister who is 3 has over 70 teddys (loves them all) and everynight it is someone new that she has to sleep with but saying that she always comes back to Violet as its her 'best puppy' and her other favourite is 'white bun' she has named practically all of her animals with very practical names ie:  Brown Ted, Big Brown Ted, Small Brown Ted, Baby Unicorn, Blue Unicorn, Big Blue Unicorn, Honey, Honey 2, Big Honey, Little Honey, White Ted, Big White and Black Ted - you get the drift - we get them at Galas for 50c - $2 and they go into her princess castle and she loves them all
angelbabe650 - 2:50 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Marlee has a toy dog that she got for her first birthday and fell in love with instantly. It's as big as she is and goes EVERYWHERE with her. She even tries to take it in the bath with her :)
lmiln003 - 2:49 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Olivia has a bellbird soft toy which sings the bellbirds tune when its tummy is pushed. She adores the bird and doesn't go to bed without it - many a nights I have woken to "twit twit twitter" from her room when she has rolled over and squished her poor birdy!
Glenfelik - 2:48 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
My DD's favourite soft toy is her thumb!!  She has never really had anything else from when she was born - but her 'friend' has stuck by her all these years.  Ds's favourite is his Lightning McQueen blanket - it goes to bed with him every night.
sophieh - 2:48 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Louie (18 month) favourite toy is a aligator stuffed toy, he carries him around under his arm all day and for naps, we have to play a game where dance Ali around the cot and pretend he falls in on Louie, this game sends him into hysterics... At meal times Ali gets offered all food and if the dog is lucky Ali is put him to the dog for a snuggle when Louie decides he has another important task for him to deal with
MumBum - 2:41 PM Fri-1-Jun-2012
Kyuss had Dagon, a purple and pink dragon when he was little; Saiah who is two has Wilson, a dog with Wilson on his tag, he sleeps with Wilson and at bedtime he sings to Wilson to put him to sleep...

My favorite toy was an ugly plastic Rat, honestly the most hideous looking squeaky toy ever and the poor thing never ever squeaked! (I think that's why mum let me have it because it didn't squeak). It was definitely a rat NOT a mouse but Mum thought a "mouse" was more socially acceptable than a rat.

From the time I was about 6months old until I was about 5 or 6, he went everywhere with me, he was the only toy I wouldn't share and was so special that he is in my 10month old photographs because he was the only thing that would keep me happy for the photographer!

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