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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Our favourite playground - winner announced!
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-08-05 14:06:32`  
Tell us about your family's favourite playground - this competition has now closed. Congratulations to the winner, TanesMummy.

Keeping kids entertained throughout the school holidays can be expensive. But the humble playground is a parent's dream. Not only do the kids get some great exercise, but they can make new friends, use their imaginations and, of course, they're free! Tell us about your family's favourite playground to visit during the holidays, after school or just for some fun in the fresh air and and one lucky entrant, as chosen by Kidspot, will win a Coco Pops prize pack.

Here's how to enter:
  • Join the Coco Pops Adventures Club (click the Join this Group link on the main group page).
  • Comment below and tell us about your family's favourite playground.
  • Entries close at 11.59pm on 31st August 2012.
  • The member who submits the best comment, as judged by Kidspot, will receive a Coco Pops prize pack (RRP $50) including: Large pack of Coco Pops Original, Small pack of Coco Pops Original, 2 packs of Coco Pops O's, 1 pack of Coco Pops Chex and 1 pack of balloons.

Giveaway is for New Zealand residents only. You must be a member of the Coco Pops Adventures Club to enter. The moderator reserves the right to remove any photos or comments that are considered offensive or unsuitable without notice. Chance plays no part in determining the winner. The winners will be chosen by Kidspot on 4th September 2012. Maximum of one prize per member. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Members submitting comments and photos agree to the use of these by Kidspot for promotion of the Coco Pops Adventures Club.
Comments (25)
AnnaES - 10:55 PM Sun-26-Aug-2012
Our favourite park would be Victoria Esplanade.  It has something for everyone!  You can take a ride on the miniature railway down to the playground and ride back when you've finished playing (a long ride through bush at a reasonable price)!  In summer there's the paddling pool in front of the bird aviaries.  There's the cafe and icecream shop. the plant conservatory, the education centre, the duck pond, the sports fields, the barbecue areas, the beautiful gardens and bush areas to walk through and the biking tracks through the trees and down by the river.  The playground has a separate area for young children and plenty for older children - flying fox, octopus, treehouse, trampolines etc  There are areas where we can walk our dog on and off lead.  Also special event days and concerts are held in the park.  It is a very popular place in Palmerston North!!
JeniP - 3:28 PM Sun-26-Aug-2012
aotea lagoon in porirua - brilliant playground for all ages plus the lagoon and the ducks.
mellyb - 11:50 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
we have several parks we like to go to, my kids love being outdoors, it's cheap simple fun.  one of the parks is mission heights playground, opposite the school.  it has a huge tunnel slide which goes down the bank, a flying fox, swings, a small slide and climbing frame for little kids.  then just up the road is Barry Curtis Park wetlands playground.  this park encourages children to use imagination, from the (what we call) boiled eggs, and the egg cups, to the climbing towers with binoculars, swings and slides and a huge rope climb, which we call the spider web.  underneath the slide area littlies like to play shops and making icecreams.  and either before or after we go for a bike ride through the winding path.  lots to do here.
motheroffour - 7:33 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
My kids love Memorial park in Tauranga. The big ones get to play on the skate-bowl while the little ones swing or slide.Also at the same park they have mini golf and on Sundays a little ride on train.There is a place for food at the mini-golf also Mr Wippy and sometimes a coffee truck park up there. There are build in bbq's that you can use.A water fountain which alot kids like to play in in summer.A big field to play ball games.
ajpickering - 6:02 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
Our familys favourite park is Victoria Park, Rangiora, North Canterbury. It has playground and climbing equipment for big & little kids. Plenty of seating and room to have a picnic and kick a ball. There is also a band rotunda for when it rains. I have taken the kids down there when it has been raining to kick a ball around as the park has the biggest tree which provide such a good rain cover that we stay dry. You can also see the fire engines across the road when they head out which entertains the kids. Coffee shop 2 minutes up the road too.
Rose3 - 11:03 PM Fri-24-Aug-2012
Our favourite is Caroline Bay ,Timaru, great playground,paddling pool with sun shade.Mini golf, noddy train rides for $1 for a treat, great picnic areas, the beach and sea, Lovey place to hold family get togethers or for a day with family,safe,clean and enjoyed by many
ankmika - 11:36 AM Mon-20-Aug-2012
Queens park Invercargill is a fantastic park we can make a whole day of it there and there is plenty of exciting things to do it has a bird aviary, museum, swimming pool,botanical gardens,art gallery,golf course,animal enclosures,childrens play ground and a cafe amoung many other things all free which is even better. I love the Japanese garden its such a lovely spot to take photos. Our son loves the Tuatara enclosure and can spend ages looking intently to see if one moves.It has a really great walking track that runs around the whole park that we love to walk in the weekends as a family. I have very fond memories as a child standing in the band rotunda thinking it was massive and playing pretend with my friends that we were the spice girls performing to all our fans which was just my Mum.A few weeks back it was me sitting watching my son and his friend pretending they were spider man and batman.My son loves feeding the ducks there and going on the boat inside the museum it actually shakes and makes sound as if you were really on a boat.The play ground has some thing for every one from the pre school kiddy slides to the teenagers basket ball hoops. The cafe makes delicious coffees and scrumptious muffins.Its always a fun family day out when we go to Queens park.
mummytoone - 2:17 PM Mon-13-Aug-2012
The Hamilton Lake Domain- best by far! Babies/ Preschool and big kids (including daddies) can benefit from this playground- there is equipment to suits everyone's ages/ stage and ability!! Love that the overall experience includes coffees for mum and dad/ feeding the ducks for the kids and an overall exhaustingly fun time for the kids! they sleep well after this outing!
ingie83 - 7:14 PM Sun-12-Aug-2012
Our favorite playground is Parana Park in Hamilton. Its has a new water play area which my son adores summer or winter, while also having an aviary to show the kids about birds. The playground itself has been revamped with the usual play area things but there is a large are to run around and play in. The bonus is that after playing you can take one of the many river walks showing the kids some of New Zealand's and Waikatos history with a number of war memorials close by, a plane and anti plane artillery my little boys wonderland of things to look at. Heading down close to the Waikato River lies one of the river boats with a story of how the European settlers came to settle in the area. It even taught me something new especially about the area of Hamilton we live in Peachgrove. The playground and the additional areas are connected by gardens maintained by the council which are very pleasant to walk through, having a stream that flows through that my kids love to follow. It becomes an outing for the whole family and hard to leave as my son never wants to go home.
Guest Member - 12:13 PM Sun-12-Aug-2012
Mairangbay playgorund in auckland northshore is the bext. ssecured fully fenced. the best cafe Papermoon is loated next door. i just buy my coffee mocha made to perfection and head towards to layground w my daughter. i sip on my cofee while pushing my girl on swings.
veronicad - 8:20 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012
The playground at Moire Park on Granville Drive, Massey, is awesome! It's in a big boat shape, with a steering wheel and a pole down to below deck. It lends itself so well to pirate, or boat games. My boys have endless fun. If you have to walk the plank, it means you need to slide down, and its a rope or ladder climb to get back up on board. Its great for co-operative play too. Even the young ones get involved, but they normally just end up having to scrub the decks. My boys are so into it, we take a telescope (cardbord tube) from home whenever we go. My daughter is also invited on board because she made the pirate flag!
angelnshan - 7:05 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012
the groynes in christchurch, a couple of different play grounds to choose from for different age groups and nature walks also you can fish there a great place for everyone :)
Bemyster - 6:26 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012
Favourite Park is in Mairangi Bay, North Shore, Auckland, its fully enclosed with fences and gates to help contain my little runaways, esp when my 2yr and 4yr old decide to run opposite directions, has a bike track, a little hut on top of a hill that the kids just love, and a huge grass area to run around on. Also it's close to grandmas, so we always visit when head that way, it's approx 45min round trip from our place in Parakai
goddess588 - 3:30 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012
Kowhai Park in Wanganui was my favourite as a kid - we always stopped there on the way to Wellington (and on the return trip), something we did a couple of times each year.  It's still a great park - it fuels the imagination and is so much fun.  Swings, slides and climbing frames are all there - swings suspended from the tentacles of a giant vividly painted octopus, a spiral slide inside a clock tower,a dinosaur slide where you can imagine you're Fred Flintstone knocking off from work, a giant shoe like the old woman in the nursery rhyme lived in, all sorts of painted things to sit on and climb on.  There's also a castle - it's huge!  Not to mention a cool wooden fort with a flying fox.  You have to see it to believe it.
Keryn247 - 12:13 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012

Our families favourite play ground is about a 10 minute walk from our house, there is a lovely nature walk through bush following along the Ngongotaha stream across a little bridge to a large grassy area, on top of a small hill is our playground!

Its hidden away, and quiet so my daughter can almost always get the swing she wants!  It is truely a georgous setting to relax and spend some family time.

SarahK - 12:20 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012

My girls are 5, 11 and 14, so finding a park that suits them all is a hard ask sometimes!!

Our favourite is Olympic park in New Lynn, Auckland. It has basketball hoops and skate areas for the bigger kids, and various different playground areas for the smaller ones. Heaps of picnic areas too. We love it there!!

Leightk3 - 9:40 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Our favorite playground is at our childrens school, not only does it have an extensive grassy area for kicking a ball around, but the purpose built play equipment is safe and helps expand the imagination. Right next door is a skate park for bike riding and skate boarding so there is no comparison for my little ones when we go there for a picnic and play!
erenakelly - 8:04 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
We love our ultimate playground across the road - 90 Mile Beach. It has surf for riding, rock pools for exploring, horses for befriending, windblown tussocky grasses for getting lost in, rivers for fishing. And it's free!
ekubo - 4:44 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
that's a fantastic´┐Ż park Tanesmummy. Both my older boys spent time there when learning to ride their bikes. Ds3 will be doing his laps around those roads this summer.
TanesMummy - 1:53 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Our favourite playground is in Christchurch. It was a favourite of both mine and my other siblings as well as my sons and cousins. It is in Westburn Terrace. It is fantastic. It has the usual swings, slides etc but the best part about it is that it is a bike park, it has roads with pedestrian crossings, rail road crossings, stop and give way signs, speed signs the lot. My grandparents took us there when we learnt to ride bikes and we love it! It taught us about what different signs meant, what different road markings meant, just about general road rules. It is fantastic to see that there are still so many children of all ages (toddlers through to teenagers) who go down there and ride around the roads on bikes, trikes and scooters. It really is a fantastic playground!
ekubo - 1:23 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012

I've got three boys ranging from 4 to 10 years old so finding a playground that suits them all can be a bit of a challenge. Everyone's favourite is Spencer Park, just out of Chch in Spencerville. There's a huge sandpit with buried concrete 'fossils' for my wee Dino Dan to dig up, there's a water pump (unfortunately not working last time I was there) that made great rivers through the sand, there are sand tables with funnels and holes. Diggers and spinners and other play equipment in there too. There are various sizes of slides to cater for their different sizes, swings, roundabouts, climbing frames and nets, flying foxes, beach volleyball court, paddling pool in the summer. Then there's huge fields for rugby or kite flying or running til you drop, small hills to scramble up and down, forests to walk and bike in, the beach, picnic areas and barbeques if we're making a day of it. With so few leisure resources left in chch we're lucky to have this fantastic park nearby.


jopukeko - 11:39 AM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Our favourite playground is Claudelands Park in Hamilton. It is only a couple of blocks away from our house and it has something for all the kids. There is a flying fox, picnic area toddler's area, rope pyramid, and heaps more. There is also a huge field where there are often kites flying. As a mum and edeucarer I love that it is away form the road and has toilets.
sianmadden - 9:43 PM Sun-5-Aug-2012
Tahuna Beach Nelson! my daughter LOVES it!!l lots of space, my niece can ride her bike round, Swings for all ages and best of all mr whippy after!!
fritter - 9:00 PM Sun-5-Aug-2012
We love the Harry James Reserve in Taupaki. Not only is here is a great playground but there is also a fantastic footpath that rings the entire park that is perfect for the kids to ride their bikes around. I pack a picnic then pick up the kids from kindy at lunchtime and head off to the park. They get excited when they see the bikes in the boot because they know where we are heading.

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