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Created By: JulieKidspot
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Topic : Read the reviews - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Space Adventure
JulieKidspot - `10` `2012-09-03 15:36:48`  

Mickey Mouse and all his Clubhouse pals are back for another adventure – and this time it's out of this world!

Get set for a thrilling, full-length outer space adventure aboard the Clubhouse Rocket. Blast off with Mickey and his crew and race across the galaxy on an interplanetary quest for hidden out-of-this world treasure. Twinkling treasure stars will help point the way, but first, you'll have to find them with a little help from Toodles and the right Mouseketools! Meet Moon Men Chip and Dale, Martian Mickey from Mars, and Pluto from Pluto, but watch out for crafty Pirate Pete, who wants the treasure all for himself. Packed with songs and surprises, Space Adventure will transport you to a whole new dimension of fun!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Space Adventure is available to own on Disney DVD from 5th September 2012.


Kidspot are excited to announce that we chosen 3 Movies at Home Club members to review Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Space Adventure on DVD. To register, our members told us which planet (real or make-believe) they would visit on a space adventure.

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the DVD to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. You will be required to post your reviews in the Movies at Home Club if you are selected.

Comments (103)
JaydensMumShonny - 11:42 AM Fri-2-Nov-2012
We hired this new DVD from our Library, & my son & I watched it this morning & he love love loved it!! He was glued to it the whole time, smiling, laughing, shouting "Ooh Toodles!" & answering all the questions, patterns & riddles. Loved it! Big fan! :)
8isenuff - 4:34 PM Tue-9-Oct-2012
wow they stil going i watched mick mouse when i was a kid my 2nd son watched it he is now 19, im sure my 3 & 4 yr olds would love it.
eddie - 1:27 PM Tue-2-Oct-2012
My girls love Mickey mouse and my elder one would love to visit Saturn to check out it rings.
Kimmyjade - 2:37 PM Tue-25-Sep-2012
Thank you for selecting us my son absolutely loved the DVD! I loved the quick play option as we are forever losing remotes round here and it was great to be able to skip all the other bits and just start watching. Since Cam isn't napping anymore this was great for his quiet time. He sat down and watched it for the whole episode then was very pleased to see a Handy Manny bonus episode (both shows were given a massive round of applause and a yay chorus from him). I love watching him get involved and point and "sing" along. Would definately recommend!
becksmum - 1:34 PM Mon-24-Sep-2012

OOPs forgot to login, please see my review below for Mickey DVD :)  thanks Becksmum


Guest Member - 1:33 PM Mon-24-Sep-2012

Hi thanks for selecting us to review this DVD, it arrived on Friday last week and it has been played about 6 times over the last few days, My 4 year old daughter was glued the moment  we put it in, have to say even I got to watching it!!!! -when I should have really been doing housework!  My older children 13 and 9 have also enjoyed watching it with there little sister which is a suprise as normally they dont like watching "little kids tv".  Love the fact she is also learning something as she watches! So thanks again have really enjoyed the happiness and quiet house we have had while reviewing this one :)


jylissa - 10:28 PM Sun-23-Sep-2012
my son would love to review this movie he loves mickey mouse and would visit a planet where you play all day and never has a day sleep haha
Mumto3boys1girl - 2:57 PM Fri-21-Sep-2012
My 3 year old was SUPER excited to have this arrive yesterday, thank you so much!!! He had been waiting to see this as he loves Mickey Mouse. He sat and watched the whole thing and said it was great and made me start it again!! He loved the bonus episode of Handy Manny, as that is another favourite!! I would highly recommend this to any Mickey Mouse fan!!!!
suemum - 2:30 PM Fri-21-Sep-2012
my grandchildren would love this...
Kimmyjade - 6:18 PM Thu-20-Sep-2012
Thrilled to discover we are going to be reviewers for the mickey mouse DVD. Hopefully we will get it before the weekend (courier arrived but we weren't home) and we will sit down and watch it together. Thanks so much for picking us!
tylerlorz - 3:16 PM Thu-20-Sep-2012
My son is at the perfect age and he is in love with mickey and this would be perfect and im putting my hand up to do a reveiw pretty please x
sarahrv - 1:12 PM Thu-20-Sep-2012


We would love to review this movie - both my boys 4 and 6 love Micky Mouse Clubhouse - The boys and I would like to visit the planet Mars to see if it really is covered in Chocolate with a caramel centre like a real Mars bar :-)

SandraG - 11:43 PM Wed-19-Sep-2012
Planet "Peace and Quiet". It's a great place where you can relax, read, do a crossword, watch a movie, nibble great food, chat to a friend or be completely alone - with no interruptions or demands.At least when a good DVD is on it keeps the kids happy and you can start to journey towards "Peace and Quiet", even if you don't get to land.
JaydensMumShonny - 7:54 PM Wed-19-Sep-2012
Wow! Awesome! My 4-yr-old son (& myself hehe) would LOOOVE to review this DVD!! :) We would visit Planet DISNEY on our space adventure!!! :) How awesome would a Planet Disney be!!! Like Disneyland but all in one planet (& entry would be free!! haha). My son has always loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, & enjoys watching & singing along, aswell as the all important call of "Oooooh Tooooodles!!" & helping choose the right Mouseketool! :) We'd love to review it :)
SarahK - 6:07 PM Tue-18-Sep-2012
Id like to go to planet 51. Talking aliens sound pretty cool :P
vam - 8:53 AM Tue-18-Sep-2012

Mars, as there is a great mystery surrounding it, what really is going on up there and can we believe all that we see????? I have an 18 month and 10 year old so it is very difficult to get a movie that both of them are interested in and this would be perfect as my 10 year old is still into all of Disney (long may it last). Thanks.

blynda - 8:01 PM Sun-16-Sep-2012
Would love to review this and my daughter and i can go to planet fun where everything is filled with fun, play and food.  No work, computers, tv allowed - wll be so much fun
TanesMummy - 11:32 PM Fri-14-Sep-2012
My son LOVES Mickey mouse clubhouse. If he got a chance to trial this it would be fantastic! Mickey and Thomas his 2 favorites. He knows all their names. And turning up the telly when it's on is the only way to get him out of the bath! At 15 months he ran around the house saying "Ooohhh Tooooodles!" his first words, mummy, daddy, TOODLES! He'd be absolutely gob smacked if he got to trial this Mickey Mouse DVD.Please choose Tane.opps sorry im not a guest member...forgot to sign in before...try that again!
Guest Member - 11:31 PM Fri-14-Sep-2012
My son LOVES Mickey mouse clubhouse. If he got a chance to trial this it would be fantastic! Mickey and Thomas his 2 favorites. He knows all their names. And turning up the telly when it's on is the only way to get him out of the bath! At 15 months he ran around the house saying "Ooohhh Tooooodles!" his first words, mummy, daddy, TOODLES! He'd be absolutely gob smacked if he got to trial this Mickey Mouse DVD.Please choose Tane.
imrose - 12:58 PM Fri-14-Sep-2012
I prefer to visit the moon because I am a cancerian.And have deep desire to visit it.
imrose - 12:57 PM Fri-14-Sep-2012
I dont believe this.You guys are actually letting us try this.Natasha is estatic.Everyday after school she watched club house and sings it daily.I am actually quite tired of listening to the same cacophony every evening.So a new story new song are most welcome.OPlease pick us so we can enjoy this story with the whole family.Thanks
bexwood - 9:58 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
I'd love to go to Tatooine..yes I have a hubby and a son who are Star Wars mad :-)
heitiki - 5:33 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
I'd love to visit the Starship Enterprise (practically a planet in itself!)...!  And I'd go to MARS!
rainbow - 5:17 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
oh my little one would love a space adventure! He already has soft toys that are rockets and space men! I think we would visit planet adventure with lots of fun rides to go on
Guest Member - 5:15 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
oh my little one would love a space adventure! He already has soft toys that are rockets and space men! I think we would visit planet adventure with lots of fun rides to go on
missmaddysmum - 4:58 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
Mickey mouse clubhouse is a recently discovered favourite for miss three, we have the road rally iPad app which she can't get enough of! We would visit a planet that is purple, and that has everything purple - miss threes favourite colour
quackers - 4:30 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
Miss 3yrs just loves anything Mickey Mouse.The planet we would visit most according to miss three is one that is full of noisy monkeys : )
katherinew - 2:42 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
I would love to visit a planet where the sun shines all of the time and the rain would come only when needed!
Tigger1231 - 2:22 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012

My 3 month old daughter has recently discovered mickey mouse, she babbles away to him when ever he's on telly(we watch the mickey mouse clubhouse).  Her favorite seems to be donald duck which she squeals in delight at :) Getting this dvd would be great. I would love to visit a planet made of chocolate... it would be so yummy.......... :)

AdeleNZ - 2:10 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
My 2 year old is obsessed with Mickey Mouse.  So much so that pretty much all of our MySky Hard Drive is full of it! No more TV programmes on record for Mum and Dad! But only the ones that he likes - he is not satisfied with any old episode! Would be interested to trial this DVD to see whether a longer movie holds his attention as long as the TV programmes do and of course to see what other adventures Mickey and his friends get up to!  Would be perfect for a plane trip we have coming up too!  Being as mad as he is about Mickey and friends I am sure a trip to Pluto would be high up on his list of things to do!  Am sure once he got there he would be confused to find Pluto not actually there :-/
SarahBlair - 1:55 PM Thu-13-Sep-2012
I would visit Mars and meet the Martians!!
ClaireG - 8:59 PM Wed-12-Sep-2012
My 3yr old daughter has just discovered Mickey Mouse after a trip to Disneyland. Whenever she is playing by herself I hear her talking to 'Mickey Mouse'. She has a 'Parade' in the backyard with an imaginary Mickey and Minnie. I think she would really love to review this DVD. She wants to visit the moon so she can be closer to the stars.
rachaelsfun - 2:18 PM Wed-12-Sep-2012
OMG master 15 months nephew LOVES MICKEY MOUSE and would go hystrerical if he won this for a trial :) please enter us !! and he and his brother and mother lol would love to go (imaginary) to a planet made of food (a bit like that movie i guess lol) and do his own version of the willie wonka thing :)
Cazper - 7:59 PM Tue-11-Sep-2012
Hi I think my two year old would love to go to a cars planet filled with cuddle teddy's. As for mum and dad we would vear off to Date night planet lol.
Kazzam - 1:09 PM Mon-10-Sep-2012
I have two sons and they love anything Mickey! They would visit martian mickeys planet and I as Mum would visit the manicure/pedicure planet :)
wardma - 9:34 AM Mon-10-Sep-2012
We w ould love to review this movie.  Even though my son is a bit old for this movie, I have little children coming through my home all the time.  I am also a foster mum who looks after preschoolers.  It would be great to have this movie for us all to review and have a special time together.  Often these little children don't know what it is to have a family night, so we like to have them regularily and give these littlies a sense of family.
Sparky - 9:03 AM Mon-10-Sep-2012
Both my boys have been watching this on Sunday mornings whilst it is on TV and think its great.  A DVD would be fantastic.  Thomas would like to visit the green planet as that is his favourite colour.
EmmaR - 8:20 AM Mon-10-Sep-2012

Wow my boy would love this! We've already got the episode where they go to the moon to get Pluto's ball back on MySky and it's watched over...and over...and get my drift!

Reckon we'd have to go to Pluto of course - although it's not technically a planet anymore but still good fun to check out.

Squirrel29 - 6:54 PM Sun-9-Sep-2012
Would love to trial this, I have two Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans who seem to never get enough of their shows.
Resse - 4:13 PM Sun-9-Sep-2012
Great! We would love to be reviewers! The kids love Mickey, Minnie and friends! This would be great for our family movie nights. If we were to go on a space adventure, we would love to go to Saturn, as we love the name!
poffsa - 3:38 PM Sun-9-Sep-2012
Great for three busy children
Guest Member - 3:38 PM Sun-9-Sep-2012
Perfect for three children!
kbyr001 - 2:35 PM Sun-9-Sep-2012
My girls are huge Mickey Mouse club house fans. We listen to it in the car and it is one of our fav programs to enjoy at the crack of dawn on the weekend on TV
Guest Member - 6:58 AM Sun-9-Sep-2012
I would love to visit endless sleep-ins.
kymie83 - 6:44 PM Sat-8-Sep-2012
My little man is a huge mickey fan, i think my favourite part is when he sings the mickey mouse club house theme tune, or when hes playing and shouts out oh toodles whats today's mystery mousektool. I would love to visit the Forest moon of Endor and give one of those very cute Ewoks a cuddle (star wars) and maybe bring one or two home with me lol.
Mumto3boys1girl - 1:25 PM Fri-7-Sep-2012
My 3 year old absolutely LOVES Mickey!!! I am sure he would really love this DVD! The planet we would most like to visit is Planet NO HOUSEWORK! Haha. A planet where there are no chores, everything is done by robots and there is plenty of time to relax and play..............
Coring - 5:27 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012
The planet I would prefer to visit on a space adventure is Kryptonite.  The home planet of Superman.   I think there will be lots and lots of cool, strong people there.  thanks. 
tallsonn - 4:01 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012
My son loves Mickey Mouse and he loves anything to do with space travel and rocket ships. He has just told me that he would like to go to Planet Egypt if there were lots of snakes there. Talk about a wild imagination! We would love to review this DVD - it looks like fun.
chidsmum - 2:02 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012

According to my Daughter it would be Planet Princess where cup cakes grow on tress & she can drink form lemonade waterfalls.  Everything would sparkle & glimmer.

She's a bit of a girly girl at the moment.

Sorry about the repeat. I forgot to sign in first time.

becksmum - 1:59 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012

My 3 children would love to review this dvd, The childrens favorite planet to visit would have to be PLANET FUN as for which planet I would love to visit is there one called Planet No House Work, Free Nanny, Read your book in the sun??????????

Zellara - 1:56 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012

My son would love to go to Planet Pluto he is fascinated with planets. and loves Mickey mouse and pluto even more. On a daily basis he talks play and baths with his mickey mouse and pluto.

ECAW - 1:33 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012
All I know is that MY SON who is 8 would LOVE to visit Planet Shark. He is obsessed with sharks!! He would love to pat a shark, swim with a shark, ride on a shark, feed a shark, go on a shark roller coaster and countless shark rides!!! Thanks for the opportunity:-)
JacqEmma - 1:31 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012
Oh wow, we have Minnie's hugest fan in our house - we would LOVE to review this movie!!!
Dibbles3 - 1:07 PM Wed-5-Sep-2012
I would love to visit any planet where time slows down or doesn't exist.  I always feel like I am running out of time, so somewhere where time doesn't matter would be ideal!
DaniTaylor - 10:26 AM Tue-4-Sep-2012
I'd go to "planet disney" - It'd be with all the disney stars, all the coolest rides!

We are big fans of disney! :)
Guest Member - 10:24 AM Tue-4-Sep-2012

Any planet that had a quiet spot for me to have my cuppa and read a magazine or book uninterrupted for half an hour !


We would love to review this new dvd - my kids are well spaced in age so the reviews would cover a 2.5yr old, 5yr old, 10yr old and 13yr old.  Fingers crossed :)

motheroffour - 8:35 AM Tue-4-Sep-2012
I would like to visit 'PLANET WHATYOUWANT' on this planet when the kids ask you 'mum can I' you can say yes. Or if you want something the same thing happens.
Would save on seeing those little sad eyes when the kids ask for something and you haave to say no.
ruthb - 10:35 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would love to visit the planet Mum... where housework does itself and sleepins are mandatory!! A planet with sunshine would suit the kids, the weather has been so rainy lately they would love some time outside to dry out!!
JacqIAm - 10:32 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I want to go to a planet that was like willy wonkas place, how cool to eat everything and on this planet NO ONE has allergies!! Master 2 (3 this Sunday) LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse, i am forever hiring one particular dvd it would be better for me to buy, he takes his mickey mouse to bed nearly every night, so he would looove this dvd, and it gives me a great excuse to sit down and watch it with him
happyfrau - 9:11 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My daughter (4) is adamant that the moon has an island on it where the unicorns live when the fairies aren't riding them. So I would like to visit there  - what could possibly be better than watching wild unicorns graze on the turquoise grasses of the moon?
ajpickering - 8:39 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012

I would love to travel to Venus as it is closer to the sun and would definitely be warmer than todays weather in Kaiapoi.

We all love M...i...c    k...e...y        M...o...u...s...e in this household.

(how many of you sang the above from the original Mickey Mouse show)

mdavies - 8:19 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
Cool movie - not sure who loves Mickey Mouse Club house more - me or the boys! My Ben (8yrs) would like to visit a planet where everything is made of technic lego and Josh (4yrs) would like to visit a planet made out of chocolate so he can eat it all!
erenakelly - 7:59 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
Totally into visiting Mercury - closest to the sun, barren wasteland that somehow manages to survive such intense heat. What's really goin' on over there I wonder?
jopukeko - 7:34 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would love to visit a planet where there was peace. No battles with kids to do things, no people pressuring you to do things, no time schedules. Now wouldn't that be lovely.
travelbugnz - 6:41 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012

I'd like to visit the diabetic food planet... so I can eat everything on it without worrying :)

Kimmyjade - 6:39 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
We discussed this as a family and decided we wanted to go to Mars because that is where Marvin the Martian lives. The thought was that Martian Mickey and Marvin the Martian would be good friends and be able to show us round. There was also a mention that we (the family and martian Mickey could teach Marvin a few manners! My son absolutely loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse. It's the only thing on TV that captures his attention. I would love this for him as he loves to sing and dance along with it and gets so excited and points to the TV and tries to tell me all about the characters so it has helped with his verbal skills. As an added bonus it means I can get a bit of study done while he watches it as I am studying towards a degree at home so it would help me out too. I actually have the cutest pic of my boys curled up on the couch together watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse and my older son was explaining things to my youngest like if they needed the mystery mouseketool or not. It was my 7 year olds fav when he was little too!
Guest Member - 6:12 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My little miss 2 has just started watching tv and Mickey mouse is top of the list, all the dancing and singing is great and the fact she is building her vocab and knowledge is awesome! If we had our choice of planets it would have to be Pluto and hopefully we would see some real live Pluto dogs!
BrendensMum - 5:55 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My 2 year old is just fasinated with the moon at the moment especially on a clear night with all the stars shining as well.  I think it would be an amazing adventure to visit the moon as we've only just see pictures. 
veronicad - 5:44 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I have heard great things about these DVDs, and would love to try this out on my two boys. I would most definately visit Jupiter. The largest planet, my birth planet and also the prettiest planet by far. Surely if aliens are about, they would also be drawn in, giving me the greatest chance of discovering the next alien race! And if not, then any form of life would do, even the buggy kind.
kahlansmum - 5:42 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would visit Pandora! (..from Avatar). That place looked absolutely amazingly beautiful!My little girl loves Mickey Mouse and everything outer space - she would think this is fantastic, would love to review it :)
sophieh - 5:42 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
What can I say.. My son is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.. One of his first words was "hot dog, hot dog" from the show! We are having a Mickey Mouse themed bday party as he loves it so much so this DVD would make his day?
GinaG - 5:40 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My little (almost) 3 year old boy is Mickey Mouse MAD!!! I am often woken in the early hours of the night, to ask if it is time for Mickey Mouse... The amount of times that I have had to say to him, that Mickey is asleep (-just like YOU should be!!!) I couldnt count! If I ask him what the magic words are, when he has forgotten to say please or thank you, he responds with Meeska, Mooska! If youre after a Mickey fan to review your DVD, he is your boy!
tessa771 - 5:02 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
we loooove mickey mouse in our house! if we were to have an outer space adventure, would love to visit saturn. its beautiful with its rings :-)
Guest Member - 5:00 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
would love to visit saturn! the rings around it make it sooo beautiful :-) my 2yr old would loooooove to review this! we are big mickey mouse fans in our house so will get an honest opinion if this movie is up to par :-) thanks kidspot!
aucklandjules - 4:53 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My daughter who is 3 loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she would love this movie.  They are learning about the planets at preschool and she is fascinated by them and for her to see her favourite characters in space she would love.  I would like to visit Saturn, to see what it is like up there.  Those rings are fascinating.  We would love to review this movie for you.
nummabear - 4:52 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
my mister 2 loves mickey and his pals! we would like to have a space adventure to mars to have a picnic!
karask - 4:46 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My boys would LOVE to review Mickey's space adventure. They are both Mickey Mouse fans. When I asked mister 5 which planent he would live to visit on a space adventure he said "Earth, but I will wait untill you get home"     :-)
kay8805 - 4:45 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
:O cool!!! I grew up watching mickey mouse and this would bring back so many memories =) cant wait to share a moment with miss 3
Kerrynmum - 4:44 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My daughter loves Mickey Mouse - especially Pluto - so I guess we'd have to go there first! Both my children love finding the moon when it is out during the day (or on special occasions at night) so we'd love to stop there on the way home too :)
juliemarie - 4:33 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would love to visit the moon! From what picture we have seen, it looks amazing. Gotta love a big full moon on a starry night! :)
rosebean - 4:19 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012

we would love to visit saturn as my kids love outer space and we sing a song


Mecrury,venus earth and mars astroid belt clap clap then jupiter is next and saturn with rings and uranus neptune pluto are the rest around the sun together.

this song has helped my kids learn the planets but it would be fun to have mickey mouse help us.

naenae82 - 4:13 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
love to visit saturn looks so pretty my kids like neptune thou lol we would love to visit my son loved pluto the dog an when he forund out about the solar system he used to saypluto is so little how does a dog fit on there lol soplease we would love to review
LindaK - 4:09 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I'd visit Saturn, to see what those rings look like from the other side!

Please consider our family for this movie review, my two sons are big fans of Mickey Mouse and would definitely enjoy this (along with their Mummy)!
marikekaitlyn - 4:09 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
We would visit a planet made of strawberries, with chocolate trees and marshmallow beds.  My girl would love to review as she is driving me crazy constancly asking 'where is mickey mouse?' She can't understand why it is only on tv at certain times..
fryer1 - 4:07 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would love to review this. The Kids would love it. If I had the chance to visit a planet I would choose Saturn.
Guest Member - 4:04 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
oooh my kids would love to review this one mr 4.5 and miss 3 love mickey mouse clubhouse!
muppetsmama - 4:03 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My daughters (4 & 2) love mickey mouse clubhouse! If we were going to go to a planet, and I had my way, it would be the Planet Desert Island,  but -sigh- that's a distant dream! My kids would love to go to the moon. My 4 year old actually wants to go to space in a rocket when she grows up! We'd love to review this movie :)
carolinef - 3:59 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My 2 1/2 year old is addicted to Mickey Mouse after being introduced to him on our plane trip abroad and would love to see this new DVD. I would love to visit Pluto (whether this is still classed as a planet or not!) then I get to admire the view on the way of all the other spectacular planets!
2boys1girl - 3:59 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My 3yo son has just started his live affair with Mickey mouse so we'd love to test this out.
Guest Member - 3:57 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012

I'm guessing it would be planet lightening mcqueen or planet dora depending on who in our family you ask.  On the other hand, maybe the planet of ride on mowers or planet of mandatory sleep in's could be in favour as well or finally just the planet of warm milk!

We have 3 young children and a 'Dadwholikestogetoutofdoingjobs', all of whom would no doubt love to review this movie.

Sinead - 3:56 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I say Jupiter but my son would say Mars! LOL! He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I have recorded a quite a few on MySky as he asks for it all the time. He would love this ')
gokat20 - 3:55 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
good afternoon all,my beautiful 3 year old daughter is a huge micky mouse fan,if we had to visit a planet i would love to go to mars,i had to have a good think about that question as i woulda thought id like to go to the moon bu nowday the moon is talked about lots so id like to visit samewere
brookeandharv - 3:54 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My daughter's LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and my eldest (3 and a half) loves everything about Space so they would be great reviewers!  I would love to go to the Moon.
shorrty4life - 3:53 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
The moon for sure would be amazing. My daughter is 22months!!
Guest Member - 3:52 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My son would go nuts! He has a BIG Mickey Mouse that watches with him :)
amyr - 3:52 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My kids would love to review this and I would love to visit planet chocolate chip!
keetismyson - 3:52 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
OH wow what planet would i LOVE to visit on a space adventure. I would have to say it had to be Pluto as this planets name is the same as Pluto's name (Mickeys dog) from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
livandjimi - 3:48 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
angel7801 - 3:48 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
My kids love Mickey Mouse. They are 3 and 10 months. Id love to visit the moon.
kennyjo - 3:48 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
I would visit the chocolate planet there has to one out there somewhere im sure of it :)
joski86 - 3:48 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
The Planet of Chocolate Milk haha :o)
carolbevin - 3:47 PM Mon-3-Sep-2012
Hi we have 3 x 3.5 yr olds and a 5.5 yr old who love Mickey, including a boy who is obsessed with 'martian mickey' and manages to create 'martian mickey' with his breakfast hotcakes. I think they would love to have a chance to review this DVD. Thanks

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