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Created By: SarahK
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Topic : Woman Gives Birth After Police Hospital Dash
SarahK - `10` `2012-06-19 22:31:31`  

I read this article with a grin this morning. I can fully appreciate the panic of being in car, thinking you are going to have your baby there and then! My second was born just a few minutes of getting out of the car after a 30 minute mercy dash to get there!   I don't recommend a 50 min labour to anyone!!


A woman has given birth in hospital after needing a police escort. The woman went into labour in heavy traffic on Aucklands southern motorway this morning. The womans companion pulled over at the site of an accident to request the help.

Mum and baby are reportedly doing well.


Did you have to rush to get to hospital, or did anything 'out of the ordinary' happen during the birth of your children? share your stories!!

Comments (23)
thecoffeelady - 6:27 PM Thu-21-Jun-2012
natsmum, what an amazing birth! you must have high pain tolerance if the stitches tickled.....!!!
natsmum - 5:50 PM Thu-21-Jun-2012
First baby was posterior and didn't want to make her final move - about an 8 hour labour that finished in theater - they were thinking of doing a caeser but once in theater she made her move and was delivered using vonteuse (wanted to take mum to visit her colleagues!)2nd baby - got out of bed - still wondering if I was in labour or not - thought maybe it was just starting, had one decent contraction - woke hubby told him I thought it might be time and he should get up to start filling the pool. Baby arrived less than 5 minutes later - hose didn't make it into pool, midwife didn't get called till after he was here!!!The midwife came stayed her mandatory 2hrs and then left. We all went back to bed - not that we wanted to sleep. Miss then 2 woke up in the morning to find her baby brother asleep in the bassinet beside us - it was perfect - no drama for her - she never even stirred during the delivery. The only worry is what will happen if we have another!!!!No pain relief with either child - scared the obstetrician because I got the giggles when he put in my stitches for number 1 - it tickled!!!!
oommii - 11:27 AM Thu-21-Jun-2012
DD1 took 4 hours and DD2 only took 1hr 45 on saturday She may have been a little faster but she decided to get stuck under my pubic bone !!
No pain relief (not even panadol) used for either of them
nicirving - 9:02 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
I had my 2nd, in the car.I only live 7-10 minutes drive away from Botany Birth care and we only got half way there and she arrived. One push and it was waters, head and a baby.Contractions started about 10am and I ignored them thinking they were braxton hicks as I hadn't had any. About 11am I called my husband home from work, and just after 2pm we were in the car, my husband stopped me from hopping in the car until he lines the seat with a rubbish bag and a couple of thick towels (lucky!), by that stage they were 1 minute on 1 minute off and I'd been holding back from pushing for 10 minutes. Half way to Botany and in the car, she arrived, I couldn't 'not' push anymore!My husband pulled over, cut my knickers away and we put her on my chest, covered her up and he jumped back in the drivers seat for the 3 minute drive to Botany. He ran into reception and told them that I'd just had a baby in the car, they came out running!After 30 minutes in re-sus just to check her over, Abby was bought to me, a gorgeous healthy 3.3kg baby girl.I suppose I didn't really think about how things could have gone wrong, I didn't consider that it could have been nasty. I'd only had good thoughts in my head. I had it in my head, women have been doing it for hundreds of years, it's a natural thing! And when she came out she let out a few cry's and was rattling, so I thought we're only a couple of minutes away from Botany, and she's making noises, we'll be okay, we'll just get to Botany. So no pain relief! Only a couple of stitches. And an ultimate high.
Guest Member - 8:41 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012

forgot to mention that i had a natural labour with no drugs or any pain relief

Guest Member - 8:38 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012

started having contractions at about 5.30am, my mum and me waited a little while to time the contractions and see how far apart my contractions were, being a minute apart and pretty strong went to the hospital, after getting ready and contacting everyone, getting the car picking up another passeger ended up getting to the hospital at about 6- 6.30am not really in a hurry was happy as can be to take my time getting there, lucky that we took our time cause i was only 1cm dialated, at about 12midday got sweaped and measured again and still wasnt that far, took a nice walk up three flights of stairs to try and hurry things along, had my show, got measured again and things started to move along, got transfered to my delivery room , where i got changed had a shower got pumped full of antibiotics to flush my system and my birthing team finally arrived just in time at 3pm because i had my daughter at 3.17pm, a healthy 6pd 9oz,

Guest Member - 8:04 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
Got to hospital at 6pm and son was born at 7.30pm.  The midwife didn't realise how far along I was and suggested that we ran the bath.  Then she measured me and I was 7cm dialated! Needless to say, no bath was had in the end!
Guest Member - 4:40 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
First daughter straightforward birth after 4.5hr labour.  Second daughter got contractions 2 mins apart straight away so off to hospital 30 mins after first twinge (Under protest I thought I had heaps of time), got there and discovered baby was getting extremely distressed after monitoring so emergency caesar called, no time to get into an op theatre but by the time the anaesthatist got there to do a general and found he couldn't as I had eaten so did a spinal block instead,  I had gone from 2-10cm so she was yanked out by vontouse in 4 pushes instead.  We thought we were losing her, then found out she was ok only for me to start haemorraging.  So all up was just over 1.5hrs.  Still not sure why she got so distressed but likely as the labour hit so fast and hard my placenta abrupted.  Poor hubby is still recovering and I'm still working to get my head around how close baby and I both came to not making it.  Not sure I'll risk a 3rd!  Shes my little miracle baby.
jopukeko - 3:42 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
My daughters both had to have their temps taken very 2 hours for their first 12 hours because they arrived so quickly. A quick labour isn't great for the baby, but I am certainly grateful I didn't have a long one.
JulieKidspot - 2:30 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
19 minutes from first contraction to birth! Woah!
Guest Member - 2:26 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
My twins were born very quickly, I woke at 6am wanting something to eat, walked to the kitchen and bent over in pain with the first contraction, rang the hospital said I'm on my way, they asked how far apart the contractions were I said I'm sure his head is nearly out. I got into the car, and my partner thought he'd put the rubbish bin out (der). Luckily the hospital was 5min away, I had a second contraction in the car and swore I was not having them in the car. I only managed to text my mum they were coming. 6.15am I arrived at the hospital managed to walk to delivery with the third contraction in the lift, got into the birthing room on the bed, specialist said "oh ****" he could see the top of the head, 6.19am my son was born, as we sat and waited for the second twin had no contrations, no pain and finally all of my family had arrived, still waiting for baby number 2, she must have been enjoying the space, the specialist had noticed my drip wasn't in properly, 1 tap on it, nek minit a contraction and out she came at 6.51am. He obviously didn't want the audience, we were meant to have 2 sets of nurses, paeds and specialist and only had time for 1 specialist. So glad there was not much pain, a bit scary, but now I look back and think wow I did that.
Guest Member - 2:20 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012

My daughter arrived on the bathroom floor after a 30 minute labour!

I had regular braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, or so I thought, but they must have been real contractions! Then 3 full on contractions and 2 pushes and there she was!

It was pretty traumatic and I felt a bit cheated for a long time, but both she and I were fine in the end, so all was well! I don't want the same kind of labour again, it wasn't long enough to get your head around it. My son was a 14 hour labour and that was much better!

Wish me luck, the 3rd is due in 2 weeks! I am hoping to get to the hospital, but the midwife says not to plan to!!!!

jopukeko - 2:16 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
Both my labours were just over 3 hours. When my midwife came in the middle of the night for my first I greeted her with "I hope it is really labour." She went to examine me and called my husband to look as the head was showing. We dashed to the birthing centre (which was thankfully less than a km away) and she was born about 10 minutes later.
Guest Member - 2:09 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
My son arrived 14 days late, and labour lasted 52 hours, wouldn't recommend that to anyone! I was in incredible pain the first 48 hours until I got my epidural, (which didn't hit the right spot and had to have another, then was numb from my toes to my chin!)(but was grateful for the pain to go). Im sure I wouldn't like to be in the position of maybe giving birth in a car, but I envy all the woman who have such quick labours!
Guest Member - 2:06 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
lol we had to go to the local maternity hospital at the end of our road as no way could we have made the hospital!  My Mum and the midwife didnt even make it! 
Christchurchmum - 2:03 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
my second baby came very quickly  - i was sent home from the hosptial as i wasnt in established labour, got home, had a show, rang the midwife and she tried to make me stay at home and she would come and examine me at home, I said no meet me at hospital - my daughter was born ten mins after i got there and took 3 pushes. I actually dont reccomend that quick  - i went in to shock and found the whole thing traumatic! at least the pain didnt last long tho.
Guest Member - 2:00 PM Wed-20-Jun-2012
My labour was 7 hours. My waters broke on the Sunday at 2:45am and I had to go to Auckland hospital because 18 hours later I still didn't have any contractions. After a check and other formalities I was sent home and told we would have to induce the next day. But my son had other plans. My contractions started just an hour later and at 4am on the Monday we made our way back to Auckland Hospital. I'm not sure what got over me but I felt that for once in my life I knew exactly what I was doing. No fear, no anxiety, I was just calm, focused and I guess the strongest I have ever been. Finally at 6:09am my little bundle of joy came out and I finally got to meet him, kiss him and tell him how much I love him. :)I know many women will hate me for saying this but I could re- live this day anytime. It was magical!
thecoffeelady - 9:57 AM Wed-20-Jun-2012

I agree with that Ekubo, I was thankful for the help with latching on and at one stage I just could not do it and if I were at home it would of been very stressful!!!! Thank goodness for midwifes who come for 6 weeks after as well, I had a lot of problems learning to breastfeed and without that support I would have given up.


A friend of mine lives in a small town in Western Australia and over there they have one visit after leaving hospital and that's all - the post natal depression rates are sky high, about 70% and no wonder!

ekubo - 9:41 AM Wed-20-Jun-2012

while I was in the birthing centre after having ds3 a woman arrived and delivered baby minutes later.. She'd been to chch womens and they'd sent her home again saying she wouldn't have the baby that day. Baby obviously thought differently, good thing her drive home was past a birthing centre.

None of mine were long labours but not speedy either, comfortably in the middle at just a few hours so I had plenty of time to organise things and get where I was going. I feel quite lucky about it actually. I have a nephew who was born in a car, and a friend who delivered her baby in her older child's school sick bay.

I know some women just want to be home in their own environment but I don't like the way new mums are subtly (or not so) pushed out soon after birth. So many bf problems relate to this one practice. New mums are on their own before they've even managed to learn how to latch baby.

thecoffeelady - 9:38 AM Wed-20-Jun-2012
My labour was a very ordinary length - 8 hours. I ended up having a epidural due a posterior baby so stayed the night, next time I hopefully will go home quicker as I didn't sleep a wink.... maternity wards aren't the quietest wards. The was one particular baby who screamed all night with a really high pitched pained cry and I learned afterwards that's what babies born to drug addicts do due to the withdrawals - poor wee mite.
mumof6 - 9:02 AM Wed-20-Jun-2012

After being in labour with my 3rd child for around 24hrs we decided to head to hospital. Once there we got told I wasn't dilated enough and to go home (we were in Auckland due to my son just having a kidney transplant). We looked at each other knowing once I get to a point its over very quickly and it was in the middle of rush hr traffic. So we decided to hang around a little longer 20mins later my baby was born :P!

Our maternity unit lets you go home after 2hrs, which is usually enough time to have a cuddle and Bf, dress baby, shower and pack.




MumBum - 11:03 PM Tue-19-Jun-2012
I knew I was in labour and was lucky enough to live just minutes away from a hospital so we got there in plenty of time. I'm also proud to say that with my last two I was home within four hours of giving birth to them, I would've left sooner but the hospital policy is to wait four hours... or at least it was at Middlemore.

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