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Created By: charliesmyth
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Topic : Nearly school holidays - woohoo!!
charliesmyth - `10` `2017-03-29 20:09:03`  
Who is looking forward to the Easter holidays?  I know I am, as it means no rushing in the mornings and the kids get a good break from school.  Does anyone have any plans for Easter? 
Comments (5)
Guest Member - 10:45 PM Mon-5-Jun-2017
i am looking for my vacation
MirandaMay - 10:35 PM Wed-31-May-2017
i love holidays
charliesmyth - 10:45 PM Mon-3-Apr-2017
We are looking forward to the easier mornings and will spend the holidays catching up with friends for playdates and also go visit the museum (always a favourite of ours) and will try to do a bit of baking with my two girls as we will have more time.
cherrytf - 2:31 PM Fri-31-Mar-2017
I certainly am. Won't have to wake up early to prepare lunch, rush to bring my daughter to school, or have to pick her up afterward. Easter egg-hunting with relatives for brunch and with a group of family friends for dinner. What about you?

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