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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Winter School Holiday Tips - winner announced!
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-06-12 11:50:50`  
This competition has now closed. Congratulations to the prize pack winner, drdixon.

WIN! Share your tips for keeping the kids entertained during the winter school holidays

I admit it! I HATE the school holidays in July. With the almost guaranteed cold and wet weather it makes keeping the kids entertained that much harder. So how do you avoid the cabin fever and moans of "I'm bored!"? Share your top tips and one lucky entrant, as chosen by Kidspot, will win a Coco Pops prize pack.

Here's how to enter:
  • Join the Coco Pops Adventures Club (click the Join this Group link on the main group page).
  • Share your tips for keeping the kids entertained during the winter school holidays.
  • Entries close at 11.59pm on 30th June 2012.
  • The member who submits the best comment, as judged by Kidspot, will receive a Coco Pops prize pack (RRP $50) including: Large pack of Coco Pops Original, Small pack of Coco Pops Original, 2 packs of Coco Pops O's, 1 pack of Coco Pops Chex and 1 pack of balloons.

Giveaway is for New Zealand residents only. You must be a member of the Coco Pops Adventures Club to enter. The moderator reserves the right to remove any photos or comments that are considered offensive or unsuitable without notice. Chance plays no part in determining the winner. The winners will be chosen by Kidspot on 4th July 2012. Maximum of one prize per member. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Members submitting comments and photos agree to the use of these by Kidspot for promotion of the Coco Pops Adventures Club.
Comments (29)
Snuggles - 3:04 PM Fri-6-Jul-2012

This was the plan -most of it from the kids themselves b4 the holidays began:

Cardboard huts/castles/house - and a cat house with cardboard tile roof.  Make your own playdough, salt dough ornaments, mini cardboard suitcases, bath bombs & coloured soap shapes (again, aghhhhh), will trial bath jelly made from bubble bath, papermache monsters/dinosaurs, masks.  Recycled crafts/art - windchimes, suncatchers, sculptures ie. cardboard box robot with split pins so the arms can move, rubberband cars, fridge magnets, flower press, iceblock stick birdhouse, pinecone animals, teranium / fairy garden, beaded jewellery, crystal/bead wire trees, cowboy hats, swords, crowns, plaster paris fossils, hut building outdoors with native materials (survival skills).  Jumping on the trampoline, go for a walk, catch a bus or train or both, scooter, ride bikes, movie night (dvds at home), baking.

Visit Crystal Mountain, One Tree Hill + Stardome Observatory, Kelly Tarltons, The Auckland Zoo, Western Springs, Motat, Ambury Farm, Waitakere Ranges + Beaches, Mangere Mountain, Live Steamers (mini locomotives), Xtreme Trampoline, Clip N Climb, Museum, Movie Theatre, library.

If you complain your bored you can colour in or dot to dot or mazes or read a book OR my favourite - you get extra choirs.

This is what's happened:  they go on daily walks around the neighbourhood, to the parks, round the beach but the main thing - ASTROFLYERS and INLINE SKATES.  I got me a pair jumping stilts last week and my son who couldn't fit them wouldn't let them go so I got a pair for him - he mastered within a day and won't get off them.  He's even tried to wear them to bed and he sleeps on the top bunk!!!!  His sister is too small so we got her inline skates - she loves them!  We have done some baking and bath bombs & made the birdhouse and that's it.

lotsakids - 11:21 AM Mon-25-Jun-2012
here in chch winter holiday are more of a challenge to as there is not as much for kids here, to entertain my four we have a mix of things.. Baking and making huts is a big hit along with popcorn and dvd days. when its cool but not to wet we are out at the park or bmx track... or swimming at the local pool..
kshan - 6:15 PM Fri-22-Jun-2012
Taking them to library to participate in school holiday activities and going bring some crafts and story books to keep them busy at home͵going to download lots of coloring paintings activities from internet keep them+ homemade bubbles+household stuff like photos sorting͵organising and toys sorting͵cooking
drdixon - 10:38 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012

I have a 'special treat box'. When things get 'intense' or boring, or a child is home sick from school, or the school holidays are taking their toll.... or I just think the kids deserve some focused time with Mum, they are each invited to select something to do from the box, and we do that thing together. The box contains all sorts of things, for a range of ages and concentration levels.... I continually replenish the box with $2 shop finds such as finger puppet making kits and craft kits, colouring in books, and also things like op shop books and toys and the like. Because the box of goodies is added to regularly, it is always fresh and interesting, and is a popular 'treat' in our household. The simplest (and usually very cheap) things. like bubbles, balloons, playdough or stickers seem to be extra special when the child has chosen them for themselves, and Mum (or Dad) has agreed to sit down with them and do the activity too :-)

'The box' means that I don't have to think of something to do on the spot... it hands responsibility over to the kids, and they love choosing!


nikanoni - 9:19 PM Sat-16-Jun-2012

The comment below this is mine, I forgot to login first before posting comment and its come up as guest member.....also kids are loving cooking time...baking with them in groups at a time...then sharing foods made....


Guest Member - 9:14 PM Sat-16-Jun-2012

indoor games for the kids, cards and board games for older children and puzzels and drawings for younger lot with prize incentives. outdoors bike rides, horse rides picking shells to make hanging mobiles...utelising natural resources is always a bonus making it fun for the kids is easy, having incentives works wonders.

erenakelly - 1:56 PM Sat-16-Jun-2012
Indoor obstacle courses! Especially effective for rambunctious boys; take tables, blankets, balls, washing baskets - anything you can convert into a course. Whack on some music and watch them go round and round. Prizes are determined by the kids and can be claimed for use during future boring parts of the day.
teen29 - 1:08 PM Sat-16-Jun-2012
Definitely make a list together of the things everyone would like to do (within reason). Some ideas could be camping inside. Arts and crafts day. Going to your local indoor heated swimming pool. Nature day. Going out into the garden and identifying different things. You can also Get ideas from books and the internet. Then write each idea on a popsicle stick, put them in a jar, or container, and pull one out each day. You never know what you are going to get, so it is a surprise what you do each day :)
MumBum - 5:46 PM Thu-14-Jun-2012
I have got this awesome book which my MiL gave me entitled 501 TV free activities for kids! I'm going to give the rainy day/indoor ones a go this school holiday.
Cathyj - 11:24 AM Wed-13-Jun-2012
I always find out what's on in the Holidays, often there are free events, we also take advantage of the "dealaday" offers and am always keeping my eye open for competitions to win School Holiday experiences eg. family movie passes. The kids love arts and crafts so will spend a lot of time making things often with a purpose like making gifts for our elderly neighbours or for family members.
travelbugnz - 8:03 AM Wed-13-Jun-2012
at the beginning of the holidays let them make a list of the things they would like to do (which you can add to at the end of every week) then you can work out the things you can do in doors, the things with friends, outdoor activities when the weather is nice and purchase any vouchers / annual passes up front and save heaps. This really works great and they know what they will be doing so stops the 'what r we going to do?' question to!
chelseafan - 10:15 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
I also organise a spring cleanout during the first week of the holidays, this one day of trauma while they do their rooms unearths so many "Oh my god! My favourite! I haven't played with that for SOOOOO long!" moments and pretty much guarantees they find enough toys, forgotten xmas/birthday presents, arts and crafts, stickers and what-not, the holidays fly!  Also helps to schedule in a movie or two - these holidays we've got Ice Age and Brave to aim for (Flybuys points willing!!!)
veronicad - 9:14 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
For the first week of the holidays this year, we will be planning my boy's 4th birthday party. It's a process I really like to get my kids involved in. We plan the menu, and the games. We write lists of what we need to buy, and then we go and buy it all. This time round we are going to make our own pinata out of paper mache, so that is a project we will need to start early. We plan the cake and figure out how to make it. The day before we prep some of the food, and clean the house! (My helpers are normally a bit more motivated than usual) And that is the first week of the holidays gone. After the party there might be a few new things to play with, so I can have a breather and then it will be get them out of the house trips, so I don't go insane! Favourite trips are the museum and the park. Bike rides in new locations are always adventurous.  If it's wet we playdate, which I love to do at someone elses house! Baking and craft projects are always good and if I actually need to achieve something myself then its good old DVD's!
JeniP - 8:48 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012

baking with the kids. making pizzas is fun. provide bases and toppings and they can make their own. OR plain biscuits with icings and sprinkles and decorate.

Picnics in the lounge on the floor are fun.

Popcorn and movie afternoon for wet weather


tallsonn - 4:31 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
Every winter holidays we pack up a picnic and go to the beach. We go when the tide is out and pick a beach with great rocks for exploring. The kids love looking for starfish, hermit crabs and other rock pool creatures. It's great as unlike summertime, you don't have the drama of sunblock and hats and if it's a sunny day it can be quite warm by the sea so don't usually have to bundle up with too much clothes. Some of the lovely beaches on the North Shore (Auckland) even have cafes so a coffee is always welcome for me!
lotsakids - 4:16 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
well i am a mother of 5 and we have a very tight budget so a lot of what i do with them in the holidays costs next to nothing - free is always better!! if its wet cold (or snowing) we make in door huts all over the lounge,, have DVD afternoons and loads of baking..

when its fine you can always find us at the local park making huts - riding bikes and kicking the ball around
AnnaES - 3:55 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
School Holidays and we'll be getting into our Library Holiday Programme again!  We are real fans of our library!  They host a variety of events at no charge!  There is something on everyday at the main or branch libraries and we choose what we want to attend.  We picked up the programme yesterday and I've booked our girls into an evening Creative Writing Workshop.  They are starting up Club Children and having a SPECIAL EVENT launch for that.  There's art and crafts - eg Incredible Ice Age Craft, Kiwibop concert, Model Castle competition, Zappo the Magician, fancy dress and evening stories with Milo and marshmallows, Junk & Disorderly art, speed stacking demo by NZ Rep team Black Stacks, Tall Poppies Youth Theatre, etc!  Thank you to our WONDERFUL! Palmerston North library who provide such great services for our children especially for us on a tight budget!  Keep up the great work!
arielad - 3:53 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
we usually like to go to movies in the cinema-lots of new kids movies this July, also to motat - every school holiday the have new program. if it is not rainy then to pony ride /farm/park. playdates also keep the kids busy and happy.we also like to hire dvds from library for the rainy days
Salby - 3:51 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
We try to do a different thing everyday, but if Mr 3 likes it, we usually do it more than once! I like to save money too so its usually things we can make ourselves, playdough, finger paint, baking cookies (so they can get involved and keep busy by rolling 30 odd biscuits!) I even get him to help with minor chores, putting clothes & dishes away. He likes to be involved in any way and loves that he can help & get lots of praise. The Auckland museum is also one of our favourite places to visit & its free for Auckland residents which is a big plus!  
eddie - 3:35 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
During these winter school holidays I intend to keep my kids entertained and busy by doing a mxiture of everything from baking, to doing craft and also studying. Also I have put my trampoline in my double car-port which can get them to move their bodies a bit without bothering too much about the weather. I also intend to take them to a couple of kids movies to enjoy the cinema experience.
cherrytf - 1:28 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
To battle boredom and include some learning, I will make a plan for things the kids will do everyday this winter break: baking cookies/cupcakes; video viewing; craft activities; visits to the library and reading/quiet time at home; Xbox Kinect game challenges. Plus points for creative writing tasks (e.g., poetry, essays) and Dragon Maths pages completed -- which can be converted into treats over the weekend/s.
SarahK - 1:01 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012

I do homebased childcare, so the school holidays are busy as my own children are home too!

I have to be cunning about the school holidays or it gets manic! I plan the school holidays out so we know exactly what we are doing. I right a list of things we are going to do. I usually have it planned out daily, but if the weather is good, then we try and make the most of the sun and get outside and take a trip out.

We usually all take a trip to the museum, and motat. If we have a nice sunny day then we will go to western springs to run off some energy.


Usually we are stuck inside, so this school holidays we have planned to make a fishing game (laminated paper fish with a paper clip attached, then make a fishing rod with a magnet to catch them). we will have a baking day each week. We have a movie day planned. We are having a craft day (so lots of cutting magazines, glueing and glitter invovled). We are going to make salt dough and decorate our creations.

and... this school holidays we are also moving my eldest daughter into another room downstairs and turning her room into a sleep room for the babies,  and storage area for all the spare resources we have. So I don't think we are going to get bored :)

gonzze - 12:55 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
We do backing and make ginger bread doo so then the kids can take turns at rolling the doo out and with the cookie cutters the kids all make lots of different shapes animals they have so much fun.And then they cook them and some times take them to the lady next door that lives on her own she likes it when the kids come round to see her. My children all so  go a round in the holidays and say hi to other people that live on there own . As there is meny people that live on there own near us.I now find that at the start of the holidays they are all ready talking about who they are going to visit  first . I all so make play doo and the the younger ones have fun with that they make biscuits and cook them in there little stove.
thecoffeelady - 12:50 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012

Usually My sister and I meet up at the beach, the museum or our house - a cheap way to entertain kids.


Baking with kids it great fun too. Playdough, lego, painting trees (!!!!) chalk on the driveway, treasure hunts and picnics at the park.

Mamabear - 12:38 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
Play dates save me! A bunch of mums take turns during the week to have the kids over to their place for half a day. The kids look forward to it cause it's a new house and new cool stuff to play with! We scatter these over the two weeks and in between go to parks nearby if the weather is not too bad and the kids ride their bikes. Local malls have free entertainment that we go watch on a day or two. The kids also like going to the library during the holidays as they get to spend more time than usual there. At home, I find that the dress up box, Lego and playdough are the major attractions during the winter break! Apart from that, it's the usual - baking, family movies on dvd, card games and family bingo! :)
MumBum - 12:16 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
Send them to their Grandparents.... kidding!

We usually take a trip to the museum and of course anyone who dares to say they are bored gets an extra set of chores to do!!!

There's baking and cooking dinner, and although I have boys, they love to help bake especially if they get to lick the bowl clean!lol

Board games are always a good way to beat rainy yucky days as well as quiet times with a movie.
sylvia - 12:15 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
That was my comment above, should have signed in first...duh...
Guest Member - 12:00 PM Tue-12-Jun-2012
I can't believe that July school holidays are just around the corner. It felt like we 'just' had the last school holidays...
I find it really good that my boys (7,6) go to a school holiday program. The different events that they have everyday for the duration of the holidays makes the boys really enjoy going. Of course I remember when they weren't going to a holiday program, we couldn't really do things that were dependent on the weather, so I made the boys make a list of what they wanted to do during the week, they were quite happy to sit at home and watch their cartoons, and then dash out to ride their scooters down the street. We had park time also, where they just run rampant and only came to the car when they were tired, which was very rarely. Otherwise we'd go for a 20 min walk down the road to  a farmers house, they have donkeys, horses, chickens, llama, and it was free, because they were fenced off but by the road, so we just sat there and watched the animals then walked 20 min back home, taking our time, an by the time we got home, the boys were buggered. Mission complete. It doesn't have to be expensive, like making sure they go to the movies or time-out zone to play video games, it's nice and only as a special treat...I'm lucky that my boys enjoy the simple things in life, like walking down the road, it feels like a big adventure. 

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