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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Comments: 32
Topic : Read the reviews for Silly Billyz Organic Baby Bib
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-08-08 09:47:22`  

Silly Billyz Organic Range features quality products that are soft and gentle on baby's skin while still being extremely durable. The 100% organic fabrics are luxurious and earth friendly. Even Mother Nature herself would approve!

The new Silly Billyz Organic Plain Large Bib is perfect for bottle or breastfeeding and the messy journey into solid foods. The beautifully soft and luxurious organic cotton is more durable than regular cotton so will last longer.

  • Recommended for ages 3 months to 3 years +

  • Stain resistant

  • Super absorbent

  • Easy snap on, double press stud closure to fit most sizes

  • Tumble dry safe

  • Machine wash

Who is this trial for?

Babies from three months to three years old.

What's included in this trial?

Fifteen reviewers will each receive a NEW Silly Billyz Organic Baby Bib.



*** Reviewers have now been chosen - read their reviews below! ***

We will drop you a line if you are one of 15 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Silly Billyz Organic Baby Bib. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

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Comments (32)
Luvmykids - 11:18 AM Thu-1-Nov-2012
What a FABULOUS bib!! ** I have been using the Silly Billyz Organic Large Plain Bib that was given to us, for both our little 2yr olds (we have boy and girl twins), and I have really appreciated the generous size of the bib. In fact, I have used lots of different bibs, and the length and width of this one is JUST RIGHT! ** And I LOVE the extra dome for when they get bigger so you can get full use out of the bib - which as you can imagine buying two of everything for twins can get expensive! - here at least I can see you would get your full money's worth and more! ** I say this also because while the fabric is lovely and soft, it also seems to be quite durable (although I can't say yet how durable, as we received ours later than others and haven't used it for as long). However, I can say it washes up brilliantly, and drying it is a breeze! In fact, if you are in a rush to have it dry, you can pop it in the drier and it will be ready for the next meal. But I usually just hang ours up, and it's dry well before everything else! ** It's super absorbent too, it gobbles up wet spills just as fast as our kids make them, while keeping the clothes underneath the bib dry and clean! ** Because we have a boy and a girl, I wanted a colour that would work for both of them, so I chose the Sage, and it turned out to be a perfect unisex colour! ** Thanks Kidspot and Silly Billyz for letting us trial this fantastic bib!
shellcruise - 3:10 PM Sat-27-Oct-2012
I have used the bib now over a dozen times and have really given it a work out.  We received the plum colour and I have to say I LOVE it.  When I first pulled it out of the envelope and saw how fluffy it was I thought great this is going to be stained after one meal but its had spaghetti sauce, chocolate, beetroot, honey soy sauce on it and each time comes up like brand new.  Other bibs I have were basically wrecked after one meal but this still comes up nice and clean.  Also love the fact can throw in the dryer when a lot of bibs you can not do that.  I also love the fact it has 2 press studs so should be able to use for a while yet without having to worry she will out grow it.  Another great benefit is the length of it - I don't know why they make bibs so small and compact this is a fantastic size its nice and wide and really long.  I would definitly recommend buying this bib!!!  Thank you for giving me the chance to try it.
chelle6 - 12:07 PM Fri-19-Oct-2012
Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial the Silly Billyz Organic Bib - it is fabulous! When it arrived I was really worried about the colour (sage) showing every little mark but how wrong I was! We have twin 16 month old boys who really give bibs a work out, that's if I can keep them on. The Silly Billyz Organic Bib domes were so good, they couldn't pull the bib off and having the two neck sizing domes makes them good for various ages. The backing kept moisture away from the boy's clothing and the bib absorbed a lot. As we had one bib to trial, it was really interesting seeing the difference between this bib and another material one in use at the same time with the same foods - my boys have just started to chew food and spit it out (cause that's fun!) so after a meal they have been REALLY messy. Since using the Silly Billyz Organic Bib I usually only have one messy baby to clean up and change - whilst it couldn't contain all the solid matter (because that is just impossible where my boys are concerned) it absorbed all moisture and really made the clean up a lot quicker. A quick shake outside removed most of the solid food before washing and it has cleaned up like new every time. The bib was super fast to dry on the washing line (I don't have a drier) which meant it got used at almost every meal. Can't thank you enough for introducing me to these bibs - wish I'd known about them 16 months ago!
floydsmum - 2:14 PM Thu-18-Oct-2012
Like the other I am also in love with these bibs. I picked the sage green which was a lovely colour that I haven't seen used in any other bibs on the market. I loved the feel of the material and it was nice and soft against DS skin (he gets bad eczema and dribble rash) and didn't irritate him like some cheaper plastic backed bibs do. DS (4 months) is super spilly so we normally go through at least 6 bibs a day and found that this style lasted a lot longer than others we used and was able to hold multiple spills!! The size was also great at protecting his clothes, he tends to turn his head to the side when he spills and hence needs a change of clothes but the wider 'shoulder' coverage avoided this a number of times.
snicket - 11:16 AM Tue-16-Oct-2012
Yay I was one of the lucky ones to try this bib and it is great. I have a 11mth old and a toddler (nearly 3). On first impression I loved the colour (mid/sky blue), the feel was soft, love fasteners as harder for little ones to rip off as happens in our house and the size was good for great coverage. I love the two dome length option as great to have a nice high/tight fit as I think the collar area is some of the worst to get dirty when feeding and a nightmare to get clean. You can also use for all ages.I put the bib to the test on my 11mth old as he is messy and the bib worked really well. It absorbed all the mess and especially the water/moisture and most importantly my wee man stayed dry and clean. The fabric is lovely and soft against the skin so I could use the bib happily afterwards to wipe up the muck on the face before washing. It washed well and dried quickly. I find lots of bibs take a long time to dry and stain easily but not this one. We have used it several times now and it still looks brand new :)Totally recommend and will be buying more - thank you
Tineke - 4:00 PM Mon-15-Oct-2012
Absolutely love this bib. Big enough to catch almost anything spilt. Love how much liquid (dribble, water and little spit-ups) it holds. I have other bibs in simalar designs but this holds much more without leaching through the back onto the clothes. Also very fast drying so if only water was spilt it can be reused next time after just an airing. Love the domes instead of nasty velcro hurting the back of the neck or trying to tie up the silly ties while balancing bubs. A product and brand I will definitely buy in the future. Also I have checked and they are very easy to find online and in shops which is very helpful.
Silverbabe - 12:38 PM Mon-15-Oct-2012
We received a Plum Coloured Silly Billyz bib. I have an 11 month old as you know they can get very messy. First of all I love that there are two options to dome at the back so when they grow you can change it to the next one. I found the absorbancy of the bib great, my daughter drinks some water and spits it out but this absorbs it. I didn't have to get another bib for her next meal because I was still able to use this one. Its also a great size covering a lot of her clothes. When I washed it the stains came out easily. I will be buying more.
ChristineC - 2:43 PM Thu-11-Oct-2012

Wow I love this bib - first impression was the lovely colour (milk) but then I thought oh no it will stain and be terrible after just a few meals - not so - it washes out perfectly.  This is now my absolute favourite bib.  I love that it has the backing on it so her clothes dont get wet even when she pretends to be a big girl and drink out of a cup spilling half of it down her front.  most of our other bibs are material and we often have to change clothes after a meal but no more!!!
The fact that it has 2 domes means that it will fit almost any child from a little tiny bub to a toddler.
I will definitely be looking to buy more of these in the next shopping trip as they will save me lots of washing time and time that I could have spent playing with my daughter instead of cleaning up after her.

thecoffeelady - 11:48 AM Tue-9-Oct-2012
Must add - I adore the fact it has two domes to fit as they grow!
riap - 11:39 AM Tue-9-Oct-2012
After using this BIB I won’t ever be buying a 3pk Material Set again because it’s cheap and I get more, I’d rather pay the extra and use this Brand for the same time I would have used the others. My Baby has Reflux, Teething really Bad and Started Solids and has a Sipper of Water quite often. I have had to change his Outfits 2-3Times a day as the Bibs he was wearing kept soaking & wet his clothes through to his singlet; I even started putting a String Style Plastic bib over the material one to prevent the wetness when giving him water and dinner! Time Waster! But I thought buying in Bulk etc would be better off for me as it was cheap & I had more! Exactly Cheap due to quality.I Looked at the Pile of washing from this morning – I had 3bibs from the Morning Bottles & Food and Water feeds due to soaking through the bibs I had to do a Change of Singlet & Clothes as well.After Lunch I used the Silly Billyz Bib, I loved the Marine Colour which is easily used as a Unisex bib it had 2 Button Positions, as well as a Soft Front and Waterproof back. My baby was in and out of sleeps as he is teething bad and I actually put this bib back on during his waking and sleeping time as it still felt dry! He had 2Bottles during this time and it absorbed into the bib, he also had some food mid Afternoon as well as Dinner and his sipper Bottle which is the Avent one and quite controlled for Flow however the other bibs its still spills and soaks through to bibs and clothes. The Silly Billyz just sucked it up and still was useable, the only reason I changed it was because he had pumpkin and he decided to spit it everywhere!! But I still wiped the pumpkin off but thought it was due for change!For me, it was about the absorbency! It’s now 10.30pm and I just showed my Partner the “Other Material “Bib from this morning squeezing in my hand its really wet and cold, the silly billyz bib feels dry the only thing showing wetness is the underside has a slight wet stain from the neckline about 4cm down but it actually doesn’t feel wet and if he woke up right now I could actually use it again! I did washing this Afternoon and hung on Airer – it does say Tumble dry – But I hate dryer! Its ready to go again and he’ll be up soon! My Partner has also agreed were better buying 3 – 4 to cover 3-4days than using about on average maybe 8 material bibs in one day? I really wish there had been more awareness of these Bibs as I would have bought them over the cheapies knowing their quality and what they actually do:I feel: Antenatal classes told you a lot however focused alot more on the depositing end as we saw every kind of nappy, however saw no bibs.. And as a First Time Mum I didn’t know what reflux was or how much it involved and i didn’t realise baby would keep puking and soaking Bibs so much with teething I am a keen believer on paying a bit extra , and defintley would have done this if I knew a bit more before having baby as I only really started reading baby mags, or products after having him!
thecoffeelady - 1:36 PM Mon-8-Oct-2012
I got my Sage coloured bib a few days ago and I'm very impressed, I popped in here to write my review and read Joeyjo's one and it is exactly my impression of the bib! Absolutely love it, great at keeping clothes dry and enough covereage so her top stays relatively clean. Thanks so much - will be buying them again.
Joeyjo - 10:15 AM Mon-8-Oct-2012
Recieved my plum coloured bib in the mail the other day and first impressions were great, it felt soft and luxurious, the backing wasn't too stiff nad it was a beautiful colour - I was super keen to try it!  My nearly 8mo is very dribbly and a messy eater who soaks through most bibs so I thought a good test would be lunch.  First use (unwashed) wasn't that impressive BUT the second use (after I had taken time to wash it!) it was brilliant.  My daughters clothes STAYED DRY which I was delighted with, and she had dribbled an awful lot of water plus I had put her in the jolly jumper which is always a very dribbly affair.  While the backing was damp her top was still dry which I haven't found using other similar bibs.  Even my husband noticed how dry bubs was! I can highly recommend the SillyBillyz organic bib and I am going to go and buy more, great product. 
shorrty4life - 9:29 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
Done and dusted!! Fingers crossed! x
Guest Member - 9:28 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
Done and dusted!! <3
kaigey - 9:08 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
emmalee - 4:04 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
Have emailed details, My nearly 4 month old has just started solids and LOVES to pucker up and bubble his farex EVERYWHERE! hehehe would love to trial these new ones, had the original sillybillys with the older two years ago.
nixnkidz - 2:20 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
Would also LOVE to try this product - have emailed you
mummy2nz - 1:39 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
i would love to try this bib as my 1 year old gets food every were
eddie - 11:38 AM Fri-17-Aug-2012

I would love to trial this bib, as my son is quite messy and also has a sensitive skin.

alanabanana - 9:12 PM Mon-13-Aug-2012
So want to try this bib! the ones we use now for our little dribbler just arn't working
Resse - 6:54 PM Fri-10-Aug-2012
This would be great to trial for my nearly 2 year old. He is a very messy eater! I have sent my details to the e-mail address
mumsy - 11:23 AM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Would love to try this product my 5 month old is so messy in bibs these days just dont cut the mustard one good drool in its saturated
Joeyjo - 11:09 AM Fri-10-Aug-2012
Hope I can trial one of these, my 6mo is a chronic dribbler and very messy eater and I have been considering buying some, always good to try first!
smoodles - 8:55 AM Fri-10-Aug-2012
I've just sent in my details to trial, I hope I get picked as I have a 16 month old who when he eats and drinks it goes everywhere, and the bibs I have just don't cut it, I still end up changing all his clothes, i like the look of these bibs the fastener at the back looks like a good idea as not having to pull a dirty bib covered in food over his head would be a dream
thecoffeelady - 10:21 PM Thu-9-Aug-2012
Have just sent in my details and I have all crossables crossed. My daughter is 13 months and like tammyd's son will ONLY feed herself, a VERY messy thing to witness, the amount of feeders we go through every day is  incredible. Actually we usually need a whole change of outfit up to 5 times a day..... I'd love to try this feeder. I love the way it goes right up close in the neckline to stop all those crumbs creeping underneath.
floydsmum - 5:37 PM Thu-9-Aug-2012
would love to try these as we go through so many bibs in a day but DS is not 3 months yet :(
silverstarz - 3:24 PM Thu-9-Aug-2012
Would love to try one of these as about to start BLW with my daughter which I think is going to be very messy!
drdixon - 3:13 PM Thu-9-Aug-2012
So pleased to see an organic version of this great product!
mznaynay - 2:21 PM Thu-9-Aug-2012
yah my son would love this cause hes a little messy fella and always having to change hes bib every half cause its soaking wet with him drinking hes water or from his dribbles. So hopefuli this bib says what it says being stain resistant for longer periods...
tammyd - 1:19 PM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Email sent and fingers crossed! Mr 13 months has been a self-feeder from the get go, refusing to eat from a spoon so all food becomes finger food - and it's VERY messy!! I really need something that will cover him and absorb all the mess without it soaking through the other side. And machine washable is a must!!
Leightk3 - 10:47 AM Wed-8-Aug-2012
Yay! Happy to reveiw this Baby bib, being stain resistant is a bonus with the amount of messes my little one gets on herself at meal times. The timing is great, especially now that she insists on feeding herself.

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