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Created By: UKmumlivingNZ
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Topic : Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks - Christchurch
UKmumlivingNZ - `10` `2017-02-21 13:12:02`  
My 8 year old was very surprised when I shown her the Vege Fruit Sticks. We walk home from school, so we talked, walked and had afternoon tea. I did sort of a blind tasting test because I don't want my daughter to say I don't like beetroot and spinach. My daughter eat the 3 bars with no complaints and enjoy all 3. And she doesn't have a favourite and she will be happy to have all 3 in her lunch box every day. My daughter tried the sticks different times during the day E. G after sports, lunch and after school and morning tea. Looking forward to seeing the Vege Fruit sticks in the supermarket.
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