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Created By: MumsSayEditor
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Topic : BubbleBum Booster Seats - Read the reviews
MumsSayEditor - `10` `2014-04-11 12:18:27`  

With new child restraint regulations released in November, many mums are looking for a way to keep their little ones safe in the car, without having to lug around an awkward (not to mention ugly) booster seat.

The fun BubbleBum Booster Seat has been designed for just this reason! Mother of two, Grannie Kelly, designed the booster seat with the help of her own children, as well as those from local schools. The cheeky name and fun colouring (purple OR black) makes kids excited to use their booster seat. Plus the inconvenience barrier of traditional booster seats is removed, by easy inflation and deflation. Now Grandmas and sitters can carry one with ease, or the kids can even keep it in their school bag!

BubbleBum booster seats are suitable for children aged between 4 and 12 years old, and between 15 and 36kgs.


Who is this trial for?

6 parents with children aged between 4 and 12 years old, and between 15 and 36kgs.

Whats included in this trial?

Each reviewer selected to participate in the review will receive one BubbleBum Booster Seat in purple.

We will drop you a line if you are one of 6 lucky Mums Say members chosen to trial and review BubbleBum. All chosen reviewers must provide a review in the Mums Say about Kidspot Directory Advertisers group - full instructions are provided by Kidspot. Please note that, if selected, your name and postal address will be given to the supplier for the sole purpose of delivery of the product. You will also receive emails from Kidspot confirming your selection as a reviewer and following up on reviews. If you are not chosen for this product review, your subscription details will be removed from this list.

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Comments (31)
sjb - 11:51 PM Tue-20-May-2014
My kids were excited to receive our trial bubble bum in the post. The fun colours helped to add to the appeal for them. I found the instructions and inflation really easy. My four year old trialled it at the first opportunity. He reported that it was more comfortable than his 'normal' seat. I really liked the compact size as it takes up less room than a normal booster seat. Which is great if you are trying to squeeze three kids in the back seat. I felt confident that he was secure in the seat as the seatbelt threads through two clips on either side holding every thing secure. The only thing that was annoying is that my 4 year old could not undo and get out of his seat by himself like he normally can because of the side clips that the seat belt threads through. Overall, I really like the bubble bum as a booster seat. It is perfect to use for times like travelling(i've packed booster seats in suitcases before) or when a booster seat needs to be taken on class trips (happens frequently at my 7yr olds school). It saves space and is easy to use and liked by my kids. Thank you for selecting us to trial this great seat.
BubbeezMum - 11:38 AM Sun-18-May-2014
We have been so lucky to trail bubble bum, I think it is a fantastic invention and so handy. Its been great just in the short time we have had it, my Miss 4 . 5 has been giving it a go and the first thing she loved was the colour and the fact you could blow it up. .... its super easy to inflate and deflate and storing away again in the carrier bag. Unlike most things you get and cant get back in a bag or box it came in I had no trouble with Bubble Bum getting it back in the bag. My daughter says its super comfy and it does look and feel like it but I can only go by her comments and feel. I love it is slightly smaller than other boosters (well ours anyway) so fits so easily between the two car seats making it alot easier to get to the buckles. We found it easy to use and put together. Its been great too when my sister has taken Miss 4.5 to preschool she has been able to use the Bubble bum with no problems and then it has been able to go in Miss 4.5s bag to the end of the day. Perfect no big seat to lug around and no messing around swapping seats in and out of cars etc. We have even used it for Master 1.5 at a restaurant they didn't have a high chair and the seat was so low so I just grabbed the Bubble bum from the car and walah a perfect seat for him. There is also an outer cover that is easy to take off so if it does need a wash just slip it off and pop it in the wash. We are really excited about taking the Bubble Bum on holiday because we were concerned about the plane and at the other end we could get a car seat for master 1.5 but not miss 4.5 so now we can just take the bubble bum, we are also going to take on the plane so if Miss 4.5 wants some height we can use the bubble bum. So as you can probably tell we have been wrapped with the bubble bum and can recommend it to other parents very easily.
Nilithya - 9:02 PM Tue-13-May-2014
Great timing, I had to pick up miss 7's friend and take them both to ballet after school and this was great to be able to use for her friend. So much easier than sorting out a booster from the parents. It was easy to inflate and use and it fit nicely in between my sons carseat and my daughters half booster. It is a good height meaning the lap belt sits flat over the top of the legs and not on the stomach and the shoulder belt adjuster is fantastic to keep the belt off the neck. It was a little tricky to get the seatbelts done up with the three seats but nothing major, I would get used to it if I had to! And because it will be a holiday/spare seat it is not a trouble. My daughter is really good at buckling her own seatbelt (I check it) and then removing it when we are home but with the bubble bum she couldn't take her own seat belt off due to the placement of the belt clips on the sides which is not great for me having to bend in again with a bad back to undo them for her but again, not a huge issue for most people or just the occasional time it will need to be done and this could be a good thing for some children who might like to remove their seatbelt when the car is mobile!I think it is a great invention, a very handy item to have and a great price that makes it justifiable even for just one holiday or to have on hand for emergencies & when you have other children. Definitely recommend :)Thanks for letting us trial!
amber - 10:20 PM Mon-12-May-2014
well I have now tried this on Miss 4yr old and Mr& Miss 5yr old's as well ..I think it's really great. all the kids love using it .I am going to leave it permantly blown up as it doesn't take up too much space in the car and it will save me having to blow it up each time I need it. If we need to take it on holiday to use in friends cars etc It will be great to deflate it for easy storage and transport. I am very pleased with this product and will certainly recommend it to others. Thanks again for the opportunity to trial this Bubblebum booster seat I think it's pretty awesome.
Mamabear - 2:16 PM Thu-8-May-2014
My 9 year old has been using the Bubblebum booster seat for over a week now and he loves it! Firstly, it comes with clear and easy to follow instructions. We love the bright unisex purple colour. It is extremely easy to inflate - it has a valve for blowing into. The same valve is also used to deflate it, it folds up and fits into it's storage bag, making it extremely easy to transport and carry around. It is much smaller than other boosters, and I was afraid it might be a bit too small but it suits my son fine. It is air filled - so it is comfortable and there aren't any hard edges. He is now able to look out the window better and he is not as conscious about still being in a booster seat. As far as safety goes, it gives a good belt fit, he is just as safe as in a regular full booster seat. The shoulder belt adjuster strap is an added benefit, as it makes sure the car seat belt is properly positioned across the chest. The guides for the lap belt at the sides can be a bit tricky for a child, but once you figure it out, and do it often enough it's very simple! Would definitely recommend this especially for school trips and when traveling abroad. Thanks Kidspot and Bubblebum for the chance to review this fab product!
tinaanne - 3:34 PM Sun-4-May-2014
Have all the trialists been chosen now? We needed an extra seat today but ended up not going out.
fishnchips - 1:51 PM Sun-4-May-2014
Received our bubble bum booster on Monday. Miss 5 was very excited!! Had to use it straight away. Very easy to inflate and sits nicely in the car. She finds it very comfy - the other boosters are very hard compared to this one. Much more comfortable. She loves it and we are going to get many years use out of it for her. It will be great to travel with, being so compact and light. Only thing I'm struggling with is getting used to no sides on it. I am still used to seeing her in the full booster seat that has support on the sides.There is nothing wrong with this, it is just what I am used to. I'm sure it won't take me long to adjust! She has!!! No way will I get her back in that one now though!! Am glad she likes this one as it is going to be well used with all our travels that we do in our club. Overall I am extremely happy with this product and will be recommending it to others. Thanks for the opportunity to trial this :-)
amber - 10:03 PM Wed-30-Apr-2014
What excitement. Our Bubblebum Booster seat arrived today. It took me a while to decide if I had blownen it up enough . But after a lot of expelled air on my part I decided it was fine. I only had a chance to try it out with Miss 10yr old today, who doesn't use one now. (She thinks she is too old), but she loved it. She said it was so comfy and she could see more out the window. It was so easy to fit into the car. I will be trying it with the other children over the next few days . Thanks this product will certainly be great for us.I am looking forward to using it.
javedusmani - 9:12 PM Mon-28-Apr-2014
amazing Job!!!!
Guest Member - 9:11 PM Mon-28-Apr-2014
What a neat idea! Would love to trial this!!
Nilithya - 10:13 PM Wed-16-Apr-2014
Would love to trial this. My nephew had one when he was on holidays and his parents said it was great as didn't take up any room, fit in between other carseats and was easily swapped between cars. My 7 year old daughter is in a booster seat but often will go to a friends house after school and we have been looking at what we could do to make it easier to have her in a booster in all vehicles and her friends in ours also.
tbex - 3:08 PM Wed-16-Apr-2014
This would be fantastic to trial - since the new laws about "booster seats" my 6 year old Son hasn't got his head around needing to go back into one, so anything to convince him they are COOL and this is new -he'd be fully keen...and might abide by the rules, without kicking and screaming
kimbo - 3:01 PM Wed-16-Apr-2014
This looks so handy. I would love to try this out!!
jem - 7:43 AM Tue-15-Apr-2014
Wow I'm this looks very handy indeed
tinaanne - 10:05 PM Sun-13-Apr-2014
Would be awesome to give this a try, as can't fit a third seat in my back seat so had to take 5yr old nephew in the front seat the other day. This would allow all 3 kids to fit in the back and useful if my almost 5 year old were to be travelling with nana and grandad to have something quick and easy to use. Would love to try it and post a review on how it went with different family volunteers.
poffsa - 6:34 PM Sun-13-Apr-2014
Would love to try, 4, 6 and nine year old so this seat could have 3 bottoms trialling it!
heyhay18 - 9:44 AM Sun-13-Apr-2014
Wow this would be awesome to try, we have four children aged 7,5, 2.5 and 3 months. I'm sure the two oldest would fight over who could try it out first. It would bee great to have a little extra space for the children in the car. Thanks for the possible opportunity : )
lilblondee6 - 9:04 PM Sat-12-Apr-2014
Pick me pick me!- it is such a squash with three carseats/booster seats in the back, it is so hard to find a compact one to fit such a small space- we would love to trail a bubble bum!
nikinoodle - 6:24 AM Sat-12-Apr-2014
I've often looked at this seat but don't really want to buy without trying so therefore I would looooove to trial this on Mr 6 so that I can see what it's like and then have the knowledge of whether to purchase another one for my other son as we have 2 vehicles and lugging the current boosters between can be hard work sometimes!
melanie17 - 9:16 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Great idea! It can be a bit tiring at times lugging around carseats and booster seats - especially when you're kids regularly travel with others. BubbleBum looks compact and easy to use :-)
kymmage - 8:29 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Would love to be involved for my Miss 6. I plan on having my kids in car seats or boosters til they hit 148cm tall, and although she is 125 now, she will not be 148cm by the time she turns 7.
funnelgirl - 6:50 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
What a neat idea! Would love to trial this!
Guest Member - 6:29 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Would love this! Would save space when I have extra carseats in for the children in my care but when they leave can just pop up for my son! Such a hassle trying to pack his booster in for later!!!
joanne7 - 5:30 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
This sounds amazing I just went to kids day out in west auckland a few weeks ago and got told my 7year old girl is too short for the car seat belt that's what we are using and to my shock in an car crash it could cut their neck off. This would be fantastic to have the chance to try the bubblegum seat. because we use a different car for pickup and drop off at school.
caelbug - 4:48 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Oh my Bubble. What a great idea for our little BubbleBum who starts school really soon. I'd feel much less stress knowing we can walk to school with this packed, and he can come home with another mum, or family member.
missbella2 - 3:54 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
This would be fantastic to have in the car for if ever I need to pick up extra children & don't have a carseat for them!
Nikki79 - 2:54 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Can't wait to see what people think of this. Sounds perfect for our littlies in a couple of years..
Jenn232 - 2:31 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
What an awesome product! I would love the chance to review this for my 5 year old boy!
nessee - 1:53 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Love love the idea that this product is totally portable, easy to carry anywhere and becomes a spare car seat in moments. My Mum would love one to have in her a car so she can transport my daughter around knowing she is completely safe, awesome invention..,
kandis - 1:47 PM Fri-11-Apr-2014
Oh yes please that would be amazing

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