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Created By: Sparky
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Topic : Fundraising Ideas
Sparky - `10` `2012-07-27 17:26:37`  
I hate asking people for money or asking companies to donate things.  Kindy have just sold a load of fudge (made about $700) and had a disco (only made about $50 after a lot of hard work) and I am trying to find easy ways to fundraise for the kindy without too much hard work.  Has anyone got any ideas or what has gone well for them ?  Any good products which are cheap to sell (even with the commission) and useful that people will want to buy ?
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lilylie - 7:27 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012
what do you do with the cheese rolls? I am curious as it sounds lucrative.

At Playcentre sausage sizzles at the Warehouse are our best earner, about $300-$400 a day. Even better if the butcher gifts the sausages.

If your kids can play an instrument busking with a sign can bring money in, outside a supermarket?
Sparky - 10:32 AM Tue-7-Aug-2012
Fantastic ideas everyone.  We have just sent out order forms for the Medibuddy First Aid Kits.  We will organise the tea towels so we can sell them nearer Christmas so people can send them as pressies.  Great ideas for forthcoming terms.  The sun cream sounds a great one aswell which I haven't heard of before, will research it shortly.  Just looking at Kiwi Clings which look great.  Oh, want to do them all now but will give the parents a bit of a break before I get them to hand over their dosh.  Thank you
IceKiwi - 10:26 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
We run a Bellevue 500 a bit of a take on the Indy 500 the kids do up banana boxes and get sponsorship to run around the field a certain amount of times this is done in teams like a tag team system and we also have a sausage sizzle running at the same time. The children get an A4 size sheet to get filled with sponsorship there are four $1 spots two $2 spots and two $5 spots its an affordable amount the kids collect the money and everything at once so there is no going back and they all complete the amount required as we have counters. Its a lot of fun and everyone gets involved and enjoys it. We have been fortunate to also have local stock car guys come down with their cars and inspire the young ones and show off some tricks which makes it even more fun.
chidsmum - 8:02 AM Mon-30-Jul-2012

I just did first aid kits at our School & we made over $430 just by selling 30+ kits. You just get out the order forms,collect them in with money & the kits arrive super quick. You get them for $27 & sell for $39. Its easy to run & distribute to Families as you are only dealing with one product. They are fantastic kits & a really great guy to deal with too. Check out the website.

Mamabear - 3:19 PM Sun-29-Jul-2012
Our kindy does the kid's artwork on canvas, calendars and cards and these are always very popular. They also do family photoshoots through professional photographers though I am not aware how profitable that option is. I feel the car boot sale is a great idea as there are always people who want to clean out their garage and also those wanting to go to a car boot sale looking for bargains! It isn't something that requires a lot of pre or post event work, so is easy money. Kindy galas do well too... have a cake stall, face painting, games/ crafts, pet corner, second hand books/ clothes/ toys etc.
Glenfelik - 3:00 PM Sun-29-Jul-2012
We do one major fundraiser for our Playcentre each year and that is Cheese rolls.  It is a lot of work for one day - but we make over $3k - and we don' t have to do any other fundraising.

I think rather than saying you don't want too much hard work - do a one off thing like this and then it doesn't feel as if you are forever fundraising?

We have also produced a recipe book (only 6 or so Mums did this one) and it has made us a heck of a lot of money  I think from memory we have sold around 1500 books thus far at $25 each :)

There are heaps of other options such as..

sandwich wrap fundraising
Kiwi clings
sock lady
scholastic book club and the list goes on,.
Guest Member - 2:45 PM Sun-29-Jul-2012

we did the teatowel thing... that earned about $500 for minimal work (you have to sell 100 at $10 each)

Calendars are always good and they do diaries too which were popular for gifts at christmas time.

We always do a moveathon, which is a sponsored bike around the block... the kids use the morning session to ride around after collecting sponsors, we have a sausage sizzle at the end which you can sell if you like

Selling the roll on sunblock is good... its great for the big kids to take to school for swimming season

jopukeko - 1:58 PM Sun-29-Jul-2012
Making calenders. Find a template on line of 1 A4 page per month. The children do a picture (handprints are good)for their calender and you laminate the picture and bind it to the calender. Most kindys have a laminater and binder if not the local primary school will probably lend theirs. Pre-sell the calenders so you know how many need to be made for each child. For children that are getting several calenders do colour copies of the original art work.
Azi - 4:38 PM Sat-28-Jul-2012
Good Ol' Fashioned Bake Sales, Sausage Sales, and guess how many ?? in the jar, are always fun... At work I do bake sales for fundraising and Sausage Sizzles...
thecoffeelady - 10:06 PM Fri-27-Jul-2012
This isn't particularly a school fundraiser but I do know a lady who has a special needs child and she brings in extra money each week by going to second hand shops and buying labled clothing, books and other bits and selling it on trademe, it's amazing what people pay for on trademe and it seems to go quickly, especially childrens things (labeled) she is getting at least $200 a week now. Other than that, bakes sales, sausage sizzles, car boot sales...?
oommii - 9:33 PM Fri-27-Jul-2012
Sausage sizzles (make sure you have onions cooking as its the smell of them that attracts people), cadbury fundraising bars or if you know of a place where you can get cheap (but nice) lollies make your own lolly bags.
Avoid car washes as you don't get much for the effort you need to put in.
What about a car boot sale at the kindy?  $10 per car that wants to sell stuff, the only work would be advertizing and otherwise its profit as little outgoing unless you go crazy with your advertizing.  Depending on popularity could be held monthly/every 2nd month. And you could have a car there with baked goods for sale?
Raffle? - This could be donated or bought goods
stacleaning - 8:21 PM Fri-27-Jul-2012
I think something that always goes well is a bake sale? So ask the parents to bake something and bring it in on such and such date then have a bake sale that afternoon after kindy maybe?

I would love it if schools did a pie sale thing that I remember doing when I was at school hahah Our intermediate had a fundraiser with a big list of pies/pizzas and they were good and everyone had fun selling them. Not sure what company they were from but ahhh the goold ol' days hahah
suzb2012 - 8:17 PM Fri-27-Jul-2012
I am currently at a college campus which has an Educare onsite. My 4 year old goes to it. There is a Trike-a-thon each year which raised quite a lot. My two older sons preschool they used to go to used to get in contact with some places that do things like melamine plates. The kids draw a picture and the picture goes onto a plate. A huge hit. My boys still have theirs up to 6 years later! Also with that same company they do diaries, Christmas cards etc etc. Hope this helps for ideas. ;-)
SarahK - 7:04 PM Fri-27-Jul-2012
I would love some ideas too. I have two kids going to the Australian scouts jamboree in dec/jan... at a cost of $3000 each! ouchy! We are looking to fundraise some of the money, but are really out of ideas!

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