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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews - Treasure Buddies
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-07-02 10:13:06`  

Indiana Jones, eat your heart out! Five intrepid (and very cute) explorers are searching for a great fortune in the desert in Disney's Treasure Buddies.

Disney’s irresistible talking puppies are back in an all-new movie that takes them halfway across the world to the ruins of ancient Egypt. With the help of some exotic new friends, this epic adventure is a treasure trove of pure Buddy fun!

In a race against a devious cat, the Buddies and their new friends, Cammy and Babi, must avoid booby traps, solve puzzles and explore a mysterious tomb - all in search of the greatest treasure known to animalkind.

Packed with action, heart and a wealth of bonus material, Treasure Buddies unleashes a celebration of teamwork and friendship your family will enjoy again and again.

Treasure Buddies is available to own on Disney DVD and Disney Blu-Ray from 4th July 2012.

Watch the trailer here.


Kidspot are excited to announce that we have chosen 3 members to review Treasure Buddies on DVD. To register, our members told us about their favourite animal movie character.


*** Read the reviews below ***

If you are selected to trial, we will send the DVD to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. You will be required to post your reviews in the Movies at Home Club if you are selected.

Comments (118)
Cheekybabes - 4:30 PM Thu-2-Aug-2012

The kids enjoyed this movie, seemed to keep them entertained without any major issues.  Was a wet day outside so a good chance to sit and watch something light and fun.  Anything with animals, they enjoy watching and while I was a bit in and out (making use of the time they were otherwise occupied), the parts I did see were good as gold.

If you take this movie for what it is, a younger kids movie, it will serve it's purpose.  Thanks so much for the chance to review!!

beadygirl - 12:07 PM Wed-1-Aug-2012
My older girls were so excited to get the chance to watch this one! However....daughter #2 aged 6, who is usually the biggest 'buddies' fan sadly lost interest half way through & ditched us! Daughter #1 struggled on...(because I told her she has the special task of reviewing!) I definately lost interest. She said it was good mum and sometimes funny, but just way too long and sometimes a bit slow. Thanks so much for the chance to review. We will give this one another go on a cold wet wintery afternoon...or perhaps when one is feeling couch bound and unwell sometime...maybe it's just one the kids need when they are in the 'mood' for something so long?
shellcruise - 5:19 PM Sun-29-Jul-2012
If you have seen Snow Buddies and Space Buddies you pretty much know what to expect from the new Treasure Buddies.  Budderball, B-Dawg, Buddha, Mudbud and the youngest one and my fav Rosebud. 

When Peter and his grandpa go to Egypt to try and find Cleocatra's treasure the Buddies follow to try and save them from an evil cat out for her own intentions.  Have you ever wandered why Dogs are mans best friend instead of cats, well by watching this movie you will find out the answer. 

We watched as a family and my three year old loved it.  Her favourite scene was when the cat statues came alive and chased the Buddies.  She said she would definitly watch again and again.  Unfortunately my husband fell asleep thru it so could not offer any feedback. 

From my point of view it was an alright movie.  If you have seen the other two you know not to expect much.  Fake dogs moving there lips and having some witty come backs 'occasionally'.  This time they have also added a camel, monkey and a cat to the mix. 

My biggest complaint would be the set.  It is suppose to be set in Egypt, so you do expect sand but this 'stage' is so fake you can practically see the floor boards and the wooden buildings.  Terrible!!!!   The sand dunes look like they are shot at the local beach - at least with the Space Buddies it seemed more ethentic.

I did love Rosebuds Egytian Hat it was sooooooooooo cute and if I had a dog I would pimp it out the same way.  You also have to love B-Dawg and all his bling and when the monkey gets pimped out to cute.  Their trademark personalities also show the whole way thru the movie and I was glad Buddha got to have more of a role, although being a snake hater I did shut my eyes (for Keana's benefit so she felt brave lol).

I think if Keana does decide to watch I can do the house cleaning or cooking while on as don't think would like to watch again.  However for the younger members of your family I am sure it will be a hit. 

Thank you for choosing us to watch it you have made one little girl so happy :)
vickster444 - 2:21 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Our favourite is donkey from Shrek, so funny!
ralf - 10:42 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
My sons favourite would have to be the Wonder Pets
angel7801 - 8:20 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
We love dogs in our family. We also love dvds.
dolphingirl - 6:20 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
my children love watching movies really love animal ones.
My3BoysandMe - 7:29 PM Thu-12-Jul-2012
My boys are big movie fans, we quite often head to the movie shop to rent family movies that we can snuggle up on the couch and watch together. I think my favourite animal character is an oldie but a goody- Simba from The Lion King. As a kid I had the movie on VHS (yes a real video!) and used to watch it over and over, so much in fact taht I knew all the songs off by heart. when it came out at the movies in 3D I couldnt wait to take my two boys (6 and 4) to watch it! And yes of course I sang along!! And my kids loved it too, now we even have it on DVD (a step up from VHS haha)!!!!!!
Sparky - 2:20 PM Thu-12-Jul-2012
My favourite animal character is Puss in Puss In Boots - saw it the other week and Thomas (4) and I thought it was fantastic.  Thomas is just starting to get in to the older movies now (rather than Dora and Diago) so watching this would be great.
KimH - 9:16 AM Thu-12-Jul-2012
My favorite animal character has to be Dory from Finding Nemo. She's loving and kind, but quirky and brave too! My daughters love movies with animals in them..the current favorite for them is Chipmonks!
Cheekybabes - 1:14 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
This is SUCH a hard question - there are so many!!  I personally like the older characters - Kermit, Mickey Mouse, Garfield etc etc but then Donkey (from Shrek), Puss in Boots, Nemo and Dory are also awesome.  The kids love the Treasure Buddies so I'm sure this would be a great one to keep them entertained!
tarns677 - 11:34 AM Wed-11-Jul-2012
Would have to be Garlfield lol kids love him he looks like our cat!
wendylouise - 10:57 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
thumper from bambi is one of our favourites, he always makes me laugh.
Trace - 11:24 AM Tue-10-Jul-2012
Donkey from Shrek is my favourite animal movie character
maryh - 10:44 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012

The Snow Buddies and Space Buddies are absolutely fun to watch, what more with an Indiana themed adventure! I hope we can be selected to review this new movie.

The kids' favourite animal characters are Alvin and the Chipmunks. We even have the soundtrack of their two movies.

kathryn57 - 4:37 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
My son absolutely loves the Buddies movies, and this one looks great! My favourite animal movie character is Garfield :)
Marley - 4:22 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
My kids love the Buddie movies!!! Space Buddies is one of their favourites!
lucia - 3:26 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
My favourite animal is Puss in Boots. It's funny, sweet and cute (when he wants)  lol
Amy1986 - 2:34 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
My girls and I all love Happy Feet :)
caprice - 2:33 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
Gosh there's so many: Rhino from Bolt, Manny from Ice Age and Dug the Dog from Up are amongst my favourites though. Love the courage, loyalty and caring natures :-)
lindyloos - 2:28 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
i love the penguins from madagascar they are soooooo hilarious. love how the makers of kids movies throw in one liners just for the parents that only parents get!
happymummy1 - 2:22 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
Babe :)
Nita - 2:11 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
Our family love Babe the pig, so darn cute
keades - 1:24 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
My kids would LOVE to review this movie!! They have recently watched Snow Buddies and Space Buddies countless times in the last few weeks! They are super excited about this movie coming out.
My favourite animal move character would have to be Donkey from Shrek. His wise-cracks never fail to make me chuckle.
Nipper - 11:35 AM Mon-9-Jul-2012
We would love to have this DVD to review, especially during the holidays. Our favourite animal movie character is Marmaduke
rachaelsfun - 9:36 AM Mon-9-Jul-2012
i love marley from marley and me ... and ellie from Ice Age
SandraG - 4:31 PM Sun-8-Jul-2012
Paulie the parrot from the movie of the same name.  He's a wisecracker and a tear jerker.  It's a movie that hits the spot for both kids and adults.  Our kids love DVDs, living rurally we rarely get to go to a movie theatre.  They also love animal stories so the review DVD would be perfect for Misses 3, 8 and 11.
lotsakids - 9:39 PM Sat-7-Jul-2012
Mine has to be Sid from Ice Age
loulou79 - 4:53 PM Sat-7-Jul-2012
My favourite animal movie character would have to be Marley and my kids favourite is Donkey from Shrek :)
Greerfamily - 2:27 PM Sat-7-Jul-2012
My favourite animal character would have to be Animal from the muppets, however my children love kermit and miss piggy. IN our household we are budgeted and having sky is a luxury we cannot afford, and normal tv has very little in kids entertainment that is suitable for my kids when we need it, so we rely on movies. A chance to review this AND GET MY CHILDREN INTERESTED IN SOMETHING BESIDES CARS, BARBIE OR DORA (as main favs) and to extend with animals past the muppets, the lion king would BE MUCH APPRECIATED
cush29 - 7:49 PM Fri-6-Jul-2012

Cool another buddies movie! my son loves these movies and would enjoy watching this one as well! :)

favorite movie animal is donkey from shrek he is soo funny!!!! :)

Matty1 - 1:28 PM Fri-6-Jul-2012
My favorite is Simba from the Lion King
FionaMK - 12:07 AM Fri-6-Jul-2012
We loved the first one, so look forwards to reviewing the 2nd one!  Thanks Kidspot for some great products.
Leightk3 - 11:47 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012
My five year old and his 9 year old sister would love to review this movie, they both love  dogs and each have their own favorite animal movie characters. Master 5 loves Alex the Lion from Madagascar and Miss 9 loves Puss n boots from Shrek!
bridget1 - 7:06 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012
My 6 year old likes the penguins on Madagascar.  We have just started a 'movie night' on a Friday evening so the favourite characters change after every movie!  Animal movies are a real hit so I think he would be a great reviewer if chosen.
Shirley - 6:26 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012

 I must say we have 2 favourite animal charachters- Charlotte the spider and Wilbur the pig, the girls are unanimous in their decision. The two animals have qualities that you just fall in love with, we see spiders in a different light in this home.

The buddies are delightful and again each of them are unique- the girls love watching them and the antics they are upto. Would love to be a reviewer .

thanks Kidspot


catmarnik - 9:03 AM Thu-5-Jul-2012
I love Baloo from the Jungle Book. I could listen to "The Bear Necessities" a thousand times and still not be sick of it (in fact, I think I have). My daughter's favourite, however, is Alex the Lion from Madagascar. As she says, she loves his 'crazy dancing'.
malandrob - 6:13 AM Thu-5-Jul-2012
This is hard to say - I love any movie with animals in, but one that we really loved watching just recently was Marley and Me, where  MARLEY was so like our beloved Rusty Puppy (Labrador).
jylissa - 10:28 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
I love little foot from the land before time such an amazing movie, would watch it alot when i was younger and my 19month old son loves peppa pig at the moment walks around the house saying oink :)
annette - 7:43 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
I love Donkey from Shrek, but my 5 year old son watched Snow Buddies for the first time about three weeks ago and loved it, has watched it about another 4 times since!
shellcruise - 5:33 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
My favourite would be "The Incredible Journey" loved Michael J Fox in it oh and also love Marley and Me so sad!!!
Shelz69 - 4:51 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
my favourite was Benji, I still remember how upset I was when he died.  I loved that movie forever
Goonie - 4:41 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
OOoo my miss 8 would love to be a review for this, her favourite animal movie character is Dory from nemo with her just keep swimming saying
beadygirl - 4:32 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
when I was little it was Garfield, that cheeky thing. Now my kids love watching the garfield movie!
imamum - 4:29 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012

Curious George the little monkey is our fav!

I like the puppy buddy movies as there are no adult themes. Hope we get to review so I can aproove this one too.


beadygirl - 4:28 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
when I was little it was Garfield, that cheeky thing. Now my kids love watching the garfield movie!
SarahBlair - 4:18 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
It has got to be King Julian from Madagascar... he's hilarious!!!
nummabear - 3:53 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
my favourite animal character when i was a child was dumbo! love that little elephant! my sons favourite would be sid from ice age,he thinks he's a hoot
nikh74 - 3:47 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Bambi and Dumbo are my childhood favourites. can't beat classic disney.
my kids have see n all the other buddies movies incluidng the original with the puppies dad Air Bud so we'd love to review this one and see what the pups are up to this time :)
flower35 - 3:45 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
We would luv to review this dvd, my daughters favourite character is garfield the cat and tom and jerry!
amyr - 3:34 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Babe - he is so cute and very smart - whats not to love!
bassplayer - 3:33 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
My kids love the other buddies movies they have seen and would love to review this one. I find the movie easy to watch and understand for younger kids and the treasure theme reels in the older one.
saranorman88 - 3:31 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Whoops - i read the question wrong - i have checked with my daughter and her favourite character is Garfield <3
dkpm - 3:30 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
After a big discussion in our house Shrek the movie won out but we disagreed on the character. My daughter said Puss in Boots (well he was given his very own movie) and we constantly quote scenes from this especially with our own cats. I would have to say it would be Donkey. I have never been a fan of Eddie Murphy until now but his classic oneliners, incredible optimism and who else would be married to a "dragon"
saranorman88 - 3:28 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012

I would love to review this dvd - my daughter has been asking me about this for ages :-), our favourite character is strawberry shortcake


jobrush - 3:27 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Sorry didn't mean to post 3x - the computer wasn't acknowledging that it had gone through :-O
arielad - 3:26 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Sid from Ice Ages, saw the all series....! he is the cutest creature:-)
Jojo17 - 3:24 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
One of my favourite Animal Movie Characters would have to be most of the Animals in 'Babe' very well done for it's time! & one that has paved the way ... my son is pretty keen on Happy Feet lately, every time he sees a penguin (TV, shop wherever) it's Happy Feet! :) We have snow Buddies at home so I know it is definitely something my 4 year old is interested in!
bassplayer - 3:22 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
My kids love the other buddies movies they have seen and would love to review this one. I find the movie easy to watch and understand for younger kids and the treasure theme reels in the older one.
rjtaylor - 3:22 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
I asked my 6 year old and hers is Miette from Barbie and the 3 Musketeers (the brave kitty cat), mine would be Donkey from Shrek!
jobrush - 3:20 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Garfield! Everyone can relate just a little to that fat cat - from his selfishness to his love of food! He just brings a smile to my and the families faces. We just looked at this movie at the DVD hire place this morning and almost got it - my eldest is a wee Indiana Jones fan so this really appeals to him.
renas3 - 3:16 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
would love to trial this movie. Big 'buddy' fans here
joski86 - 3:16 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
would absolutely love to trial this! we have watched all the buddies movies..well i thought until I saw this one.My fav animal movie character would have to be the hachi from the movie hachi so gorgeous.
Mumof2Girls - 3:14 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012

My favourite would have to be King Julien XIII from Madagascar!  I love him!  I know he's not technically a real animal but he rocks... lol ... you can't help but like him... his voice, the songs he sings and his warped perceptions are hilarious.

If I had to choose a real animal it would have to be Skippy, the bush kangaroo :)

jobrush - 3:14 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Garfield! Everyone can relate just a little to that fat cat - from his selfishness to his love of food! He just brings a smile to my and the families faces. We just looked at this movie at the DVD hire place this morning and almost got it - my eldest is a wee Indiana Jones fan so this really appeals to him.
piglet - 3:13 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Oh my children loved Snow Buddies & Space Buddies, so I am sure they'd love to see this! My favourite animal character has always been Charlotte the spider in Charlottes' Web.
jobrush - 3:13 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Garfield! Everyone can relate just a little to that fat cat - from his selfishness to his love of food! He just brings a smile to my and the families faces. We just looked at this movie at the DVD hire place this morning and almost got it - my eldest is a wee Indiana Jones fan so this really appeals to him.
destinygal80 - 3:13 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
my daughters love love alvin and the chipmunks movies!!
Guest Member - 3:12 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
everyone in our house loves alvin and the chipmunks!! my 2 yo loves to sing all the songs and dance. but she loves the cute little chipmunks
Guest Member - 3:12 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
would absolutely love to trial this! have watched all the buddies movies..well i thought until I saw this one.
veronicad - 2:24 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Artex!  I balded my eyes out when he dies and still struggle to control my emotions when watching it now, years and years later.  The Neverending story fans out there will know I am talking about the horse that Atrayhu rides. He gets stuck in the mud. This has actually happened to me in real life too, but obviously not quite to that extent. My horse got stuck and it was really stressful for a while, and of course I was thinking about Artex the whole time. Luckily my Pony was rescued and fine, but absolutely covered in mud, and exhausted. Recently saw Snow White and the Huntsman, and saw that they had the same story line in that one too. Beautiful white caring horse stuck in the mud! It really gets me every time.
awells11 - 2:06 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
We would love to trail this dvd and ours would have to be precious pup hahaha
kymie83 - 1:34 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
hooch from turner and hooch,it doesn't matter how naughty he was or dirty he was still really lovable and faithful especially when he saves turners that film
Coring - 7:13 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
M y favorite animal movie character is Lassie.  The best.
chidsmum - 6:33 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
For me it would have to be Puss from Puss in Boots. Mind you it does help that Antonio Banderas is easy on the eyes too!
suzb2012 - 6:15 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.
SusanDax - 6:00 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Oh, that's a hard decision!  Probably Manny from Ice Age.
Glenfelik - 4:52 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Curious George is our favourite - and he has been around for a rather long time now.
emmalee - 3:29 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

My kids love these movies! Would love to review,

Miss 8 says Garfiels and mr 5 says That movie with underdog in it ( apparently he's a superhero dog that wears a costume)

virgogirl - 3:23 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

I just watched Ice Age 3 with the kids so my fav animal character at the mo would have to be Sid :)  We would love to review this movie, my middle child (5yrs old) is a HUGE fan of the Buddies movies and has watched all of the others, this one looks like it could become her favourite!


tallsonn - 2:48 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

Monkey from Kung Fu Panda - gotta love Jackie Chan as a monkey! We would love to review this movie as both my children love the "Buddies" movies and that's saying something as one is 4 and the other 9 so they don't always like the same things! They are both obsessed with anything Egyptian as I have been to Egypt and we have a lot of photos and knick knacks from there around the house.

travelbugnz - 2:45 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
wow Indiana jones eat your heart out.... must be awesome :) Our daughter LOVES animals and Dogs. I can imagine this having to be put on repeat play lol :)
MAMANANNA - 2:11 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

Luath the golden lab retriver from disneys Incrediable Journey based on a true story beautiful faithful dog as labs are.Would love to trial with miss 2 and 8 over these hoildays .

Keryn247 - 2:07 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Bolt, hes almost as cool as hairy maclary :)
stumpie - 1:47 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Donkey from Shrek gotta love him.
janellelongstaff - 1:36 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

puss in boots... kitty with attitude... love it.

we recently had a house fire so staying in a motel with 3 little ones... we need entertainment :)

lynne - 1:33 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
Would love to trial this movie. My kids are BUDDIES fans. I used to like watching casper, Josie and the pussycats
vam - 12:25 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

 I think that Donald Duck is very cute, I used to watch him all the time back in the 70's and 80's

lilblondee6 - 9:49 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Baloo the bear from jungle book, a classic calm, cool character who is very funny.
CaseysMum - 8:45 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012

I think I'll have to go with the ever-loveable Beethoven he's gorgeous and can be such a goof, just like our first dog.

My kids are going to be excited this movie is almost out, they are both total Buddies fans, Space buddies, Santa buddies, Snow buddies, we've seen them all and they love them. They've seen the shorts for this one and are looking forward to getting to see it :)

radioguru - 7:32 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Bagheera from the Jungle Book
ajpickering - 7:06 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Now going to show my age! ............ but I still love Lassie.
JacqIAm - 4:34 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Falkor the luck dragon from The Never-Ending story
CamosMum - 2:55 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
The talking gorilla from George of the Jungle - love when he has to pretend he is a normal ape! Looks like a good movie and am looking for an upgrade from Thomas, Mickey and Dora!!!
skyela - 2:41 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
My favorite animal would have to be bolt the dog! :-)
mumjess - 2:22 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
My favourite animal movie character has got to be Babe. he's just so cute, and what a hero he was! I saw it at the movies when i was really not quite a kid anymore but loved it just the same.
druryl - 2:17 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012

Beethoven or Lassie would have to be my favourite animal movie characters :-) Would love to review this movie & my daughter would love it too :-)

Rysmum - 1:44 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Puss in boots from Shrek :) would love the opportunity to review this movie with my hubby and daughter :)
karinlee - 1:36 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Stripes the Zebra out of racing stripes is my favourite.  My kids love any movie with animals in and loved snow buddies - Its a favourite in our DVD collection.  They would love to review this movie.
smoodles - 1:18 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
I would have to say beetoven would be my favourite, would love to have a dog just like him...minus the drool of course lol.
lorrainehogan - 1:11 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Hey. What an opportunity to review this movie would be! We would love to review this movie. I must say that my favorite animal movie character has got to be GARFIELD!! Hes sooo cute...I love the movie GARFIELD, and so does my son - since I introduced him to it. We have watched all of the movies, more than once :-).My second favorite has to be OTIS from the movie Milo and Otis. Simply love this movie, and the animation of the animals is outstanding.We would love the opportunity to review this movie, and would provide a honest critical review for you.Thanks for the opportunity :-)
tammyd - 1:05 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Simba from The Lion King :)
motheroffour - 12:23 PM Mon-2-Jul-2012
 Marley off Marley and me is my fav
or tom and jerry
kandis - 11:57 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
scrat from ice age is my absolute best and Donkey from the shrek movies!!!
tessa771 - 11:56 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
It is hands down Tramp, from lady and the tramp. Don't we all love a hero and a happy ending!! :)
harksgal - 11:48 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Beethoven :)
Guest Member - 11:46 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Beethoven :)
lynleyg - 11:31 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
I've got to say that Garfield has to be my favourite - especially the old style cartoon version. And the books. I think that I only really got the humour as a grown up though :)
mary110370 - 11:18 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Dumbo as it is the very 1st movie I ever saw at the theatre - way way way back in the day . . . . .
CSM - 11:13 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
'Po' Ohh Yeah
IceKiwi - 11:05 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
My all time favourite would have to be Milo and Otis, loved the movie and the animal characters were fantastic.
cherrytf - 11:04 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Scooby Doo for me
AnnaES - 11:03 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012

Aslan - the lion in the Narnia series!  (And Rowlf the dog muppet who plays the piano!)

kennyjo - 10:58 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
It would have to be Donkey from Shrek!!
stacleaning - 10:55 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
Ohhh have to love Abu from Alladin. Great movie and he is so funny and so cute hahah
As a child I LOVED lady from lady and the tramp that was one of my favourite movies!!
gonzze - 10:32 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012

Lady in Lady and the Tramp i love the movie

jdsmum - 10:18 AM Mon-2-Jul-2012
sid from iceage!!

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