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Created By: MumsSayEditor
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Topic : Read the reviews for My Blanket's latest creation
MumsSayEditor - `10` `2015-08-07 11:31:09`  

My Blanket

Every mother knows that there is no baby like her own, and at My Blanket you can match your unique baby with a completely unique blanket.

My Blanket would like parents to try a product that they are trying to develop – Cotton Tri-Swaddle Blankets, made out of a triangle knitted fabric. They're looking for feedback on the size, fabric feel, comfort and any other comments you think would be helpful.

Who is this trial for?

10 parents with a newborn up to 1-2 months

Whats included in this trial?

Each reviewer selected to participate in the review will receive one Cotton Tri-Swaddle Blanket.

Read the reviews below!

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Comments (11)
heytez - 7:33 AM Tue-20-Oct-2015
I was lucky enough to be selected to trial this product. I found the texture beautifully soft and lovely for a newborn to snuggle in to. I love the stretchiness of the material and the fact that it feels light and breathable whilst still keeping baby warm. A great product to use both as a swaddle and blanket in summer and winter. My only suggestion is that I found the blanket to be a little too wide and too long for the age intended although it just means it can be used for longer so not an issue! Thank you for this beautiful keepsake!
emmzip - 7:48 PM Sun-18-Oct-2015
We were lucky enough to get picked to review this swaddle blanket. I love this product and would recommend it to all other mums. I love the colour, stretch and texture. I can wrap my daughter nice and snug and it also doubles as a gorgeous little blanket. Love it
nholt2552 - 6:00 PM Fri-16-Oct-2015
💚 We loved this blanket... it feels amazing soo soft it's perfect for baby!! Was a lil long but that's okay cause it will be great for when she's older aswell! My 2yr old also loved it he also wanted 1!! I would recommend this to any mum wanting a cosy blanket for their lil 1!! And would definitely give 1 of these as a gift!! Thanks for picking us to trial it ☺
Cheekybabes - 12:16 PM Fri-2-Oct-2015
This blanket is just beautiful! The colour is gorgeous, it is so soft and such a fabulous size, a smidge on the large size but personally I like this as it means it will grow with my little one and I love that.I have raved about this to various friends and can't rate it highly enough.
ZoeA - 2:56 PM Wed-30-Sep-2015
Stoked to trial this blanket especially when I opened it up and as my 3 year old said 'feels so nice Mum'. The size was large...I'm not usually into swaddling so I personally thought it was a bit too big along with the stretchiness of the fabric, the stretch allowed a good tight wrap too. The fabric was divine and I love snuggling her in the blanket and use it in the pram as well - I notice she loves to snuggle her face against it. I like the texture which is slightly bumpy and the colour I received which was Grey and white looked really nice. i think it would be a gorgeous gift for a newborn and if I wanted to swaddle from birth I would have purchase one myself. I have already recommended this to my friends and family as an alternative to the stiff fabric used for swaddling normally.
JessMankelow - 11:51 AM Mon-28-Sep-2015
Love the blanket. I've had so many comments from family and friends about how nice the blanket looks. My baby always looks so cosy and comfy when she's wrapped up in it. The fabric looks and feels great. Maybe just a bit to wide, but otherwise the size is great. Would recommend this blanket to any mum and it would make a awesome gift.
rachaelsfun - 12:31 PM Fri-25-Sep-2015
Love the colour and the texture (was like silky smooth) and the generous size and the range of colours they come in is amazing for boys and girls (we were sent a fine grey colour but my sister adores it even her toddler wants it for himself ......she is due to have twin girls soon but have tried it on some friends with new babies and she was so pleasantly surprised and said she would def buy one herself thankyou so much for the oppertunity to trial
Jhereal - 5:16 AM Fri-25-Sep-2015
Just gave birth to my second child and it was a perfect timing to be selected to try this blanket! I love the fabric coz it's stretchable, warm and just the right size which is ideal for newborn up to 2-3 months depending on the size of your baby. My second child is 3.3kg so it's a massive blanket for him. I would recommend this product. It can be used as a blanket and swaddle at the same time. Love it! Thanks for the opportunity to try this product!
Jhereal - 6:11 PM Mon-10-Aug-2015
I'm due for my second baby next month. Would love to try this!
Guest Member - 12:05 PM Fri-7-Aug-2015
What a fantastic idea!!! Unfortunately all my babies are in school now! :) All the best with the trial to the Mums with new bubbas!! :)

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