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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Week 1: Share your tips for helping kids to fit active play into their day and be in to win!
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-07-03 09:56:02`  

Once the homework, after school activities and chores are over, sometimes there's not a lot of time available for your child to enjoy active play. Here are five easy tips from mums to help kids fit active play into their day:

  • Walk the dog together after school

  • Put on your child's favourite music and get up and boogie!

  • Build a playhouse or fort from boxes and blankets

  • Stop at the park on the way home from school or shopping and spend 15 minutes having fun

  • Introduce your child to a game you played as a kid

Share your tips for helping kids to fit active play into their day and be in to win!

The five members who submit the best tips by 11.59pm on Monday 9th July 2012, as chosen by Kidspot, will each win a set of AVARO Elastics and a MILO sports bag for your play gear (RRP $25.50 each).



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  • Maximum of three comments per member

  • Kidspot will choose the winning entry/entries based on originality, creative merit, relevance to the topic question and alignment with the ‘MILO Play’ theme of promoting active play.

  • Entry into this competition is deemed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

Comments (37)
harksgal - 3:53 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Oh yay, thanks so much!!!!!
CamosMum - 1:18 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Yay! Thanks so much Kidspot and Milo what a great way to end the week :)
JulieKidspot - 12:57 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
The winners are:


eddie - 2:55 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
Since we have a new born in our midst life has been very busy, so much so that I have actually created a mini park in my backyard complete with a 10ft trampoline and a swing. My kids love it and don't even need an invitation from me. We allow them to use it everyday weather permitting and it does keep them not just active but makes them happy children and makes us as parents happy as well.
harksgal - 7:17 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
To keep my son active i take my son around the block on his bike while i run, this way he get's to do something he really like's and i get to exercise too. We usually go in the afternoon's after he finishes school and i finish work. :)
mummytoone - 4:52 PM Mon-9-Jul-2012
My 2yr 3months daughter loves kicking the soccer ball around- when I take her for a walk in the buggy we hop out at the park and get out the ball and run around- even better when daddy comes!! Parents have got to be the role models for sure!
goddess588 - 9:44 AM Sat-7-Jul-2012
Now the kids are older we do a family walk every morning before breakfast - we're up to 3km now - we started with a walk around the block in March and increased it every month.
erenakelly - 6:25 PM Fri-6-Jul-2012
Walk to the shops instead of taking the car (counting, joke telling, ad lib stories are also a great form of entertainment here). Make moving around a game - "I bet you can't jump 20 times on the spot...I'll race you" etc. Go find steep grassy hills to run down until your eyes sting. Get a dog.
mummy101 - 1:14 PM Fri-6-Jul-2012

Walk to the letter box a few times a day with the younger kids

Keryn247 - 12:21 PM Fri-6-Jul-2012
My daughter is only young (1 yr) but I love being outdoors, so a couple of times a week we take the dog and my daughter in the push chair and go for a walk, ending up at the local park, my daughter loves going on the swing :)
nzchick - 10:54 AM Fri-6-Jul-2012
I definitely think that parents contribute hugely to whether their kids get enough active, unstructured play.  In our house, we try to have time together where we just act silly, dance around the room and make up new songs etc.  I think  a lot of parents in today's busy world are so busy and tired that it's difficult to find the time and energy needed to help show kids that using their imaginations and running around are an important part of life.  We try to make sure there is a time for playing and when you get in to it, I find I enjoy it just as much as the kids. :) 
keetismyson - 11:56 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012
i get my son to have active play for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. We get out and about with whether its a walk were we run and chase each other or we run around chaising each other in the back garden, bounce on the trampoline or even just chaise each other around the house if it is raining (and i can say my son LOVES to run and run and run. i think that this promotes activeness with both my son and myself and we all need to be fit and active. so to keep us going we begin the day with a TALL glass of Milo and to calm us at the end of the day we End our day with a TALL Glass of Milo also.
awells11 - 11:18 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012
Our kids love Milo as so do us adults we grew up on it.. We just bribe them with a glass of milk and milo floating on the top and a spoon and after they have been active for half an hour or so they can have their drink try it, really works and also gives us an excuse to pig on out one too LOL
Guest Member - 1:25 PM Thu-5-Jul-2012

I love to encourage the kids to wrap up, don their gumboots and get out and mucky, even in the rain!  Puddle jumping, running around with the animals, a bit of footy, swinging on he swings and get wet bottoms, getting the veges for tea out of the garden.

Bonus is at the end they are happy and all ruddy facedm and ready to come in and have a warm shower or bath, and then enjoy a nice warm Milo.  Then they are more relaxed and calm and ready for any homework they might have.

Jo90 - 9:40 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
We like to make obstacle courses from cushions, boxes, blankets to crawl under and anything else we can find. Horse rides on mama's back are also a big hit and playing chase and tickle.We have a basketball set on loan from our local Toy Library at the moment, which my 5 and 2 year old both love - they're trying so hard to master the bouncing. Husband is also enjoying showing off his skills! We've had some other cool active play toys form the Toy Library - croquet set, tunnels, balance boards and runna bikes have all been a hit.
shellcruise - 7:47 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
My 3 year old daughter is full on at pre-school Mon, Tue and Fridays.  On Wed we have music class and Thur Kindy Gym.  If having home day we have the xbox kinnect or she has lots of toys to play with - very little down time
bassplayer - 5:10 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
We get the kids outside after school and in the weekends on their bikes, playing swing ball, rugby and running around on the adventure playground at the local school. I find that they are always more eager to get active when we get involved.
ankmika - 4:22 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
In the weekend when we go to town we try to take our son to the local swimming pool for a good splash. If its hot and we don't have to go to town for a reason we will chuck a tarp down on the grass, soap it up with some dish washing liquid, turn the sprinkler on and have a soapy, slippery slide.

There is a small hill at our house and my son gets the boogy boards out, sticks them in a plastic bag and slides down the hill. Its lots of fun and even better when its been icy or snowing!!!!

Last week I noticed some old eggs that were out of date.My son thought the best way to dispose of them would be chucking them against the house and watching the yoke slide down....Uhmmm No.... I was not a fan of that idea so instead we grabbed a spoon and had a egg race.Son rung the grandparents up and we all made a afternoon of it .
tille - 2:49 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Yesterday when i got home from work my 7 year old was kicking his rugby ball and pretending to get a try in the pouring rain.  He was sliding in the mud on our front lawn.  He was laughing and so happy the mud didn't matter.  Sometimes you got to just let the kids be kids,or in my case boys will be boys and worry about the clean up later!!
IceKiwi - 2:44 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
We set up an obstacle course around our house using whatever is around branches to jump over a tramp to go under etc. Its a great way for all of us to get active and it works for the various ages I have 4,5,6,&7 + me. We change it up all the time sometimes its just to do it other times we race against a clock or do it where we have to then tag the next person to go. Lots of fun for all.
kaigey - 2:21 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
my 3 under 3y love building forts with tunnels & ladders, riding their bikes and jumping on the trampoline...involve them in the decision process and they will enjoy it more...My 16y just likes to run away from me so heaps of running for him lol
veronicad - 2:02 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012

We have started going on family adventures, where we take the bikes somewhere new and just ride. We have discovered some great tracks! Sometimes we have to turnaround but a good challenge is to find a different route back to the car. It's great exercise because you don't realise how far you have gone till its time to head back, and by then you are already tired, so are completely stuffed when you eventually make it. It's great bonding time, it's great exercise and it is always an adventure!

arielad - 1:52 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Just playing all family group games-like one covers his eyes and try to catch the others.Or each player has holy hoop on the ground, and playing "ocean/land" gamw. one is responsible for instructions: if he calls "ocean" everyone need to jump into the holy hoop. If he calls "land" everyone need to jump outside the holy hoop. and you can invent as many other rules.
CamosMum - 1:39 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012

We walk Daddy to work whenever possible (usually rain is the only thing that stops us). On the way back, we run up and down the steps of the art gallery, balance along the concrete wall and practice our sidestepping, running backwards, hopping like rabbits and have just started playing "tag, your it" through the park too. All great fun and Mum really enjoys how she must look hopping like a rabbit along the street in rush hour traffic (all those workers should be jealous of my job :) )

cnikb - 1:31 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012

We play "let's chase" around the house - me crawling and our 16 mth old walking or crawling, go biking, walk around our little block, and dancing to the radio.

cherrytf - 1:27 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
We play hide-n-seek around the house, including the garden, storage, garage, and decks. We play Xbox Kinect games (and get oh so physical and spent afterwards, but all worth it) together and against each other. We also go to the park for the kids to play and ride around on their bikes. Whenever possible, we walk and ride the bus or train to and fro the library or park.
mumjess - 1:25 PM Wed-4-Jul-2012
Riding bikes is a great one for getting outside and active. Whether its riding bikes in the garden or up to the shops, park or even to school it's popular with kids! It means Mum has to walk fast to keep up so great for us too!
supermums - 4:44 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
I find that playing with my kids always helps - if i go outside and join them in a game of soccer in the back yard, or hide and go seek then they are more likely to stay playing for longer! Also I like to take the kids to the local playground on the weekends, or to the beach on a nice day (not that we have had many of them!) I try to think of the best memories from my childhood and use those games to keep my kids active :)
travelbugnz - 2:43 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
I'm with small trampoline... my neighbour used to have 1 and their little boy and his mates basically gre up on it. We used to here it bounce until the sun went down. I think its an amazing way to keep the fit and healthy :)
oommii - 2:41 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
During the term I take my toddler to a couple of different play-groups where we dance, play on the slide, in the sand pit, trikes, small trampoline etc.
Otherwise we visit different parks in the area where she plays on swings, slides as well as walking/running to explore the park and meet any dogs that are being walked.
On rainy days when there is no playgroup we dance at home, walk up and down the hallway being different animals (stomping elephant, buzzing bee, tip-toeing mouse etc), learn to ride her balance bike in the hall (the advantage of wooden floors and a long hall).  If we feel like we need to get out of the house we rug up and go and jump in puddles or go to a shopping mall where we just walk around, go up and down escalators/travellators.
I also take her to do the grocery shopping where she helps to push the trolley and get things from the shelf that are within her reach.
I actually don't need to encourage her to be active, she is always on the go :-)
Mumof2Girls - 2:04 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012

I make sure for at least 15 minutes after school my kids (5 yrs and 2 yrs) get to have a play on the school playground.� This gives me a chance to catch up with some of the other Mum's too and the kids get to play so it's a bit of a win win situation.

We also make sure we got to a park or the beach at least once on the weekend and just let the kids run wild for a bit - the beach is best for that - wide open space.

The kids are only allowed to watch TV at set times during the day otherwise they have music on or nothing at all.

When the weather doesn't allow for playing on the playground or it's the school holidays - this will probably be frowned upon by many - but I let and encourage the kids to climb over the couch and run around and jump and play leap frog and do rolly pollies and dance to music in their playroom.� They have so much fun dancing with each other playing my husband and I often can't help joining in :)

holley - 2:00 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
I really wanted to stay away from the "kids on the couch" mode, I know my girls love watching the t.v but I know it was so important to keep their bodies circulating! It really is the case where monkey see, monkey do, So I try to be a role model by partaking in the day to day activities e.g hide and seek. I Like to take the girls to the park and just let them skip rope and have racing competitions; when its raining its a bit harder to have them outside, So I dedicate some space and they just play imaginary games and build castles out of the lounge furniture, either way they are remaining active and by the end of the day, they are having a sound nights sleep. Another thing that I have found is I don't have enough time to have a strict exercise routine, so I will walk to get the groceries instead of driving and we all help carry the shopping home, even in winter we do this, it becomes our rainy day walk. Also just encouraging the school sports from a young age, I think that getting them in the habit will promote a healthier lifestyle later on.
Carols - 1:48 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
We recently woke to a very rainy cold windy day. I said to my Grandsons, 7 & 4 "any ideas" on how we might spend the morning?They had been to A Gymnastic Class the morning before and decided that we would have a Gym Class. What fun it was. We all had to take a turns in being the Gym Instructor and I have to say that we had some very tricky moves to conquer. A FUN WAY TO SPEND THE MORNING AND STAY FIT
Pearlywhite - 12:58 PM Tue-3-Jul-2012
We've started introducing "Treasure Hunts" in our house.  My husband and I think of 20 things around the house and garden and give the kids a list each and the first one to come back to us with all the things on the list wins a prize.  It's so much fun, they get a real kick out of it.  They race around like crazy people trying to find everything and lots of laughs along the way.  It's a great way to keep them active, brains stimulated and out of the house.
looies1 - 11:28 AM Tue-3-Jul-2012
We are away on holiday at the moment, but we love music, so we have made our own instruments boxes, tins, sauce pans and good old wooden spoons, we take turns making music while the rest of the family dance around.  We also are going for walks to the beach with our spade to build volcanoes take along a jar of vineger and baking soda use the jar in the top and watch there faces as the soda reacts, such great fun.  We have painted a four square and hopscotch on the path at home, they where fun in our day and now the kids love it too. Peg treasure hunt is great fun too, makes us all run around like mad things to see who can get all the pegs, this can be done inside as well. Happy holidays everyone.
ekubo - 10:30 AM Tue-3-Jul-2012

my best tool is the off button. If I turn off the tv, computer, Wii etc they go outside and play. Once they're out there's no problem getting them active, they leap around on the tramp, race their scooters up and down the street, climb our big tree, have running races, ride their bikes etc etc.

On a rainy day balloons help them be active, little water balloons blown up with air are our fave. The kids bat them around, leap after them, jump to reach them etc. And they'll do it for ages, paper planes have the same affect on them.

Not driving them to school helps as well, they really enjoy going on their scooters, and they're much fresher and more energised when they get there.

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