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Created By: MumsSayEditor
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Topic : Read the reviews for Babu!
MumsSayEditor - `10` `2015-10-16 14:11:05`  

Everyone wants the best for their baby or toddler, and with Babu™ you can have it!

Babies love Babu™ because every product in the Babu™ range is designed with them in mind. Babu™ uses fabric made from the softest natural fibres to create contemporary baby bedding, clothing and accessories in classic neutral colours.

Every product in the Babu™ range has been thought out down to the smallest detail, from top sheets with fitted bottom corners to hooded towels that are incredibly thick beautifully soft and feel amazing against delicate skin.

Babu™ has products and gift sets to suit a baby’s every need – bedtime, bath time, mealtime and playtime.

See the reviews below

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Comments (25)
MirandaMay - 10:29 PM Thu-1-Jun-2017
I received the Big Babu Wrap and it is fabulous. It is big enough to be multi-purpose and is made of soft cotton so is incredibly versatile & easy to wash. It is also lightweight enough for the coming summer months. Going to order their mattress soon.
NZKelly - 9:26 AM Tue-1-Dec-2015
I was away when my Babu Cot Sheets arrived so have only used them for a couple of weeks. I have always used a fitted bottom sheet and flat top sheet. With the mattress in the cot at the higher level it's always been awkward to make the cot up. This Babu Cot set has revolutionised the way a bed is made. I only wish it was made in Queen bed size too.The fabric is organic cotton and is so very soft to touch. After washing it the first time I just wanted to hold the sheets as they felt like luxury. At first I was thinking this is going to be hard to put on, like normal, but the elastic in the fitted bottom sheet is very stretchy so it was a breeze to get over the mattress, even with the mattress in the cot. I had thought the top sheet was a bit odd when I got it out of the packet, but after putting it on I was sold on how useful this sheet set is. The top sheet is long enough to cover the cot mattress, but the interesting part is the bottom end. Its like a tittle bottom sheet. This made it so much more easier to make as no hospital corners were needed to tuck it in nice and snug!I can see how these sheets can be invaluable to families with babies who need their cot changed throughout the night or for families of multiples as the ease of making makes up for the price. I could make the cot using the Babu sheets faster than just putting on my 'old' fitted sheet. It's that easy! Like most items, it's not recommended to put into a hot dyer, but using our heat pump style dryer I was able to wash and dry the sheets between naps so my baby could go to sleep again in the nice sheets rather than our 'old' ones from a leading department store.
Cheekybabes - 3:25 PM Mon-16-Nov-2015
I was very lucky to have received the beautiful face cloths. They are just gorgeous, so soft that I have no fears about using them on my little ones skin, they are robust enough to clean up the mess without any problems but they are so nice, I try to keep them just for the bath rather than cleaning up food all over the face. I would defintiely recommend this product, they are just wonderful. Thanks Babu and Kidspot!
cherrycola27 - 3:43 PM Thu-12-Nov-2015
I was totally thrilled to be picked to review the Babu sunscreen and with the recent change in weather it couldn't of been more perfectly timed! My daughter (2) has always had sensitive skin and suffers from eczema, and although not bad compared to many cases I've seen before, its enough to make her itch and un-comfy when its at its worst. I think its therefore fair to say that its understandable that we limit what we use on her skin and generally don't use any products containing perfumes or chemicals when we can avoid them/help it. Sunscreen however has always been our struggle as her parents - I mean we cant exactly just not use it - cue burnt child (!) so of course we use it to avoid this but in the process end up with an unsettled little girl who's skin is a mess. It feels like a catch 22 some days and something I really struggled with last summer. And yes I tried several sunscreens available which of course cost us quite a lot of money. I was dreading summer coming again and knew we still had some sunscreen from last year, that was the best we had found for her skin but she definitely still reacted to it. I had just recently started to hear about Babu through friends and online - I've got no idea why I had never heard of them and their sunscreen before! For a couple of weeks I had been toying with the idea of trying this product and then this review opportunity came up and solved that issue for me. Now you know the history of the matter I am sure you will well appreciate that when I say I fully, totally, 100% recommend this product to those looking for something for sensitive skin its not something I say lightly! I am happy to say that we will be buying this product again that's for sure!! To start with, when you open the tube, which is easy to open and of a great large size, the smell is totally divine. I still cannot believe that this is actually sunscreen! No more horrible smell, it actually amazes me and I've been telling everyone I know for this reason alone. All of my daughters day care teachers have been fighting over who puts her sunscreen on that day as their hands then smell like this and its like they've used some beautiful hand cream. I wasn't completely convinced that this wouldn't react to her skin but had hoped it would at least be less of a reaction to previously used products. We had already been using sunscreen this season so her skin had been getting quite bad already. However after using Babu sunscreen for a week now (every day), I am happy to report that I've seriously noticed a massive difference in her skin condition already and if she is reacting to it at all it is so minor that I cant tell. Totally blown away happy! I also have a new born son so come Christmas time when we go camping and will be out in the elements a lot more with him I will definitely be using this product on him as well. I've previously been really against using sunscreen on little babies due to the chemicals etc but I feel so reassured that this product doesn't contain them. Knowing its made in New Zealand is also a massive bonus and makes it seem like such a better product. I myself also suffer from minor eczema an in general avoid having to use sunscreen on my face so I'm totally into this product as well. I love how it feels on your skin - more like a moisturiser than a sunscreen! The lotion isn't to thick and is easy to apply which is of course perfect when talking about a sunscreen. My only little down side or suggestion if you could call it that is that I would love to see this product available in different sizes. While this size is totally perfect for us and our family it would be great to have a smaller (and therefore cheaper) size available as well. For us, I would send this to stay at day-care with my girl instead of having to remember to take it home on the weekends etc. While I could just buy another tube, I'm not sure she will use an entire large tube this summer and to be quite honest it can be hard to find $33 at times. When I was first toying with the idea of buying this product (before this review opportunity) it was definitely something that played a part in putting me off buying this product immediately too, where as if there was a smaller/cheaper tube then I would have brought this without hesitating. Just a little side note and does not at all make me think any less of this product. If you have been looking for a product for yours and your babies sensitive skin or just want a beautiful smelling and better for you sunscreen then no doubt about it, this is the product for you! :)
HomeOfChaos - 10:51 AM Thu-12-Nov-2015
I was so excited to see the oval sheet set as part of the review! They fit my girl’s kaylula bassinette perfectly. When I pulled them out of their little pouch I couldn’t believe how amazing they felt, you can definitely tell the quality. I think she was impressed too, as I’m sure I saw her snuggling her cheek against them. They’re nice and thick which I like, but without being too hot. It just feels great tucking her into bed. I might have to get some cot ones next. (would be nice to get some for my bed too).
GeorgieJ - 8:10 PM Mon-9-Nov-2015
We received the gorgeous 'Reversible Cotton Stripe Blanket' in black and white. We love it! So soft and no hard corners or itchy tag, just a beautifully made, quality product. The blanket is really warm and surprisingly light which I think will make it perfect for all seasons. I have been wrapping my wee boy in it after bath time or first thing in the morning as well and he loves cuddling up into it. Visitors have commented on the blanket and can't help themselves from touching it. Thank you Babu! I have loved your merino products previously but now I'm sold on your cotton as well! :-)
starwoman13 - 5:42 PM Thu-5-Nov-2015
We received the body wash and shampoo a couple of days ago. It came in a good looking simple bottle.My daughter has used it twice now, it's a good product with a lovely light fragrance. It foams quickly and rinses off easily. My daughter has sensitive skin and so far it hasn't seemed to cause any flare ups. We've used it to wash her hair as well and my only comment would be that it left her hair very knotted, but most shampoos seem to have that effect on her hair to some degree, after her hair was dry and brushed it looked soft and shiny. I'm not sure if we will be changing our usual brand it depends on the price versus what we usually buy. I would definitely like to try other products in this range though. I would recommend this product to people who want a gentle body wash for them or their kids. Thanks for the opportunity to trial this product.
nessieok - 3:07 PM Tue-3-Nov-2015
Thank you so much Babu for sending us your King Single sheet set to review! The sheet set included a bottom fitted sheet, a top sheet with fitted bottom corners and a pillowcase, along with this set we also received a second bonus bottom fitted sheet! The quality of these Babu sheets are 10/10. The other sheets in our house do not even come close to Babu's quality! They are thick organic cotton and you can tell that for sure they will last for years and are worth every cent. Normally I have not bothered with top sheets as they just come off so easily so I just wash the duvet cover at the same time as washing the bottom sheet, however this top sheet is fantastic as it is fitted at the bottom end of the bed! Makes bed making easy and having the top sheet is much cosier for my daughter. A great bonus that you receive a 2nd bottom fitted sheet as well. Definitely worth becoming a Babu loyalty member as you receive an extra 15% off, even if items are on sale. If you made your sheet sets in Queen size I would definitely purchase them for my bed!! Hopefully one day you will! Thanks again! :)
SarahBlair - 10:14 PM Sun-1-Nov-2015
I was excited to receive the 'Bathing Gift Box' to review, I love Babu (its one of my 'Go-to' brands as my son has eczema and I like to stick to natural fibres with his clothing etc wherever possible) and was hoping to be chosen. The gift box contains a hooded towel and four face cloths and they are very nicely presented. The quality is outstanding, thick and soft towelling backed with muslin, they are pure luxury ( I want some for myself). The first time we used the towel my 3 year old daughter asked to have it and I let her as she can give me better feedback than Mr. 19 months. She said it was very nice to use and it made her feel warm. All this and they are super cute! I would have been overjoyed if someone had given me a set of these at my baby shower, they would be an excellent gift!
wickedmemories - 1:35 PM Sat-31-Oct-2015
I received the Big Babu Wrap and it is fabulous. It is big enough to be multi-purpose and is made of soft cotton so is incredibly versatile & easy to wash. It is also lightweight enough for the coming summer months. I am going to get a lot of use out of this product. Thanks Babu!
2cbear - 1:52 PM Fri-30-Oct-2015
I received the face cloths for my little girl. They are so soft and thick, excellent quality and really nice to use on her. Definitely better quality than the ones I already own. Would definitely recommend them; makes me curious to get more of their products given how amazing the face cloths are!!!
serina21 - 1:03 PM Mon-26-Oct-2015
Would love to try either blanket, wrap or cot sheets (have a 4month old) or king single sheets (have a 4 year old) thanks
serina21 - 12:39 PM Mon-26-Oct-2015
Would love to try either blanket, wrap or cot sheets (have a 4month old who is still wrapped and loves it) or king single sheets (have a 4 year old) thanks
Guest Member - 12:36 PM Mon-26-Oct-2015
Would love to try either blanket, wrap or cot sheets (have a 4month old) or king single sheets (have a 4 year old) thanks
Guest Member - 8:00 PM Thu-22-Oct-2015
I would love to trial the Big Babu Wrap on my 3 week old baby as I am struggling to find a great wrap to swaddle him in.
micht - 8:17 PM Mon-19-Oct-2015
Would so love the opportunity to trial the organic cot sheet set please..
nholt2552 - 7:50 PM Mon-19-Oct-2015
I have just moved my lil girl into a cot and would like to try the Organic Cotton Cot Sheets!!
Keryn247 - 6:43 PM Mon-19-Oct-2015
My son has just moved into a big boy bed 2 weeks ago, would love to review the Organic King Single Sheet Set
JulieKidspot - 4:13 PM Mon-19-Oct-2015
Make sure that you fill in the form above to be considered as a reviewer :)
Guest Member - 6:57 AM Sat-17-Oct-2015
These sound exquisite!
Teenah - 7:35 PM Fri-16-Oct-2015
Wow what great products to trail.
ChristineC - 6:05 PM Fri-16-Oct-2015
Oh sounds so good, lots of lovely products to try
manz23 - 5:30 PM Fri-16-Oct-2015
Hi, I would love to trial the Big Babu Wrap, many thanks😉
mummy22 - 3:39 PM Fri-16-Oct-2015
would like to the body wash and shampoo please, thanks guys,

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