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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Reviews to come for Kaloba®
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-08-17 15:14:56`  

Kaloba® is a 100% natural liquid formula, derived from a South African plant long associated with remedying winter ills and chills. For the best results it must be used as soon as the bugs attack.

Kaloba® concentrated bronchial formula:

  • Helps soothe the throat, nose and sinuses

  • Is recommended by pediatricians and doctors worldwide

  • Is a natural, plant-based remedy. Grown by nature – not laboratory made

  • Supports the immune system’s response against winter and seasonal bugs

  • Helps your family maintain optimum health over winter

View these articles (PDF) for more information

For more information visit Pharma Health NZ Limited - click here

Who is this trial for?

In most families the mother is the healthcare provider - we would like mums to let us know how Kaloba® has helped the family "survive" the winter. Kaloba® concentrated bronchial formula is for the whole family excluding: children younger than 12 months, pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

What's included in this trial?

Ten reviewers will each receive one 50ml bottle of Kaloba® concentrated bronchial formula. All who complete the trial and provide reviews at the requested intervals will receive an extra bottle as a thank you.

Reviewers have now been chosen - watch this space for their reviews.

Please note that we would like reviewers to provide feedback upon receiving the product, after the initial use, after use two further times and at the end of the trial (in approximately three months). Feedback can be based on several family members.

We will drop you a line if you are one of 10 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Kaloba®. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

Return to Pharma Health NZ on the Kidspot Directory

Want to be the first to know about upcoming trials? Join our Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers Group here!


Comments (23)
mumof6 - 6:41 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
All done... would be really handy here at the moment with all the winter bugs doing the rounds!
shorrty4life - 9:41 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
Done. Im almost 8 weeks pregnant so this could come in very handy for me!
sarahla - 5:44 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
Would love to try this product. I am 34 weeks pregnant with number 3. My family, husband, 2 childrenl and self are with our 3rd cold/ flu this winter. I am a huge believer in the natural approach, and We would LOVE some relief from the winter bugs. Thank you.
Guest Member - 5:39 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
Would love to try this product. I am 34 weeks pregnant with number 3. My family, husband, 2 childrenI and self are sick with our 3rd cold/ flu this winter. I am a huge believer in the natural approach, and we would LOVE some relief from the winter bugs. Thank you.
Kylie77 - 2:47 PM Mon-27-Aug-2012
I would love to trial this product - always thought about buying it but was worried it would be another one of those things you buy that doesnt actually work
Guest Member - 9:28 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
Hi, I would like to try this for my little girl...we are stuck in substandard housing..Damp, no insulation,septic tank leaking & crooked landlords in Kerikeri.. We are both sleeping in the loung current;y, due to dripping wet daughter's cough is bad if she sleeps in her room...could we trial please...
Resse - 9:25 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
Wow, this sounds awesome! We have had one sickness after another this winter season, and it seems neverending! We would love to be picked for this trial, as we would be able to make good use of the product. Have sent the e-mail through with the relevant information.
funnelgirl - 7:32 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
Also, would like to add, both my son and I have got a constant cough which we cannot get rid of.
funnelgirl - 7:31 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012

I would love to trial this product.

I work in a work environment where i come into contact with alot of people every day, alot of the time sick people. I end up getting bug after bug, and being currently pregnant, I havent found anything I can take to help.

Both my kids catch everythign going at daycare/school as well, so trialing this product is definitly something I would like to put my hand up for. If it makes a difference to my health,i will be the first to give positive reviews!



Nilithya - 5:28 PM Sat-25-Aug-2012
We use this & have done a trial for it recently & can say that it is great stuff :)
thecoffeelady - 9:59 PM Mon-20-Aug-2012
Mumbum, after reading your sales talk (LOL) I am really wanting to try it as well, ever since my daughter and I had whooping cough we've struggled to completely get rid of this cough/cold that seems to be permanant, I wonder if this would help?
MumBum - 9:02 AM Sat-18-Aug-2012
Honestly petitemumma, you have got to get it!

It is available from pharmacies and yes it is around $30 for a 50ml bottle, but when you consider that you only use 0.5ml for the younger kids and 1.5ml for adults and older children 3 times a day, 50ml goes a long way!
Plus, I have been to homeopathic doctors, and to get the consultation and the natural medicine drops that they prescribe (which never taste good to my kids so therefore causes another set of dramas to try and get them to take the drops!)it costs me on average $50 each time... the medicine they mixed for coughs and colds did work but it took a while and I had to go through the hassle of trying to get a sick and grumpy child to take them. Add that to the fact that the homeopathic medicine can't be mixed with anything but water which means I couldn't even disguise the taste!

Kolaba CAN be mixed with juice or yogurt if the taste is an issue for your children, but it doesn't taste that bad at all because my two year old let me give it to him straight and didn't even pull a face!
Even if you don't get to trial it this time, if you have members of your family who suffer with bronchial/chesty/colds etc it is honestly worth the money to buy it because it actually does the job!

I know it sounds like I'm a sales person for Kolaba (LOL) but its just because my toddler who is two suffers in such a major way from any kind of winter ailment, and until I discovered Kolaba, he had been to hospital for Bronchitis, Croup and he never seemed to be able to shake the evil hacking cough!
Kolaba has put an end to all of that and I now have a healthy little boy who will take his Kolaba dose without any fuss at all and I give it to him as soon as he starts to get a runny nose or coughs.
JacqIAm - 10:28 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
I missed out trialing this the last time, so I would love to trial it this time, esp. going into another season, I've noticed that our family tends to avoid the winter illness but we get struck down in spring!
petitemumma - 9:17 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
wow mumbum ,this stuff sounds fantastic.  i would love to try this in regards to my various health issues & esp for my daughters asthma;)
SteviRay - 8:55 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
This would be fantastic right about now, my partner had the man flu almost a month ago and he still cant get rid of his horrific cough, would love to see if this would help.
nessee - 7:42 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
Sooo love to trial trial trial for my wee ones, winter has been hard this year and a booster to help them along would be such a God Send ;-)
motheroffour - 7:18 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
sounds great
MaryMc - 5:36 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
Oh, this would be great. I think the whole of NZ has had one long cough for most of the winter!
Nardia - 5:09 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
I would really love to give it a try as I am struggling to rid myself of a chesty cough.
Twinsforus - 3:49 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
Would love to try this!! With 4 kids we seem to constantly have one or more sick with something!! Plus 1 of my twins and their Dad is asthmatic so we almost always have some form of coughing going on! And to add to the fun Mr almost 4 has had 4 bouts of a viral chest infection this winter :( Can not wait for this winter to be over!!!Sending my email now.
werahiko - 3:41 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
WOW we really need to try this! This has been the worst winter for illness's in our family.. both my kids are been sick constantly since MAY! One gets sick, then the other one gets sick! We have had bronchitis, chest infections, ear infections, verge of pneumonia.. it has been such a bad winter for us I think it's cos my son started Kindy in May so picks up bugs and then shares them with his 1 year old sister!
MumBum - 3:23 PM Fri-17-Aug-2012
OMG!!! I was lucky enough to be able to trial Kaloba through Kidspot just recently and I have got to say it truly is a wonderful product! Especially is you have members of your household who are asthmatic, bronchial or just are prone to colds and flu!!!If you want to check out my review, I've put the link below. honestly won't believe how well it works until you try it for yourself!Good luck everyone!!!

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