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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews - Pure Therapy by Purist
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-08-06 14:07:39`  

The Pure Therapy by Purist™ skin and hair care range is uniquely designed for dry and sensitive skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis, providing lasting skin moisture relief without the harsh chemicals.

Pure Therapy is:

  • A speciality skin and hair care range for Dry and Sensitive skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis
  • Clinically proven to provide 24hr skin moisturisation
  • Clinically proven to be non-irritating and non-sensitising
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Soap free
  • Fragrance and colour free
  • Repairing and supporting the skin barrier by supplementing natural skin lipids and moisture to help protect the skin
  • Helps to soothe and relieve dry, itchy, red and flaky skin due to dryness
  • Unique natural based skin compatible formulations
  • Australian formulated, made and owned

Who is this trial for?

For adults or children (aged 4+) who suffer from either psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis.

What's included in this trial?

Ten reviewers will each receive a Pure Therapy regime of skin and hair care products that includes a Shampoo 300mL, Conditioner 300mL, Body Cleanser 200mL, Body Moist 200mL & Repair Gel 15mL

*** Reviewers have now been chosen - watch this space for their reviews! ***

Please note that we would like reviewers to provide feedback upon receiving the product, after the initial use, after six weeks and at the end of the trial (in approximately twelve weeks).

We will drop you a line if you are one of 10 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Pure Therapy by Purist™. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

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Comments (40)
Mummaduck70 - 7:28 PM Thu-10-Jan-2013
Hi everyone wanted to give my final thoughts on this product. Firstly the shampoo and conditioner has been one of the best I have ever used for myself and my children, we have found it has made such a huge difference to our hair and in particular my scalp. No longer is it dry and flaky and my hair feels so much more manageable, it does not seem to be dry and I can't recommend it enough. Awesome product. The body wash and lotion has also made huge differences to my girls. With the heat of summer bringing with it the added stresses of drying out my daughters skin again this product has made a huge impact for her. She is less itchy and the flaky parts on her body are greatly reduced. I need to say thank you kidspot for giving my family the chance to use these products, they have been fantastic and will now be a regular purchase for this family. Thanks again so appreciated the chance
staceyj - 5:33 AM Mon-10-Dec-2012
After about 12 weeks of use, I am impressed! This products have done wonders for my skin and for my friends and family that I have recommended it to! Fantastic products! Thanks again for selecting me to be part of the trial. Cheers!
CrazyMumma - 6:10 PM Wed-21-Nov-2012
Hi. Well its been 2 months now since I started using this.I have LOVED the body wash! My son stopped scratching when using this as he also has dry sensitive skin. The shampoo has been lovely and thick. No more itchy scalp! Wouldnt you know it! This has never happened before!The moisturiser is a blessing in disguise. Now with skin being shown in the warmer weather (EEEK!),it actually LOOKS like skin now and not dry and scaly.So far...a thousand thumbs up :)
kennyjo - 1:35 PM Thu-8-Nov-2012
Its been a little over a month since i last posted and i must tell you the hairdresser commented on how good and thick my hair was looking this morning not be mention my scalp not looking so Angry. I am in love with the whole range and My family will be continuing to use them. :)
Mummaduck70 - 7:07 PM Tue-23-Oct-2012
Have been using these products for a few weeks now and have to say I am very impressed overall. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner on myself and can honestly say I have really noticed the difference no longer am I constantly scratching my scalp. It has been such a godsend it makes my scalp less irritated and less flaky. Fantastic. We have been using the body wash and body lotion on my daughter and again so impressed her skin seems to have reacted so well to the product. She is suffering less from the red angry rash she often gets and I really like how the moisturising cream goes on and soaks in quickly and efficiently without leaving a greasy residue on her skin. I am really looking forward to seeing if the products continue to work as the weather heats up as that is often when her skin gets worse. Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in a trial of what is proving to be a really good product.
Mummaduck70 - 7:07 PM Tue-23-Oct-2012
Have been using these products for a few weeks now and have to say I am very impressed overall. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner on myself and can honestly say I have really noticed the difference no longer am I constantly scratching my scalp. It has been such a godsend it makes my scalp less irritated and less flaky. Fantastic. We have been using the body wash and body lotion on my daughter and again so impressed her skin seems to have reacted so well to the product. She is suffering less from the red angry rash she often gets and I really like how the moisturising cream goes on and soaks in quickly and efficiently without leaving a greasy residue on her skin. I am really looking forward to seeing if the products continue to work as the weather heats up as that is often when her skin gets worse. Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in a trial of what is proving to be a really good product.
staceyj - 8:41 PM Mon-22-Oct-2012
Its been over 4 weeks now since I started using these products, and I must say I am very impressed. I had not found a product before that keeps the very dry, sore skin at bay... until now! The body moist is just fabulous! The dry, sore skin has now gone, and there is no sign of it returning thanks to this fabulous product. I have also been using the Body Cleanser has a hand soap, as my hands get very dry and sore, which is typically worsened by hand soaps. This product, although not a specific hand soap, has certainly aided with reducing the drying out as normal handsoaps do. Further posts will be made as I continue trialing all the samples. Big thumbs up from me!!!
cherrytf - 8:28 PM Mon-15-Oct-2012
Got my trial pack a little over 3 weeks ago, right before we left for our overseas holiday. It was perfect for me and my daughter, with our then dry and flaky skin. After 2 weeks our facial skin has been moist and smooth. Will post again for our final feedback, but so far we're loving the whole set.
Guest Member - 9:18 AM Thu-4-Oct-2012

Message from The Pure Therapy Team
Hi, This range can be purchased from any Unichem, Amcal, Life or Radius Pharmacy. If they do not have this on shelf please ask for it to be ordered in for you. Failing this please call us on 09 838 3265. Many Thanks, The Pure Therapy Team

kennyjo - 9:02 AM Thu-4-Oct-2012
So it's now been a couple of weeks and i started using the shampoo and conditioner to see if it would make a difference with my psoriasis which is really bad on the back of my head, I have noticed an amazing difference i nolonger have to use my medication everyday i maybe use it once a week and my 12 year old has made comment that my hair looks thicker I was worried it may make my hair greasy but its been soft. As for my daughters(4) eczema the lotion has been really nice for her skin, as its all hers (which happens very rarly in a house with 3 kids) and it makes her feel special and she tells me every morning "still rough but getting better" This product has been awesome and i really look forward to seeing more results in the coming weeks/months :) Thanks again Kidspot for the chance to make our life a little easier xx
TanesMummy - 5:52 PM Wed-26-Sep-2012
After a few weeks now of using the pure therapy body wash and moisturiser on my son, his dermatitis hasn't flared up to the pinky/red that it usually does after a bath or shower. I've found it very calming for his skin. My skin is horrible for reacting to anything and everything, however I am yet to spend a few hours scratching or complaining of being itchy after a shower since using Pure Therapy. I have coloured hair also so it gets very dry without a little TLC every now and then but it seems to be fine after washing it with the pure therapy shampoo and conditioner, I even get to use less detangler! But the best part! My partner is even using it. He is a driver for a freight company so you can imagine the cracked dad hands him comes home with. But the repair gel has improved it so much that he takes it to work with him! I don't think I'll see that one again!
lornamoa - 9:39 PM Fri-21-Sep-2012
What a lovely surprise to find a package of pure therapy products.
The first thing I tried was the shampoo and conditioner and I am very impressed. My scalp usually gets very irritated, sore and flaky, especially if I don't blow dry my hair. I have tried many different shampoos, some of which smell awful and don't always help, that latest one I was using worked OK but said avoid contact with jewellery!I have used the Pure Therapy shampoo and conditioner everyday for 5 days now and my scalp is in perfect condition, somedays I have only towel dried my hair and my scalp is still fine. The only issue I still have is that my hair gets very oily so I have to wash it everyday. The only thing I have found that helped with my oily hair is when I was pregnant it was less oily.
The body cleanser is very nice and gets a good lather.
I have used the repair gel on some eczema on my wrist that comes and goes, on my knuckles that were really dry and under my engagement ring which I hadn't worn for a week because my skin got irritated underneath it. After 5 days using the repair gel and body moisturiser my wrist is looking better, but not completely clear and I am able to wear my engagement ring again.
The body moisturiser is nice, I find it takes a bit to rub in. I tried it on my son tonight as he gets a slight rash on his upper arms so I want to see if it helps.
Nita - 9:08 PM Thu-20-Sep-2012
Last night i trialled the Pure Therapy shampoo and conditioner. Now, the problem with most shampoo and conditioners is that when my hair dries the irritation from them persists and i end up with a very sore scalp. It is now 24 hours since i applied (and washed off) Pure Therapy products and there is no itchiness at all, i haven't scratched my head at all so it is not sore, i am really rapt!   After my shower i rubbed the body moisturiser in, it smelt good, not strong or overpowering, went in very well, not oily, greasy or thick and has not yet irritated my skin. If anything, i feel like it has soothed the rashes that were already there. I look forward to seeing how it goes as time goes by.  I am very, very happy right now :)  Will be using the cleanser and repair gel tonight and update.
CrazyMumma - 8:13 AM Wed-19-Sep-2012
Well what a surprise! Got a package in the mail and opened it to see what it was. Didnt expect to get chosen so was immediately thrilled. Made my week!First thing I used was the body moisturiser. Im usually very skeptical of new products that purport to be this and that. I have tried every product at the chemist that is supposed to be for sensitive skins and they have caused perioral dermatitis and upset the psorasis that I have recently started getting as a result of my auto immune diseases.The moisturiser soaked in immediately, no greasy sticky feeling. I like that its thick. Not a fluid. It lasted well in keeping my skin mostly hydrated for the remainder of the dayUsed it on Mr 5. Poor thing has my dry sensitive skin. His little legs cleared up pretty quickly.We are both loving the body wash. Its so thick and creamy. I usually use soap free washes but they are laden with smells and those additives make me itchy. I will look forward to see how we go with this continuallyHave used the shampoo and conditioner twice now. Have noticed a decrease of itchiness on my scalp. Another watch this space :)
Nita - 8:36 PM Tue-18-Sep-2012
Coming home to find a box filled with these wonderful looking products has been the highlight of my week.. They look smart, sound brilliant and i am looking forward to trying them out. After years of disappointment and expense trying to ease my constant painful and itchy rashes i am very hopeful. Will up date as my trial goes on :)
gemm73 - 8:31 PM Tue-18-Sep-2012
Wow, arrived a few days ago and am about to use it on the kiddies, but I get dermatitis on my fingers and they peel - nothing helps, I have been using the body moisturiser and the repair gel and immediately I felt a difference, overnight it was so much better, great product, well done!!!
staceyj - 8:30 PM Tue-18-Sep-2012
Thank you very much for selecting myself for this trial. I must say I was skeptical as I have tried so many products on the market with either no, or very little success. Since pregnancy I have suffered very dry skin on my hands and ankles - to the point where my skin would crack and bleed which becomes very painful. Ironically, the day my package arrived my ankles were very raw and bleeding, so it was nice to come home to a 'potential' relief. I immediately applied the nourishing body moist to my ankles - I could not believe it... The cream really soothed my ankles and took the stinging away. I was immediately impressed! I took photos of my ankles before and will take photos after 1 week. Even after using it for a few days I have had a great improvement. Already, I have been raving about this product to family and collegues. I look forward to providing more information as I trial the products. I would however love to know where these products can be purchased please, as there are other products in the range I woodall like to try. Many thanks
Mummaduck70 - 5:06 PM Tue-18-Sep-2012
So excited to have received this product last night in time for bath time. Our first impressions were that it had a lovely fragrance and the body cleanser and body lotion had a nice non greasy feel when we used it. The body lotion went on nicely without giving that thick cloggy feel a number of other creams seem to. Looking forward to continuing with this product and seeing the results.
kennyjo - 5:05 PM Tue-18-Sep-2012
I am so excited to be picked. It arrived yesterday and i put it straight to work on my daughter who has eczema on her arms and legs a little goes a long way and i cant wait to see if it will help. I will be adding it to her bath routine tonight and trying the rest of the products will let you know how it all goes in a couple of weeks.
Mummysim - 5:19 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
I would love to trial this product! I have been trying out different skincare and haircare product for a few months now and it would be nice to try something that is more natural and without harsh chemicals. I would like see if this is the kind of product that I've been looking for.
Guest Member - 4:48 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
Hi I'd be super keen to try this product on my 10 mth old.  He suffers with eczema that looks quite bad - like popped blisters on his back, tummy, legs.  I have tried numerous things and don't like the idea of cortisone which many dr suggest....  I would love to find something that is natural and friendly.
dayauon - 2:10 PM Sat-11-Aug-2012

Its just so frustrating to treat eczema.  It doesn't really go away.  We treat it and will just be a little clear in a week or 2 but it will start over again.  Would love to find a product that will make it go away for good.  A maintenance product that will do its job.  Hope we'll be chosen. Thank you.

eddie - 3:19 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
I would love to trial this product as my younger daughter suffers from Eczema and is allergic to dairy and egg products.
TanesMummy - 7:13 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
We have sent an email in and would love to try it. Nothing at all from the doctor has helped either myself or my son (2 years) they put it down to dermatitis but I cannot use anything without ending up itchy with hives or extremely dry skin! It's ridiculous and painful!
Angie2 - 5:02 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Bermabot - 1:58 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
fingers crossed
Bermabot - 1:58 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
fingers crossed
Twinsforus - 12:29 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Email sent :) Would love to try this, my son has eczema.
Mummaduck70 - 9:23 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
Have applied and keeping fingers crossed as anything that helps with reduction of eczema would be a bonus in this home
Neilia - 7:52 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
E-mail sent, I would be so happy to get to try these products. Thank you
robyshack1 - 5:04 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
I would love to trial these products as I suffer with excema , and find quite a few products make it worse rather than better. I have sent the email through and look forward to seeing if I am selected!
becs12345 - 3:56 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
My family all have eczema and dermatitis and have to constantly look at labels to find out whats in the shampoo, bodywash etc. We would love to trial these products. We are age 42, 39, 19, 12 and 4. Thanks:)
tille - 3:04 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
sent email.  thanks
margaretlor - 1:59 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
I would love to trial Pure Therapy by Purist as i have to use oat meal soap for bathing and washing my hair as i come out in a ruash all the time
daynah - 1:02 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
aplaction sent . hope i get to try it
kennyjo - 12:45 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
have emailed :) Thank you
keetismyson - 12:37 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
have sent the email, application. thanks
Nita - 12:36 PM Tue-7-Aug-2012
fingers crossed
JacqIAm - 6:55 PM Mon-6-Aug-2012
Application sent :-)

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