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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews - Silly Billyz Waterproof Jackets and Pants
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-06-05 12:48:22`  

There's no need to keep them cooped up inside during the wintry weather – Silly Billyz Waterproof Jackets and Pants are the ideal way to keep toddlers dry and warm during their outdoor adventures.

Silly Billyz Waterproof Jackets and Pants are made from soft quick-dry waterproof nylon fabric and warm fleece lining. The soft fleece lining, will keep your toddler warm and comfy. The super cute jackets have handy side pockets, a zip front and elastic wrists to keep the warmth in. Available in Navy with Red, Lime or Aqua fleece lining. Silly Billyz Waterproof Pants are designed to offer toddlers protection and warmth. Just pop them over your toddler's pants or shorts. With elastic at the waist and ankles, they're sure to stay secure.

Who is this trial for?

Parents with toddlers up to four years old.

What's included in this trial?

Four reviewers will each receive a Silly Billyz Waterproof Jacket and Waterproof Pants in their choice of colour.

Trialists have been chosen - watch this space for the reviews!

We will drop you a line if you are one of four lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Silly Billyz Waterproof Jackets and Pants. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

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Comments (39)
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KerryJ - 10:08 AM Thu-9-Aug-2012

Hi All,
SO Sorry for the delay in sending this review through for the Silly Billyz! Combination of being crazy busy, life with a toddler and totally forgetful.
Well Joseph absolutely LOVES his new Silly Billyz clothes! We have had lots of days here where normally we would be cooped up inside but now with Silly Billyz there is no excuse! (Except that Mum gets cold & wet outside :-/  Perhaps they need to make Mummy sized ones)

These are really easy to get on although sometimes the lined pants can be a little more tricky with a toddler raring to go outside not wanting to sit still. Just the lining can be a little tricky - but this is not be expected with any lined pants.
Jacket is great! Water just runs off and is easy to wipe clean of mud, rain, sand, snow, food or whatever other yucky things toddlers like getting into. Also easy enough to throw into the machine and clean up after really messy outside time!
They are also pretty hard wearing as Joseph likes climbing everything - trees, concrete, playgrounds, and these didn't show any wear at all. So I think they would be great for a crawler too.

These are nice and snuggly and warm so no need to have 100 layers on underneath them as you can guarantee they are going to stay dry & therefore warm. Elastic around the wrists & ankles also helps keep water, mud and snow out as well.
Joe wasn't so keen on the velcro under his chin to keep the hood up & closed. But it wasn't a big deal.
All in all I would thoroughly recommend Silly Billyz to anyone, especially a mum of a little boy!!!
(Only down side is Joseph always wants to go outside now, and there is no excuse (except Mummy gets cold)
Love Love Love!!!!!!

Guest Member - 9:45 AM Thu-9-Aug-2012
Great to hear reviews on these products - I found a pair of overalls for our little guy from TM - they are also fantastic (and a fraction of the price) however are not lined with fleece like these ones are...that sounds like a fabulous luxury. The first day our guy was at playcentre they were amazing - had his normal wintery clothes on underneath (so looked a bit like a sumo, but nice and dry!), had plenty of comments about them too - they are fabulous...anything waterproof, but allowing to move is amazing....I think I'll look into these SB'z also as they are lined and probably a little warmer (and easier) than rugging him up underneath...I wonder if they do a waterproof beanie -there is a thought! with his affinity to water it'd top it off (excuse the pun) just nicely!
JulieKidspot - 1:43 PM Sun-29-Jul-2012
Photos from Manea6:

emjay - 10:42 AM Wed-18-Jul-2012
emjay - 10:31 AM Wed-18-Jul-2012

Sorry for the delay in feedback, these fantastic outdoors clothes turned up when a nasty flu was circulating the house and no one wanted to get off the couch let alone go outside!

My fist impressions were, wow, these are so thick and warm and snuggy! the quality of the lining, outer fabric and construction is top notch. the sleeves and feet holes are elasticated and the hood is lined too.

Even thou it rained all weekend we didn't get a chance to throw my boy outside in them but we did try them yesterday in the bitterly cold evening :) I found the lined pants a little tricky to put on, as lined trousers can be, but nothing a bit of rolling about giggling couldn't fix to try find those feet to get them out the other end. the jacket was easy to put on and do up and i really like the double overlay of fabric over the zip to keep the cold air or wet getting in. the zip came quite high up under my boys chin and the hood velcro didn't do up very easily but i think the jersey he had underneath was too bulky as when i tried it again later without his jersey on it was much better. due to the thick lining you could definately get away with less bulky underlayers, such as a couple of thermals and long shirt, and know they were going to stay warm.

my boy then ran around outside, slipped over in the mud and ate manderins off our tree while looking very comfortable in his gears. it wasn't raining but the manderin juice that dripped off his chin just ran off the jacket so the waterproofing certainly looks good, i was tempted to squirt the hose on him but i didn't really want to open that can of worms :) I am looking forward to the next rainy day.

the colours are great, i like the racing stripes down the back.

removing them after coming inside was very easy, and my boy felt so toasty and warm when i took them off.

I would definately recommend these, my thoughts when they arrived was they would be perfect for a day at the snow, they feel that toasty.

I wish i had some for me now! I will come back again when we give them the rain test :)

LIVINGLIFE - 3:18 PM Sun-15-Jul-2012

Today it finally rained so after lunch I decided to test out the silly billyz jacket and pants.  I received these about a week ago and as soon as they came in the door I opened them.  The very high quality of the outer fabric was evident by sight and feel and the inner fleece was made to the same quality as I put my arm in it and felt instant warmth and it was very soft too which would be lovely to wear.  The stitching of the garments was also of high quality as there were no loose threads or unsightly stitching.  The idea of having a piece of fabric close to the body then a zip  then another piece of fabric over with velcro attached is a great idea as it makes sure that the opening of the jacket is well closed and doesnt allow any cracks for the water to get in.

My 16 month old is very active and doesnt like to have to stay still for more then a few seconds so getting the jacket and pants on was very easy and even though it had two things to close the jacket it was very quick to close.  The elasticated ends of the arms and legs was another great idea to make an opening watertight and the leg ends were easy to tuck into a long pair of gumboots.  The hood which had a velcro closing at the bottom was great for keeping it on his head as he tends to pull other hats off.

Within a minute my son was outside into the rain which was a downpour and out into the mud and his sandpit.  His sister decided to put on her basic raincoat and join him but was inside within a couple of minutes because as well as the downpour there was a bitter cold wind so she got very cold.  My son didnt however feel any cold so carried on getting nice and muddy and sandy.  It was evident that the waterproofing in the garments was top notch as when the rain hit the fabric it dripped down and off the garment and didnt sit on it to make it saturated.  After nearly an hour of standing out under my umbrella while my son played I decided to take him inside because I was getting too cold.

Taking the jacket and pants off was an ease and not hard like having to pull off wet clothes and I didnt muck around rinsing it I just threw it straight into the washing machine.  When I was taking them off you could feel the warmth on my sons clothes underneath and it was amazing that even though he was outside in this horrible weather it felt like he had just taken off a warm snuggly blanket.

I would HIGHLY reccommend this product to parents and could imagine it would be great for farm children that go out on the farm with their parents in all sorts of horrible weather and could imagine that you could put your child in this suit when in the snow as it is that warm and of high quality.

I have looked through the other silly billyz product in the bpm catalogue and there are other great product in there to and am thinking about getting some of the feeding clothes.  Thank you so much for letting me review these and I will be recommending these wet weather clothes to the paretns at my playcentre and to all the kidspot mums, these garments really are worth getting and is well above any other wet weather gear I have tried.

LIVINGLIFE - 9:11 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
still waiting for the rain!!!! who would have thought I would be waiting for rain in the middle of winter!!!
Guest Member - 12:33 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012

Our package of goodies arrived the other day and we were keen to get out and try them out straight away. The sun was shining but the ground was nice and muddy and wet from the last few days of rain so a great chance to get all dirty and try them out. 

So I popped the jacket and pants on my little man.  The Pants were super easy to put on my wriggling toddler they just slipped right on and the jacket was pretty easy too just had a zip and then some handy little velcro strips that went over the zip.  The inside is really warm with a fleecy lining and I loved the bright lime colour on ours. 

The elastic around the waist, ankles and wrists help to keep everything in place.  The jacket has a hat that you can put on or not, it was easy to secure with a bit of velcro. 

They are made of high quality material.  The waterproof outing of the jacket and pants is really tough and easily handled my son dragging them along the concrete as he crawled along or rubbed against the brick wall of our house.  After my son found a bucket of water we carried out the waterproof test and these passed easily.  The water just rolled off the clothing and definitely didn’t soak through.  

I love the cute stripes on the back, made it so easy to see Milan as he tried to take off out of the backyard and would be great if you were at a park with lots of other kiddies around to spot yours. 

Milan had no trouble moving around in it and managed to run, climb, crawl and squeeze in between pots and walls quite easily.  By the end of our fun outside the pants were covered in mud. 

You know how kids clothes seem to stick to them when they’re wet well these didn’t I was able to just pull them off Milan really quickly (gotta love that if you have a wriggling toddler like mine) I just popped them straight in the washing machine (no rinsing first, we are a family of 5 so I’m all for clothes that don’t need rinsing first) washed them in a cold, normal wash nothing fancy.  To be honest I was expecting to see traces of our outside, muddy, fun but no … nothing they came out clean so just popped them out to dry.  Easy peasy love them!   

Now I just have to go clean his muddy covered shoes!

LIVINGLIFE - 10:13 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
Got my sillybillyz today and the jacket and pants really are great quality fabric, I am ashamed to say it but waiting for it to rain so he can get out in the wet and mud to see how they withstand the elements, I can already tell that it would be great against the bone chilling winds and keep it away from my little mans body, I will keep you posted.
LIVINGLIFE - 9:57 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Thank you so much for choosing us, cant wait for them to arrive and keep my little boy dry.
SandraG - 9:05 AM Thu-14-Jun-2012
Would be great here on the farm.
eddie - 11:05 AM Mon-11-Jun-2012
Looks like a quality winter weather jacket, would love to trail this.
paigan - 8:45 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
great idea for winter!
Guest Member - 8:44 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
Love the bibs too
Coring - 3:21 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
Would love to review one for my daughter since we walk alot going home.  It will keep my daughter from getting wet and protect her from the wild winds.  thanks.
nummabear - 12:59 PM Sun-10-Jun-2012
it would be an honour to do a review on these! my son cant get enough of being out in the wind/rain,but i find the jackets i use dont seem to keep him warm aswell dry, so would love to give my feedback :)
Mamabear - 7:47 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Love how they have a soft fleece lining for warmth along with being waterproof. Would love to trial!
SusanDax - 6:50 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
Crossing fingers!
corinne33 - 6:09 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012

OOh I would love to trial this - jacket would be great for any cool day in Wellington's winter & pants especially great for parks here, sandpit & when we go to weekly Nature Playschool with PORSE childcare group!  My almost 2 year old always wants to play on the playgrounds even if they are wet from earlier rain so this would be fantastic for her stage & play save on washing for busy mummy!


leighbert - 6:06 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
YES PLEASE!! My 17 month old daughter is a playcentre child and always gets wet and cold as she always heads towards the water play or goes down the wet slide. Something to help keep her dry and warm would be awesome!!
leighbert - 6:04 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
YES PLEASE!! My 16 month old daughter is a playcentre child and always gets wet and cold as she always heads towards the water play or goes down the wet slide. Something to help keep her dry and warm would be awesome!!
drdixon - 3:45 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
I can't help but think that the person who designed these must've had our wintry Wellington weather somewhere in their mind when they did so! We need this gear down here! :-)
mycanvas - 3:27 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
This would be an awesome trial .. my two year old loves being outside whatever the weather :-)
jms - 3:23 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
My 2yr old and i have been getting stuck into the vegie garden lately but because its so wet and slippery she falls over and hates the feeling of wet clothes against her skin. These would be perfect, as we would have no more upset moments........We live on a farm so as you can amagine there is lots of mud & puddles.
mumof6 - 5:21 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012

These would be great for my daughter to wear on those cold winter mornings watching the kids sport :).

Gillymama - 1:43 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
These would be more than perfect right now with all this slushy snow!
bexc - 11:11 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012

Aww these would be perfect to try as we are heading to christchurch in a couple of weeks to visit my daughters daddy and with the weather the last few days I think we need to invest in something like these. Email sent as well :)


SuzyF - 8:06 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
With the weather we have had yesterday and today with snow everywhere!!! Silly Billyz would be perfect and save having quite so many changes during the day.
LIVINGLIFE - 6:57 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
This would be great for myt little man at play centre, he has to go outside even when it is wet and so cold.
CamosMum - 11:04 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Agree with tammyd - needed these for a good test run in the snow yesterday :)
JacqIAm - 11:49 PM Wed-6-Jun-2012
With master five playing hockey, wee master two gets pretty wet rolling along the muddy hill waiting for his brother to finish playing, ideal test really I thought, Plus we walk to school every day so it would keep my wee "monster" try I think ;-)
tammyd - 10:54 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012
It's snowing in Christchurch today!! These would be perfect for Mr 3 playing outside today. Email definitely sent!!
shaz - 9:33 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012
These look great..E mail sent!
Twinsforus - 10:16 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
These would be perfect for Miss almost 2! She is forever in puddles and it would make school and kindy drop offs and pick ups much drier :)
skyela - 10:01 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
Have sent in a email :-)
jopukeko - 8:39 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012
These would be perfect for this weather. I've emailed my request.
blynda - 6:41 PM Tue-5-Jun-2012

Would love my girl to try these she is always getting wet and mucky


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