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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Reviews to come for the BABYBJORN High Chair
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-06-04 12:03:43`  

The BABYBJORN High Chair is a revolution in high chair design. No fiddly straps that get clogged up with all those spillages, a comfortable seated position and an easy to clean and store design.

The BABYBJORN High Chair is suitable for children aged from around 6 months to 3 years and is easily adjusted to fit their growing needs. The safety table keeps your child securely in the chair and closes with a two-step lock. The backrest hugs baby's body and helps your child sit up comfortably. Smooth surfaces and a detachable tray make it easy to clean.


Who is this trial for?

Parents with babies who can sit unaided, aged from around 6 months to three years (max height 95 cm).

What's included in this trial?

Two reviewers will each receive a BABYBJORN High Chair.

*** Reviewers have been chosen - ingie83 and thecoffeelady. Watch this space for their reviews ***

We will drop you a line if you are one of 2 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review BABYBJORN High Chair. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

Return to BABYBJORN on the Kidspot Directory

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Comments (37)
mum2grace - 7:00 PM Mon-5-Aug-2013
Would absolutely love to trial this with my cherub!
mum2grace - 7:00 PM Mon-5-Aug-2013
Would absolutely love to trial this with my cherub!
mum2grace - 6:59 PM Mon-5-Aug-2013
Would absolutely love to trial this with my cherub!
JulieKidspot - 11:56 AM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Photos from our reviewer ingie83

JulieKidspot - 11:58 AM Mon-25-Jun-2012
Review from thecoffeelady:  Read her blog here

The Babybjorn highchair arrived this morning and this is my experience with it so far.


First of all to set it up was incredibly easy, I'm not a instruction reader and tend to put things together then read the instructions but with this highchair it was set up in less than 60 seconds and I checked the instructions just to make sure there were no extra warnings or anything, amazingly easy!


The look is so nice and modern, sleek lines with no extra bits anywhere to get messy, I love the way the tray has a clip on/off cover for ease of cleaning, and it really is easy. I fed baby the usual messy food that went EVERYWHERE but it honestly took a quick wipe over the body of the highchair and the tray I gave a little scrub in the sink and taaaa daaaaa - all nice and clean!


The way the tray part moves took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to let it down then raise it again to put baby in and out but now I know it is as easy as a easy thing.


Yes this highchair defenitely ticks all the boxes - thank you so much Kidspot and Babybjorn.

ingie83 - 8:28 PM Sat-23-Jun-2012
Our high cute little compact high chair arrived on Friday morning, the kids where eager to unpack and use first thing. Was extremely easy to put together and got Elsah into with no fuss. She loves no straps and enjoys the freedom she has to move around now. For the first time since we started using a highchair with her I could make breakfast for everyone because I was not confined to sitting feeding Elsah trapped behind our old bulky high chair. Both kids where happily feed and Mum in no time when we can sit down together to eat with everyones breakfast being prepared at the same time. It's a relief to be able to get up and move straight pass Elsah and get my 3 year old a drink or anything I need to! Cleaning up this highchair is great and so easy I unclip the top tray and can fit the whole thing in the sink to clean it throughly, I don't have to worry about any food or bugs being left behind as it can be washed with very hot soap water and then dried. The high chair itself I have just sprayed down and wiped off with no straps to worry about cleaning and smooth wipeable surface it's a busy Mums dream product. Folding up is simple it did take me a couple of times before working out how to fold the tray right but now do it in seconds and slide it in beside the pantry tucked out of the way. I have no worry it will topple over on Elsah as she crawls pass. I was talking to my sister about the high chair and said I would happily take it with me anywhere for Elsah it is going to make life a lot simpler. Dinner at the Grand parents or on holiday with us.It must be comfortable too because Elsah loves sitting up in it she is aware of everything going on & right in the middle of things, no straps to be tangled in and sitting upright rather than slouched in a space far to big for her little body. Yet later on we can slide the tray back as she grows older.I originally though this was an expensive highchair and out of my price range but when you consider it would be suitable for a number of children and is not going to tear or get damaged straps with time also it's the most hygienic high chair I have seen it's actually a much more economical option. I highly recommend this high chair its small, compact, easy to use, comfortable for baby and over all great. It will be much loved in our house hold for Elsah now and her new brother or sister after her!Thank you for choosing us to trial this highchair it made my day when it arrived and gave me room to move around again when feeding the kids. I had not realized how restricted I was because you make do, this has helped make breakfast time a happier faster experience in our house.
thecoffeelady - 1:58 PM Fri-22-Jun-2012

Arrived today and I'm really pleased with it...  for the review read my blog



MumBum - 5:48 PM Thu-14-Jun-2012
Oooooh Kaye! You're so lucky!!!! I look forward to reading your review! ...
thecoffeelady - 5:44 PM Thu-14-Jun-2012
Thank you ever so much Kidspot - I am so excited to be given the chance to trial this highchair
livandjimi - 7:43 PM Wed-13-Jun-2012
I love its features! Love the proper sitting position especially. My bubs always sliding down in his old dunga!
atasfairys - 12:17 PM Wed-13-Jun-2012
Choke free no straps now that puts a parents mind at ease.
PaulaF - 10:17 AM Wed-13-Jun-2012

Oh WOW!! I would love to trial this chair for my 1yr old son. He's so messy and the chair he has, has so many creases in the plastic cover it's almost impossible to clean it and takes AGES! By the time I've finished cleaning up after his meal times it's almost time for the next one!! I was looking for a new one to replace it that would be easier to clean.

So PLEEEEEAASSSSSE!!! Consider me for this trial!!

Skeetylee - 9:30 PM Mon-11-Jun-2012

um... yes please!!  Have emailed our details and our plea.  Thanks for another awesome opportunity! 

Leightk3 - 7:17 PM Mon-11-Jun-2012
I would love this! My 16month old is such a squirmy little rabbit that I would at least have peace of mind that she will be safe in this chair!
eddie - 10:45 AM Mon-11-Jun-2012
This highchair would really help with not having to strap the baby in and my 9 month old hates being strapped in.
VCodd - 11:52 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
This highchair looks so simple and easy to clean! Would love to trial it with my messy 7 month old girl :) 
cupcat - 8:55 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
this looks perfect for our girl, we are looking for an alternative high chair that is comfortable and yet easy to clean!
shaz - 2:32 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
This looks fab..really like the fiddly bits to clean. I have a 1yr old who sits in a broken high chair..would LOVE to try this..fingers crossed!! : )))
nummabear - 1:02 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
all i can say is...awesome lol :) oh and love love love!
nixnkidz - 7:14 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Wow! What more can I say!!  I sell highchairs at work and have seen many in my time at work and through having 4 kids but this is truly awesome!  (typical baby bjorn to get it right!)  I have a 4 month old who is almost ready to start solids and we dont yet have a highchair for her so how amazing would this be for timing!!  (especially as we cant afford to buy a new one for her right now)  Please pick us for this trial - it wouldnt just make my day but my year!!
eb - 6:04 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
The whole family just watched the video clip and we LOVE LOVE LOVE this highchair.  Even my husband LOVES it and he's not generally that excited about highchairs.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick us for a trial.  We have a grotty old highchair that I cannot get clean.  The tray is broken and it is hazardous.  My one year old stands up in it all the time and scares us all!  We gave up using it for a while because it's so dangerous, but have gone back to using it because mealtimes became such a headache.  Miss One kept getting down and wriggling around if we tried to hold her to eat her food.  We've tried a few at other people's places but this is the first highchair I've seen that looks like Miss One will not be able to stand up in it.  I love how it looks, how safe it appears and did I mention, I would LOVE to trial this.  Thanks so much for considering us.  I'm just about to e-mail my info to you. 
kyleeandluke - 4:00 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
We would be sooooo excited if we could trial this awesome highchair!  Our youngest is 5months old, and just starting solids.  He has been sitting in a Bumbo at the table, but likes to throw himself backwards for fun, but it scares as half to death, so we have to keep a hand on him!  This highchair would be a mealtime saviour!  Especially for my husband who only has one hand to use, which is very tricky when it usually has a spoonful of sloppy 'solids' in it!
shorrty4life - 3:48 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Yay emailed!!
MAMANANNA - 3:23 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
I have  2 grandaughters one in a high chair one nearly there .At last a simple practical designed chair without all the unnessary extras.Like its clean lines practical and easy to clean and safe Also for our family the fact it would be easy to take anywhere and the children can sit at the table with everyone .We have alot of meals together and this chair would allow them to be apart of those times.Would love the chance for us to try .
GirlsMum - 3:18 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
No more yucky straps would be a dream come true with my messy 19 month old
Armywife - 3:17 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012

Would LOVE to review this, our son who is 10 months escapes and stand up in his highchair even with the safety straps on tight, he still manages it!


Bobenner - 3:14 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
I just emailed - hope we get picked!
nessee - 1:52 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
Wow this Babyjorn High Chair would come in sooo handy as now having a second wee baby girl its hard to feed two at the same time - why oh why do babies seem to want to feed at the same time - arrrrh Mummy only has one set of hands heheeee....Love that its safe and easy to use and clean too by the looks :) Registering to trial one now :)
JulieKidspot - 12:05 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012
Don't forget to email your details if you wish to be considered for this trial
olga - 10:32 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
we would be so thrilled if you include us in this review - not much hope probably since only two chairs for the trial - BUT - i thought i would still apply - my little 1.5 years daughter is using the high chair from 1970s )) - i can send you the photos of this antique chair - it was well built and used by all five daughters of my husband - one of those is my girl and 4 stepdaughters in different periods of my husband's life ))) one of the reasons why we didn't buy a new high chair for our toddler was that all chairs we looked at were huge and we don't have much space in the kitchen - this chair is very interesting, we wonder if it is the one we want and need and whether such an active toddler lik my daughter is safe and comfortable sitting in it, how easy it is for a toddler to eat at such revolutionary chair and tray and whether it will robust enough for her
Neilia - 4:25 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Wow, the BABYBJORN high chair looks awesome, so sleek and modern. My little Lars, 16 months old, would be so grateful to not have to be strapped into his chair anymore... We would love the chance to test... Thank you
KrisT - 3:17 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
I would love to trial this - Our littlie wont sit down in our high chair which is falling apart. What a great opportunity. This would be fantastic.
kleene20 - 2:55 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
That's a great opportunity. As our high chair is falling apart and I can't strap Miss 9 month in otherwise she screams the whole house down, I went back to feeding her on my lap. Miss 29 month uses the highchair now instead, as she wants to be a baby again. So a new highchair like this one would be great.
sophieh - 2:32 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012

I would love to be picked to trial this product!

The correct highchair that we use is so useless and impossible to get the food out of of the gaps and holes, it is very hard to maintain whereas this one looks sleek and simple just what we need.

Also containing a 18 month in a old school high chair that does not have straps is proving to be a safety hazard, since my little man has decided it is quite fun to stand up and climb on try!! Eeekkk.

So pick me as this high chair seriously looks awesome!!

MumBum - 7:55 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Please pick me, I have a 2 year old who has a very old highchair and very soon I will need a second highchair for my 7month old because he is getting to the age where he needs to learn to start holding his own toast etc.

I'll get good use out of it because I'd put the toddler in it until he is old enough to sit at the table and then baby Jessie can use it too.

The high chair we have has got straps which are a pain but have been needed because my 2year old is a bit of an escapee, so I would be keen to see if this design without straps still secures him where he can't climb out and stand up on the tray! I also like that it is easy to clean because the one we have is not!! To clean the tray is fine but to clean the rest of it thoroughly I have had to use almost a whole bottle of exit mould... it was so mouldy (from being stored before we got given it) that I almost considered water blasting it!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick my kids to trial this product!

And thank you again Kidspot and Babybjorn for another great product to review.
thecoffeelady - 2:23 PM Mon-4-Jun-2012
Thanks for the chance for this, I am currently looking for a new highchair so would LOVE to trial this one, it looks excellent.

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