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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews for Kaloba®
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-06-06 01:41:44`  

Kaloba® is a 100% natural liquid formula, derived from a South African plant long associated with remedying winter ills and chills. For the best results it must be used as soon as the bugs attack.

Kaloba® concentrated bronchial formula:

  • Helps soothe the throat, nose and sinuses

  • Is recommended by pediatricians and doctors worldwide

  • Is a natural, plant-based remedy. Grown by nature – not laboratory made

  • Supports the immune system’s response against winter and seasonal bugs

  • Helps your family maintain optimum health over winter

View these articles (PDF) for more information

For more information visit Pharma Health NZ Limited - click here

Who is this trial for?

In most families the mother is the healthcare provider - we would like mums to let us know how Kaloba® has helped the family "survive" the winter. Kaloba® concentrated bronchial formula is for the whole family excluding: children younger than 12 months, pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

What's included in this trial?

Ten reviewers will each receive one 50ml bottle of Kaloba® concentrated bronchial formula. All who complete the trial and provide reviews at the requested intervals will receive an extra bottle as a thank you.

Reviewers have been chosen - read their reviews below.

Reviewers will be providing feedback upon receiving the product, after the initial use, after use two further times and at the end of the trial (in approximately three months). Feedback can be based on several family members.

We will drop you a line if you are one of 10 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Kaloba®. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

Return to Garden of Eden on the Kidspot Directory

Want to be the first to know about upcoming trials? Join our Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers Group here!

Comments (41)
cherrytf - 1:25 PM Mon-12-Aug-2013
Just got our bottles recently and just on time for our family. My daughter started sniffing Saturday afternoon, after getting wet by rain during her netball games that morning. I quickly began giving her Kaloba. My husband told me this morning he's starting to catch cold, so I let him drink Kaloba after breakfast. While having lunch today, I felt my throat start to ache, so I also took Kaloba right after eating.

I'm going to religiously make sure we continue taking Kaloba as prescribed and keep my fingers crossed. Will let you know how we get along after 48 hours.

13 August -- Kaloba may not taste good, but it definitely lives up to its promise! My daughter didn't get colds, and my husband and I are feeling better, too. Thanks heaps for letting us try this out!
lilblondee6 - 11:44 PM Tue-2-Jul-2013
I received my bottles of kaloba just in time, i started to get sick that very same day, i started my course.
straight away i started to notice a huge difference, It is also very easy to use with the markings on the dropper, and i was able to go about my daily life as normal, without snuffling, coughing and blowing my nose constantly but by the third day i had to stop taking kaloba as i experienced the rare case symptoms(nose bleeds) but for the three days i used it, it would be worth a try!
My partner is away and i back on thursday or friday, and is feeling under the weather so if he comes back sick i will get him to give it a try and write a review on his behalf.
imamum - 2:10 PM Wed-26-Sep-2012

We received the bottle of Kaloba and I was really happy. I had been meaning to try this product for a long time and had heard really good things about it. I put it in the cupboard and then proceeded to forget about it until about 3 days into my master 3.5 cough and runny nose. I read up on how to use it and then administered the dose. My son thought it tasted ok and went away happy. This changed after the first day and he was reluctant to have the dose again saying that he didnt like the taste anymore. After 3 days of use I did see improvement but was not sure it it was due to the product or the cold had run its course.

The next time master 3.5 came down with a runny nose I remembered to start the Kaloba at first symptoms. This seemed to work better and we were rid of the cold in two days. Symptoms were less severe.

I notice other mums are diluting the product in juice so will give this a go as the smell and dry taste is not appealing to any of the family. I also found that the dropper was hard to use accurately as there is only a 1ml marker on it and not the .5ml required for children 1-5 years old.

I will continue to trial this but indications have shown to me that as long as you catch sickness at the first symptoms it seems to work well in reducing sickness down time so is well worth while for all family members.







Kerrynmum - 6:53 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
We have just started coming down with another cold, and this time I used the Kaloba straight away (and remembered to use it 3x a day!) and it seems to have made a huge difference. Neither of the children (1 and 2) have deteriorated, and seem to be almost at the end of the cold after only a few days. WOW!
MumBum - 3:54 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
We still have about 1/4 of a bottle left as we have used it as soon as anyone starts to sniffle, complain of a sore throat etc and for my toddler, as soon as he starts to get a runny nose or cough I dose him up.It is honestly the best product I have found (and I have tried almost everything!!!) for stopping the cold/fluey bugs from getting established, which for my toddler leads to time in hospital... I cannot stress how much of a difference it has made to the health of my boy.Once this bottle is empty, I am going to get some more as I always wants it on hand and I now know where to go to find it in our area!My only suggestion for improvement would be to put it in a plastic bottle and to change to dropper thingy so that 0.5ml is clearly marked and also to make it plastic instead of glass.The product itself is an absolute God send for us in the MumBum Household!!! It gets nothing but praise from me and I have recommended it to everyone!LOVE IT! So thanks again for letting us trial such an awesome product!!! Hugs,
michp - 4:16 PM Thu-9-Aug-2012
Another update - my husband started feeling under the weather, sore throat, head and aches, so i suggested he try Kaloba - it took a week for him to improve...BUT he didn't deteriorate as often happens. Our bottle has now finished and I will buy some more if needed this winter for colds. I have preferred using this natural based product to some cold remedies.
k4kylie - 4:48 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
we have finished the bottle so heres my final review.  i think its awesome stuff, after that first cold it didnt work as well as hoped but then the next lot of sniffles started an it really helped, so from my experience i think its good at those first signs of a cold, but not as effective if started during a cold.  easy to mix into drinks didnt notice any flavour, love the dropper with measurements too!  would def use again thanks kidspot :)
gonzze - 2:43 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
my 11 year old son has been taking the kaloba for about 4 days now  and he is a lot better then he has been he is now able to sleep all night and the cough he has is just about gone. He has a friend that now has a cough. He has told his friend how much the kaloba helped him and the boys mum is now going to by some for her son to try
Kerrynmum - 1:02 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
We have all had another week of coughs and colds, and Kaloba definitely seems to have helped us all. My kids love taking it, and I rely on my son (1 1/2) to remind me as I keep forgetting the mid day dose.
Mardi - 9:38 AM Thu-26-Jul-2012

We've been taking this for 2 weeks now & have noticed rapid inprovements with all the boy's in my house (Hubby included).


We started using this diluted in juice,but found it wasn't as effective as given straight,so aftre a few days of only slight improvments we starting giving it straight to the boys,with a few screwed up faces to nothing now,they take it no issues knowing its helping them,especially wee man as his night time cough came back.

He was diagnosed with nocturnal asthma a few weeks ago,though I don't think he has it as the medication he was placed on wasn't doing anything to lessen the night time coughing, so thumbs up this this product as he has been loads better

twilightgal - 8:28 AM Tue-24-Jul-2012
We were lucky enough to be selected for this trial and I must say we are very impressed with this product. It arrived just in time as two of my three children were just starting to get snotty noses, sore throats and nasty coughs, we immediately started them on Kaloba and within a day they were feeling atleast 50% better, the three children love the taste, which makes getting it into them no issue at all, I found it quite different, but its not disgusting.  The children constantly remind me about making sure they have each dose every day, (I'm useless at remembering these things)

During our first three days a friend was complaining about having a really nasty cold, so I recommended Kaloba, they went out and purchased it and replied to me that after their first two doses they felt amazingly better and within 4 days of being on Kaloba were 90% better.

I will be going straight back to Kaloba if/when any of us have symptoms and I have no hesitation of recommending this product to anyone.
gonzze - 6:22 PM Mon-23-Jul-2012
Miss 20 months has been taking this for a week now and her cough that was keeping her a wake at night has gone i found that she was a lot better with in to days of starting the kaloba.I have had a cough only at night and have been taking it for 2  days now and my cough has gone.I wish this is some thing that i had got for miss 20 months earlier as its been so good for her
k4kylie - 8:52 AM Sat-21-Jul-2012
we have been taking for a week now. i have found that with a family of 4 it would only last for one cold you do use a bit esp adults.  so we are down to taking twice a day. it seems to have helped the girls more then me, they have cleared up last of colds where as i still have mucus build up.  will keep going and report back again soon :)
michp - 2:18 PM Fri-20-Jul-2012
An update on our trial of Kaloba - my daughter and I started taking this a week ago as we both had irritating coughs. Her night time cough (which is winter/asthma induced) has definitely eased as has my persistent night time cough. We stopped 2 days ago and neither of us has the cough back - great news!
Mardi - 7:47 AM Wed-18-Jul-2012

Our bottle of magic arrived on Tuesday morning last week.

Perfect timing as the kids were just starting to get the sniffles.

Hubby decided he'd try it straight & the face was priceless-lol.

He then decided that for the kids we'd pop it in to their drinks which we have been doing day & night.

Wee Sterling has recovered the quickest,while Rohan is still struggling a bit.


I haven't been taking it as I'm not sure if I'm pregnant at the moment.


We've used loads of different supplements ,& try to use natural products as much as we can.

As I'm not a firm believer in anti biotics (though there is a time & place for them).

JulieKidspot - 2:20 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Review from MumBum:

I received our bottle on Tuesday this week; it was perfect timing as everyone in the household was starting to get sore throats and sniffles so everyone (except for me as I am still breastfeeding and it is not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant mums) started using it! Even the Mr who normally doesn't take pain relief or anything like this unless he absolutely has to agreed to give it a go as "his throat was killing him!"

I got everyone to start taking it straight away, this is including my two step sons who were complaining of sore throats and the older of the two has severe asthma. Normally, with his asthma (which he takes symbocort for) he gets a nasty cough during the night, since taking Koloba, he hasn't been coughing at all! (No exaggeration!) and my son and my other step son both said that even though it tastes funny, they haven't got sore throats now.

I also gave it to my two year old as he gets chronic chest infections and recently has had croup; in fact if he gets sick, he always ends up with a nasty cough, wheezing etc. He was starting to get sick and yesterday was really unwell with a high temperature and normally this would've been accompanied by chesty coughs etc... not this time! I kid you not. He has got no cough at all, no wheezing and not even a snotty nose! This is a child who ALWAYS gets chesty whenever he gets sick and I honestly could not believe that he hasn't had any of the normal symptoms which he usually has when he gets sick. The only thing that has changed is that I gave him Kaloba! This to me is a massive deal as we have tried so many different medicines even homeopathic kinds and while they seem to take the edge off for him, none of them have ever stopped him from getting some form of cough, not until Kaloba!

I will keep a bottle in the cupboard for him as it is the best I have found so far for helping him with his chest and coughs.

Read the rest of the review in her blog click here
Lozzykiwi - 8:45 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Sorry, that "Guest member" who just posted was me - and I did have paragraphs when I typed it, honest! :)
Guest Member - 8:43 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
We received our Kaloba on Thursday and I thought, "ooh cool, can't wait to try it... just need to wait for someone to get sick." Whaddaya know, like magic, the next day BOTH the kids were unwell - hmm did I jinx them?! Miss 2 had an awful, constant, hacking cough, and Mr 4.5 lay on the couch all day - not eating, body aching, sniffles - either a viral infection or the flu. Luckily Miss 2 had a flu jab this year due to respiratory health issues last winter. Both of my munchkins were feeling so rotten on Friday that they willingly took their 3x 0.5mL doses throughout the course of the day - such a tiny amount is great, it is much harder for them to spit out (as opposed to 5mL of sticky Pamol which ended up coating the carpet). The kids knew Kaloba was like a medicine, which would help their body get better. However, by Saturday Mr 4.5 decided the taste was yucky and he refused to have it. By the end of the day I gave up trying to get him to drink it from the syringe and spiked his orange juice! Brilliant that Kaloba can be diluted with liquid! His sister decided to copy him and refuse the straight medicine, so in the end her drink had to be spiked, too.Saturday afternoon he was up and playing again. I, however, was struck down by his germs :( Unfortunately, with the spiking-of-the-orange-juice, neither were getting the full doses any more because they took so long to finish their drink bottles. Hm. Note to self: dilute in lesser amount of liquid next time.By Sunday Mr 4.5 had a relapse and spent the day groaning on the couch again :( I don't know if it's because he had had next to no Kaloba the preceding 12hrs or just coincidence. Being sick myself now, I decided to try the Kaloba, too. It does taste pretty yucky, you can definitely taste the alcohol content :/ I ended up quickly squirting it into my mouth and then shoving in a menthol throat drop to overpower the taste left on my tongue! Too soon to tell any definite changes - but I have been less snotty than usual. Will have to keep using and report back again in a week. I am not very good at remembering to take it 3x a day though - always forget the bedtime dose!
heitiki - 7:30 PM Sun-15-Jul-2012
Received our bottle on Friday which was good timing as I'm coming down with flu! Took a dose last night before I went to bed and felt much better (although not flu-less) this morning. Was able to clear throat mucus, which I'm not usually able to do. Have taken another dose this morning and will continue to take it until I recover.

We bought Kaloba once several years ago upon the recommendation of a South African friend. Used for my then 3yo daughter. Found the syringe in the lid very helpful as we were able to place medicine into the back of our daughter's mouth so she was able to swallow without tasting.
k4kylie - 4:48 PM Sun-15-Jul-2012
great timing for usto trail this product i have a cold and husband just starting (the kids over theirs now though) the kids and me have been taking it dont notice the taste at all.  will report back as to how its going in a few days :)
MumBum - 11:12 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
Hi Everyone,

Here is my initial review:
Please feel free to have a read.

Guest Member - 1:52 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
We have all been fighting off colds and coughs recently, so myself and the 2 children 1 &2) have started using it. The kids don't seem to mind the taste, but I wasn't overly keen on it! For me I have noticed almost straight away that I am not as blocked up, will let you know about the kids
gonzze - 12:43 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
I received my bottle of �kaloba just in time as miss 20 months has started to get a cough.Its so great that i can use the kaloba for her as its so hard to find some thing that you can give an under 2 when they have a cold
MumBum - 9:33 AM Sat-14-Jul-2012
I received our bottle of Kaloba on Tuesday; my kids were already fighting off bugs... I've got my Mr trialing it for me as I am still breastfeeding, and I've been using it on my two year old.

I'll write my review soon and then post it here, do I also post it on the Garden of Eden site too?

Lozzykiwi - 8:19 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
I have received my Kaloba to try - do I post my inital review here, or on the Garden of Eden directory page?
michp - 4:42 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
Today I received my 50ml bottle of Kaloba to trial - a pleasant surprise as I hadn't received an email advising I'd been chosen. I'm keen to start using this straight away as over the last week I've had a nagging cough, as has one of my 3 children. There have been a lot of coughing bugs around our area lately with many lasting a fair while (I've even heard there's one going around called the 100 day cough!). I'm hoping this product works for us to relieve our symptoms. If so, I will be highly recommending it!
JulieKidspot - 2:25 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Reviewers have been chosen for this trial and will be advised by email shortly.

Click here for information on where you can purchase Kaloba
k4kylie - 8:00 AM Sun-1-Jul-2012
thanks ive sent an email would love to try the product out
MumBum - 11:03 AM Fri-22-Jun-2012
I've sent the email; I'd very much like to be considered for the trial, as both my two year old and 7 month old have got coughs, and my 2 year old suffers from bronchial problems often; in fact he has recently had a terrible case of croup which had us rushing him to the A&E.

I know I maybe too late for the trial, so, can you please let us know where we can buy this product and the price?

Thanks again, if I hadn't read about this product on Kidspot, I would never have known about it!
Mumofone - 11:53 PM Sat-9-Jun-2012
This one would be great, this is our first winter with one son in pre-school and we have all just had a nasty bug and it seems to be hanging around with all 4 of us still chesty.  Master 3 1/2 year old and myself have had temperatures and chest infections.  The other 2, master 1 1/2 and daddy chesty and runny noses.  Even our family doctor has had the same bug.  This seems like a wonderful product.
annajames - 1:47 PM Fri-8-Jun-2012
I would love to be part of this trial. Avoid winter illness is vital for my family. I have a son who was born in January very premature and he has a lot of medical issues including being immune compromised, He recently spent 2weeks in hospital after suffering a "blue spell" (he stopped breathing) after picking up a simple cold from my toddler - keeping her healthy keeps him healthy! This would be fantastic! =)
Reblee - 12:03 PM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Oh yes please, this autumn we have already had three colds and the fourth one has just started, would love to give this a trial.
nessee - 11:46 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Oh we would sooo love to trial this product. Sounds like a MUST in this house that seems to be never ending runny noses, coughs etc. Like that its natural and works. Wow my wee girl 19mths would really benefit from this. Love love to trial. Winter not fun for my wee one :-(
tessa771 - 11:16 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Sounds great :)
MaryMc - 11:07 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
I would love to give this a go. I'm in the throes of a nasty cold (Grandkids have it too) which I just can't shake. Was the same a few months ago, when I ended up with a chest infection and asthma. i would not like a repeat of that!
stacleaning - 10:55 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Hmm I like the sound of this medicine. Sounds better to use with my children especially now that my daughter has just started kindy and it is that time of year. When I picked her up and it was mat time I heard so many coughs. just as jopukeko I will be reading/watching out for reviews to see if this is the new product I should be getting my family. Fingers crossed we do get to try it out though :D
twilightgal - 10:49 AM Thu-7-Jun-2012
Have emailed, thank you.
jopukeko - 11:40 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012
I had most of last week off work with sick kids. I'm hoping this will help stop a repeat of this again. Email sent. If I'm not chosen I'll be reading the reviews to see if I should buy it.
Twinsforus - 10:07 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012
Email sent, I would love to try this on my family, especially as one of my twins is asthmatic and often has a chesty cough :( Don't like giving him regular cough medicine too often (and he doesn't like it!!)plus Miss almost 2 yrs catches every cold the boys bring home but is too young for most over the counter remedies!!
thecoffeelady - 8:05 AM Wed-6-Jun-2012

This sounds excellent, all of us have been sick for the last two weeks with the winter bugs that we can't get rid of this sounds so good!

Have sent in my details - I would love to be able to try this product.

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