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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews - The Vow
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-06-04 10:35:11`  

Inspired by a true story, The Vow is the latest offering in the ‘love story’ genre and proof that romance is not dead.

Paige and Leo (Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum) are a happy newlywed couple whose lives are changed by a car accident that puts Paige in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, Paige has no memory of Leo, a confusing relationship with her parents (Sam Neill and Jessica Lange), and an ex-fiance (Scott Speedman) she may still have feelings for. Despite these complications, Leo endeavours to win her heart again and rebuild their marriage.

The Vow is available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray from 13 June 2012

To register for this review, our members told us about their favourite love stories. Kidspot have chosen three Mums Say members as Movies at Home Club reviewers - watch this space for their reviews!

If you are selected to trial, we will send the DVD to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. You will be required to post your reviews in the Movies at Home Club if you are selected.

Comments (162)
maxsmum - 8:13 AM Fri-6-Jul-2012

I�wish I could say the same as bellow buttt, I found it to be a little weak and I’m a
love story freak! My hubby and I watched and I will admit that was a mistake
next time I’ll go with getting girlfriends over for a girlie night!

After a couple are involved in a car accident, the husband dose everything he can to
help his wife recover even though she can’t remember him. There is
"layered" drama throughout the film including betrayal from family,
exs and friends. I found the ending to be a bit annoying too, it felt like they
had run out of time so just went with what they did. I would give it a 6/10

Leightk3 - 11:35 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012
I chose to have a ladies night when reviewing 'The Vow'. I hadnt heard much about this movie except that it was a chick flick,but I made hubby stay and watch with us to give his male view on it.  Present for this movie night were 2 of my closest friends, my 9 year old daughter and my hubby.

After reading the DVD cover I was pleased to see it was based on a true story and the main actors were ones I was familiar with and had liked in other films.

Once the movie was over we all had a discussion about what we thought about it.
  • My friend gave the highest compliment saying, this was a real life true love story.
  • It took you on a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions. Happy, sad, hopeful, annoyed, funny and happy all over again.
  • My hubby managed to watch it to the end and decided that was exactly what he would do if the same thing happened to us only with more action and a muscle car or two.
  • My 9 year old liked the story line especially the part where everyone lived happily ever after.
  • I enjoyed how their zest for life and their deep understanding of each other before the event led to them overcoming the odds.
  • It gives you hope that there is a knight in shining armor out there for everyone.

This was a wonderful true life love story, it is definitely worth a watch on a girls night! Dont forget the munchies and the tissues which is a must have for great love stories! Enjoy! We rated this  movie a 8/10

ankmika - 1:59 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Hubby and I snuggled up, got some soft drink and chips, and watched THE VOW.

�I was really excited when I heard about this movie because its based of a true event and I love love love!! movies that are true. The main stars of the movie Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are fantastic actors and worked really well together on this film.

The movie was filled with a mixture of sad/funny/ and heartwarming moments.

Paige and Leo are happily married. When they get into a car crash, Paige loses her memory and cant remember her life or Leo before the crash.Leo tries to get paige to remember their love and when she doesnt this starts Leo in a bid to make her fall in love with him again.Other people get involved (Mum,Dad,Sister,Friends and a x bf)� There is a couple of twists in the movie.(I didnt want to give away to much of the movie)

The movie is very much "will they--wont they" find there way back together.

I would rate it a 9/10 I really liked it. The only thing I didnt love so much was the ending (with out giving to much away again) I think it should have showed some snippets of the future instead of just ending like it did.But I liked how there was a photo of the real people this happened to.I was feeling really sad for Leo as he was trying so hard and was hoping that Paige would just get her memory back and remember him!

My partner rated it a 7/10 he said he liked the story line and the main actors were good but he feels it needed some thing else and was a bit slow in the middle ( Im afraid that was all the information he decided to share with me he didn't elaborate what the some thing else was)

If you enjoy watching love movies you should give this movie a go (and make sure you watch the out-takes and bloopers there are some LOL moments and theres one out-take with Paiges Mum and Leo that I really think should have been in the movie but it wasnt so that was a shame.

I also watched this movie with my friends kids Samantha 16 year old girl and Mike 17 year old boy.

Sam loved the movie and had a good cry in a few parts.Her favorite scene was the one where you see Leos naked bum....

Mike thought the start of the movie was good but in the last 20 mins he got a better offer (going to his mattes) and left so he cant of been that interested in seeing the end result of the film.

I  highly recommend this movie A++++

smoodles - 3:46 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is my own, I met and feel in love at seventeen, married at 18 and still head over heels madly in love 16 years later, I guess thats why i love watching love stories, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and reminds me how lucky I truely am.
awells11 - 2:48 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
Love to trail this dvdBest love story of all time has to be TITANIC so romanitc and timeless thank you
awells11 - 2:48 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
Love to trail this dvdBest love story of all time has to be TITANIC so romatic
MelanieandTrinity - 3:39 PM Mon-18-Jun-2012
There are so many to choose from, but I would actually have to say Mamma Mia, it had singing dancing friendship and love, may not be listed as a romance but it kind of is.Great movie, with a new baby I cant really go far, so watching movies is great and the best thing is the pause button lol
blest - 2:08 PM Mon-18-Jun-2012
10 Things I Hate About You would have to be my favourite, followed closely by Ever After and Never Been Kissed, probably because I watched them when I was an romantic, impressionable teenager :P
tammyd - 11:08 AM Mon-18-Jun-2012
After a long hard think I have to say my favourite Love Story would be a close call between The Notebook and P.S. I Love You. Both made me cry and feel so warm and fuzzy!! Would love to review The Vow :)
catrad - 7:55 PM Sun-17-Jun-2012
I would love love love to  see this, i loved the english patient and the notebook, unfortunatley where we live doesnt have a movie theatre so i missed it at the movies and with only 1 small video store i think i may be waiting a while to see it.
lindyloos - 9:53 PM Sat-16-Jun-2012
i love the notebook and can watch it over and over again AND the book is sooooo much better than the movie!
Haylee9 - 9:43 PM Fri-15-Jun-2012
I loved the English Patient. Haven't seen a good adult movie in a very long time!
SusanD - 5:49 PM Fri-15-Jun-2012
I'm a sucker for any love story - but Dirty Dancing would definitely be my absolute favourite.  How can you go past 'nobody puts Baby in a corner!!'.

Would love to review The Vow.  Channing Tatum is easily a new Patrick Swayze - drool...  :)
keetismyson - 7:38 PM Thu-14-Jun-2012
my most favourite story line of ALL time would be Dirty Dancing. that is my favourite movie i have both the 15 year anniversary addition on TAPE and the 20th anniversary on DVD so yeah I love "LOVE STORIES". i would love to review this DVD for you so that i am able to watch something OTHER than Kids MOVIES and KIDZONE24.
sweetybear - 5:34 PM Thu-14-Jun-2012

I am a total sucker for a love story, is there really a bad one??  As much as I love Movies and books - You can't beat a real life love story, and I think my Parents being Married for 41 years and still totally in love trumps them all :-) So that has to be my absolute favorite>  I would love to review this Movie for you all.

nicirving - 2:57 PM Thu-14-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is Romeo & Juliet.There is something about that movie that gets me going every time. I'm a complete sucker and still believe that they'll both wake up/live, completely forgetting about the tragedy of it all.Second best is Pretty Woman - need I say anything more!
Kayla35 - 10:29 AM Thu-14-Jun-2012
My favourite love story of all time is Romeo & Juliet, so sad and tragic, but when you are that age you would do anything for love!
ECAW - 1:49 PM Wed-13-Jun-2012
My favourite love story of all time has to be the movie EVER AFTER. I LOVE it so much, its a beautiful love story with a lovey ending and full of romance, intrigue, humour!! I would LOVE to be a reviewer of this movie, would be amazing!
lildudesez - 1:41 PM Wed-13-Jun-2012

the sound of music would have to be my all time favourite love story

bmorton - 10:59 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
forest gump!
kymie83 - 5:41 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
It has to be Pride and Prejudice, read the books so many times, the film is awesome and so to is the TV drama. Jane Austin is a very clever romantic :-)
cnikb - 1:32 PM Mon-11-Jun-2012

The Time travellers wife is my favourite love story

manea16 - 1:07 PM Mon-11-Jun-2012
Mine are oldies but goodies, gotta love dirty dancing and ghost.
eddie - 10:53 AM Mon-11-Jun-2012
Roman Holiday, can watch this movie again and again.
DaneHsmum - 10:27 AM Mon-11-Jun-2012

There's nothing like kicking back after my little one has gone to sleep with a good chick flick, chocy, tissues and a cuppa.

My fav love story is the 'Princess Bride' it's a little corny but still great (and one for the whole family)

ralf - 9:52 AM Mon-11-Jun-2012
Would love to see this movie, my favourite love story is Notebook, it always makes me cry, yet feel the love at the same time.
Guest Member - 10:58 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
Would love to review! first timer here! :D My favourite all time love story (movie) Is LOVE ACTUALLY!
chopper59 - 8:19 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
it would have to be he notebook
princess - 7:27 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
My absolute favorite is Love Actually. I cannot not watch it when it's on, I love it every time and know most of the words!
houdi - 12:49 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
Top Gun and the Notebook would be equal.
novel - 10:58 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
My pick would have to be The Notebook :)
pkcy - 10:48 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012

Probably not your usual love story, but the Princess Bride is the one movie I have ever watched the most.

AllLovedUp - 10:20 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
I love Dirty Dancing, Remember watching it for the first time in tears as my boy from next door was about to leave for good and the movie just hit home. Still love it now! (Needless to say boy from next door and I found each other again years later and now have our own Baby!)
storm213 - 9:45 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
i love the titantic and my reason that i do is i just do lol i always cry its the best moive ever
My3BoysandMe - 7:25 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012

Oneday while op-shopping i found and bought the book Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks and I read it within 2 days. This quickly became my favourite love story. It was about a man who tragically lost the love of his life, he then began to write her romantic love letters and throw them into the ocean in bottles, one was found by a lady who then set out to find him and when she did a whirlwind romance began.  But there was a twist I wont reveal- you'll have to read the book yourself! Its also a movie starring Kevin Costner

rollsr - 7:23 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
favourite love story of all time is definitely dirty dancing. A great flick that gals of any age can watch over and over again
turtle - 6:47 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
the times travelers wife. i  would love to review this :)
vish - 6:38 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Serendipity is my all ime fav.. Dying to see the vow, but did not get a chance yet...
drdixon - 6:34 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
This may not be the most popular choice, but I like The Wedding Date... there's something about it that resonates w me.... perhaps it's the fact that the lead female is less-than-Hollywood-perfect, and so she seems more real, but she still gets the fab guy :-)
Katea16 - 6:34 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Love actually is my favorite movie followed closely by The Sound of Music. I love the musical element in both and they are both classics. Would love to review The Vow but will have to stock up on tissues I've heard.
sheree2911 - 5:31 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
oh that would have to be "Pretty Woman"An oldie now but, still a wonderful love story.I love Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in this movie.I have seen in that many times and still love watching it.I have noticed this film and have wanted to see, am more than happy to watch and share my opinion..:-D
twishi2012 - 5:06 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
ive been wanting to see this movie since i saw the trailer on tv months ago, and ive been trying to get the partner to get it for me for my birthday, and titatnic is my fav romantic movie, followed by twilight lol
kjm72 - 4:55 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
I would LOVE to review this movie - looks like the perfect movie to share with my 12 year old daughter...... Also love Love Actually
nummabear - 4:13 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
ever after,ghost, and dirty dancing...theres so many its hard to choose one!
Delilah - 4:04 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Ghost, a mans love for his partner is always a tear jerker. This is a brilliant movie and love story.
drdixon - 3:48 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Just what us Mums need! Some romance to balance out some of the less-than-nice moments associated with daily life as parents :-)
Hayleigh - 3:42 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Dirty Dancing it has to be a oldie but a goodie xx
Greerfamily - 3:34 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
I am a fan of Channing Tatum and rachel McAdams, both are wonderful actors and i have this movie at the top of my list to see on video if money allows it (usually once a month). A free chance to view it would be awesome!
Romantic stories like this take me away from the dreary drudge of my life and into a beautiful fantasy land where romance is tops!

cloejoel - 3:33 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Love all chick flicks. Princess Diaries would have to be a favourite :)
maxsmum - 1:11 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Titanic for sure. I think I was about 14 when it came out and went to see it 5 or 6 times while at the movies, I cant even guess the ammount of times ive seen it on DVD ;)
rachaelsfun - 9:27 AM Sat-9-Jun-2012
yeah i wasnt really a fan of the notebook etc ... but i did like this one :)
MumBum - 11:09 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
I like 50 first dates and The Princess Bride... tbh I don't really enjoy this type of movie so will be keen to read what the reviewers say about it. :-)
mumof6 - 5:26 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
Pride and Prejudice, Notting Hill the Princess Bride just to name a few of my favourites!
Gillymama - 2:29 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
Ohh how do you pick one? the Lakehouse is amazing & the Notebook... Nicholas Sparks books made into movies are my favs!
Mautopia - 2:03 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
I love 13 going on 30... such a fun movie! Love chick flicks!
Mummyleigh - 10:26 AM Fri-8-Jun-2012
My favourites would be twilight and the proposal , i love romantic movies - pick me! :-)
eingedc - 8:22 AM Fri-8-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is Far and Away (Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman). I never get tired of watching that movie,,,
starakamala - 10:50 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Princess Bride :-)
Jackieb - 8:12 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
I like the Bridget Jones movies, have seen them several times and never get bored.
Kourtz - 5:25 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is The Notebook! I am a big Rachel McAdams fan and that movie gets me every time!
tarns677 - 1:32 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is the notebook it has Rachel McAdams. I love it!
Guest Member - 11:43 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Two of my favourite love stories are Bright Star the true story of the poet John Keats, it's heartbreaking, but beautiful and The Young Victoria, the story of her rise to the throne and her one true love Prince Albert.
Matty1 - 8:41 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
My Favourite Love Story was the The Notebook. It's such a beautiful story and showed the true meaning of love and that it truly is endless :)
GirlsMum - 5:13 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
My favourite love story would be PS I love you. It would be nice to review The Vow with my husband because we have newborn in the house which is also our fouth and we wont be going out anywhere for awhile.
DaniTaylor - 4:40 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
The note book, Defintally, without fail, i get butterflys, tears and happy feelings during the movie! :)
katie1011 - 3:36 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
best love story has to be "A walk to remember" love it so much have watched it so many times :)
radioguru - 2:53 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
I like Love Actually...because it's a collection of love stories, all at varying stages of the relationship. I think it really is *the* definition of love story. :o)
Leightk3 - 12:47 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
I think it is far too hard to choose 1 love story, but because I think Sandra Bullock is the best actress in the world, I have to go with The Lake House, I just love it! My hubby wont watch them with me so I ring a few friends and we have a chick flick night with all the trimmings, (Tissues too!!)
CaseysMum - 12:36 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
I've always loved Sleepless in Seattle. It's an oldie but definately a goodie
wardma - 7:52 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012

My favourite romantic movie - what else "Titanic" - it had everything, romance, bigotory, tears, laughter, everlasting love - everything a good romantic movie should have.

I would love to trial the "Vow, I have heard so much about it and how good it was.  I have a wonderful husband and I would love to snuggle up and watch it with him.  The "Vow" shows that a marriage is more than romance, it is committment through the difficult times and loving your partner no matter what happens.

Please select me, I would love it.



Shirley - 11:09 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012

my favourite would be "Love Story" dreamy Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw...I must have been very young. It's a 1970's movie...I must have watched it when I was a young girl some 10 years after it was released.  The whole rich boy, poor girl story what a tearjerker.

I wish they would do their magic and remake the movie....please someone out there , I hope your listening...     

slinkylinky - 10:39 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My favourites would be A Walk To Remember and P S I Love You. I don't think I can pick just one, u love romantic movies :)
scottishlass - 10:15 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Well it is an oldie but a goodie, LOVE STORY, i think it was the first real love story i have ever seen and the memory has stayed with me all these years. i would love to see the vow, i missed it at the movies so would be a great opportunity to see it and review it
suee - 9:59 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My favorite love story is The Notebook. 
skyela - 9:52 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My favorite love story is my own, it isn't such a romantic story to others, but its mine all the same..meeting my husband was the best thing that ever happened in my life, even if it was us dancing to "its getting hot in here"...sure enough things haven't changed and we have now 3 very gorgeous children ;-)
Lozzykiwi - 9:45 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
It sounds really cheesy, but I like hearing real-life love stories about when people met - like my nana & poppa :) Makes it more special when it isn't fiction! Also just read about how the Queen met the Duke of Edinburgh (or Philip Mountbatten as he was then!). So romantic, he's the only man she's ever been interested in and she's loved him since she was just 13 - awww!
Keryn247 - 9:12 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Ghost, I get chills down my spine when I here Unchained Melody
Faffer - 8:45 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. An unconventional love story spanning four generations and one of the few movie translations that does justice to the novel.
heitiki - 8:44 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I'm a sucker for a good romance movie!  I have many favourites, Dirty Dancing is up there, as is The Mummy (not really a romance, I suppose, but I could picture myself there with Brendan Fraser...sigh!).
m4mummy - 8:38 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Has to be Pretty Women, i've seen it a million times and never get sick of it 
Nilithya - 7:51 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I can't help it. The notebook :) I quite like my own love story too, bit special ;)
yecats - 7:25 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Ever After is one of my favourites. There's just something about the movie that captures me. I also like that the Cinderella character is strong and sassy.
FullHouse - 7:19 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My favourite would have to be Dirty Dancing, we even had (I've had) the Time of my Life as our wedding dance!
blynda - 6:46 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
The Notebook - was so sad though.  I watched it with a friend and cried and cried.
ivory - 6:37 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
One of my favourite love stories is Sixteen Candles, I watched it over and over again when I was a teenager and I could really relate to the characters and the quirky humour.
SusanDax - 5:39 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Oh, HAS to be Notting HIll... Hugh Grant and true love are such a perfect combination :)
Godzgirl - 5:35 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I so wanted to see this at the movies but i didn't get to. My favouries would have to be "no reservations" with Catherine Zeta Jones, Love and Italian romance in the kitchen, yummy!. So heart warming. We bought a zoo is fantastic too. I do agree with the comments about P.S I love you too.
Mamabear - 5:33 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Can't choose one but Ghost, Pretty Woman and The Notebook are my favorites! :)
stepanka - 4:03 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
West side story!
cush29 - 3:25 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Ohh i love movies like this especially with the gorgeous Channing Tatum as the husband! :) Another Nicholas Sparks book brought to life on the big screen.
Armywife - 3:08 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Oh I missed this at the movies, and have been waiting, waiting, waiting for it to come out on DVD! My favourite love story of all time has to be 'The Notebook'. Even my husband shed a tear!
mumof2boys - 3:06 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012

Hi please pick me to review this - would be great to have a movie to have to sit down and watch and just for me!

Favourite love story of all time is the Love Story - an oldie but a goodie!


HopeJasmin - 3:01 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I would have to say that the Lakehouse is one of my all time favourites. Something that came out around the time my partner and I got together - so was his first gift to me. My partner works nights and watching a movie for me once the kids go to bed would be a perfect pick-me-up at the end of a long day. Thanks for the opportunity to register an interest in reviewing this movie.
MoniqueY - 2:49 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I think it would have to be Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle).   Such a beautiful story and such a classic retelling.

Followed closely by the Scarlet Pimpernel & The Notebook.
lorrainehogan - 2:42 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Hi. My favorite love story of all sleepless in Seattle. This is such a classic movie and one of my favorites. Am looking for another more modern love story favorite, So please pick me so I can find another favorite in this movie "The Vow". I will give honest but great feedback :-) Thanks for the chance to review this product!!!
sebadilaimi - 2:05 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012

I would have to agree with many by saying PS I love you! I am in definate need of a girls night and so do quite a few of my friends.  This movie would be the perfect treat :)


hcsmum - 1:47 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Nicholas Sparks didn't write this - it's based on a true story - Krickitt and Kim Carpenter :)
Angel1983 - 1:29 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My fave love story is ps I love you would love to watch this
ruthb - 1:19 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I love the cinderella story Ever After with Drew Barrymore... it is a beautiful story and is so very well made... having Leonardo DeVinci as a character is great too!
stisnz - 1:17 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Like most it is The Notebook.  Although I quite like the love story in the Twilight movies.
Nikki79 - 1:11 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My fave would definitely be The Notebook
Tracey123 - 1:10 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is Save the last Dance  all time fav!!  Huge Channing fan and Nicohlas Sparkes fan to boot.  Would love the oppourtunity to reveiw !
travelbugnz - 12:59 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Romeo and Juliet... I remember not really wanting to watch it as it was soooo predictable but when I finally did OMG I saw it at a friends house and wanted to watch it again straight away. I thought what they managed to achieve with the film to modernise it was fantastic. A true love stiry of all time!!!
hcsmum - 12:54 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Dirty Dancing, the Notebook and PS I love you. However reading the book behind this movie, I would say that it's pretty high up there on my favourite love stories, it's beautiful!
ruthie029 - 12:45 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Never been kissed- I love this movie so much!!
Di - 12:45 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
A classic: 'Room with a view'... because I watched it at an impressionable age; I watched it so many times, I knew the best lines off by heart ("We have a room with a view"). The leads were/are charming and quirky; the scenery gorgeous and as romantic as I can imagine. My favourite scenes are difficult to narrow down to two, but it would have to be a toss up between the tennis scene where George is fixated on Lucy's feet AND the skinny dipping scene where all the male cast literally jump in the lake, including the podgy vicar.

Great viewing, and it really has stood the test of time. So, I wonder how 'The Vow' measures up, and would love to find out :-)
BrittanyJWilson - 12:42 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I would love to trial this. My best friend and I tried going to the movies for it but things were just too hectic! My favourite movie would have to be PS I Love You. I was only watching it last night, it's the best storyline and I never tire of it.
ridinghood - 12:35 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
It's an old one called "love story" remember it from my time at high school back in the 70's.
EmmaR - 12:29 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
YES PLEASE!! I'm a sucker for girly love movies...especially The Notebook and PS I Love You. Get out those hankies!
livandjimi - 12:27 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Ghost is my all time fave, followed by Pretty Woman! Would so love to review this for you :)
Mizim - 11:16 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I still can't look past Beauty and the Beast. Best love story ever.
karinlee - 10:03 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012

My favourite love story would have to be Pride and Preduice and Dirty Dancing.

I would love to review this as I need a good excuse for a girls night lol.

I love any rom movie and love sitting there with a big glass of wine and block of chocolate dreaming while watching them.

lynleyg - 9:36 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I would love to review this. As for my favourite love story its a bit hard to pick. Maybe PS I Love You or a classic like Wuthering Heights.
ankmika - 9:23 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
My favorite love movie of all time is
- A walk to remember with Mandy Moore its soo sad
Others are
-Dirty Dancing
-The Lake house
The Vow looks great and, it would be a really good watch.I love movies that are based on true events it makes the movie so much more real.
I would love to review please.
samstills5 - 9:12 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Love Actually is one of my favs and I would LOVE to review this one!! :)
christineDixon - 8:49 AM Tue-5-Jun-2012
favorites would be ''Love Story" "The Note Book'' ''The Proposal''
I just love romance books and movies :)
kdc - 9:47 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
P.S. I Love You is my favourite love story of all time.
JacqIAm - 9:10 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is "The Princes Bride" CLASSIC!!! I say
staceyj - 8:57 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I have two favourites.... "The Notebook" and "PS I Love you".I would just love to review this movie
lele61 - 8:48 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
P.S I Love You is my favourite all time love story.
shorrty4life - 8:38 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
<3 P.S I love you! <3
malandrob - 8:07 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
marley and me cos it involves children, animals and men....
CamosMum - 7:44 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012

Can you feel the love tonight..... favourite love story of all time, the Lion King and with kids they are the perfect excuse to watch it plenty

Joanne - 7:07 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012

It would be awesome to review this DVD-please!    Love Actually is a favourite movie of mine.  It  has love themes running throughout the entire movie and it's so entertaining and watchable.  

BJW - 6:53 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012

I absolutely loved 'The Proposal' and have watched it many times hoping at the end they will find each other.  Superb movie and have had friends over for a girls' night in to watch with me with hubby & kids peeping in!!!

erenakelly - 6:18 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I loved Rachel McAdams in The Notebook and wept at the end of reading the book. However, my favourite love story of all time is Romeo and Juliet. I imagine this to be much the same; could do with some mush at this point in my life!
Kerrynmum - 6:07 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My favourite love story (movie) is The Notebook - amazing story of how hard, but worthwhile love is!
KZR2009 - 5:46 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My all time favourite movie is The Lake House. I love Sandra and Keanu together. Also, Friends With Benefits is one of the movies on my "To buy List". I have been waiting for The Vow to come out but haven't had the time to get it. Hope I get to be a reviewer for you ;)
fryer1 - 4:35 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My favourite love story of all time is The Princess Bride.  I can watch this movie time and time again.  I would love to review The Vow.  I have not seen it and it is definitely on my  to watch list
ajpickering - 4:12 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I haven't seen the movie but have read the book several times. I also love The Wedding by the same author that is about Noah & Allys (from The Notebook) daughter/son in law.

This would be beaut to watch with chocolate, hubby and a nice glass of wine - most likely in that order too 

shellcruise - 4:09 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Toss up between Phantom of the Opera, Love Actually or 50 First Dates
Rysmum - 3:52 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I would really like to review this movie :).
I would have to say i have two favourite love stories ( but they are both by the same author, Nicholas Sparks) A walk to remember ( Landon and Jamie ) and The Notebook ( Allie and Noah) these to love stories are just lovely and sad a the same time. I've watched the movies and read the books many times.
mumjess - 3:04 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I'd LOVE to review this!! My favourite EVER love story is pride and prejudice. so beautiful and hilarious... but esp the BBC version.
michp - 2:29 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I love Grease! I missed seeing The Vow at the cinemas so would love the chance to watch and review it at home.
mummy22 - 2:27 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
along came polly
gonzze - 2:04 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Titanic as it was the first movie my husband and i  went to see together
SandraA - 1:35 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Definately "Dirty Dancing".
Glenys - 1:23 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I would love to review The Vow. My favourite movie is Grease♥
IceKiwi - 1:10 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is Love and Basketball.
GoMummyJo - 12:57 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Favourite love story of all time - HAS to be Ross & Rachel off F.R.I.E.N.D.S !
Classic, goofy, on again, off again. "We were on a break" hehe
cherrytf - 12:56 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
When Harry Met Sally for me
lotsakids - 12:42 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
mine would be the movies the crow..
mummytoone - 12:41 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
The sound of music- hands down!!
veronicad - 12:26 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
The Princess Bride where True love prevails, even after death!
bassplayer - 12:20 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My favorite love story of all time is the love the character (played by Julia Roberts) in Eat, Pray, Love found for herself throughout her journey of self discovery :) I also love the Barbie and Ken love story in Toy Story 3!!
teen29 - 12:12 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Would definitely be A Walk to remember with Shane West and Mandy Moore. 2 totally opposite people brought together, who fall in love. It's a sad, beautiful love story. I have watched it soooo many times! That's how you can tell you love a movie :) And I would love The Vow, because I love Channing Tatum, and him and me share the same birthday :)
mary110370 - 12:06 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I just love the Disney classics as they always end with "Happily Ever After", I think the best of all would have to be Beauty and the Beast - teaching adults and children alike that beauty comes from within.  50 1st Dates is lovely and light hearted and Ghost was amazingly sad.
piglet - 11:48 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012

Channing Tatum is sooooo HOT that you just have to pick me to review this movie lol.  My favourite all time love story would probably be lady & the tramp - nothing like bad boy coming good (which is also why I totally loved Channing Tatum's movie Dear John..mmmm eye candy!). 

sophieh - 11:47 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
WITHOUT a doubt it would have to be "The Notebook" I have watched it at least 10 times and own a copy of it and still cry each time... Such a wonderful story, I love it!!
LindaK - 11:45 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Hard to choose one favourite love story! Maybe "Wuthering Heights" because of its complexities and layers.

I'd love to watch and review "The Vow." :)
druryl - 11:27 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I love watching love stories and would live to review this movie - haven't seen it yet but really want to. One of my favorite movies is the holiday - love watching it.
jopukeko - 11:22 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
My favourite love story is Sleeping Beauty. i love the idea of being woken with a magical kiss.
tessa771 - 11:08 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I have always loved Dirty Dancing, grew up watching it with mum and now its a favourite of mine :) Cant wait to get my kids watching it
SarahBlair - 11:05 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I love Pride and Prejudice (ohh.. Mr Darcy!!) And I like the Twilight series!!
hellyp - 11:05 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
I would have to say Im a sucker for the Notebook!!
dayauon - 11:04 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
love to review a love story.  love the feeling of falling in love all over again when i watch a movie. i love my bestfriend's wedding starring julia roberts.   
mellymum - 11:02 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Oh my gosh I must be the only person who hasnt seen this, read mixed reviews so will be interested to see what I think. My favourite love story, oh I have so many, The Holiday, Twilight Saga, Sound of Music, Titanic the list goes on.
Kitty - 10:53 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Titanic :)
kennyjo - 10:49 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Id have to say im enjoying the story of mr grey and Miss steele at the moment :)
rachaelsfun - 10:49 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
would love to trial this ... saw it at the movies and loved it .. and would recommend to any ladies who like a good romance (or looki9ng at Channing Tatum shirtless !!) :D
steff - 10:44 AM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Have to say, I love the twilight series.

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