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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews for Houdini Products
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-08-29 14:40:41`  

Stop your escape artist! Do you have a houdini that can escape the carseat, high chair or stroller with the greatest of ease? Maybe you've got a little one that is fascinated with removing their nappy? Or do they escape their blankets during the night?

Houdini may have the solution for you. These are high quality, New Zealand made products that are guaranteed simple and effective.

Houdini Stop

Does your wee one love escaping from their carseat, highchair or stroller harness? Not only is it worrying it is also very dangerous! The Houdini Stop Chest Clip is your solution. This device prevents your child from taking their arms out of their harness. The clips connect onto the existing harness straps and hold them firmly in position preventing your child from wriggling out. So simple, you can attach it with just one hand!

Houdini Lock

A real must-have for a busy mum's nappy bag. These locks can be used in so many ways - a Swiss Army Mum's device!

  • Repair a broken or unsticky disposable nappy tab

  • Fix a broken cloth nappy snap

  • Stop your toddler removing their nappy

  • Use with a piece of cloth for an emergency bib

  • Hold a shade blanket on a stroller hood or car window

  • Add a piece of ribbon and it becomes a dummy clip

  • Keep your duvet inner correctly inside its cover

  • Perfect for holding the blanket hut in the lounge together!

Houdini Cosy

Ideal for cots, single beds, strollers and wheelchairs. The Houdini Cosy stops those warm covers slipping off. Keep your loved one warm all night, or go for a stroll without having to stop and pick up the kicked off blanket. Simply slip the elastic under the matress or wrap it around the back of your stroller or wheelchair, and then grip the clips on your blanket.

Who is this trial for?

For parents with children aged between 12 to 36 months.

What's included in this trial?

Six reviewers will each receive a Houdini Pack. Each pack contains 1 x Houdini Stop, 1 x pair of Houdini Locks, 1 x Houdini Cosy.

Reviewers have been chosen - watch this space for their reviews.

We will drop you a line if you are one of six lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review Houdini products. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group – full instructions are provided by Kidspot.

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Comments (29)
travelbugnz - 6:24 PM Thu-1-Nov-2012

further disappointment in that the second lock broke after 2 weeks and I am down to only 1 :(

radioguru - 5:16 PM Sun-21-Oct-2012
Right, so I went out and bought one of these, and I'm sad to report: My 3 year old is too clever for it. She loved waering it, loved the fact that she had an extra seatbelt to keep her extra safe, but after 3 days, she learned how to take it off herself and was up to her same old tricks.However, I took it off her carseat and put it on my 11 month olds carseat. Now, this child isn't able to climb out of her carseat (yet) but what it did was: it pulled her straps closer to her chest, so that her head didn't slump so far forward during long car trips. We tested this out during a 12 hour drive to Auckland, and it was amazing! Super easy to use, and it gave her that little bit more extra protection. All for just $14!! Brilliant! :o)
Nilithya - 12:02 PM Sun-21-Oct-2012
LOVE these! The Houdini stop has been perfect at keeping my wee man in his stroller.The Houdini locks are probably my favourite for their multiple uses. Have used to save a nappy (I ALWAYS have the tabs come off nappies) and using them to make a serviette into a bib when at a cafe & hadn't brought anything with us. Though Mr 22months did try to pull it off, resulting in shredded serviette, it is such a great idea & lasted long enough to catch the mess while he ate. I imagine he would get used to it too & I usually have cloths or wipes which would be much stronger & make a perfect indestructible bib! Love that you could even use them to keep a duvet inner in place, mine is slipping so going to try it, though I don't really want to give up having them in my handbag & nappy bag so might have to get another pack ;)And my back hasn't been doing well so I haven't made up his bed lately & keep forgetting to ask my partner to put the Houdini Cosy on his bed but I need to do this as he has started kicking his covers off almost every night now & waking up because of it. So will put them on next bed change. Will be great to use them on the pram & stroller too, though we have been lucky enough to have such warm weather lately I haven't needed to.I have some photos, not sure where to put them? Will go have a look & see if I can figure out how to put them on here :)Thanks Houdini Stop, what a great invention! Will be recommending to all the mums in my coffee group & all my friends & family with children & babies!
virgogirl - 5:08 PM Thu-18-Oct-2012

Thank  you for the chance to review this fabulous product, I am very happy with all the Houdini products supplied and will definately recommend them to my friends.  Firstly the Houdini Stop, I have used this with my wee houdini's backpack harness to ensure that it is secure and unescapable and it is fantastic.  I was hoping to use it on his carseat which he always got out of but now I have had to put him in a booster without the straps (just the normal car seatbelt) as he just was too big for the other one.  The Houdini locks I have found fab for securing his nappy when the tab has broken off (which happens regularly!)  They work very well save throwing away unused nappies.  I tried the Houdini Cosy in his bed as he is a shocker for sleeping with no blankets on, but unfortunately he wasn't happy having the blankets secured on and demanded that I take them off - grrrr!

What brilliant product, love it!!


EmmaR - 2:04 PM Mon-8-Oct-2012

Great thanks for the products - got them ages ago so have had heaps of time to try them out.

The Houdini cosy has been the one we've used the most of as our little boy just loves kicking his blankets off. Although it took me ages to tighten them - and I don't know if thats just me being a bit dim but it took ages to thread the elastic through and make it stay tight - it works really well. There have been a few occasions where I've had to re-fasten them as theyve sprung open but generally little boy is staying under the blankets now and I know they're not being pushed off.

The Houdini stop is great and also has the added benefit of keeping the car seat strap covers up around his shoulders instead of slipping down. He thinks it's fun to play with tough and I'm hoping it's clever enough to withstand his inquisitive pulling and pushing. So far so good! The added benefot of knowing I wont turn round and see him waving freely is great and definitely makes driving much more enjoyable.

The Houdini Locks are a godsend and suffice to say they've moved off the buggy now and I'm starting to use them in other areas of the house, these are so practical and easy to use anywhere, I love them!! Think there's definitely scope to market these as just general house accessories!!

Thanks again, I think they're brilliant products and so simple. Once I master the tricky elastic system on the Houdini Cosy I'll be sweet!! Oh dear, maybe just need more sleep and caffeine and wont be such a pleb?!

travelbugnz - 7:55 PM Thu-4-Oct-2012

I was really pleased to receive the email confirming I had been selected for a reviewer as I had actually received the good first and was very very very disappointed as the Houdini Lock broke within 24 hours. I was using it to hold our cloth nappy outer together which was perfect timing as the Velcro had gone and was relying on tights and trouser to hold them up... but with summer coming this soon wasn't going to be an option.

I have had the packaging and the broken Houdini lock sat on the table as I was actually going to contact them to express my disappointment in the product as I had had such great expectations. I still have to try the other products but just don't have the same enthusiasm :(. The other 2 clips I have are still going despite my reservations so let’s just watch this space. I'm really glad I got to trail this first.

radioguru - 1:40 PM Thu-4-Oct-2012
Actually, that's a very good question, where can we get these from? I've got a long road trip coming up, and would love to nab one before we head off...
oommii - 1:33 PM Thu-4-Oct-2012
I bought mine from Baby Factory MumBum
MumBum - 1:18 PM Thu-4-Oct-2012
Awesome reviews ladies... where can you purchase Houdini Products from please? I have a toddler (three next year) and a baby (1 in November this year.)... I have a feeling that I'm going to need this!!!
Nilithya - 8:49 AM Thu-4-Oct-2012
So far the best part of the Houdini Stop has been using those nappies with the broken tabs!Will try the blanket one on his bed when I change it & next time out walking put one on the buggy more escaping Mr!!
Guest Member - 8:27 AM Thu-4-Oct-2012
Update: it's been a week now since I put on the Houdini Stop and it still rocks! Mr 2.5 has completely given up even attempting to get his arms out of the seatbelt .... yay! Only thing is I have to distract him when I unclip the Houdini as he's very curious and I don't want him fiddling with it!
Guest Member - 8:22 PM Sat-29-Sep-2012

The Houdini Stop is the best ever invention for my 2.5yr old escapee !   He's not escaped once since I put it on!  It's easy to put on, and easy to take off (for the adults).  Wish I'd heard about these sooner!   Thank you Kidspot for the trial, I shall be singing their praises whenever I hear of another car seat escapee! 

Kimmyjade - 12:59 PM Wed-19-Sep-2012
I could definately do with one of these as my son is constantly taking his arms out to the point where his sister (13) has to sit in the back with him to put his arms in and when she isn't with us I am constantly pulling over to put his arms back in. This would both save out sanity and cut about half an hour off my driving time!
motheroffour - 4:44 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
Would love to trial this on my little girl who is 16mths old and thinking she is the next HOUDINI
mumof6 - 8:21 AM Tue-4-Sep-2012
We could really do with one of these for Miss3 she has also been escaping her carseat for months! We had run out of idea's until seeing this Houdini strap, what a brilliant idea!
radioguru - 8:24 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would LOVE to trial this! My 3 year old has been escaping from her carseat for a while now...and has even taught her 9 month old sister how to do it as well! Eeep!
MumBum - 5:57 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
Wow Sweetness10, sounds fabulous! If I don't get to trial, I'll be looking to buy them as my toddler escapes from all things with straps!
Sweetness10 - 5:22 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I don't need to trial these, I just want to put my review here because I used the Houdini Stop when my daughter was younger and can recommend it highly to a anyone out there with a Houdini who escapes the car seat straps, stroller harness, etc. It's incredibly easy to use (yes, you can do it up AND undo it one-handed) and you can very easily undo it to use it for more than one thing (ie. carseat and also in the stroller), so you don't need to buy multiple products. Even though it's easy for you to undo and use your child won't be able to undo it or escape from their straps at all - I'd rate it as a must-have item.
shorrty4life - 3:41 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
Done!! Would love to review this!!
Resse - 7:19 PM Thu-30-Aug-2012
We would love to trial this product. Master 23 months really is a houdini! He gets out of everything.Have sent through the e-mail.
eddie - 2:34 PM Thu-30-Aug-2012

My 1 year old is a naughty little rascal and up to antics all the time. He needs to be watched all the time.

JacqIAm - 9:38 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
Yip master 2 is a Houdini, a smart one too!! We have to hide the car keys now coz he uses them to open the car and he can stick them into the ignition and nearly start it, so not only can he break out he gets in too!! Ironically we have a cat named Houdini, he earned his name, but that's another story
oommii - 8:02 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
We have been using the houdini stop on our eldest daughters car seat for about a year and it stopped her from getting her arms out of the seat-belt straps which she became very good at, no matter how tight we made them!!
Now, is someone that isn't used to using a houdini stop puts her in her carseat she tells them off if they don't do it up too.
When our youngest daughter moves from the capsule into a car seat we will get one of these for her straight away
robyshack1 - 4:44 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
Have sent the email 2 year old would be perfect to road test this device! He wiggles out of his harness giving his mother a heart attack on a regular basis while I am driving. It is the same in the pram to! Something that will keep him safe and me sane would be great!
rachaelsfun - 4:20 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
wow would be great to win my sister has a master 14 months thats just learned what crawling is and gets into everything and pushes buttons that he shouldnt .. and cupboards !
keetismyson - 3:53 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
have emailed. my son is the crafty boy that got out of his car seat the other day while i was driving along a passing lane. i freaked out that is for sure. this would come in handy as he would not be able to do it AGAIN........ and when i start my walking again it would be good for his pushchair too.
nummabear - 3:38 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
done, id love to trial this as my son has just started getting his arms out of his seat!
MumBum - 2:45 PM Wed-29-Aug-2012
Done! You have no idea how my toddler can escape anything and everything, stroller straps, car seat straps, high chair straps, and his new trick is to strip down to nothing because he has learnt how to undo the domes on his button crotch suits, no matter how many layers I put on top and he removes his nappy now too, even when it is not dirty or even wet... I'd be able to put this to the test for sure!!!

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