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Topic : Eat Well Australia - Fussy Eating Solution
MumsSayEditor - `10` `2015-02-24 12:11:55`  

The Fussy Eating Solution

Do you cook two dinners every night - one for your toddler and one for the rest of the family? Or do you spend hours at the dinner table trying to get your preschooler to take "one more bite"?

You dont have to continue struggling with stubborn, temperamental children every day. Children are not destined to be fussy eaters their entire childhood. You can do something about it. Eat Well Australia have designed this online course to show you how and give you the tools you need so you can finally gain the confidence and control you crave as a parent.

Who is this trial for?

Parents with children aged between 10 months and 5 years, who are fussy eaters.

Whats included in this trial?

Each reviewer selected to participate in the review will receive a username and password to use at

There are 3 videos (each 20 - 30 minutes long), which can be watched online, downloaded, viewed on iphones or android devices, read as a transcript, or listened to as audio. There is also a bunch of resources on fussy eating and good nutrition for young children.

Read the reviews below!

Return to Eat Well Australia in the Kidspot Directory.

Comments (8)
SP - 8:49 PM Tue-14-Apr-2015
My initial thoughts about the programme were positive. As it was nice to see that my child’s eating problem was not rare but common. Looking at the system before I started I felt like this could really help my situation.Week 1 – So good early signs, I felt more patient in dealing with my daughter, also getting everyone on the same page is helping. Week2 – Realising that it may take up to 15 tries before my child might like a food, has been a big help, she is trying other foods.Week 3 – Starting to like some new foods, not giving in and offering her favourite foods is working and she is asking for them lessWeek4 – After one month the course has really helped give me in confidence and a real system to make better choices and plan ahead to increase my daughters range of food she enjoys.Thanks so much!!!
lornamoa - 3:58 PM Tue-14-Apr-2015
Thanks for letting us be part of the trial. I think the content for ideas for helping with fussy eating is really good.The thing I struggle with was finding the time to watch the 3 videos. When i found you could just read the transcipt I stopped watching the videos and just read them, that way I could skip parts that I didn't think were relevant for me. My daughter almost 3 is fussy compared with my son 5. She prefers bread, pasta, fruit, meat and fish over veges. so oftern in the evening we would do a bit of coaxing to try and get her to eat her veges. (Although on the scale of things that were talked about in the videos she is probably only mildly fussy) And we would sometimes use the incentive of a treat after dinner to get her to eat her veges. We were already doing some of the other suggestions like not offering alternatives at the first sign she didn't like something. The biggest thing that I will take out of it is to try and have my children develop a healthly relationship with food, rewards for good behaviour not being food treats but instead being time and play based rewards.The resources are great, love the sticker charts and the fortnighly meal planner. Would reccomend as great general information to develop a healthy approach to food for children, and especailly reccomend to those with very fussy children
nummabear - 3:44 PM Mon-13-Apr-2015
Thank you for letting us try this! My Mr4 became quite a fussy eater pretty much since word go, I personally think maybe It was due to me and my lack of knowledge as a new mummy. But anywho, Since using the Fussy Eating Solution I feel I have the knowledge and tools to help grow my childs tastes buds and helping him through trying new things. First thing i did was print out the reward charts, Mr 4 thought this was a fab idea, And I gave him a list of new foods to choose to put on the chart. It was a tad bumping at the start but he got into the swing of things and ended up being rewarded for his efforts in trying the new foods, He now enjoys avocado on toast lolI watched the videos and found them quite good and helpful tips, I also found the information and the videos to be imformative for a wide range of people and levels.With using what i have learned from this information I feel has helped me to be more confident within new foods myself for my son. Just the other day he asked to try some cashew nuts, Which may seem small for some people but this was quite a big step forward for mr 4 as he would never ask me to try something that he use to refuse in the past. He didn't like them though, but the point is he actually tried it before deciding whether he liked it or not.Overall I would recommend the Fussy Eating Solution to parents who are finding feeding their children difficult and need the tools to help them through.
ChristineC - 8:24 PM Sat-11-Apr-2015
Thanks for letting us try the Fussy Eating Solution. I have a fussy 4 year old daughter who likes her staples and doesn't like to try anything new. At first I think I was hoping for a miracle cure - like put new foods on the right of the plate and they will gobble it up - yeah right!!! Back to reality.I watched the videos and it reinforced what I knew and gave me some new information that I found quite helpful. I found the delivery a bit monotonous, it would have been good to break it up with some pictures or videos of what she was talking about.Unfortunately we went away for a week in the middle of our trial and things went a bit sideways, but since we have been back I have put some of the ideas in place and I feel that we are making some process forward. She is no longer pushing new food off her plate as she doesn't want to look at it and I have managed to get her to actually try 2 new foods. I would recommend this to friends with young ones - I think it would be better for those who are quite young, in fact I would suggest watching these when starting solids, and then reviewing regularly. You could probably find the same or at least very similar information online yourself, but this is the one stop shop - videos and resources to use.
Char - 9:10 PM Thu-9-Apr-2015
I was thrilled to be chosen for this trial. I have a 5 year old son who eats everything and a 2 year old girl who is very fussy and won't try anything. I have found it easier to just feed her what I know she will eat rather than have the battle of new foods. This is very limiting. She has mashed vegetables every night. Watching the videos and reading the tip sheets has reminded me of ways to introduce new foods. It also gave me some different ways to do this. I would have liked to see videos of the child eating the food rather than just the plate shown to us. Just to see would you mix it in with the food at the beginning or sneak it in at the end etc. I think this program would be very useful for parents just starting out. For me with my second child it gave me some new ideas on how to introduce foods, and also reminded me of things I had forgotten from the first time round. It showed me to persevere and keep trying the same foods as it can take 15 or so times for the child to eat it. I have had mixed success with this but my fussy daughter did eat some blueberries this week which is a new food for her. Overall I have found this program useful. I did find the delivery very dry, but informative. I did like the downloadable information that I can refer back to without having to watch the whole video again. Thanks for the opportunity to review this program
EmilyH - 2:27 PM Thu-26-Mar-2015
I was happy to be chosen to review the healthy eating program as both of my youngest - age 2.5 and 17 months are very fussy. The older one is going through your typical 2 year old fussiness, however he will outright refuse to eat what you serve if it isn't something he likes, and will actually go hungry and be so starving he isn't functioning unless I give him an alternative food. That is very hard to deal with! My younger one, has had a very rough time with teething - his teeth takes weeks to cut through and over that time will not eat very much or well. I lost some time as I had 2 very sick children for a week so didn't get through the material on the website. However I am all caught up now. The program has 3 videos, each about half an hour long, They are very informative, and go into the whys? of fussy eating which I found very interesting. It really helps to understand the background behind fussiness, before dealing with it!The dvds are backed up by several downloadable pdf files which include recipe ideas, menu planning, balanced diet intake, non-food reward ideas etc. It is a well rounded program which comes with a lot of support. For me personally a lot of the information supplied reinforced that I am on the right track with how we are dealing with our children. It also gave me some ways to tweak what we are already doing and make it more successful. I loved how it talked about dealing with teething as well - as my youngest is so badly affected by this! As far as progress goes - its early days yet but I am feeling positive and equipped with the resources I need to tackle this problem! The program would be great for parents just starting on the eating solids journey too - as a prevention method!!! I feel like if I had of had this info sooner I could have prevented my kiddies from ending up as fussy as they are now.
Minibsmum - 8:42 PM Sat-21-Mar-2015
I was really excited to be picked for this trial because little miss, nearly 3, is just about as fussy as I think a child can be. Her accepted food repertoire is plain pasta, pasta and sauce (homemade with veg and meat), fish fingers, mashed potato and hash browns,. She also eats cheese and yoghurt and bread. She will not try anything unfamiliar and over the last 6-8 months has refused to eat foods that were once staples, leaving us with the above list that doesnt cause meltdowns if served to her.

It took me about a week to get through all of the material that goes with this trial as I had to find time to watch the videos uninterrupted so I could process the information. Then read the PDFs. So of a 4 week trial I had already lost a week, which isnt a great start really. 

However, once Id got through it I really like the premise.Its a non-confrontational approach, that aims to completely take the pressure out of meal times and, in theory at least, will help us all to relax a little over meals. I also really like the fact that uneaten/refused food is only kept for an hour, then thrown away. So if she asks for food up to an hour after the meal the uneaten/refused food is presented as the only option. But after an hour a healthy snack can be offered. I like that means you draw a line under each meal and move on. I am not comfortable with the approach that re-presents the refused food time and again until basically the child is forced to eat it through sheer hunger.

I thought the first 2 videos dealing with food neophobia and food refusal wre very good, and gave a full background to how and why these problems occur and steps to remedy the problem. The third video convers healthy eating overall and I thought it was a bit too hard hitting as it talked of how problems with food established before 5yrs old can lead to eating disorders in later life. I realise this is correct, but the graphics highlighting the words bulimia, anorexia, obesity and more was a bit too heavy handed when talking via a recorded video to parents who are already stressed about their small child not eating.Anyway, added stresses aside, I do feel confident now that I can start to tackle some of the food issues with my daughter. It still feels like I have a huge mountain to climb, but I have a plan. It will be very small steps over months. I think I was sort of hoping for a miracle cure, but at least I have a plan now.Progress so far.. It hasnt been long, so now major wins yet but little miss has put a piece of sausage to her mouth (this is a big thing believe me!); and today she licked, then put a pea in her mouth. She refused to bite it, but Im taking it as a good step forward.Ill update again soon.

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