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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Week 2: Tell us about your favourite memory of playing with your parents when you were a kid!
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-07-10 16:15:16`  

We had some epic backyard cricket games when I was a kid! Those games would go on until either it was so dark we couldn't see the ball or my dad hit it so hard that yet another leap over the drain was required to fetch it! Now my kids enjoy playing with several generations of my family.

Tell us about your favourite memory of playing with your parents when you were a kid. Share your stories and be in to win!

The five members who submit the best stories by 11.59pm on Monday 16th July 2012, as chosen by Kidspot, will each win a Twister board game (RRP $34.99 each).



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Comments (57)
MumBum - 10:25 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Oh wow! Thanks heaps, I shall be waiting at the window for it to arrive! ... and congratulations to the other ladies tookymmageIceKiwiKeryn247AnnaESMy big boy said he's going to beat both his Father and I at Twister, and he most likely will too!!
AnnaES - 8:10 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Thank you!  Our Twister came this afternoon and our girls have already had a couple of games!
IceKiwi - 7:03 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Thank you, we received ours today looking forward to a weekend of Twister!
JulieKidspot - 12:58 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
The winners are:


kymmage - 12:09 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Thanks very much for the game of Twister that arrived this morning!  I was very surprised as there was no note or sender details.  It was a very nice surprise though :)
MumBum - 12:14 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Have the winners been announced yet? I've been out of the loop a bit so am not sure if I missed the notice! :-)
VJ - 10:28 PM Wed-1-Aug-2012
My grandparents, my dad's brother's family and us all lived together - 11 people altogether. We all played together also. Most of the games were made up on the spot. Some were games that my parents grew up playing - like three tins - a sort of no-bat-3-tins-for-wicket version of cricket. :) There were lots of fun days at the beach also where we played defending using a soccer ball. I guess the game was a non-competitive take on soccer (except that we were allowed to use our hands also!) since we did not have to score any goals. The memory of the warm sand running through my toes, the spray of the sea water, the laughter, a sandy, salty face and fingers and running around being silly with everyone makes me wish that I was a child again. I cannot wait to introduce such activities to my son.
ECAW - 12:16 PM Tue-24-Jul-2012
One of my favourite memories was with my Dad. We had a cricket team (there were 8 of us in our family), and we had an empty back section behind our house. We would play on Saturdays when Dad wasnt working and it was so much fun, and I learnt so much too. My Dad LOVES cricket so was quite stoked to have a daughter who could throw as far and further than the local boys...haha!!!
Jo90 - 8:30 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Playing French Cricket in the garden with my Dad, heaps of kids, and the dog too of course. Simple, but hours of entertainment.
holley - 4:34 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
I grew up with my parents as well as my grandparents living in the household, I always remember summer evenings in the weekend my grandma would pull out the gear we would go out into the field and play badminton, we would play for hours! and i always remember that staying up past 7.30pm was the ultimate privilege, so we would end up playing while it was getting dark. Double whammy: playing and staying up late! .
cbirch - 2:07 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
I grew up on a farm and was always told the good old line "go outside and play".  As an only child I have great memories of playing with my parents (they probably didn't get a lot of choice!) things like swing ball, t-ball, running races around and around the house. Great fun!
veronicad - 1:48 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012

I credit my attitude to money to endless games of monoply with my family on wet days. I like to save it or spend it all on property!  My kids are a bit young yet but I am all set with a game in the cupboard just waiting for them to be old enough to play. Athough I saw Monopoly with a credit card facility the other day, I think I will keep alive the tradition and go with the original money in your hand version.

amyr - 12:48 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
When ever we went on a family holiday to the beach and it rained we would have a family game of monopoly and as we got older it got more and more competitive but always so much fun!
Amanda30 - 12:18 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
I remember playing Diamond Hunt with my dad, brother and the girl who lived next door. We loved that game and it was better than playing Monopoly, because Dad always won that. We had a good chance of winning with Diamond Hunt :-)
stacleaning - 12:16 PM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Oh I remember going for bike rides as a family three girls mum n dad, was the beeest!! Also all time fav is hit and roll, best thing is now our parents and us girls play with our children it brings back so many memories :) Love my family so much
aucklandjules - 11:54 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
As kids we used to play "What's the time Mr Wolf" with our parents also Go Home Stay Home was another favourite to play with pur parents.
piglet - 11:39 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
We used to play funworder together - four kids with our parents so it used to be a great game. Its like scrabble, where you spell words on the board for points. We always had a great laugh at dad's words as he is not a very good speller, plus he'd put words down like stinker or poos. Good old dad, his spelling has still not improved. We went camping alot, we had a campervan and would go away for weekends so we played lots of portable dvd players or hand held games then! Mum & Dad still have that same game we played and now they play with my kids, their grandchildren. Dad/grandad is still trying out his poo's and stinker much to the kids delight!
kymmage - 11:38 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
We use to set up whole olympic games, with backyard cricket, netball, running races, long jump, etc.  Mum would help me make medals for the winners of each section.  Most fun we could have in a weekend, when we weren't camping or fishing.
fishnchips - 11:35 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
We used to have twister when I was a kid - Christmas day was always the best day to play - when all the family was around and it ended up just a big knot of legs, arms and body parts everywhere - was great fun!
berry - 11:33 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
Mum used to set up play huts for us in the house on rainy days and play in them with us too - she was great fun
Mamabear - 10:26 AM Mon-16-Jul-2012
We grew up in an apartment so not much of an outdoor life for me and my sister unfortunately. However, our parents did the best they could and we all played a lot of games indoors. I remember us playing table tennis using the dining table much to my mother's horror and she was particularly conscious of not hitting the ball too hard when it was her turn! We also had times when someone hit the ball straight out the balcony door and we had to go run downstairs to get it, which was also part of the fun! Luckily we lived on the first floor.  My favourite game though was carrom, and we spent hours playing it and took turns polishing the board! My dad would always give in and play another round as he knew how much I loved it! I actually got very good at it thanks to him, and went on to represent my school at inter-school tournaments. Isn't it wonderful how parents try to give their kids the best in whatever little way they can!
renosmum - 3:28 PM Sun-15-Jul-2012
tTmes were tough so we didn't go out much but mum made sure we had lots of fun. There were three of us, me and my two brothers so we played many activities outside.� Tiggy, hide and seek, catch (where we got into a shape and threw the ball to each other and each time we missed it a letter was added until the name of an animal is spelt and one of us got out) donkey in the middle all of these were my favourite outside activities and still thirty years on i look back fondly and smile when i think of them.
Keryn247 - 9:24 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
My favorite game as a child was 'spot light', we would play it after family get togethers with all the cousins.  we would all have to rumage aroud to find torches.  My dad was always the best at starting the games (I think he got bored of too much adult talk) my dad is just a big kid at heart, love my dad
LIVINGLIFE - 9:16 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
My dad raised us from when I was 8 and even though he was facing a big financial struggle and many other ones he would play and laugh with us for hours.,  He used to chase us round and round the house playing 'tickle monster'.  He was the tackle monster and we used to have to make sure the tickle monster wouldnt corner us so we would all gang up and have every exit covered so he couldnt sneak up on us, he used to play monoploy for hours even though he now admits he hated with a passion. 
teen29 - 9:05 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
Our Dad was awesome when we were little! We would have running races down our huge back yard on 44 gallon drums! Good times! If only my yard was big enough :(
Kazzam - 8:52 PM Sat-14-Jul-2012
I remember playing scrabble and monopoly for hours with my mum on the weekends.... I cant wait for my younget to be a bit older so we can play lots of games as a family and share lots of laughs like I I'd with my mum.
cherrycola27 - 9:24 AM Sat-14-Jul-2012
I was an only child and when we went on family holidays my parents liked to do lots of big walks ~ so i used to play "were going on a bear hunt" to keep myself ammused!! :)
Guest Member - 9:06 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
I remember learning to ride my bike with Dad holding the back. Remember turning around and seeing he had let go and panicing and crash into the rose bush. Bath time was pretty painful that night lol
ruthb - 8:50 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
We played lots of games when we were kids but my all time favourite memories were at the beach playing bat down then making volcanos with real fire and toasting marshmallows! Nothing quite like the beach for quality family time
Guest Member - 8:49 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
We played lots of games when we were kids but my all time favourite memories were at the beach playing bat down then making volcanos with real fire and toasting marshmallows! Nothing quite like the beach for quality family time
michp - 2:12 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
We played lots of board games eg monopoly, cards and scrabble - I had a brother who was a bad loser and to this day I don't enjoy playing Monopoly anymore :(
JulietteNZ - 1:22 PM Fri-13-Jul-2012
We had a tennis court setup on the grass in our big backyard and would have great games together in the summer often resulting in having to retrieve the ball from the paddock next door amongst the cows haha
nzchick - 11:20 AM Fri-13-Jul-2012
I used to play all kinds of games with my parents - hide and seek, rugby, cricket and all kinds of imaginative play.  We also used to make things - dad would get old pieces of wood and some nails and paints and we'd make our works of art - it was a lot of fun.  We also used to take drives and stop at big hills to go down the side in our sacks. :)
My sons love hide and seek too and every night they hide in their beds are brushing their teeth and we pretend we have no idea where they are.  It's amazing how doing the same thing every night doesn't become boring for them, but they squeal everytime we find them.
dayauon - 5:38 PM Thu-12-Jul-2012
sadly, i have no memories of playing any games with my parents because they were too tired from work and they were not sporty. 
eddie - 4:16 PM Thu-12-Jul-2012
Mum and dad both use to play cricket in the backyard with me and my brothers. And when it was raining and we had to be in-doors Mum use to play with me snakes and ladders, cards and carrom.
ekubo - 2:01 PM Thu-12-Jul-2012

mum did a lot of arty stuff with us, and I remember playing monopoly for hours on rainy winter weekends. Money was very tight so she used to take us to parks and beaches and on long walks.


The only real memory I have of 'playing' with my father was sitting on the balcony of his upstair flat on the main rd of Palmy Nth and chucking over ripe plums at the people walking past. Great role model wasn't he lol.


Nessee, my kids now play spot the yellow car. Of course being boys when you spot the yellow car you get to punch the person next to you. The other variation is to find a 'spottie' or white on black number plate. You get two punches for one of those lol.

AnnaES - 2:32 AM Thu-12-Jul-2012

Mum liked swimming so she would take us with her!  She would take us to creeks, school swimming pools and the beach.  I remember the fun of jumping up and down in the waves at the beach and eating sausage, marmite, cheese and sand! sandwiches!! Also school pools which never seemed to be quite warm enough!  We would all have some fun and get some exercise!! 

Dad taught us card games like 500 and Euchre and board games like chess and how not to be a 'sore' loser! 

kevo - 9:51 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012

My favorite memory is of playing cards, especially games like dirty liz and oh hell, with my parents and sisters

malandrob - 7:51 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012

We used to play a lot of imaginary play games - whether shops, washing, cars, trains - often with lots of props like a box or sheet over some chairs. Many an hour of playing like this.

Guest Member - 7:34 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
My Favourite memories of my Dad must be the times we spent Flyfishing back home in South Africa ....on beautiful crystal clear waters of the eastern Freestate. It was very special for me to share these moments with him....beautiful locations and awesome guy to share it with....
Rose3 - 5:54 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
We would play post office's.we had old dining room chairs that had 3 pieces of wood down the back of the chair with a gap at the bottom, the same set up as the post office counter in uk when i was little.I had writing sets, a stamping set,sticky paper i cut into squares for stamps and paper stapled together for pension books, my family(all 5 that lived with us) would que by the door for me to serve them.they would put the lettter etc through the gap at the bottom and i would stick a stamp on and stamp it. loved it. did it with my own children too.
nessee - 4:54 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
As a family we would play spot the White Car while driving to Hastings my parents home town. It was such a long long drive as kids so it kept us busy and stopped the boredom. Once we spotted the White Car, it was the next persons turn. There was 4 of us kids so it went on for hours. Also we had rain drop races on the windows, pick a rain drop and see who got to the bottom of the window first, my brothers cheated sooo much but me being the only girl and youngest I never suspected it, brothers are rotten and smelly but love then all the same hehe. We now as a family play these car games ;-)
travelbugnz - 4:20 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012

We used to play board games everynight after tea. Now we have started our own family this is a routine I'm really keen to get into. Even now just eating tea together up the table creates an environment for quality time together as a family.

harksgal - 4:14 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
I used to play knuckle bone's with my mum, she was always so good. :)
IceKiwi - 4:12 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
Cricket in the street we lived at the bottom of a hill in a cauldersack it was us our parents and neighbours outside so often till the lights came on and it got hard to see, loved those days, then there were the massive water fights we had I remember mum making dinner inside while us kids and dad went crazy well we lived in a pole house so really high up to the kitchen but we managed to ruin dinner, the hose soaked the kitchen it was hilarious and we all laughed so much mum was joining in in between maybe thats why the kitchen got targeted. The other favourite were inside games and that was the chocolate game getting clothing on so fast and racing to chop and eat the chocolate before the next 6 was rolled, and rummikub really enjoyed playing that at the weekends.
cj - 3:45 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
When I was little, Mum and Dad used to put a blind fold over my eyes then I would step onto a plank that mum and dad were holding at each end. I held onto their shoulders. They pretended I had just boarded a plane.They did this big commentary about how the plane was taking off ( they lifted the plank off the ground,) then went on talking about the flight... going through turbulence (wobbled the plank) etc etc, went on for awhile, then suddenly the plane was having trouble and we had to jump. They way they did it, you thought you were a long way off the ground, but when you went to jump you worked out you were only a couple of cm's. WAS GREAT fun. It became a "world famous" favourite game they did at my birthday parties year after year with friends.
I now appreciate how much effort and strain it would have been on their backs!!
GoMummyJo - 3:35 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
Ma didn't 'do' boardgames, but she was happy to join in playing 'shops' or 'schools' to the extent where we would get loads of groceries out out the pantry and load them up on the bookcase and go shopping with monopoly money and use the dolls push chair as a trolley. When my father lived with us, I do remember him playing gorillas and he would hide somewhere in the house kind of like hide & seek, then as we walked by he'd jump out with his t-shirt over his head growling and waving his arms about like a gorilla. Used to get massive frights when he jumped out.
jopukeko - 3:30 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
We played lots of board games when we were kids. I was taught to play chess, monopoly and backgammon at a very young age. We also played lots of card games like 500 and gin rummy. My dad hated it when (usually by pure luck) we would win and do a victory dance. My parents would often play on opposite teams and very very competitive. We had lots of fun and often got to have special treats too.
shellcruise - 3:25 PM Wed-11-Jul-2012
Used to love Sundays when we would either play Family Monopoly or Two/Three handed Patients we would then have Fish and Chips for dinner the best times
blynda - 9:29 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
My all time favourite was playing monopoly with my parents at a camp ground when i was 8 years old.  My dad just never ever plays boardgames but it was wet and he didn't have the paper ha ha ha
MumBum - 8:17 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
loolies1 reminded me of Sunday mornings when I would get into bed with my Dad and Mum and Dad would make up stories and sing songs with me... now that I look back as a parent myself, it was most likely their way of getting a bit of a lie in as I probably was up at some unearthly hour!lol
cherrytf - 8:16 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
Ha. Both my parents were lawyers and so the most exciting game we would play together was Scrabble! I always lost, but still looked forward to playing against them.
thecoffeelady - 8:02 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
One of my earliest memories is getting pulled along on a trike behind dad mowing the lawn, He used to tie the trike with a rope to the mower handle, great fun, He used to give us horse rides too, both us girls at the same time. Both parents were awesome parents but Dad especially was always having fun and games with us.
doolally - 5:48 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
MumBum that reminded me of when my dad would take us to get mushrooms in Mt Wellington. Early morning off "hunting" mushrooms climbing the hill in the early morning... Otherwise i really loved when we would go batching with the folks at Christmas. Fond memories of the pond and sunbaking and just generally playing silly buggers with the folks!
looies1 - 5:01 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
So many games that we played I think piggy back and horse rides where the best, always loved snuggling up to dad and mum at night and dad would tell us a story like "billy goats gruff" no book needed had me gripped everytime.  Any time we had together was fun time.  I now look at them with my kids doing the same things and think just how lucky am I to have such an amazing Mum and Dad.
MumBum - 4:57 PM Tue-10-Jul-2012
My Dad worked fulltime during the week and so to give Mum a break, he would take my brother and I to One Tree Hill every Saturday afternoon/evening. We would play together on the playground but the best part of the whole trip was that we would go and catch the wild rabbits and sometimes bring them home! I thought it was great fun, chasing them and then Dad would get a stick and prod the bunnies until they came out then we'd take them home for a few days until he would take them and let them go again.
On our way home, we would always stop at Ollies for a massive ice cream, then home for dinner. It is my strongest memory of my childhood and this is right from when I was about 4 years old.

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