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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews for 101 Dalmatians
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-08-06 13:33:56`  

101 Dalmatians is one of Disney's most famous and well-loved stories. Featuring the despicable Cruella De Vil and a cast of adorable dalmatian puppies, the movie takes us on an adventure in a race against time to save the puppies from a terrible fate.

Cruella De Vil, Disney’s most outrageous villain, sets the fur-raising adventure in motion when she dognaps all of the Dalmatian puppies in London - including 15 from Pongo and Perdita’s family. Through the power of the “Twilight Bark,” Pongo leads a heroic cast of animal characters on a dramatic quest to rescue them all in a story the whole family will enjoy again and again.

101 Dalmatians is available to own on Disney DVD from 16th August 2012.


We have chosen 3 lucky families to watch and review 101 Dalmatians for the Movies at Home Club. To register as a reviewer, our members told us who they think is the best movie villain. Watch this space for their reviews!

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the DVD to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. You will be required to post your reviews in the Movies at Home Club if you are selected.


Comments (62)
SarahK - 10:11 PM Wed-31-Oct-2012

ok, late review here I go.....


I LOVE this movie. It was a favourite of mine as a child so I was soooooooo excited to be picked.

For those who haven't seen it, its basically about an evil lady who seals puppies for evil puroses and it follows the animals escape with lots of action thrown in and a little humor too.


Cruella is such a great villain, and the song gets so stuck in your head you sing it for days!

My children loved 101 Dalmations. We popped lots of popcorn and had a family movie night. We cuddled under blankets and had a fantastic time together. My youngest had never seen it before and its now one of her favourites.

Its got everything a movie needs to keep a little one entertained :) highly reccommended viewing for everyone young and old!

jafaj - 9:06 PM Sun-9-Sep-2012

What a pleasent surprise this was to arrive as we were leaving out the gate.  My 3 year old was so excited when she saw a dvd cover with lots of dogs on it.  Ohh mummy look at all the dogs can we watch it now please.  After agreeing to watch it later that day with her 2 year old bro we way.  Sitting down I was surprised how excited I was to watch this movie also.  It was fun to watch a movie that is old school.  Miss 3 year old loved every part of the movie.  All the dogs is the best mum was the best answer I could get from her when asked what is her favourite part.  My just 2 year old managed to watch about 50 % of the movie then came back on & off for the rest.

I was a bit worried that they might find it a bit scary in parts but they were engrossed in the movie that the scary parts did not worry them.  I forgot how PC we have come and laughed when Roger was smoking his pipe and throwing the matches away.  In the good old days lol.

It is a movie we have watched a few times now and even my 8 & 10 year old cousins want to watch it again too.  I can recommend this also for kids of all ages.  Thank you Kidspot for giving us this opportunity for this review

keetismyson - 11:41 AM Mon-3-Sep-2012
hey, My 2yo son and i were lucky enough to be one of the 3 reivewers of 101 Dalmations, and lets just say that i can say its a GREAT review. we recived it on Thursday morning at 7 am and within 2 days he had already watched it 4 times he sat watching it from start to finish and as soon as he saw the dogs it was DOGGY DOGGY LOOK MUM DOGGYS, and he does not do that with all movies that he watches or programs in general. i can recommend this for kids of any age, and if you LOVE dogs even better. thank you SO much for letting us be a reviewer Kidspot, loving this movie and im sure there will be many more watches of it to come if my son has his way :o)
veronicad - 9:12 PM Tue-21-Aug-2012
Gargamel!  Poor guy. Things never go his way. I like his perseverance! And he can't be all bad since he is obviously a cat lover.
radioguru - 5:41 PM Tue-21-Aug-2012
I quite like Kaa (the snake) from Jungle book because he's a villain that ends up doing a good deed. I like the idea that people aren't 'bad', they just make 'bad choices'...
twilightgal - 11:21 AM Thu-16-Aug-2012
Scar from the Lion King, My 6yr old is off school for the next 3-4 weeks recovering from major Surgery, this would be perfect timing for a movie to review since he's held up on the couch recovering. Thanks.
SarahBlair - 10:49 AM Wed-15-Aug-2012
My kids love Megamind!! Although he isn't exactly a classic villain he is certainly entertaining!!!
mummymaryp - 8:15 PM Tue-14-Aug-2012
"Cruella de Vil...Cruella de Vil" The song has famously suited the wicked dog snatcher...she is the best villain as she stops at nothing to get her hands on the puppies! She has all the traits of cunning, villainy, money and power...and like all great villains it all goes up into a cloud of smoke :) Love her, she is such an evil villain!!
esilby - 5:56 PM Tue-14-Aug-2012
the queen of hearts she's scary :)
AmberL - 12:25 PM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Best movie villain of all time is the Joker from Batman - doesn't matter what version or who plays him the joker is a fantastic, crazy enchanting character.

Best kids movie villain I think is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.
alanabanana - 11:51 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
I think the worst kids villan is the child catcher off of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. scary man!
wardma - 11:25 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012

Oops, I fogot to log in - so my posting for this movie review came under Guest Member.  However I hope that it is ok to accept this one.

It simply has to be Cruella De Vil - she is nasty and sly and crafty - kidnapping dogs, man's best friend, simply outrageous. 

These were such wonderful movies, I would love to review it and have it available for the foster children that come through our home.

Guest Member - 11:22 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012

It simply has to be Cruella De Vil - she is nasty and sly and crafty - kidnapping dogs, man's best friend, simply outrageous. 

These were such wonderful movies, I would love to review it and have it available for the foster children that come through out home.



Sparky - 11:07 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Madame Medusa in The Rescuers !
Jojo17 - 10:43 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Hannibal Lecter was definitely creepy & freaked me out even today & I'm 32 yrs old :) But if we are talking best kids villan then I would have to go with Gargamel also! My 4 year old gets around with his black singlet pulled down over his knees (which makes him hunched over & short) & puts on a crackly voice saying "I'm Gargamel, I'm gonna catch you little Smurf" ... it's so funny, hilarious even but I guess you have to be there :D Would be awesome if I could upload a video of him hehehe
reppeps - 10:05 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012

Gargamel from the smurfs. I watched this on the weekend with the kids.  Every time gargamel came on screen the kids 'booed' him. They think he's nasty.

I would love to review this movie with the family.

Keryn247 - 9:43 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012

Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget, the creepy way he always stroked his cat.  I must admit as a child reading the books he always scared me

jdsmum - 9:42 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
the grand high witch from The Witches! she just creeps me out !
Rose3 - 9:30 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Ours think the wicked witch in Wizard of oz is very naughty and she should try hard to be nnice to people or she will never have any friends!
MumBum - 9:23 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
I forgot to say that 101 Dalmatians just might help keep "Barnyard" at bay... as I have blogged before, my babies are obsessed with Barnyard so expanding their movie choices in anyway possible will help keep the rest of the household sane!... it is so bad that Barnyard is used as a threat on our eldest boy "If you don't hurry up and do as you are asked, we'll be watching Barnyard until you go to bed!"lol
LindaK - 9:18 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Scar from "The Lion King" is a pretty interesting and horrible villian!

Please consider us for the review, my youngest is hugely into puppies and dogs right now, he'd just love "101 Dalmations."
kennyjo - 9:15 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Ursula from the little mermaid was fabulous!! My daughter would love to watch this movie she is such an animal lover!
Guest Member - 9:12 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
My darling three have decided that their baddie is Gargamel from the Smurfs :)
arielad - 9:09 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
my daughters would love to watch this best villain is Gargamel from the smurfs !
neumanas - 9:04 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
that is such a nice movie !!My favourite villain is Gozer or Vigo from the movie Ghostbusters!
KayleesMum - 8:55 AM Tue-14-Aug-2012
Ooo my kids are dog mad and I loved this movie growing up! Would Love the chance to review it!
MumBum - 4:52 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012
My all time favorite villain would have to be BARON SILAS VON GREENBACK from the Danger Mouse series (sooooo showing my age!lol)But as far as movies go...Darth Vader all the way! Oh and Al of Al's toy barn in Toy Story 2 is a pretty good villain (and a thief) and it is especially great that he gets his punishment in the end! :-)
rmns - 1:37 AM Sat-11-Aug-2012
It would be a tie for me either,Scar - The lion kingAny villain can do dastardly deeds it takes real evil to kill your brother using your nephew as bait, and then blackmail said nephew for your own personal gain. Sounds like a good Shortie St story line.The Queen of hearts - Alice in Wonderland (the original)Because she was slightly sadistic in her punishments and had a very short temper which made her very volatile, she reminded me of my mum actually.... Jokes. Mothers are amazing! *awkward smile*
eddie - 3:16 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012

We would love to trail this DVD and I think the best villian would be the wicked fairy in Sleeping Beauty.

Shelz69 - 4:24 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Gur from Despicable me, he so funny and loveable
mdavies - 1:58 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Our favourite villan at the moment is Zurg from toy story. My boys would love this movie (4 and 8) as they have some other dog ones that they like. My four year old is also into counting at the moment and would love that there are 101 puppies!
Leightk3 - 10:27 AM Wed-8-Aug-2012

My children and I would love to reveiw this classic, and our all time favorite villian has to be the wicked witch in a number of fairytales. Although Snow White has a formidable wicked witch, we also like the wicked witch in The wizard of Oz.

travelbugnz - 12:45 AM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Gru.... Despicable me... hilariously funny and then turned out to be the hero!!
ekubo - 9:34 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012

I discussed this one with ds1 and ds2. They came up with Darth Vader, and I really think I have to agree with them. Starts off as an engaging child then he's the troubled young man who morphs into an evil tyrant. Big, dark, scary, a cape and mask, that voice and the lovely wheezing for kids to copy. He makes a fantastic villain. But then to cap it off we get a redemption and see the man he might have been.


We'd love to review this movie. When I was pg with ds2 someone asked ds1 whether he wanted a brother or sister. Neither he said, I want a puppy! and for the rest of my pg he was adamant that there was a puppy in there. This might make up for the disappointment when his 'puppy' turner out to be a brother. Ds1 and I are actually reading the book (Dodie Smith, not Disney) so it would be very timely too.

jafaj - 8:41 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012

My 3 year old and 2 year old would love to watch this movie.  We had to put our 11 year old dog to sleep last week and I am not ready for another dog.  Even though every day I get asked can we get a puppy.  This movie would help me out as temporary puppies for now.  All 101 of them.

The best villan was Coyote from Roadrunner.  With all the PC now days this cartoon would probably be banned but I still remember it from when I was little.

Godzgirl - 7:27 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
The best villian is Captain Jack Sparrow. Such a charming villian he is.
Marie - 5:11 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
My four year old son loves watching this series on nick jr so think he would love to see the favourite villian would have to the big bad wolf from the three little pigs
lilblondee6 - 3:59 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
Awesome movie, would love to trial. My all time favorite 'baddy' would have to be uncle scar from the lion king.
aucklandjules - 3:23 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
I think that the Wicked Witch out of Snow White would be the best movie villain.  She is so wicked!  We would love to review this movie for you.  My son and daughter love dogs and would love to watch and review. 
Weeangel - 2:28 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
I love this movie and have the book from years ago. My best movie villain would have to be the Humpty Dumpty egg in Puss in Boots. He's kooky looking and so evil!We would love to review this movie my boys and my hubby and me!
chidsmum - 1:56 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
In Kid's movies my favourite Villian would have to be Mother Gothel from Tangled. I love the Mother knows best song. For adults I can't go past Imhotep from the Mummy movies. Its always good when the bad guy is gentle on the eyes.
SarahK - 12:17 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012

OMG I havn't seen this movie in YEARS!!!!!! It is one of my all time favs, with cruella de vil being my fav villian!

We would LOVE to review this! would be sooooo good to see it and share it with my girls! im sure they will love it!

blynda - 10:37 AM Tue-7-Aug-2012
This movie has got to be my all time favourite other than skippy (now Im showing my age lol)  would love to review this movie with the family and my little girl
mary110370 - 9:46 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
The Queen of Hearts in Alice and Wonderland - I just love the whole movie really and enjoyed reading the book as a child
IceKiwi - 9:29 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
I would love a chance to trial this my parents owned it on video and we went to play it for my children last year and the tape got chewed have been looking everywhere for this movie to buy can't wait! Best villain would have to be Miss Trenchable in Matilda she still scares me even now i'm an adult.
manz23 - 8:57 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
I and my son would love to trial this movie as he lives Dalmatians and I grew up with them since a young child. Good for the rainy weather too for entertainment!
keetismyson - 8:19 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
we would LOVE to review this movie, i have not watched it since my childhood and i think that my 2yo would LOVE to watch it too he is really into Dogs at the moment and to have a movie with LOTS of dogs in it would be just amazing. i think that the best movie villain would have to be "fairy god mother" in Shrek. she starts off being such a nice lady and then shows her true colour's through out the movie. i just LOVE it.
cbirch - 7:22 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
I know she's from this movie, but mine has to be Cruella De Vil.  No one could be more villianous with a name like that!  Thanks for the opportunity to trail!
Judz - 6:52 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Awww LOVE this movie and im sure my daughter will love it too!! Best villain in a movie I think is the bunny in hoodwinked. so cute yet so evil hehe.
issa - 6:24 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
love to review this film. my kids love disney! :) who do i think is the best movie villain? queen of hearts in alice in wonderland. though evil, she still looks elegant. "off with his head!" :)
Kitty - 4:45 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
I would love to review this movie, all time fav childhood movie. plus the real dalamation we have running around at home would love to sit down and watch this movie.
nummabear - 4:40 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
we would love to have a movie night and watch this classic,my son like dogs too lol....and the fav villain would also be Gargamel from the smurfs aswell
jenisanutter - 4:27 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
We love disney in my wee household i didn't even realise 101 dalmatians was being rereleased from the "vault" my favourite bad guy would be malicent or the evil queen from snow white - both of them are beautiful and evil.. My daughters favourite bad guy would be plankton (spongebob squarepants)
amandalyrik - 4:21 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
my fav villain would have to be GRU from despicable me..he tries so hard to be evil..but hes just a giant marshmallow to those girls in the end :)
Guest Member - 4:21 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
my fav villain would have to be GRU from despicable me..he tries so hard to be evil..but hes just a giant marshmallow to those girls in the end :)
amyr - 4:21 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
It would have to be Gargamel from the smurfs - he just never gives up and who would want to hurt those awesome smurfs!
Mizim - 4:18 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
The Boogie Man from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've never liked him, great singer, but nasty character. lol
looies1 - 3:36 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012

For me it would be freddy krueger. For my wee girls it would be Medusa from the rescuers, making poor penny go down to find the diamond, we would love to view the movie we are trying to have a family movie night once a week so this would be perfect. Fingers crossed.


rjtaylor - 3:22 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Voldemort, would have to be the ultimate villain, totally devoid of humanity, and no longer able to be 'saved'.
yecats - 2:14 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
The Joker, in all versions of Batman. He's kooky enough not to be too scary, but scary because he has an awful lot of screws loose.....
jopukeko - 1:37 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
We would love to review this. My 2 year old is dog mad. My four year old would love it too. The best movie villain to me is Scar from Lion King. He is so cunning and poor Simba falls for his tricks.

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