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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Week 3: Tell us about your child’s favourite playmate and what they enjoy playing
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-07-17 12:49:40`  

My youngest has been seemingly attached at the hip to his best mate since kindy. They run around playing Jedi when he comes over to play.

Tell us who your child’s favourite playmate is? What do they enjoy playing that gets them up and moving?

Share your comments and be in to win!

The member who submit the best comments by 11.59pm on Monday 23rd July 2012, as chosen by Kidspot, will win a Prince 4 Player Badminton Set including: 4 Badminton Racquets, 2 Shuttles, 1 Net, 4 Pins, 4 Hooks, 4 Court Line, 1 String, 1 Bag (RRP $55.99 each).



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Comments (27)
JulieKidspot - 12:58 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
The winner was nickim - congratulations!
nickim - 4:17 PM Mon-23-Jul-2012

for some reason my entry  below about my son Sam is showing as guest member, so I have copied & pasted it into this so hopefully you can see it is from me :)

My 3.5 year son Sam loves playing with our next door neighbours - Ruby (3), Ollie (7) & Jordy (10).  He initially goes over to their house to play with Ruby where they usually colour in or play with trains & then he moves on to playing on the trampline with Ollie & they pretend they are spiderman, batman or superman & jump around like mad with their capes on and then if Jordy is playing outside both Sam & Ollie play rugby with Jordy who tries (unsucessfully) to teach them how to score tries in rugby.  It is always a mission to get Sam home for tea but it is very easy to settle him at night as he is always so exhausted from all his running around.  I asked my son this morning who his best friend is so I could enter this competion and he said "my neighbours" so I couldn't choose just one :) 

Guest Member - 4:14 PM Mon-23-Jul-2012
My 3.5 year son Sam loves playing with our next door neighbours - Ruby (3), Ollie (7) & Jordy (10).  He initially goes over to their house to play with Ruby where they usually colour in or play with trains & then he moves on to playing on the trampline with Ollie & they pretend they are spiderman, batman or superman & jump around like mad with their capes on and then if Jordy is playing outside both Sam & Ollie play rugby with Jordy who tries (unsucessfully) to teach them how to score tries in rugby.  It is always a mission to get Sam home for tea but it is very easy to settle him at night as he is always so exhausted from all his running around.  I asked my son this morning who his best friend is so I could enter this competion and he said "my neighbours" so I couldn't choose just one :) 
amyr - 12:57 PM Mon-23-Jul-2012
My son favourite play mate is a friend of his from kindy, they are born 2 days apart and are so alike!  They love to run around when he visits and make up their own little games on the trampoline or on their runner bikes.  They finish each others sentences, its so cute like an old married couple!
dayauon - 11:17 AM Mon-23-Jul-2012
my daughter and her best friend like to play monkey bar and just hanging in the playground.  they play tag and eat together at breaktimes. during her bestfriend's birthday, they went to Adventure Trees and had lots of fun!  they're just excited to see each other which is a delight!
shellcruise - 3:54 PM Sun-22-Jul-2012
My daughter has just started Pre-School so even though she is making friends she is still at the .... is my best friend every other day.  However her best pal would be Violet the LeapFrog Puppy.  They are inseperable and she does everything with violet - from sleeping with her, playing with her, sitting down to watch tv, having tea parties etc she has recently even been inviting Violet to dinner if we are having something yummy she says I have to have an extra place for her and include food on the plate however Violet does not eat her vegies only likes the meat especially Schnitzel and Steak and has recently been requesting that we have Nachoes more often.  Violet is part of the family and definitly her best friend.
erenakelly - 2:02 PM Sat-21-Jul-2012
My son's favourite friend is our neighbour's son who comes just up to his shoulder. They are like Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee. When we don't know where our children are, they are either at each other's houses or mucking about in the paddock in between being typical boys - rolling with dogs, chasing horses, dodging cow poo and cracking up. Their laughter resonates around the place!
goddess588 - 4:08 AM Sat-21-Jul-2012
My daughter's best friend is Abbey.  Abbey has been her friend since kindy and they are now in year 6 at separate schools and looking forward to going to Intermediate together next year.  One of the things that constantly amazes me when they get together at either house is the amount of time they spend 'going for a walk'.  No parent can complain about that!
saranorman88 - 12:38 PM Fri-20-Jul-2012
My daughter's favourite playmate is her Angelina the Balerina teddy which was bought for her at the concert.  They often put on music in her room and dance together however Angelina must not be dancing properly as i often hear my daugher saying "no Angelina - you do it this way".  So cute <3
Glenfelik - 12:04 PM Fri-20-Jul-2012
At the moment his best friend is a stuffed toy called Piggy Wiggy.  And every night he has a routine (which is strictly adhered to for our sanity) and we get into BIG trouble if we don't kiss piggy wiggy as tell him that we love him too.

At the moment his favourite game to play is Freeze Dance - a great way to get them up and about with minimal hassle and the best thing is that we can play it anywhere!  Can often be spied playing it in the car whilst sitting and waiting for Dad LOL!
veronicad - 9:35 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My children desperately love spending time with their Dad. He works long hours, so when the kids see him they screech with delight. If Dad is around, I don't get a look in. " I want dad to put my P.Js on"  "I want dad to read the story!" etc etc.  Nothing makes them happier than horsing around with Dad. Going for a family bike ride or playing with a ball. Flying a Kite. Anything really. As long as Dad is there, then everything is peachy. He really is their best friend!
Mamabear - 8:08 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My son has many friends at school but his favourite playmate is a boy whose middle name should have been soccer! The two of them are soccer crazy together and are almost always the last kids to leave the school as they play soccer for close to an hour after school when they don't have after school activities! They team up against other kids in school or sometimes they play against each other. They belong to a different EPL team each day and it is funny to hear them calling each other names of famous soccer players. They have gotten their classmates interested in soccer too and are looked up to by the other kids when any official soccer consultation is needed :) My son makes an extra effort to go early to school so that he can play a bit of soccer before the bell goes too. They both like to play and practise their skills at home as well as my son says practice makes perfect!
thecoffeelady - 7:46 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My daughters best friend so far is my mum - we go there to visit a couple of times a week and little miss one is soooo excited to see her and adores her! Very cute, my mum also brought her a little doll which is her favourite toy, she is very much a people-person and talks to the doll and pats it.
keznz - 4:53 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My eldest daughter has had the same best friend since the beginning of their school years. They are both about to turn 10 now, so it's been 5 years of watching them play. At the moment, now that they are older their favourite way to 'play' is being a typical girl & closing the bedroom door to keep the younger siblings out of the room while they talk boys! but when they do get active it's usually out side on the bikes :) kez* x
crank - 4:46 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My youngest son's best friend is just a few days younger than him and they've been mistaken for twins because they were so alike when they were little. Their favourite game seems to be to run around the house trying to shoot my eldest son with nerf guns!  My eldest has been best friends with his mate since they were at kindy. They love to play basketball together as they're on the same team and there's no such thing as too much practice!
RumRita - 4:40 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My sons are each others best playmate.  Despite the few years between them they adore each other and sit and play for hours.  The older one helps the younger one out when he can't manage to do something and they have endless laughs together.  During the school holidays the older son went to stay with his nana for the week and his brother missed him desperately and had to call him every night to see what he'd been up too.  I love to see siblings play so well together and treasure the relationship they are growing.
Keryn247 - 12:49 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My daughters favorite playmate was due to be born on the same day (that didnt happen they were both early) My daughter likes to steal toys off her friend, beacause my daghter can walk she takes then far away and they whack eachother upside the head and point at each other, very cute.  They say young kids dont actually make friends but I like to think they are besties
Guest Member - 12:18 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012
My neighbours son is my son's favourite playmate. Its a great relationship even though there is a 2 year age gap. The boys have equally large imaginations and are quite project orientated. When they are not in a project mood they ride there bmx bikes together and have a love of scooters and skateboards. (They continually request to go to a skate park).
tille - 12:11 PM Thu-19-Jul-2012

I would have to say I am (mummy) my son's best playmate.  Everyday I get home from work I have a cup of coffee and then its outside kicking the rugby ball.  We play a game, first one to catch 10 kicks wins.  Some days we play tackle, all depends how energetic mum is feeling. Love rugby practice on a Tuesday and Thursday, I get a bit of a break.


ekubo - 1:29 PM Wed-18-Jul-2012

Ds3's best mate is a lovely wee boy from preschool. He usually arrives before we do and is waiting and watching for us to arrive. He comes running across the room as we walk in the door, the boys hug and take off to play. Usually it's building something, today they'd got all the big mat-time cushions and seemed to be making some kind of hut behind one of the bookcases. Yesterday they had some big boxes outside that they were hiding in. Cars are another fav game for them, they like to get outside and build tracks, ramps and jumps for them.

They didn't see each other for a few weeks recently, with school holidays and illnesses, so when ds3 realised he'd been seeing T at preschool on Tuesday he was so overexcited he couldn't sleep on Monday night.


stacleaning - 3:38 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012
My daughter has a good friend at church and when she started kindy Lisa was still there for one week before going to School. When Lisa saw Aly she screamed with excitement thats my friends ALY FROM CHUUURCH hahahah They hugged and took off skipping and running around, they love to play chase and hide and seek but they just giggle and at kindy now Lisa will come to the gate by kindy to talk and see Aly through the fence it is adorable heheh Got to love childhood friends!!
eddie - 2:35 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012

My 2 daughters aged 4 and 6 yrs favourite playmate at the moment is their 11 month old brother who they treat like a doll. They also enjoying jumpimg on their brand new trampoline and swinging on their swing which I have just installed in the backyard.


travelbugnz - 2:00 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012
my 19 month old daughters complete best friend is Annabelle from our same anti natal class. When she wakes in the morning one of her first words is Abelle and then she says as I get in the car, as I get her ready, when I put her shoes on. It's the same for Annabelle's mum who she calls Illy. They just love spending time with each other, holding hands, cuddles, kisses... both of us are amazed with the bond they have formed and how different they are with each other compared with other children.
piglet - 1:44 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012

My two children (son aged 4 and daughter aged 8) are each others best playmates. They have friends at school and playcentre yes, but I have to say that they play together so well. I guess because its just the two of them. They do have their little 'moments' but these don't outweigh the great times they have playing. At the moment they are enjoyed board games.  My husband taught them to play Monopoly in the holidays, and they love it (especially having the money!).  They acutally cottoned on really fast and they had a few games without mum or dad playing and it went well - the four year old is a saver and the 8 year old is a spender! lol.   They also love to dress up together and also plugging the microphone into the stereo and putting on a concert with lots of noise and dancing.

Toristar - 1:41 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012
My son's best friend is a tiny Japanese girl called Yuzu who is 4 months older than him and half his size! They met at wriggle and rhyme when they were babies and now they are both 2 and a bit. They hug and kiss when they see each other and are so kind and loving, as well as playing well with each others toys.
cherrytf - 1:24 PM Tue-17-Jul-2012
My son enjoys playing with his first cousin, who happens to be his best friend. They're 7 months apart and have been the best of friends ever since they started walking and talking. In school, they like playing handball at lunch break, often joined by other friends. On weekends, they bike together, play Bey Blade, soccer, and wrestling. They can take joy in almost anything as long as they are together, practically anywhere. The more physical the activity though, the better for these young boys.

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